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  • esperrto 2w

    Fall where it May

    Any seed that doesn't fall directly beneath the pod, is a hybrid...

  • esperrto 3w

    Sobering Testimony

    Our fate is determined by that we oppress
    That which suffers acts in just formibility
    Even though we speak in terms of death
    Life is somehow eternally bound in creation
    Even though this land is the harshest judge
    The oppressed in it are the most true and fair

  • esperrto 9w

    The Ultimate Explanation Point

    Holy carp! We just missed that gigantic asteroid. My God! Take a look at the Moon. What a mess. For Lord's sake! Who's driving this contraption.

  • esperrto 9w


    Midday, feeling weary tired
    Right over left cues half a time
    Close my dominate eye
    Where's that a crime

    Because, the tense runs away
    But, I lag grossly behind
    Running with my aces
    Keeps me ahead of the grind

    We race for its petral self
    Lopsided to even chime
    Still, where we headed to
    Nothing but neon and lime

    So now, I come in almost last
    If, ones not frist, out of line
    Time taken to even that score
    Never see a slow down sign

    I'm better for evening my halves
    Words begin to mesh and rhyme
    Stress floats total on all nerves
    Equal pace on my ladders climb

    Make room for all that's lesser
    Take some moments to refine
    Realize a natures fair balance
    Because, cheese goes with wine

  • esperrto 9w

    Mind and Matter

    As, the body is in condition
    So, is the mind...

  • esperrto 9w

    Everything human devised
    Already occurs in nature...

  • esperrto 13w

    Time Change in your Area

    Events can change quickly
    The Sun burps over there
    Felt in the Earth air
    Making my skin feel prickly

    Do I jump or scream
    Or just get out of the way
    Even the clocks on the fray
    Its three o'clock

  • esperrto 13w

    Light and Dark

    Fickle day
    fickle night
    Bright sunshine
    And neon light

    One in my closet
    Above my forehead
    Thank my eyes
    For the deposit

    But, I go fast
    But that's okay
    Difference past
    All by my day
    To bed at last

  • esperrto 13w

    Elude Me

    Where did I go
    Unseen head toe
    I must be there
    You know, somewhere

    Still not found
    Look the ground
    Scenes all broken
    Hiding in the open

  • esperrto 15w


    There's no course of moment
    Measure of night and day
    When cars pass by
    Or even wind blowing hay

    True many things move
    Uneven intervals commonly go
    But, seconds and hours
    Pass like my heart in metered flow

    No wonder, we side together
    Taming infinity with steady rhyme
    Subtle tick of unveering pattern
    Ending each hour with chime

    I grasp what it looks like
    Going from here to there
    Artificial time and I watch
    That splendid tool of ware