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  • rockinggirl 12w


    The beauty of the Nature
    Always capture my eyes
    How l wonder
    What's the secret behind this mystery.

    The beauty of the clouds
    Sliding over the bright blue sky
    It's extremely unexpectedly

    The blooming of wildflowers
    In different colours
    Red, purple, pink
    Take away my breath

    The view of the valley
    On top of the mountain
    It's breathtaking
    Everytime l feel the brisk forest air fill my lungs
    How wonderful that is.

    How l love the orange light the hits the mountains in a dazzling way
    When the sun sets over the lake.


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  • rockinggirl 13w

    What love is

    Love is life
    It blossoms unexpectedly
    Without any laws to it.

    Love has no class
    It flows in different directions
    Without any limits.

    Love brings peace, joy , happiness
    It makes the world a better place
    Without any worries.

    Love is endless
    It never fade away
    Without any reason.

    Love, love, love
    You are who you are
    Without any one to change you.