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    Daily struggle

    Is picking up a side.
    Want everything to stop and
    Want everything to work out.

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    Those days were so beautiful
    I still remember those talks of yours.
    I still remember those little arguments that we did for each other's benefit.
    Who doesn't fight? Everyone does!
    Some fight to save their relationship,
    Some does to end up......

    What we did i still don't understand and i don't know whether i will get the answers or not.
    We both were very mature, believe each other's opinions, decisions.
    That's why i think i didn't react atlast...
    Did actually what u said.
    What u want i gave it to you whether it was to be apart from eachother.

    After this much time i am still the same!
    Nothing has changed in that.
    But when i recall those memories there were signs that i should have known,
    But who really take those signs seriously when you are in a relationship...
    And these things will always stop me from reaching to you.
    Whether you remember or not but just to tell you that after all those efforts from the both sides, those beatiful moments, everything in those years we shared, i am sure we both equally miss them.
    I don't know yours, but i really want to get back there, where we left and continue on adding beautiful memories.
    But There are such things that you should not have done and its because of those things i may not be able to comeback....!!


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    #Sorry ho ske mujhe maaf kar dena ..!! #Love you #miss you #Aj bs yhi hai mere pass #ChahatKanchan #Chahatshyam #pain..!!❤❤�������� #inspiration #diary #friendship #poetry #thoughts #life #nature #love #travel

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    #Where ??

    तुम खुद कहाँ चली गयी हो ??
    मेरी जिंदगी रोक कर ..!!

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    Fight the good fight.
    Don't let these battles ditter you.

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    See that you don't turn yourself
    bitter fighthing these battles.

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    It's not honesty just because you are the narrator of the story.

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    Somehow we all have
    decided to label our
    persistent desire to persuade
    someone and label it as
    " HONESTY " or " TRUE LOVE "
    Sometimes things
    are NOT meant to happen &
    things always don't work out
    the way we want them to be
    but we want them anyway.
    You cannot get
    everything in life
    just because you want it.


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    Bitter truth

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    You need to realise that once a certain kind of relationship ends with a person, then the nature of the person also changes along with time and you just need to accept the harsh truth that they are

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    You and I are creater... We are creater together ❤️

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    The great thing about love is,
    When it kicks in, all else goes silent.

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    Dil ek thaa to mohbbat bhi ek hi se thi
    Ab to dil ke kai tukde hogaye
    Ab to mohbbat hajarose hongi

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    You would have turned 24 this year. I know today is neither your birthday nor the day you left us all. I know taking about you on an odd day at this hour of the day is totally out of the blue but I guess it's totally worth it too. Everyone has their own version of remembering or honouring a person in different ways. Few engrave the names of their loved one's on pendants or ink their skin or any other way possible. I too have a different way of honouring you in my life. I don't remember you each and every day to show my love and respect for you but I MEMORIZE YOU each and every day and believe me when I say this. know it's been 7 years already since the day you left us all but I guess everything happens for the best. I know we were too little (including you) to understand the pain or process which you were going to face initially in the starting phase. We were just too naive to understand the fact that someone around our age is battling for their life. I know the after math was totally uninvited but the emotional rollercoaster which we've all been through is never to be forgotten sooner or later. I know everyone has their own battles we know nothing about but I've seen you go through it all. I think it would be a complete remiss to compare your struggles but nevertheless you've made it through.
    I know by the way I tell you that I MEMORIZE your existence every other day is to only remind myself about the person who've been. You were always loving and caring. I could just go on writing about you but the way I remind myself about you makes me look at things differently each and every time. I always cursed the day it happened or the way everyone hid the news from me for 3 months. I always hated it all but now when I look back it and think of all that you've been through and the person who've become into makes me want to become a person more like you. I think that was all because of your faith in God and warmth you filled in people's life. Loss is inevitable but I guess the lessons and memories are forever treasurable. I know I couldn't have the privilege of having the last talk or pay my last respect but I guess everything happens for the best.
    M ♥

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    "Taken for granted"

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    #Aj phir maheena aaya hai #no more sharm

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    Aj phir maheena aaya hai,
    Dher Sara drd, chehre p sikan or akelapan laya hai,
    Aj phir maheena aaya hai,
    Haa muje pta hai, koi puche to khna hai ki pet m drd hai, ye drd apne sath ek jhooth ka bojh b laya hai,
    Aj phir maheena aaya hai,
    Sochti hu aj school n jau, coaching ki b chutti kr leti hu, smj gyi m to , pr mera bhai sawalo ka ek Dher laya hai, aj phir maheena aaya hai,
    Jada naatak mt kro, ye hmne bhi jhela hai, koi bhut bdi bat ni h, ye meri maa n muje bola hai, koi bat ni aj phir maheena aaya hai,
    Mene maa se pucha, Maa kya sch m ye itni sharm ki bat hai ki m jhooth bolu, maa n mushukra k jwab diya - lucky ho tum ki tumne ye gaurav paya hai, khuda n khud k baad creator hme hi bnaya hai,
    Aj phir maheena aaya hai,
    Esa kon sa garv ki sbse jhooth bolu, iske bare m bat n kru , ye mene khud se pucha hai, sharm ni krungi ab btane mai,
    aj phir muje maheena aaya hai,

