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    It's the result of struggle in ur life!

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    It's hard to stop relying on you
    I look up at that star
    Aligning it with my loneliness
    Fairytale should have an impressive beginning regardless of its ending❤
    #rashmikayanquote #mirakee #life #Will #be #late #but #it #will #be #right@mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Your piercing voice
    Your voice whispers endlessly
    It's always been a pain in the chest,
    like this everyday.
    I keep it in my heart and
    living like this.
    I'm still on you,
    because I didn't stop missing you
    You say I love you,
    and you turn around and
    you don't know what I'm thinking.
    You say Forget it and move on,
    How can I unfeel love once I've felt it?
    With all my strength
    It doesn't matter if it's regret or hurt
    I'll reach out and go to you
    The place I should be All my love
    In my heart
    Even if this heart breaks and collapses

  • _bonniebrownscribbles_ 19h

    Making permanent decisions over
    temporary feelings is absurdness.


  • divya_diya 3d

    #prioritise U #be careful #daraa hua dil

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    Hume koi shikayat nahi
    agar tum hamare saath vakht na guzaaro tho
    Magar mann mai ye dar laga rehta hai
    ki kisi aur ke saath vakht guzaarne ke chakkar mai...
    Kahi tum apne aap ko bhi vakht se saath peeche na chod dho


  • rhymed_genre 5d

    Going back to one of those days
    When masks weren't a thing and people showed their faces be it the judgemental ones or the ones on which those judgements were passed
    No that doesn't change a thing now but atleast those expressions are just a bit masked now
    Okay okay! Don't get me all wrong I would too love to say not all of them are same but...
    But with a lil honestly to be shown and a high time for reality to be brought up, deep down I am sure we all agree everything just boils down to these two
    The point you may ask?
    Is! my friend
    Let them be...
    You don't approve of someone's attire or attitude
    Keep your opinion to your choices and move on
    You don't agree with someone else's pointy of view
    That's completely fine none of you are wrong, perspectives are all about different angles for the same thing so put forth yours, respect theirs and move on
    Don't like somebody's work? That's okay critics are always welcomed in the name of improvement but be subtle with what you say, toxic people once just started with criticizing lil things
    Okay Fine....
    Fine I understand opinions matter and change begins with that
    But aren't they supposed to be a matter of concern when somebody stops living their life on their own and are scared to death to put forth their ideas when words are choking up in thier throat and everyday every single day thousands of genius ideas die in those same young heads without even being heard of
    Because ohh you are too young, too dumb, too old, too stupid, too funny, too serious, too outdated, too shy , too bold to be considered
    No I don't ask anyone to stop being yourself but all that I ask is let them be
    Just let them be...
    #rhymedgenre #poem #poetry #writer #mirakee #words #rhyming #let #be #pod #love #appreciate #help #share

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    (Read the caption️)


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    #life#njy ur own company#no one#be one#happy #life#take a break to njy ur own company#

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    I don't regret when people comes Or leaves from my life.....
    Bcz I'm very bzy in my life....

  • harithareddy 1w

    #respect girl#love them#care them #be vth them#

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    The one who knows everything about u and bears all sorrows and stay vth u is only girl

  • dilon_ki_dastan 1w

    #love urself #believe #be brave

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    !! Embrace the RANDOMNESS !!

    I leaned this from very Hard way ,
    You can't make everyone Happy.
    What you can do however ,
    Is make yourself happy !!
    And that is very very Important
    So be Brave
    Have faith in Urself .
    Figure out what makes you happy and go do it ,
    Get a job, leave a job, dance , sing, fall in love ,
    Carve our own niche !!
    But most importantly


  • livingdreamaritz 1w

    #10 mantra of life#try to be better than ever had before#be found of real u#care about urself

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    My goals

    I am alright☺
    I am fine
    I can do my work on time⌚
    My life is full of joy and ride
    I can do anything to complete mine dreams and achieve my goals
    I can study ✏ till late midnight
    I can always wake up⏰ and be at time ⌚
    I can have healthy foodalways
    To be healthy fit and fine
    I will always try to be a good human lifetime

  • isid57 1w

    ... Sparkle In The Eyes ...

    Make yourself strong so the spirits within you light the matches in your eyes...

    And, let the world wonder from where did those eternal sparkles arise...!!!!

