Just one more person among billions, with a unique view of the same old world we all call home.

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  • everlast 5w


    Immediate warmth upon your face,
    soul pierced with rays most bright.

    Feeling purity and grace,
    arms reaching for great height.

    Glowing and Radiating,
    your entire being hums
    to the rythme of melodic drums.

    Light summoning your inner power,
    your true potential in bloom.
    Exposing an everlasting flower
    ready for whatever comes soon.

  • everlast 6w

    My Friend

    My friend, my loved one,
    Isn't it interesting?

    you "hate" to see me fall
    you "hate" to see me down

    when my back is against the wall
    when my face is against the ground

    you say you're by my side...


    when you see me flying high
    when you see me at my best

    you sneer at me; a passive aggressive sigh
    you sneer at me; a judgemental little test

    Isn't it interesting,
    My friend, my loved one?


  • everlast 8w


    Lightning whips the deep drowning horizon
    Thunder drums against the sinister silver sky,

    You're standing firm at cliff's emerald edge
    Staring fiercely straight ahead,

    Mocking its Might
    Admiring its Allure.

    A message it sends
    through bursts of winds,

    attempting to bring such
    confidence to an end.

    and yet
    Despite its empty threats,
    Dark desires it shows

    It knows

    Many a storm you have weathered
    In the past
    So too shall this one come to pass.


  • everlast 9w


    Breathing in deeply
    soft air filling the


    Exhaling ever so slowly
    Pain expelled as a


    The blissful calm,
    a silent psalm

    Small moments of peace, every
    other mile
    Leaving its crease, in
    your smile

  • everlast 9w


    I wish mirrors, cameras, & videos
    didn't exist

    I wish seeing them didn't make
    My emotions so mixed

    I wish I knew what inner advice to say
    When the feelings of self-hate refuse to go away

    I wish for eyes that see me
    Instead I have eyes that see only
    What could be...

  • everlast 10w


    A step
    Just a step.
    Take it once
    Just once.

    You step, direction anew
    Inside, something grew.

    Day-to-day the same,
    Facing a most challening game

    Encountering Temptation
    Meeting Cravings
    for sensation

    Resist, though they insist.
    Fight, though they bite...

    You stumble, you fall
    Feeling you shouldn't have
    stepped at all...


    Remember your goal
    For giving in will take its toll.

    Stand up, step again.

    Without some stress
    There would be no progress.

  • everlast 12w


    Endless thoughts fade
    As your mind's eye
    Sees only shade

    Weightlessly drifting
    Peacefully shifting

    Moments of nothing,


    A secret world anew
    Suppressed feelings embracing you

    Hours are minutes
    Minutes are moments

    The world begins to dissolve
    Fight to cling on
    Only for so long

    It's gone.

    You lay,
    Attempt to replay
    It's just too late

    Morning is here
    Your reality is clear.

  • everlast 12w


    stricken again

    moment of pain
    deep scarlet stain

    emotional mess
    physical duress

    time will heal
    memories will seal

    nothing broken
    nothing taken

    nothing gained
    nothing changed

    forgiven forgotten...

    stricken again
    will it not end?

    just as before
    there will come more.

  • everlast 12w


    do you believe?
    I mean


    asking yourself,
    "Is this for me?"

    do you not see
    the choice of belief
    comes quite easy;

    Pleasant surprise,
    Life like that of sunrise.

    is so desirable
    when comparable


    Horrific realization,
    Eternity spent in Damnation.

  • everlast 12w


    silence is loud
    an auditorial drown

    screams to be shattered
    by chatter
    a pitter

    silence is deafening

    so much to carry

    chanting madness

    it stops

    silence at last

    as thoughts cease
    a bustling world
    brings momentary