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  • eti_write 5w

    "Falling in love is like handing someone a gun pointed at your heart hoping that they'd never pull the trigger"


  • eti_write 6w

    I buried my worries
    beneath the cold earth,
    hoping they would not
    rise up to haunt me.

    But in the middle of the night
    they found me in my bed,
    dragging me to the dark place
    underneath the world.

    Where dreams can't speak
    and demons taunt,
    as they play twisted games
    with my lonely broken soul.


  • eti_write 8w

    Relationships will get to last long when people are finally able to differentiate between "love" and "temporary attachment"


  • eti_write 9w

    So what do you do
    with every love that you take?
    And where do you keep
    all the hearts that you take?

    Do you never get tired
    of a new muse every week?
    Or do you enjoy loving
    with your tongue in your cheek?

    Did somebody hurt you
    or were you always like this?
    Always holding hearts
    and killing them with a kiss.


  • eti_write 10w

    When things between us go bad,
    I pick my pen and inscribe my sheet.
    With my magical words I wish to make you go mad,
    not psychologically my amor, just swept of your feet.

    My writings may never be enough,
    my words might not entise you as I wish.
    But one thing is for sure,
    if you let me try, your fantasies I'll flourish.

    With glamorous letters, I lay down my ink,
    hoping that one day you might see.
    How much I tried to let our love sink,
    into our never ending love ocean, that I guarantee.


  • eti_write 10w

    She's so insecure,

    She don't make love with the lights on.

    She's afraid of reality,

    She just wanna live in the comfort of her own fantasies.


  • eti_write 10w

    Sweet dreams were broken
    when I looked upon the sky
    Hateful words spoken
    I thought to say my good byes

    Down the hole I went
    where dark was the only light
    The frown I resent
    The bright day barely in sight

    Deep in my sad mind
    There I laid down on the grass
    There I tried to find
    whatever can truly last

    I look into the sky
    where darkening gray clouds come in
    The rain starts to fly
    down upon my weathered skin

    Then I close my eyes
    and let the dark enclose me
    Now there's softened cries
    aa I die by the green tree

  • eti_write 10w

    I see you there
    You're such a sight
    Running scared
    to race the light
    and get into your comfy bed
    to try and rest your worried head
    I won't have that
    it's my time now
    to hunt you and
    I know just how
    I'll conjure up a fright or two
    'cause I'm that guy, yeah you know who
    the Prince of Death
    the Boogyman
    I know your ills
    I know your cares
    I'll chase you straight into your dreams
    to fill your night with tortured screams.
    You'll want to hide,
    and run away
    but not this night
    I want to play
    you cannot get away from me
    the door is locked, I hold the key
    I'll menace you
    until the dawn.
    Enjoy our time together my friend
    cause I'll be back, that's for sure

  • eti_write 10w

    I want you to show me

    every twisted,

    frightened thought

    you've ever had.

    I want your eyes to crack

    my bones;

    I want your words

    to tear

    my skin



  • eti_write 10w

    "Did they love you more than me", father whispered with teary filled eyes.

    As he stared at his lifeless daughter hanging from the ceiling.

    She tried so hard to stay alive, but she had enough of the pain, the shame and constant torture from her friends

    She was forced, out of her will, she was raped. Her dignity was taken, one which she kept for her soul mate.

    "I love you dad, I was pregnant" she wrote on her suicidal note, kept across the room.

    She would have endured, she would have fought the trauma, the could have stayed alive and achieve her dreams. But the thought of carrying the seeds of one, if not all of those demons made her weak, brought back memories of the bitter incident.

    They walk free, they go about their usual activities while she wept, stayed up late, self harmed and took pills. But that was not enough for her, cause the pains were still coming back as they found solace in her agony.

    In the end, rope, fan and a chair crept up her hallow mind. She took her own life because of men who couldn't control their libido