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  • eri_oye 10w

    'Best Friend'

    After her,
    There's never really been anyone else.
    Even though we were just kids,
    We knew and appreciated what we shared.
    I'd never hide anything from her.
    I wouldn't even dare.
    No one replaced her,
    Not even now.

    She's not dead at all!
    She's very much alive, not even lame.
    We just reconnected after nine years,
    But it still doesn't feel the same.
    I guess I've just gotten used to saying I'm fine, even amidst the thickest tears.
    Every sheep that came around, in the end, only turned out to be a wild bear.
    These left scars and even created fears.

    The title 'best friend' somehow, became dead to me.
    So don't blame me if I tell you "I'm fine,"
    Even when it's evident that I'm in pains.
    I just fear that if I open up to you,
    I'll only cry in the end.

    Truly, I've got about one or two persons I know I can call 'best friend',
    But it feels like they'll become 'worst'
    As soon as I attach the word 'best'.
    So I better just let it rest.

    Although I do not have a 'best friend',
    I try as much as possible to be the best friend that I can be
    To anyone I find in need.
    Through this possibly, I'll heal.

  • eri_oye 10w

    We're Equal!

    You hate me,
    You detest me,
    Not because I speak this language or that,
    But simply because I'm black.

    Even though we're supposed to be brothers
    Birthed by the same mother,
    You still choose him over me.
    Aren't I just some sweet melanin?

    It's sad, but I wish you'd understand this;
    That before those very eyes of His,
    We're both equal.
    You're no better than I am at all!

    It's high time you stood up for us both now,
    And make efforts to pull down
    This flag of segregation,
    Raised against the black nation!

  • eri_oye 10w


    "What's going to happen to me if I do this? How will I cope if this happens to me, let's assume it does? When I finish writing this, I'll take a while to rest, I'll have to eat too. I'm sooooo hungry. But what happens if the food doesn't get ready on time? My stomach ache will get worse? It's not like I'm feeling sleepy like that o, but I'm too hungry to stay awake..........." This mind won't stop wandering.
    I can't help it really, but I'm addicted to thinking. It's positive sometimes, other times, it's negative..........both times, it's overboard. Every time, it's deep. Sometimes, I try to control it, other times, I give myself to it. Sometimes, an incidence births it, other times, it just pops into my head. Sometimes, I do it intentionally, other times, it comes without my permission. Sometimes, it's analysis paralysis, other times, it's just me, being careful. Sometimes I'm unnecesarily worrying, other times, I'm simply trying to avoid a mistake.
    In all, I've identified it as my addiction, consciously or unconsciously, I find myself in it. I'm trying hard to curb it — at least, the negative part of it — because it has denied me some opportunities (analysis paralysis). It has made me start some things over again. It has even made me lose some valuable things forever.
    Even as it is an addiction, it has served me in some ways too. It has helped me escape some things. It has helped me enjoy some opportunities. It has helped me 'eat the good of some lands'. It has proven to be a way of escape for me from some evil I had no idea about — because it took me a long time to brood over it.
    Dear reader, the simple thing is.......... I'm not going to drop this addiction and lose all its benefits, neither will I continue with it so much that it keeps harming me.......... I'll simply look for that balance and strike it hard!

    Identify yours too and do the same, darling.

  • eri_oye 10w

    The Rape Victim

    His violent arms have held me down.
    Somebody help me now!
    I'm fighting hard with blood and sweat.
    My screaming, to him, is not even a threat.
    His coarse voice sounds like a wild bear.
    Oh! I just wanted to disappear!

    With that evil thing of his,
    He's defiled this poor helpless miss.
    Every entry leaves a worse feeling.
    The next groan is deeper than the latter.
    To him, my pain doesn't even matter.

    Now, he's left me with this scar.
    He's done me too much mar.
    This memory will never leave me,
    But I hope, soonest, I'll heal.

    I still wish one thing though,
    Not to punish or take revenge tomorrow.
    But to this promise I will cling —
    Never to raise a delinquent as this thing.