    © Siddhesh Sawant

  • isid57 1w

    ... Feelings ...

    When feelings control you,
    The Endgame has begun...

    Seek the balance between desires and detachment,
    That will make you intrepidly run...!
    © Siddhesh Sawant

  • eccentric_bhavya 2w

    @mirakee #be you

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    you are best the way
    you are ....no matters the world rejects you

  • isid57 2w

    ... Fight The Darkness ...

    When air around you turns dark,
    And you can't breathe...
    In bewilderment, don't just bark,
    Lit your spirit, valiantly you embark...!!!

    © Siddhesh Sawant

  • fizuaa 2w

    #be expressive
    #i need you sister

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    Empowering my brave sister

    It's nessasary sometimes
    when you feel excess
    to pour your emotions
    It cleansers your mind
    It makes you free of overthinking
    It's okay to say no
    It's okay to not fit in sometimes
    But we can at least try to adjust
    Just to stay happy from within
    We can avoid the toxiness around
    To enveloping our mind
    I believe that the best people are
    those who don't subdue their emotions
    Because they have nothing to mourn over
    They can think freely
    I need you to be that sister
    Even if it pays off a little bit of your innocence
    Be a bit naughty,lie small lies
    But don't make it a habit
    It was just a bit of advice
    That seemed nessasary for you to hear
    You're a girl who is braver than me
    Who is smarter and more focused
    I may hesitate to admit it
    But believe me you're an exception from the rest
    I love you dearie
    And it really hurts
    Whenever I see you upset
    I'm always there for you,my bestie

  • the_wizardry_alchemist 2w

    # rule to live a happy life...
    #ur life is urs ..
    #make it happy
    #be thankful to god for every big of happiness

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    Be happy

    Hold on the people who makes ur lyf easy and happy..... keep a distance with the one's who makes ur life bitter and sad...

  • i_am_my_own_muse 2w

    #be the change to see the change.

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    In a hope to see change,
    but none dares to change.
    Neither the world,
    nor the living dead perception.

    Walking down the lane of fame,
    everyone seems insane & lame.
    Still none ready to be the change,
    but everyone needs a change.....


  • diwanankit 2w

    Hr:- tumhare andar wo zeal, wo enthusiasm, wo need nhi dikh Rahi ki tum job karna chahte ho, isiliye ye job tumhe nhi mil skti

    Candidate:- sir ek glass Pani milega, thodi sans le sakta hu.

    HR:- bilkul sure Pani pee lo, or window khuli h gahari sanse lo.

    Candidate thodi der Baad:- sir kya apko meri pyas or sanse dikhi chahre par ?

    HR:- nhi par tumane mujhase kaha to Abhi?

    Candidate :-
    sir apko meri pyas, sanse nhi dikh Rahi,par wo meri or apki jarurat hain, to fir jab me yahan interview Dene Aya hu, application fill ki h, to zarurat hi hogi na sir AAP mere chahre par or body language me use kyu dhoondh rahain hain..
    Maaf karna apka ye prejudice or typical ek hi criteria Ko follow karna Mujhe thk nhi lagta , thoda or mature bane.
    Agar kisi ke chare par apko Darda na dikha or wo Darda me h to kya AAP to use maar hi dalenge, kyu apko uske swabhav se ESA lag nhi Raha?
    #Be little more mature#

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    Typical judgement process

  • kashish__gupta 3w

    #corona#battle#safe yourself##be happy#care...
    Happiest New year to all of you guys ��������

    You are going to start your new life again… ..
    I hope you will win in every battle… Happy New year dear ☺️☺️…

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    फिर से नई शुरुआत करने जा रहे हो
    अपनी जिंदगी की.........
    आशा करूंगी हर जंग में जीत तुम्हारी ही होगी

    ...नए साल की शुभकामनाएं तुम्हारे साथ ...

  • parvathasrini 3w

    #Be happy

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    New Year

    The year which is gone is the defeat year.
    The awful things happened in the last year
    Will disappear in the current year.
    Hear and listen only good things through your ear.
    Don't put a reverse gear
    Eventhough you fail
    And sail on a vehicle called life.
    Be queer and sincere.
    You are the one who carve your future
    And learn good things from your teacher.

  • manisha_bhatia 3w

    When you can be you,
    why you have to be someone else?