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    Can i say something,
    You are ugly!
    I know.
    Did i hurt you?
    No, not at all!
    You too,
    Sorry, what?

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    I find the nights long, for I sleep but little, and think much.
    - Charles Dickens
    (A Page Of My Post Mid-night Diary)
    Legible Entry #27
    16th July, 2020
    Thursday (2:35 AM)

    Hello Journal,
    Yeah!! Awake past midnight!! An insomaniac in the world of sleepers!! Normal sleepers!!
    Sometimes I wonder if you're my addiction. Do you call me because I, too, get to you my dear...!? Do you drag me to achieve your ultimate high...!? You're my past mid-night love. My "up all night". The reason I stay awake counting the stars and my heartbeats. You're the spot I see and shadow I cast. I love you and you love me.
    Okay Shut Up...!! Is it a time to write romanticism...!? I'm here only because my melatonin isn't working properly tonight.

    //There are some nights when sleep plays coy, aloof and disdainful. And all the wiles that I employ to win it's service to my side are useless as wounded pride, and much more painful.//

    That nefarious disorder that usurps my sleep every night holds the anchors above my head, and once the looming presence creates an unyeilding uncomfortable feeling within me - The anchors are dropped at once as I clutch my heart and watch my life flash by in intense but short clips reflecting off of my irises.
    Drowing in a waking nightmare consisting of life - altering decisions yet to be made and a ubiquitous, haunting past that never fails to ascertain me, despite the innumerable heat runs I've taken to escape it's chokehold.

    Time check.
    2:50 AM.
    The world sleeps,
    yet now I thrive.
    always thinking.

    Wistful versus Wishful thinking keeps an insomaniac busy at night - contemplating the universe's unhealthy obsession with showering sullen loads upon my already feeble stature and yearning for a change to form like how the leaves just fled the trees they were accustomed to for so long. Ruminative habits that not even the toughest of diamonds could scratch to erase them from my routine nightly thinking.
    But I'm constantly torn between resenting every constant and vowel meant for you and all of my feckless attempts at achieving perfection. And optimistically hoping for a banishment from all negative, and acceptance of the elation spreading faster through the airwaves of people open to recognition and reversal.
    But my anchors are breaking through the floor boards as my weary but restless eyes scan the page for errors and I'm cautious in giving them a tug out of fear of a perpetual fall that insists on torturing me through an insomania-flavoured-death-to-be.

    Time check.
    3:25 AM.
    The world sleeps,
    yet now I thrive.
    always thinking.

    What is to ensure after countless hours of wistful and wishful thinking...!?
    Am I to write until the moisture leaves my fingertips and the blood rushes to my head because my amygdala is housing all of my aggressions and fears, close to explosions upon anything in my vicinity...!? Or am I to close my eyes and daydream of better, happier times to arrive my front doorstep sometime in the near future...!?
    But my overactive thoughts stimulate several situations that could play out, and the ones I decide on making permanent effects in the future are the ones that end with me crying and hopeless.

    Maybe life of an insomaniac is even worse than people think - it is not the fact that we do not sleep that unnerves us. It is the fact that when we do not sleep, we overthink, and when we overthink, we depress ourselves with all of the outcomes and possibilities that can arise from the most trivial decisions to the most climatic ones.

    Time check.
    3:43 AM.
    The world about to wake up,
    yet now I thrive.
    always thinking.

    My anchors act as my comforters and hold me tight during my REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep when the vivid and electrifying dreams and nightmares play simultaneously like a horror film I am entrapped in. I hone in on the conflict and I'm taken away in shackles into dreamland, a world worse than reality.
    And I cannot lucid dreams, so my control, my grip on the direction of the thoughts slips away and the fabrication of my unconscious takes over until I wake up every hour breathless and sweating.

    Time check.
    3:55 AM.
    What does this mean...!?
    There are no dreams.
    All is a dream,
    and all is an attack.
    I am always awake,
    the curse of the insomaniac.

    I'm awake to all the wrong times, on all wrong sides of the bed, and falling back asleep is a difficult task to carry out all the time because of the lack of melatonin that seemed to be crossed of the checklist of necessities of being born.
    And so the cycle ensures for the next 5 hours.
    And I continue this routine day in and day out.
    This is the life of an **Insomaniac.

    Time check.
    4:04 AM.



