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  • equilibrium 5d


    Forget the taunts,
    Forgive the dont's,
    For everything they won't
    You do,
    Everything they can't
    You will.

    Ignore the judgments,
    Push aside the ridicule,
    For everything they aren't
    You are,
    Everything they fear,
    You don't.

    Deafen the abuses,
    Drown the stares,
    For everything they are stubborn,
    You wouldn't,
    Everything they fight for,
    You could care less.

    Blaze upon their superstitions,
    Brighten their darkness,
    For that which stops them halfway,
    You cruise through,
    Every argument they put forward,
    You crack down with humanity.

    This is our code of conduct,
    our purpose, choice and our right.
    To live and let live,
    To be human above anything else.

  • equilibrium 1w

    Did you take out the garbage?

    If this is your last night,
    what would you do?

  • equilibrium 1w

    A golden thread, A black thread

    A golden thread wrote a poem,
    in the infinite black universe
    A black thread weaved a dream,
    in the finite golden desert dunes

    The stars in the sky twinkled up on the desert
    The grains of sand mesmerized the stars
    They formed a reflection, They formed a pathway
    Which wouldn't be discovered for ages to come

    As one welcome the other in their worlds within,
    Each as mysteriously deep and infinite,
    filled with curious mystique and miracles,
    one counted the atoms within the other the stars

    Globes of gold, orbs of black, traced and danced
    Sands form shapes, Stars explode and collapse
    In the end, the golden and the black reach out
    and wonder, is it their separation that creates

    If so, are they forever doomed to be away...

  • equilibrium 1w

    Upside Down

    Read this upside down,
    gain a new perspective.
    Look at someone sideways,
    know that everyone sees different.
    Cover your ears and try to figure out speech,
    close your eyes and listen to the sounds,
    Try walking on your knees and look up,
    Turn a door knob without using your thumb
    write a letter without the words I & You
    skip every first thought, and say the second
    Say yes to no and no to yes
    Tomorrow... promise me this...
    "Surprise someone with an act of kindness "

  • equilibrium 1w


    With you, and you alone,
    passion feels pure.

  • equilibrium 2w

    Work is Worship

    an endless flow and foray of words
    for every inch, every emotion that i sense
    every mountain and every valley that i traverse
    every unseen rain drop
    every twinkle of your anklet
    every throat choking tear that's strangled
    and every misunderstood utterance
    every judged expression and every borrowed moment of time
    every act of kindness, and every desperate pull of loneliness within
    every need to craft, shape, draw,
    a silhouette of you
    every breath you breath life into an image of you
    every mirror that gets to see your beauty
    every ambiance that surrounds you
    every ambiance that you carry within
    and chose to reveal to the chosen few
    my words bend their knee
    and look up at your lotus temple
    in its full glory , in a stance i witness, only me
    thank you dear goddess, the poet in me blessed

    for its my purpose to write
    and what greater worship than work...

  • equilibrium 2w

    Don't stop Dancing

    done.. dancing?
    thank you for the inspiration
    the waves in your hips
    the torment of your heart
    the eternal fountain of your emotions
    will flows as my words and yours
    you dance to your tune
    and let my fingers trace every edge and curve
    of our emotions and experiences
    for this life is fucked, lets make it better
    with whatever we got ūüôā
    bless a smile, inspire a soul, ignite a heart
    caress a tear, dance with a dream
    bite that lip, punch through the wall
    protect that candle, from wind and rain
    keep it burning, shield it from ignorance
    keep it glowing, fiery and smooth
    for they see you from light years away
    they feel you from universes ahead
    everything you strive to stand for
    everything that you feel and express
    sends ripples across the universe
    don't stop dancing...

  • equilibrium 2w

    screw rhyme, love writing, love emotions

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    cherophobia (n) : some people are afraid
    to be happy too much
    for fear of
    something tragic happening soon.

    well, why not ...
    "think of the worst possible outcome,
    and anything that happens afterwords,
    is a miracle to be grateful about"

    whats wrong in being raw,
    rising the tides of life
    being lost and found

    for if we were to always hold back
    and wear a socks or gloves
    how would we touch or skate
    wipe or pour
    would we always choose to hide behind a veil
    a hymen of sorts
    not wanting to be experienced for real

    why do they say -
    wipe your tears, wipe your smile
    why do they say -
    cry not too much, laugh not too much
    do they worry that
    my emotions might consume me?

    my emotions are my fire, they purify me

  • equilibrium 2w

    Learning to Learn

    Is the real learning

  • equilibrium 3w

    Another Attempt

    Another Attempt I make,
    to coax the choked words in my throats,
    to convince my clogged veins to flow,
    To tell you "I love you"