Making a path of creative explorations; with dreams, desires and poetic verse. Baltimore, Maryland USA

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  • ericwk 9h


    when desires, fail

    each yearning twists its ache, deep

    titillations, numb


  • ericwk 12h

    joys of expression

    sways in the throes of silence

    a Poet's passion

    ~ an EWK 5:7:5 Haiku Poe'em


  • ericwk 1d

    'A Stable Table'

    You sat there
    As I sit on my chair.
    A setting in place for two
    Served for us to dine, so debonair.

    The ambiance I find detracts
    From this canted sway I counteract.
    Jostling of such formalities
    Startling my senses as I react.

    This place is set
    Upon social etiquettes.
    An elbow upsets and dips
    Tilting the hems of your linen dress.

    Spilling of my wine
    Once more this time.
    It’s the little ways
    You are so inclined.

    I’m seeking some stability
    I must call the Maitre d’.
    You can’t keep me quiet, as I shout...
    “A stable table.” — “Please!”

    ~ an EWK Poe’em ©ericwk

    (Inspired by a wobbly table, at a Starbucks ��☕)

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  • ericwk 1d

    '3 Sisters'
    ••••• (Photo from unknown source)
    Aft-keel/rudder photo showing the propellers of the RMS Olympic. (1911) One of the White Star Line's trio of Olympic-class ocean liners. 3 'Sister' ships of the same class of design...Titanic, Britannic & Olympic.

    #Vintage #Photography #History #Sailing #Ships #Sea ��

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    3 Sisters

    Propellers, 3 Sisters
    Rudder, as Mother
    Steady on the Helm.


  • ericwk 2d

    A lot of years, lots of memories, lots of love. ��
    My parents' celebrate their wedding Anniversary today.
    It was a snowy day, in December. (1962)
    My Mom carried 'Lilly of the Valley' flowers as a Bride.
    Her favorite. (As shown in the background photo)

    [Not really a proper Haiku poem. Yet, these feelings fit.]

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    a Ring of bells sound
    Wedding Day: crystalline white
    Love held with delight

    ~ an EWK 5:7:5 Haiku Poe'em ©ericwk

  • ericwk 3d

    #Haiku #MirakeeHaiku #Music #Love #Passion #Romance
    'Encore' = a repeated performance at the end of a concert.
    (Photo from unknown artist) Antonio 'Vivaldi' (1678-1741)

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    Vivaldi rhythms.
    Foreplay is our
    Our duet, encored.

    ~ an EWK
    5:7:5 Haiku

  • ericwk 4d

    Guess what?

    This has all the essential energy to be a wonderful day.

    Dream with our eyes wide open now. Energy AWAKE!

    Just FEEL it.
    It is so familiar.
    It just comes along.

    And, you know if you don't hop all in and ride it...
    There it goes.
    It aches just to explore. Do more.

    How full is the moon?
    Solar flares, up there?
    Was it a good night's sleep?
    Or just your own restless, creative juices bubbling up, perking. perk. perk.
    Pour it out.
    Drink it in.
    And, BREATHE!

    Yes. This energy inside. Let it BE!

    This is so much of all these essential, potential chemistries contained in YOUR cup of... THIS DAY.
    Your cup of life. In your hands... TODAY. Overflowing the rim; stir it gently with a spoon of NOW; and a hope of TOMORROW,
    to sweeten its own desires.

    Wishing you a sweet day!

    create, share, appreciate

    ~ Eric ©ericwk

    p.s. - I'll be here. Stop by & say, 'Hi'!

  • ericwk 5d

    Seeking Solutions

    Poetry is a notion.
    Written from emotion.

    Peace is a situation.
    War is a destruction.

    Love is a perception.
    Hate is a contamination.

    Passion is a sensation.
    Expression is an option.

    Perfection is an illusion.
    Imperfection is a realization.

    Life is an exploration.
    Death is a reflection.

    Hope is an anticipation.
    Despair is a reformation.

    Ignorance is a decision.
    Fear is a confusion.

    Thoughts often have no conclusion.
    Each Poet seeks a solution.

    Simmering in human infusions.
    Worded in intimate allusions.


  • ericwk 5d

    head raised
    to an attention
    peeking over edge
    of landing advancing
    heart-beating throbbing thump thump thump
    of an eminent climax
    fronted plowing tide
    rised and plunged
    rocks and plows
    closing toward
    as ramp
    down as
    a torrent
    rushed... ©ericwk (Photo from Pixabay)

    vvv (continued to photo panel verse)

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    1st wave banners Fly
    advancing Troops wade ashore
    fresh Egg for breakfast
    strands of Strained encirclement
    entrenched and Tunneling in

    ~ an EWK Tanka Poe'em

  • ericwk 1w

    'a piece of peace' ~ an EWK Poe'em
    ••• Artwork: 'White on Black'; by Wassily Kandinsky (1930)

    • definition of 'Tessellate';
    : to cover a surface with many individual pieces together, edge-to-edge, smoothly and without gaps: as a mosaic.)

    #Acceptance #Contrasts #Differences #Unity #Humanity

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    a piece
    of peace