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    Chaos is calming when you are not in the middle of it. Take a seat and look at them go.


  • mustafa_bhanpura 1d

    I Have Got Something To Say

    Just a gimmick to fool,
    Wide smiles on the outside,
    But deep down wrestling with the urge,
    To grapple it whole,
    And never let go,
    Its price of change they say,
    And we are bound to pay,
    All things come to an end,
    That's the curse of our destinies,
    That we started believing in yesterday,

    But before the sun rises to a new day,
    And we go our different ways,
    I have got something to say,
    "For those who agreed with me,
    I'll love you through and through,
    For those who disagreed,
    I'll hate you tonight,
    But I'll miss you some day very soon."


  • dreamersneverlearn 2d

    Oh, Baltimore

    There are riots in the streets of Baltimore
    Ignorance is spreading like wildfire
    False news breeds even more hate
    The ones on top
    Far off, in their mansion
    Who will Never experience
    The poverty
    Never feel the pain,
    Spread the lies for all they will gain
    Keep us distracted
    Keep us divivded
    But theres people starving in Baltimore
    Of all races stuck in a hole with no way out . No money for rent nor for food
    You claim it's our own fault
    As if we're all lazy fools...
    But keep in mind
    We have No rich parents to pay for our schools
    We can not help into what family we are born
    Schools with no walls,
    Parks have no trees,
    Only Empathy can kill this hate
    But with your lack of compassion, i fear its too late
    A ten year old was killed by police for skateboarding ..but it wasnt on the news
    that wasnt your child so you have nothing to lose
    There are people in the streets of Baltimore
    knowing no-one cares
    with tears in their eyes
    Rioting the streets and you still wonder why

  • akshay_vasu 3d

    I always believed in something. We all have a voice inside all of us. Call it god, or with any name you would like to call it with. But every time you do something wrong, it says no to you and confronts you in every way possible. But when you start hearing the chaos, more than what that voice says, it eventually embraces the silence. There is rarely turning back from that place. Reaching that place is death. Once that voice embraces silence, everything else takes its place and starts speaking things that will comfort you always. I see many people in whom that voice has embraced silence. I recognize them, their eyes don't shine, and their hearts are empty. I just feel there is an abyss inside each one of them, where that voice burns continuously.

    - Akshay vasu

  • writeweird 3d

    imagine if you wake up one day and you're exactly where you don't want to be.

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    #poem #longpoem #story #pain
    #hurt #feelings #love #age #time

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    i can't read my old poems because i always end up finding new things to be sad about

    i can't read my old poems because i always end up finding new things to be sad about, the way the words are, always changing to accommodate whatever mood is set in motion -- gliding from one empty corner to another, miserable in all its depth and glory, waiting for somebody to turn the page.

    i wait here, in this empty shell science calls a human body, but can science be sure about the things that aren't science ? definitely, i must not be science, i don't think i ever was -- it's easier to explain my sadness if i don't define my scars.

    i'm bad at calculating how fast i'm dying, any risk is unwarranted.

    i hate myself would be an understatement, it must be more than that because i can feel it, i can feel the restless ache in my bones to smother my mind, the fuck is he going on about ?, and what if it's not even a he, but an it ? perhaps it and me aren't the same thing at all, how would i know ?

    to be honest i don't understand what's going on around me, and half the time i'm not even bothered, what's the point in going in a straight line when life is a circle ? those morons should've designed this universe better than a seven year old child, but i guess you can't expect much from a sadistic impulse amplified by a rise in adrenaline.

    i wish you could read me, i wish your friends could read me, i wish friends of your friends could read me -- i wish enough people could read me that i never have to write ever again.

    i'm tired of explaining what i shouldn't, and it never keeps me from failing.

    if i could tell you one honest thing about me without fumbling my reality, i'd probably walk off into the sunset with a smile on my face.

    my struggle is complicated, at least for me, and as always it's difficult to speak for somebody else when you're having a hard time adjusting to your own identity. i hope i don't discover too soon that being young never lasts for long.

    i'm not old, but i'm older than anybody that i've ever met.

    i don't know what to do with this sudden spike of information buzzing in my head, but it's certainly what keeps me awake some nights when i'm trying to figure out why i am, the way i am -- surely something is keeping me from being lucid, something that's hanging above my head weighing me down as i walk from one empty corner to the other -- pacing back and forth as they do in some of my favourite novels.

    i guess staying still for too long eventually turns out to be a bad idea and a misguided step, we're not meant to be a point, we're more linear, there's no point in figuring that one out, no man's an island, islands don't kill other islands because they hate themselves so much.

    perhaps i'm deviating from the topic of old poems and evergreen scars, but that's only because you're not here to grieve for me, if you were here, i wouldn't be writing all this in the first place -- or the second, or third, or so on, it's better if i learn to stop than to keep deviating from topics we both don't care about.

    i can't read my old poems because i always end up finding new things to be sad about.