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    21/07/2020 (Tuesday)

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    Wistful versus Wishful thinking keeps an insomaniac busy at night...!!

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    Sry it doesn't make any sense .

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    Did I commit any mistake again by trusting someone?

    Why isn't the game of trust fair enough?
    Once you said,"I trust you a lot".
    And you repeated that, till I did the same.
    Soon after I started to trust you insanely,
    You started coming up with the pack full of lies!! Huh!?
    How's that even possible??
    What the heck was my mistake there??
    Questions remain unanswered forever, right?
    Ah, No worries. . I'll continue to trust you.
    But remember that, the day I realize that all these lies were on purpose,
    I might stop trusting MYSELF, might not even be able to be with you like earlier anymore.
    Don't blame me later.
    Let me apologize today itself...!
    But whom: to You or to Myself??


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    बंदिशों से भाग कर ,
    ख़ामोशियों में जगह बनाई है।
    याद करते साथ को ,
    अब साथ सिर्फ तन्हाई है।।


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    Tu Hi Tu

    Yaar Mera Hai Tu Hi Pyaar Mera
    Har Khaab Ka Chera
    Mere Jasbato Pe Tera Hi Pehra
    Pal Pal Har Lamhe Mai Yaado Ki Hasi Mulaakate

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    ढूंढ़ते रह गए उनकी
    हंसी में खुशियां ,
    कुछ पल तो खुश रहने
    दे ए म्लान जिंदगी !


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    Love Notes.....

    Why these days were such dark as deep night??
    I asked the fairy with a smile :)

    She said,
    You're crowned with a shine in your face.....
    Surrounded by deep dark around?!

    I replied,
    Yaaaahhh, he made me such brighter with all his love for me!!!!
    Again I blushed with a grin from heart♡


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    Love Notes....

    Love doesn't wanna be

    Love is just want to be loved?!!

    In case of life,
    It is always...
    Been a base♡


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    It was that age of 27
    I let the dick be a heaven
    Thought I could be so submissive
    Held that crown for some years
    They say be careful what you wishing
    I washing clothes and cleaning dishes
    As he becomes more dismissive
    Im like what the fuck is this
    I swear my mind just clicked

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    Yesterday was World Tourism Day #27/09/2019

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    In Childhood, Tourism for us is 'Nani Ka Ghar' in Summer Vacation.


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    let bygone be bygone

    They seated in front of each other's,
    The puffy eyes,denotes the the awakeness of night and nights,
    Looking each other's to Dilute thirst off,
    Because they know,only god knows when will they meet again or won't.
    Gazing badly, without a moment of lashes.
    Want to stop the moment for lifelong,and the bad thing is they aren't have any control over things,
    They only making the moment live,
    Thousands of memories clicking in minds infinitely,in a single second,the compilation of things are bulker,
    I don't know it is blunder or bliss,
    My heart is full of pain.
    Want to escape from all this and wanna the cherish past..
    The moment we spent together, collected memories are still my willing to do so "again",
    the filthy feelings,to losing something,,belongs to me.
    The heart pieces of mine are puzzling me,
    The nutshell is "devastation",,,of mine.
    The Shivering lips,the sight is deep and deep, reading eyes and inside,it craving just ruin this instant and wanna back to the gladsome era of our love and romance,
    It's time to broke up
    Our heart and relation too,
    And rest the things let's be on destination...

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    Two fold

    You always put me on the peak in your priority list

    But Unfortunately,
    You molt me,the way,I'm nothing to you

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    तुम ही बताओ

    वो सुबह भला कैसी सुबह
    जो तेरे बगैर हो

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    Ye muskaan bewajah nahi hai
    iski toh sirf ek hi wajah hai
    Aur wo wajah ho tum

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    Dono hi ubal kar ufaan par aa gye hai,
    Meri chai bhi ,
    Meri chahat bhi.

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    Wo pyar hi Kya

    इतनी जल्दी कैसे भुला दें उसे
    वो प्यार ही क्या प्यार जो पल पल याद आकर तड़पाए ना तुझे

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    तुम्हारी रजा

    हक अदा है तुम्हे
    फिर मोहब्बत मानो या बेगैरती

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    On knees

    Babygirl if you could see how beautiful i saw you..
    You would drop to your knees

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    Negative thoughts are like sweat drops, to get rid of them work out with positive thoughts..