  • eri_oye 10w

    The Sky Isn't Your Limit, Only You Can Be

    "There's no way I'm gonna make it that high, see, I'm a failure," Lola said as she pondered on that dream. She had been made to believe this by her very own father, who had told her "There's nothing you can ever do, in your whole life, to impress me, nothing! Useless child." He said this when she mistakenly burnt his food, while she was attending to other errands he had sent her. Lola had always been made to see and believe only less of herself by her father, and by extension, any other person who said anything degrading to her — at least her low self esteem allowed it — and no pointless dream was going to make her feel any false importance now!
    Somewhere within her, Lola knew that that wasn't her. That she's not useless. That she could be all the she wanted to be. That she could be more. She knew she had more to offer than just 'burning food'. She only needed the right approach and the right people around her to make this happen. She went ahead to pray about it, telling God to make her what He wants her to be and she heard Him say:
    "You have been the only one stopping yourself all these while. I have only been waiting for a time like this when you'd ask me to help you make it happen. "
    She digested this and concluded that her unbelief in herself is what has been limiting her. Not what her dad called her. Not what anyone else had said to her. But it was her who limited herself.
    Guess what??
    Now, she's here in this conference, telling you all (the staff of her firm) that you can be all that you want to be regardless of what anyone has said about you. What anyone calls you cannot manifest unless you believe so about yourself. You cannot project what God calls you too, unless you believe it about yourself. So drop whatever negative thing that people have said about you and pick up that which God says about you. Prove to the world that THE SKY ISN'T YOUR LIMIT, ONLY YOU CAN BE!

  • eri_oye 10w

    What Makes Me Smile?

    Many things could make me smile, but what actually does make me smile?

    I've been thinking all day and even almost decided not to do this today anymore. Believe me when I tell you I even asked Google, "What makes me smile?" Is Google me? Am I Google? (Laughs...)

    For me, one thing I know that makes me smile often and sometimes births my brightest smile is the fact that somehow, I — consciously or unconsciously — make people smile...even when I need a smile myself.
    I smile at the times when I have a torn heart, but then, someone tells me I just relieved theirs.
    I smile at those times I have tears rolling down my cheeks, but I hear the person on the other end of the phone laugh so hard at something I said to make them feel better.

    In summary, I smile at how strong I am.


  • eri_oye 10w

    The Bold Step

    "I'm worthless" is all that's in her head.
    "I'm useless, nothing but a living dead."
    Now, she feels less of herself,
    All she sees is an empty shelf.
    In the twinkle of her poor helpless eye,
    It was stolen from her, that which she held so high;
    Her virginity,
    This, she had vowed to keep from immorality.
    The tomorrow she imagined has gone with the theft.
    Now, all she has is nothing left.
    No more visions to cherish,
    Even the wildest dreams have gone to perish.

    But it is she who stands now in your presence,
    Only with a major difference.
    She's now made, she's all new,
    It feels like her dreams are coming true.
    "There's more for me that tomorrow holds,
    More, that even eyes are yet to behold."
    Suddenly, all these wishes have life again.
    Life now offers something outside pain.
    With this energy, she awakes day and night,
    To make real, this future of hers so bright.

    What could've happened? I know you're guessing.
    Let me quickly add, to save you from stressing.
    It is just some pep,
    That I call THE BOLD STEP.
    She spoke out, bringing to book,
    The evil of that rapist, the crook.
    Now, nothing can stop her from making a reality,
    All of her fantasy.

  • eri_oye 12w


    A mysterious creature,
    Ever reverenced, but maybe not so cherished.
    A gem to some, for others, a tool only.
    So supreme, yet so friendly.

    An awesome creature,
    Leaving jaws drop in great wonder,
    Just by a move, He makes man ponder.
    But who is this creature indeed?

    If He were a creature, who created Him then?
    C'mon! He's the Creator Himself!
    No one's handwork He is,
    But all you see and know are His,
    Birthed by the words and hands of Him
    Who ordered them all to be.

    Of course, that includes you,
    Your relatives, loved ones and those gone too.
    He made us one by one to be,
    After all that He had purposed to be.

    How can one love this and hate that?
    Not failing in His love for this,
    Or hating that any less,
    (He loves the sinner, but hates sin)
    But still remains steadfast and just,
    Ever defending the cursed.

    He's one whose wisdom no one can understand.
    How He made all things, none can comprehend.
    Even the depth of His love has no end,
    But His standards too He will never bend.

  • eri_oye 19w

    It's high time
    y'all started believing that
    every part of you is beautiful,
    special and
    peculiar to you!


  • eri_oye 22w


    I was lost enough to think that I could fix it,
    But something just won't let it.
    Now, can someone point out to me what exactly this is?!
    Don't fear that I'll expose it,
    I'm just gon' trash the goddamn thing, whatever it is!
    I just wanna squeeze out the whole of it's peace,
    Hearing it groan or fizz,
    Cause I don't even care what the hell it is!