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    World Mental Health Day

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    World Mental Health Day

    *You are not alone*
    Lemme get this straight
    Depression is not sadness and sadness is not depression.
    To all the naive and immature individuals out there
    "Depression is not overrated" &
    "Depression is not over thinking".
    Of course we are not talking about the people who believe themselves to be in a state of depression after an hour of crying or behind sad for a period of time.
    This is the stigma around mental health that needs to be addressed in this current world.
    People don't really understand what it's like to be depressed.
    When we hear the word mental health or depression its not about a lonely person sitting in a corner or the self harming things you think depressed people often do.
    It's not always about razors and blades or drugs and pills.
    It's not always about hanging ropes or slit wrists.
    Not everyone cuts or shows the same signs of depression.
    The thing that needs to understood by everyone is a person suffering from a disease and a person suffering with depression both need to be addressed seriously in the same way.
    One needs to understand that depression is not something which follows a heart break or failure or feeling of uncertainty on life.
    It doesn't start that way and it doesn't work that way either.
    You don't see a depressed individual with a sad and crying face all the time. Brightest smile, unstoppable talks and loudest laughs that's what they do to survive everyday.
    You see everyday is a struggle.
    To fake a smile and keeps one's chin up pretending to be normal everyday. Depression is more like a battle.
    It just keeps eating you from inside little by little everyday.
    It makes you numb.When you see someone talking or writing about depression is not for the peoples praise but merely because they are survivors any they very well know that its not a single phase and it keeps recurring all the time.
    If you are someone who is reading this battling with depression and surviving everyday remember one thing.
    It's okay.
    You are strong.
    It's not that easy.
    Remember you are God's awesome creation.
    Never give up.

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    Zindgi ka sbse bura lamha
    Jb koi apna hi dil dukhaye
    Or aake puchne lge* kya hua*
    Or hame muskura ke khna pde
    *Kuch nhii*


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    I need to build
    Bigger and taller walls.
    Strong concreate walls.
    I need to raise
    My gates higher than my fears.
    My curtains high above my vision.
    I need to construct
    A house.
    A home for my fears and stop them for knocking every other door in my vicinity.
    I need to stop my fears
    From running around the street and spreading the mess everywhere.
    From entering them to my neighborhood doors.
    I need to cage my fears
    From the daylight only to let them resurrect them in the moonlight.
    From setting this town of mine on fire.


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    Trust the process.
    It's never going to be easy.
    It's never going to be rosy.
    It's all going to be messy.
    This whole process is sure messy.
    It's always inconsistent.
    Forever tiring.
    Forever waiting.
    You're gonna have long nights to watch for.
    You're gonna have long nights of staring at the wall into the blank space.
    You're gonna curl up in the bed and cuddle yourselves to sleep.
    You're gonna have multiple meltdowns and uninvited panic attacks.
    You're gonna cry your eyes out and put yourselves to sleep every night.
    That's how you're gonna fall asleep to fighting with your insomnia.
    You're gonna keep talking and smiling with everyone on daily basis without anyone knowing that you have a raging storm inside your head and a draning heart inside a bruised body.
    You're gonna wake up everyday as if nothing happened last night and make them believe that everything is normal.
    You will master this art of faking and being normal.
    Regardless of what your going through.
    You have to push it through.
    You have to make it through.
    Trust me "You will make it through "
    Maybe one day for sure. `AJ

    #AJ #Healing #OneDay #E
    One day at a time.

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    One day at a time.

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    Always believe in the process.
    Trust the process.
    It's never going to be easy.
    It's never going to be rosy.
    It's all going to be messy.
    The process is messy.
    The process is inconsistent.
    You're gonna have long nights to watch for.
    You're gonna have long nights of
    staring at the wall into the blank space.
    You're gonna curl up in the bed and
    cuddle yourselves to sleep.
    You have to push it through.
    You have to make it through.
    Regardless of what your going through.
    Trust me
    "You will make it through "

  • arpitha_jivana 22w

    I TRIED.

    I tried to brush away the
    haunting memories and nightmares every night.
    I tried to brush away the
    pain but everything goes in vain.
    I tried to
    be the strong woman who everyone talks about.
    I tried to
    bleed myself to live and ink it out to relive.
    I tried to
    put up a show every morning only to curl up and myself to sleep every night.
    I tried to
    keep myself up with the raging wind only to realize that I've been sailing a drowning ship.
    I tried to
    bleed myself again tonight only to realize that nothing makes sense like

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    Body Type | Colour | Ethnicity |
    One must not forget that all these are interlinked with each other.
    The power lies within us, the way we decide to potray it in different forms of expression like the news, media, art, music or the digital space.
    Let it be in any WAY | SHAPE | FORM.
    Nobody is born hating their bodies.
    It is the lack of diversity and inclusivity which makes us confined to certain mindsets.
    It's not about the plus size inclusive brands or dark skin friendly beauty campaigns which are trying their best to represent the underrepresented groups of the society.
    It's not about questioning the existence of such campaigns or slogans but the need for rise of such campaigns very much speaks about the existence of certain color and body form has always been the generalized and standard norm and the rest are just for the sake of recent rising marketing purpose masked under the silent sympathizing revolution labeled as INCLUSIVITY.
    The lack of representation of certain race or color or body type clearly depicts the lack of diversity.
    Representation of
    Chiseled body /
    Perfect jawlines /
    Flawless skin /
    Sculpted face /
    Flat tummies /
    Perfect waist size / . . . are often considered as the generalized standards and the one's with opposite features are often labeled under body positivity.
    Sadly in current times when social media is ruling over our lives and the freedom to easily pass one's opinion has made us forget that skinny people are often struggling with eating disorders and the obese people with self esteem issues.
    Categorizing people into different groups clearly shows the way we have failed to accept each other and mainly due to lack of representation which always made us believe that we do not belong to the majorly accepted or represented group of people and make us believe that we were never really good enough or beautiful enough for the societal standards. .

    #AJ #BodyShaming #RepresentationMatters #Inclusivity #Representation #BodyType #Color

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    Representation Matters

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    Let me wash off
    these old wounds
    and get rid off
    these old scars
    for I've been
    running out of space lately
    and the stories I need
    to scribble on this
    canvas are infinity.