  • orotund 4d

    I'd love it if you kiss my chaos rather than parts of my body.

    - Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • writeweird 4d

    here, i'm trying to explain what i possibly cannot.

    #mirakee #pod #dark #freestyle
    #poem #longpoem #story #pain
    #hurt #feelings #love #age #time

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    what if it's not a man, it must be a ghost ?

    home is where the heart is, but what if the heart is broken and lost ?

    what then, when there are no roads and no pathways, but a forest with naked trees and with barely enough sunlight creeping in to make out the void that surrounds us at all times.

    what if a mind does not require a body anymore ?

    where do we go from there ?

    questions pierce my conscience like an asteroid hitting earth traveling at a thousand miles per heart beat,

    evaporating any sense of belief or religion that existed in the deepest corners of my being, resembling a fire that even sun is afraid of --

    what if the answers never come ?

    what if everything ends before i can wake up, before i have the urge to do something worthwhile with my dreams and fears,

    i can build castles in sand and bury my doubts in tiny rooms with tiny beds, but never escape this impending sense of doom that has made a circus in my veins, always to and fro the axis, as i wait for the silence to scream from across the ocean, i guess i'm still waiting for somebody to say my name before i forget how to think,

    and i'm still thinking of various ways to end this train of thought and perhaps i'll jump off at the next station, i can see myself from afar howling at the wheels of my suffering for taking a turn for the worse,

    it's better if i leave this room before it devours me, i have so much to think and so little room to sit idle, it's as if the walls are suffocating me for fun, every brick vibrating like the bones in my body, trembling in a careless rhythm --

    and it feels as if i can never escape from this sadness that has made a nest inside my hollowed body, i am but a step away from breaking down in little brittle pieces of absolute nothing,

    i'm so close to being scattered, of crying rivers and oceans of my solitude and misguided birth, but i never do, i never let the rain kill the storm --

    i never let the blues paint over the rotten reds, and greens and everything that does not come with a colour,

    i enjoy my drakness alone, and i make peace with the ghosts those dance around us when nobody's looking,

    i swallow my screams until i'm drowning in my own sorrows, my eyes in a horrific trance, watching the atoms destroy each other a billion times in plain sight,

    it kills me that nobody bothers, nobody cares until they're dying, with unrelenting sadness at all times breathing down their necks, ready to bite and drain away the lesser world.

    why life when there must've been so much before ? -- i wonder in disguise of madness and tame melancholia, ruined by man made conditions and nefarious activities of the restless and unkept,

    and yes, i'm talking about you too, about us, about the gods that live in palaces made of rejected prayers and songs,

    i'm talking about memories, slowly decomposing into dead skin and dusty old book shelves that harbour nothing more than old age and forgotten fingerprints fading away even though the arms of the clocks on the unraveled walls have stopped moving, and the time has stood still peeking from outside the window, waiting for somebody to draw the curtains.

    in the cold gloomy room where i've sat everyday for days to come, i sit even now paying attention to every detail, with empty promises and smothered dreams, with voices that echo across the many places inside my mind, buzzing with words that change with every step, and no matter how deep i crawl there'll always be something on the outside that just doesn't make sense.

    i wonder if that's how people feel, otherwise it'll be harder for me to explain when i'm done talking,

    i'm always breathing the fumes of whispers and stories that people radiate, walking room to room, traveling in circles, and in straight lines that never deviate to accommodate any other shape, reason or thought, always blind to the things passing us by, never turning to see if there's more than what greets the eye when you're looking for something out of place.

    perhaps that's why we never leave our souls and wander about in the world of ghosts to see for ourselves if there's more than what we think there is, always believing to choose the lies instead of the truth because we were taught not to be real in this binary world where being out of the box means you're exposed,

    that's when i wrestle with the man in the mirror, strangle him and complicate him, abuse him and starve him, carve out his body in my own, paint over him until all that i see, are my eyes peering into my soul, telling my mind that my thoughts have died a sudden death and all there is, is an echo that keeps fading away whenever i remember i do exist, and this is more than just reality, and i'll be better off without my own company,

    who am i ? three words that keep me from ending it all, i hope there's no answer.


