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    gone were those days we planned together, when we parted ways.


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    Hi! How are you? I hope you're doing good. Do you still remember me? I am the girl you've known online. I forgot the name of that app again, sorry. Well, It's been years already since we last talked. I still remember you. I still remember your last name although you never put it on your account. I still remember the feeling you gave me way back then. Do you still watch youtube videos about how to catch an eel before you sleep? I remember you'll stay up late at night because of those. You told me you're a night owl person, right? Haha Are you curious if I missed you? Yes, I missed you. I miss the way how you talk to me. How we never run out of topic when I talk to you. How you tell a story on how your day went. How you tell me about how frustrated you are about something. How I comfort you whenever you feel depressed. I missed the way you write random poems and then you'll send it to me. I love the feeling you gave me. I felt trusted by you that time. It seemed like we have each others back. We support each other. We cheer up for each other. Until the day I started falling for you. Sorry, I was weak and vulnerable. I was this demure girl back then, I don't agree that girls can make first move in confessing feelings. I'm an old soul. But for you, I broke that rule of mine. I confessed my feelings. I like you. I liked you so bad to the point that I forgot my worth. Well, I don't care. As long as I have you. I was blinded by the idea that if I confessed first, maybe we can take it to the next level. But, I was wrong. The feelings aint mutual. It was my first time confessing to a guy. Well, I don't regret it cause it was also my first time being brave. Confessing my thoughts to you. To the one I like. But after the day I confessed, things about us changed. You started talking about some girls. Hahah Friends, an ex that you can't forget, I remember reading a girls comment about your artworks. You love sketching, right? I've been a fan of you works. You used to send yoyr works to me back then. I didn't know there was also her. I was so stupid for thinking that I'll have you. You're both sweet. I admit, I got jealous about that girl. Hahaha So, I also left a comment on your post. Hoping you'll notice me too, just like how you noticed her. I was really immature! Sorry. Hahaha I was surprised when sge replied back referring to my comment. Wow! She's really something. You PMed me immediately and saud sorry about it. I was hurt. Not because you favored her but because you also replied on her comment on my comment saying I'm just nothing. I was hurt because, I read how sweet are you both on my comment. Ah! I deleted that comment of mime because it keeps on hurting me whenever a notif pops up. I forgot to tell you, it was also my first time commenting on a post of someone I like. See? You are very special to me that time. I broke a lot of my principles for you. You told me I was too reserved, right? Hahaha Well, although there was never an us during that time I still felt cheated. I felt betrayed. I even questioned my self worth because I trued my best to be liked by you. I thought you weren't just ready to love that tine because of your past relationship. You told me that, right?That is why I really love the line of Liza Soberano, "Pangit ba ako? Kapalit palit ba ako?" I think I can relate. HAHAHA Those were the exact questions I asked myself. But, don't get me wrong, I already moved on. I am just messaging you because I think I have to say this thoughts of mine to you. I want to feel relieved. I didn't know that a stranger like you can be a big part of my growth. You are a stranger who left a great lesson in my life. So, thank you! Thank you for not choosing me because I learned to love myself again.


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    I Chose to be Brave

    Once upon a time

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    To the First Man I loved


    To the first man who won my heart,
    You were also the first to tear it apart
    But for every drop of tear i shed
    Comes the memories we've shared.

    So to the first man who caused me a heartbreak,
    Thank you. You were not a mistake.
    You have taught me to love myself
    And that i can always be my own best friend.