Making a path of creative explorations; with dreams, desires and poetic verse. Baltimore, Maryland USA

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  • ericwk 17h

    Living with Passion

    My mind was raised in doubts,
    held in the love I'd till now
    only read about in books.
    Such a world I consumed.
    Paged between subtle marks
    slid between tattered sheets.
    Held within once upon a times.

    Reading as I would try to grasp
    each line, even as my heart takes
    an occasional leap to skip another
    step. One, then a next. While holding
    back to take it all in. I wonder now
    if you and me are joined as one.

    Infinitely aware of a destiny.
    Life is, meant after all to
    be lived as two, as one
    could ever imagine,
    not ever before as this
    with so much love and passion.

    Common in sensations this becomes
    us now. Happening. Again, for is
    this too much to feel so
    like all something new
    has taken hold of our
    ways of wondering
    that the love we
    made before was
    so different then
    if the way felt then
    in time so long was then
    actually all alone, instead?

    Had all becomed so, then too
    very much always... left unsaid?
    Always wanted to, yet not?
    Given up, now filling each gap, with us.
    Giving so much before, yet not much received.
    Living with passion before wasn't at all,
    it was a rut we believed.

    ~ an EWK Poe'em ©ericwk

  • ericwk 20h

    'Springtime Soot'

    Busy buzzing bees pollinate plentiful plants.

    Puffy plant proboscises persist to pester, per propinquitous proliferations of perky plant pistils pouting profusely with ponderous plumes of pollens purposely producing presently pronounced piles of pesky pollen puddles.

    Busy breathing bountiful buds bursting with blankets of boundless botanical byproducts of benevolent budding blossoms by vexing with a viral vengeance of potent pollutants to persist in potential pollinations; plainly pestering the passing populace.

    Saturations of seedy springtime soot seriously stresses sensitive schnozzles. Suffering sinus stuffiness seems so stressful since a strained septum certainly sets sensations of stubborn symptoms so stifling that snorts of snot should be slightly sniffled or seriously sneezed so certain situations should soon settle.

    Perplexing predicament; perhaps?

    Particularly passionate patches of petalled poppies, purple pansies, pink posies & prickly pines predictably participate in promoting this primary procreative purpose.

    Tissue toting turns tempting to anticipate apprehending annoying and occasional 'achoos'!

    ~ an EWK alliteration Poe'em ©ericwk

    Photo from Pixabay
    (an alliteration creation inspiration situation)

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    'Springtime Soot'


  • ericwk 20h

    (Photo from Pixabay)

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    i stay
    up all night
    of you


  • ericwk 1d

    'Rawhide' ~ an EWK 'Rodeo' Poe'em
    ••• (Photo from Pixabay)
    #Country #Western #Passion #Romance #Sex #Cowboy

    • What is a Rodeo?
    : A Rodeo is a skills competition tradition of the American Cowboy. One feature of the competition is Bull-riding.
    Cowboys attempt to ride a bull for 8 seconds before being disqualified for touching the bull with their free hand, or especially for being thrown to the ground.

    This experimental, new prototype and example poem is set on the primary requirement to have a pace of 8 syllables in mind within the 8 lines of verse. Hop on and give one a try!

    • The 'Rodeo' poem format: ��
    (an EWK Original Poetic Prototype)
    1) themed by the spirit of the Old American West
    2) 8 lines of 8 syllables each
    3) each line begins with the last letter of the previous line
    4) no beginning capital letters, lower-case throughout; except proper nouns will be capitalized
    5) period punctuation at lines (4) & (8)
    6) end-rhyme words not required
    �� Welcome to add this tag to your own Rodeo poem!

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    I'll park my boots by your bedside
    each time you call out my name dear
    right up to the dawn's early light
    to feel us come once again love.
    exclaimed with a "yippee ki-yay"
    yet to feel the sways beyond time
    each moment bucking and lunging
    gaining experience, rawhide.

    ~ an EWK 'Rodeo' Poe'em

  • ericwk 2d


    Sense of Self.
    The Philosophers say...
    Is part of an Intelligent
    contemplative Sense.

    To comprehend
    the enormity of Life
    is to nurture as Vital
    essential Darkness with Light.

    Mindfulness of embodiments
    union of Flesh combining
    with ethereal Firmament.
    Perception of such blessed Alignments.

    Orbs of intuitive knowledge
    spin with Potent energies.
    Upon the axis of Understanding
    the fervent Way: our Mother of Earth.

