I'm pretty sure life is the biggest joke ever to be cracked. So let's have some fun with it!

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  • eskaypia64 3w

    The Man and the Boy

    A girl walked ahead of them,
    Quite a sight to see,
    One of the men whistled,
    "Don't you think she's pretty?"
    The other remarked back,
    "Well, I have eyes, so OBVIOUSLY!"
    But that was a little lie,
    A lie said unceremoniously,
    For he had eyes only for his friend,
    Though his friend would never know,
    Because he was afraid,
    Afraid of homosexuality.

  • eskaypia64 3w

    I've thought the word 'fair' so many times it doesn't sound like a word anymore.

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    Fairness is rarely kind,
    Kindness is rarely justice,
    Justice is rarely revenge,
    Revenge is rarely fair.

  • eskaypia64 5w

    The Framed Maze

    I run across the room, ransacking the photo shelf,
    Frantic tears drop from face to floor,
    I curse and ask myself,
    Have I lost him already?
    I hope he has a good day,
    I need to remember him smiling,
    Immortalized healthy and happy,
    So I can remember his cheer,
    I hope there is a heaven,
    I miss him desperately,
    I hope there is a heaven so Dad and I may smile at each other again.

  • eskaypia64 5w


    Bereave; to be deprived of a loved one through a profound absence, especially due to the loved one's death.

    Lying in bed,
    Naked to the world,
    Frozen air surrounds me,
    The only thing to heat me the fiery tears,
    Freezing on my cheeks,
    The scorching pain from sunken, puffed, and bloodshot,
    Scalding suffering creeping from under my lids.


  • eskaypia64 6w

    I hate being sick. I literally cannot breathe.

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    Coughing alone and lying in bed,
    Not a word thought,
    Not a thought said,
    Falling asleep to fever-filled hells,
    To waking to pneumonia caused funeral bells,
    Tossing to turning to falling from sleep,
    No shut-eye slept,
    No sleep to keep,
    Barely breathing,
    Fearful of suffocation,
    My congestion causes,
    An airway invasion,
    Gasping for oxygen,
    Pulmonary oppression,
    Waiting out the sinus congestion,
    The nasal pervasion,
    When I escape the aerobic discomfort,
    Oh, what a day, such a momentous occasion!

  • eskaypia64 7w


    Lethargy to apathy to hapless self torture,
    The burning fears truly the soul-scorcher,
    Morbid humor to twisted laughter,
    A rope running a twisted race round my neck,
    The knot the finish line for the speedy trek,
    My mind an entangled ligature,
    Meant to hold me to the Earth,
    Instead holding sanity's cure.

  • eskaypia64 7w

    Cornered Willingly

    Conniving little humanity,
    What a terrible fate,
    To live a life of insanity,
    So hard to keep the story straight,
    So tired I hit rock bottom so I may bounce again,
    Off of the jagged, rocky cliff,
    A broken, insufferable haven,
    For only the most dastardly,
    For only the most deranged,
    Our greatest fear is dreams and sleep,
    Not a wink or creeper's peep,
    Heavy eyes mustn't delve this castle's keep,
    The dire exhaustion cutting deep,
    Twisting tears and destabilizing me to weep,
    My legs and life a jumbled heap,
    As my lethargy takes greater bounds and leaps,
    A miniature high,
    Not built to last,
    But all things,
    No matter how constant,
    Will eventually be built into the past,
    As a wave of energy comes quickly and leaves faster,
    I sit here,
    Wielding my energy drink.

  • eskaypia64 7w

    Sleep, My Enemy

    Fighting back,
    Loud music blaring past my fluttering eyelids,
    My restless mind,
    Slowing to its exhaustion,
    A racecar impact,
    Blitzed across the world in pieces unrecognizable,
    Sleep my enemy,
    My dreams haunt the desolate wasteland,
    I can fight my tears,
    I can defend my life,
    But I cannot in sleep.

  • eskaypia64 7w


    Life is Roman wine,
    It must be watered down,
    For it hits me too potently,
    And I just want a tranquilizer,
    Please put me down,
    I have not what life requires...

    The Will.

  • eskaypia64 7w


    Cold sweat racks my silent body,
    Screams echo the walls of my psyche,
    Light pours through naked windows,
    Darkness fills my armored tomb.

    Dreams bewitched to agony,
    A nightmarish mishapful mess concocted from an applauded progidy,
    Helpful to helpless,
    Dreaming to nightmarish.

    Bolt upright,
    Looking into the night,
    Unable to see, loss of all sight,
    I am what is left of an endless plight,
    My existence very contrite,
    I am my only problem,
    Nothing to do but write.