  • pallavi4 1w


    She was as tumultuous as a hurricane
    Raging in the middle of the night
    As unpredictable as the weather
    And as challenging as the winds’ might

    Her wild hair billowed in the gale
    The curls as tight as a drum
    Her temper was like the furor of red hot coals
    Pugnacious, impetuous and never numb

    She was the wild tempest herself
    Awakening an unruly, untamed passion
    Causing a pandemonium and anarchy
    Waving aside any display of compassion

    Like a bird flying free above the ocean
    She was lush and savage inside
    As feral as a wild cat in the forest
    She was chaos personified


    22nd of September, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • unknownsomeone 1w

    A troubled mind will find
    Chaos even in white....

  • enigma_bukhari 1w

    After your fucking,`•√ In my dreams`•√
    A guy that's gonna fuck me |
    way better than you.....
    You're nothing standing
    next to him,,,,this guy`s very
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  • juhiyverma_ 1w

    A moment to reflect
    inner thoughts or emotions,
    anything great.

    or maybe writing on paper.

    a grey-green Somnolence;
    without need of words.

    or a vast, benevolent world,
    the people in it, accounted.

    a few drops of Something
    a thought , a hope ?

    an unfortunate, indescribable
    air of expectation.

    a story,
    an affair.

    a little poetry,
    a little lying.

    the greatness of man's intellect,
    yet happy enough to carry herself;

    beautifully smooth,
    terribly dangerous.

    all those words,
    she could not say right.



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    A moment to reflect
    inner thoughts or emotions,
    anything great.
    or maybe writing on paper.
    a grey-green Somnolence;
    without need of words.
    or a vast, benevolent world,
    the people in it, accounted.
    a few drops of Something
    a thought , a hope ?
    an unfortunate, indescribable
    air of expectation.
    a story,an affair. a little poetry, a little lying.
    insinuating the greatness of man's intellect,
    alone;yet happy enough to carry herself;
    something beautifully smooth,short-sighted,
    terribly dangerous.
    all those words,she could not say right.

  • sairam24 1w

    The storm in the mind had finally calmed after a spree of chaos. The rays of hope caressed the soul as the tears of serenity rolled down dousing the heart with stillness, washing away the debris.


  • juhiyverma_ 1w

    her thoughts,
    the words
    her mind
    the measure of
    all ephemeral,
    with an impulse of terror
    faintly malicious;
    with Her,
    it all ceased.



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    her thoughts,
    the words
    her mind
    the measure of
    all ephemeral,
    with an impulse of terror
    faintly malicious;
    with Her,
    it all ceased.


  • promethean 1w

    You were the best part of my life,
    I am not sure if it was love
    But my life without you feels empty
    I feel like I am missing a part of myself
    Everyday things around me reminds me of you
    No matter how hard I try to forget you I always lose
    Your memories brings a smile on my face
    I'll keep that smile rest of the day hoping you would come back for me.

  • promethean 1w

    I need someone who loves broken pieces of me till It sticks back together.

  • sairam24 1w

    After a long wait my phone beeped.
    My soul got tangled in a duel between my heart and mind over a tiny red heart in the chat.


  • _snehasharma_ 2w

    If and only I would not have met these people I would have been so far as these stars seems to. Some people just care to much and that fuck’in stops me to proceed what I really want to go for.


  • aafia_muhammad_amin 2w

    Your Humble abode
    For puzzled thoughts,
    Welcomes your
    Unheard chaos,
    Embraces your
    Bleeding wounds,
    Rhyme up all
    Your odd sounds,
    Its the poetry
    That line up shades
    You fear but found.

    ©Aafia Muhammad Amin
    -Passionate Dandelion

  • deepflowarts 2w


    Love yourself when the world is beautiful,
    Love yourself when your world is chaos.
    This is your greatest defense.

  • promethean 2w

    Look into her eyes, beyond calmness,
    when you dive deep in,
    It holds wild stars...