    Seeds of all Creation.
    Held trembling in the Hands
    of Everything; beheld and hopeful,
    fertile works of Woman and Man.

    All as known so Willed to bud
    and bloom to enwombed Encouragements
    of a single Spark of inconceivable

    Learn. Lift. Live.
    Nature's gifts.
    Seeded (deep).
    Open Up to Each Moment.

    Each day a Miracle.
    Yearning (intense).
    We of this particular Planet.
    Once. For once. Pray as (one).

    For our One and only Earth.

    ~ an EWK 'Earth Day' Poe'em ©ericwk

  • ericwk 2d

    Earth Day 2019 ��

    'The Balance'
    • I hope you take a moment to read, or even listen in song.

    If I could inspire one person in life, as much as Earth has in & within me. I could live just now; and be so very happy, pleased. ~ Eric (Mirakee ��) thank you to all of you!

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    The Balance

    "After he had journeyed,
    And his feet were sore,
    And he was tired,
    He came upon an orange grove
    And he rested.
    And he lay in the cool,
    And while he rested,
    He took to himself an orange
    And tasted it,
    And it was good.
    And he felt the earth to his spine,
    And he asked,
    And he saw the tree above him,
    And the stars,
    And the veins in the leaf,
    And the light,
    And the balance.

    And he saw magnificent perfection,
    Whereon he thought of himself in balance,
    And he knew he was."...

    ~ partial song lyrics from, 'The Balance'
    Artists: The Moody Blues
    Album: 'A Question of Balance'; 1970

  • ericwk 1w

    'Perpetual Vessel'
    ••• (Photo from Pixabay)
    #Life #Hope #Goals #Dreams #Desire #Humility #Openess

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    Perpetual Vessel

    Widen as much
    as become wised.
    Seek each experience
    to exceed expectations.
    I'd advise.
    As a writer; to you,
    — my reader. My dear.
    Be aware!
    You also have a rim.

    as much as receive.
    Open-minded to the sky
    so firmly stand, upon the ground.
    The elements as contained
    matters; as much and more, than summed.
    Wished as wanted; as you might imagine,
    your own bowl, so blessed: to increase.

    ~ an EWK Poe'em ©ericwk

  • ericwk 1w

    Heaven Scent

    Ask me
    — What?
    I desire, of YOU
    IT. Is to daub Myself (sensed) in Your essence.
    Another way, I'd say: Is to play entirely, with
    What is YOU. Oh, YES. So naturally. This
    Scent of Memory,
    Nearly consuming me.
    Voluntarily I'd be claimed by your musk, blushed,
    Smothering bliss. Fully. My vigorous wish.
    Skin, and sweat, warmth and wafts, of us.
    Touching, tasting, looking, hearing, smelling; lusts.
    Sighs, breaths, heaving chests.
    No longer suppressed. Upward ascent.
    — Heaven scent.

    ~ an EWK Poe'em ©ericwk

  • ericwk 1w


    How do you feel?
    Soft and smooth.
    Hard edges. Unevenness.
    Sometimes blue?
    Moisturized. Harmonized.
    Unrealized. A restless mess.
    Satisfied. Or something less?

    How do you feel?
    When you are the only one.
    To touch and love your own. Being.
    Haven't you?
    Felt suppressed.
    All alone. Naked, dressed.
    Settled in. Might as well be laid to rest?

    How do you feel?
    When the one you know.
    Comes along. Is someone else.
    This life we choose?
    Requires a love of something true.
    Keep your special spark. Within.
    Afresh. Of feelings. Again?

    Again. You feel it now. So when?

    Now. How do you feel?

    ~ an EWK Poe'em ©ericwk

  • ericwk 1w

    My first & most favorite of 3: All of Walt Whitman's pen.
    1) 'When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer' *
    2) 'I Sing the Body Electric'
    3) 'Song of Myself'

    This classic, of Metaphysical metaphorical verse.
    In this memory, my �� caught, entirely.
    As my mind awaited my maturity. Then.
    Now, I write as much if not more than I read.

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    Thank you, Sir.

    Mr. Whitman,
    Thank you for sparking
    the esoteric & eternal inspirations
    of the art of Poetry deep within my soul.
    I was a young man when your words melded
    into my heart, and sent an immediate enlightenment;
    divine, to the crests of my wanting and wayfinding mind.

    I am forever grateful.
    ~ Eric