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  • ethanadenkai 6w

    Avalanche of emotions
    I don't even know what I feel anymore
    No it's not love
    It's like dark, more of numb
    Emptiness, loneliness
    Anger, torture
    Despise, surprise
    Anxiety, despondency
    Grief, relief
    Suffering, foreboding
    Indignation, rejection
    Hatred, pride
    Fear, despair
    Shame, pain
    Trust, disgust
    Dejection, devotion
    helplessness, sadness
    Entrancement, amusement
    Ecstatic, guilt
    I've been trapped in an emotional avalanche
    And there's no escaping for me

    Wura ❤️

  • ethanadenkai 9w

    Heaven and earth!!

    “What’s the point of being at the top of the heavens and earth!?

    “What’s the point of being worshiped by all!?!

    “What’s the point of passing endless scriptures!?!

    “If the world is like this, why not destroy it!?!

    “If all life is like this, why not disappear!?!

    “If the scriptures are like this, why not end it!?!

    “Since it’s like this, I’ll use my own method to make the sky close its eyes, to make the earth sleep, to make the underworld river flow backwards, to make reincarnation stop, to make the world… no longer exist!!


  • ethanadenkai 9w

    Everyone’s heart had a box. This box contained the memory of a person. This memory could be sweet and it could be bitter.

    Some people lost this box along with themselves and couldn’t find it.

    Some people locked the box and swallowed the sky. They don’t want to open it and wouldn’t allow others to touch it.

    Some people always held the box in their hands, telling themselves not to forget.

    Some people buried the box deep underground and waited for that day… When the spring flowers bloom, that beautiful flower will bloom as well.

    The box contained the love for a person and a cup of sweet and bitter water...


  • ethanadenkai 9w


    We used to be close but it's time past, we became disconnected
    You never felt love and I always felt disrespected
    Your family thought I was a joke, I was always defensive
    They just wanted what was best for you, I just couldn't accept it
    And hurting you was not a part of my plan or my intentions
    But I was immature, I guess I had to learn some lessons
    We grew apart and our lives went in different directions
    And there's a lot of responsibilities that I neglected
    I had a lot that was bottled inside, couldn't express it
    And this pain won't leave, I can feel the depression
    It's taking over my body, feels like I'm always stressing
    Doctor told me I should sleep, but I'm always restless
    I lay awake at night and think, my thoughts are relentless
    I need a moment to breathe, I need a moment to vent this
    I seem to be the only person that I play pretend with..

  • ethanadenkai 9w


    She was right when she told me that I don't ever listen
    I told her I would change a million times and never did it
    Apologies don't mean a thing if you don't ever fix it
    I love what I do but it's not what I expected
    This industry is not your friend, well that's my perspective
    Sometimes the closest people to you make you feel protected
    But those are the same people that hurt you most and leave you guessing
    Some people say nobody's perfect but expect perfection
    How you supposed to find the answer if you don't ask the question?
    Sometimes I look into the mirror and talk to my reflection
    When I go home and turn the music off, what am I left with?

  • ethanadenkai 12w


    Beautiful... This was the only word that classified her.
    Her beauty was stunning, no argument.
    She was a jem, Ona as it is interpreted. A woman of power and vitality. A few many words but not too much.
    Her presence was... Calming. It was fun watching the breeze gently brush her hair, the hair I only touched on occasion.
    Her smile was... Heavenly, always reminding me of what an angel will look like if it even exists..
    Her aura... Oh that aura I loved so much!! The vibe around her was... Mine. Just what I needed..

    And now, where is this woman?
    Is she lost in the cycle of life or will I meet her again?
    A thousand years, a million after, I miss you...
    And if I'm to be reborn, if you're to be reborn, let our circumstances not be like the past that hurts me so.


  • ethanadenkai 13w


    I know a pack of boys that made a vow...
    On the way to their goal, If a person blocked them, they would kill that person. If land blocked them, they would destroy the land. If the sky blocked them, they would shatter the sky. And if a beast blocked them, they would kill the beast.


  • ethanadenkai 13w

    Lingering fear....

    “One hundred years; an entire lifetime and the love of one’s woman is not something the heavens can erase. I, even if my woman has entered the reincarnation cycle and is already watching me from behind, do I dare to turn around and look?”


  • ethanadenkai 15w

    I can give up on the Heavens, without a second thought...

    But I can't give up on my woman!!


  • ethanadenkai 15w

    I know what kind of person I am, I do not have good looks, I like to fight, bullying people makes me feel good, when I see beautiful ladies, I must say some flowery words to relieve my boredom. I have a bad heart, but I also have the courage to be bad! I am a bad guy, but I am one who does bad things in broad daylight! As the saying goes, when a lady is beautiful, everyone would turn their heads. If a woman is beautiful, everyone would want to look at her longer. If you do not let us look at you, then is there any bloody reason to you being born beautiful? If some beautiful lady from some bloody good family notices me looking at them like this, they would surely run away and hide. On the other hand, I too will have no interest in pursuing a dead-end. But those who choose to continue standing there to tempt me even after seeing the way I look at them, can they be considered good? And yet, they actually dared to tell others that I am a detestable, unforgivable baddie! Look at those hypocrites; when they see a beautiful lady, they would quickly lower their heads to bow, showing a look of virtue and piousness. But after the lady turned away, they would quickly raise their heads to stare at that lady’s big ass while salivating, secretly desiring fleshly pleasures!!