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  • equeream 1d

    Hell sent

    Hell hot but hell sent
    Her burns never form scars
    It just progress to ashes
    So no one ever survives it
    Even the devil is careful of it
    Her mechanical heart works to a default
    With each supposed feeling 'cut and grinded'
    So you better become friends than wounded
    Hell hot but hell sent!

  • equeream 1d

    Loneliness(over hype )

    Who is more?
    Maybe what,,,
    You or Love?
    Or the feelings you suppress
    And which is more expensive?
    To buy pride or to lose friends
    How do you get great at being alone?
    By thinking best in isolation
    You build you own fence
    Where your thoughts remains impenetrable

  • equeream 1d


    How do you die when you haven't lived?
    Like hate when you haven't love
    You only lose what you once got
    And a free mind is not a lost mind
    Do you feel your blood flow?
    Most often just its obstruction
    Just like how you feel pain
    When the love is obstructed

    My heart still pumps normal
    But my broken mind gives it a broken state
    And for a broken soul
    My body takes it like liquid
    So it always make a way for itself
    To get through me with gully gaps
    And let my blood wash off all my emotions

  • equeream 5d

    She left him without words
    As she asked him once more
    "what do you want?"
    For him he was just searching for the remainder of his heart

  • equeream 5d

    With him
    Picture taking became her favourite art

  • equeream 1w

    The greatest weakness is kindness

  • equeream 1w

    Broken pieces of love never add up

  • equeream 1w

    I'll soak myself in good memories
    And drink all the spilt blood
    Of friends and family
    And each pulse I'll get will be them talking to me

  • equeream 3w

    Water washes off
    But what remains determines what's left
    Of pain or of gain

  • equeream 4w

    If I could steal a smile from one of these pictures
    So we would be what they see