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  • thenaturepoetess 2w


    The sunlight flashed through the tall trees,
    A burning orange behind closed lids.
    The blackbirds played between the chimney stacks,
    Upon the weathered tiles of little brick houses,
    Stretching out in rows along pot-holed lanes.
    The dry grass in the fields hissed in the breeze,
    A honey buzzard perched on a rough wooden fence,
    Silver pylons rose below blossoming skies.
    Sunshine shimmered on a lonesome river,
    Which wandered down muddy country roads,
    Dotted with quiet puddles.

  • shubham_20 3w

    Jab tum foreign jaaoge toh tum kya karoge
    Main na ladkiyon ko dek lunga
    Kyun hamare desh main ladkiyon ki kami hai?

  • beaubearic 5w


    1. Welcome to the dirty south
    2. Were people love to party loud
    3. tellin them to turn it down
    4. Gets em all to look around
    5. LIKE what you talkin about
    6. They raise their trucks like it was going to heaven
    7. A fancy date starts at 7-11
    8.  they love their women even when
    9. They comin from wrestlin with them second cousins down in the pig pen
    10. Kicken chickens is time well spent and they call it a good investment
    11. Lovin these outdoors and backwoods
    12. 4 wheels is what you'll need cuz when it comes to drivin on the road we drive right off
    13. Where we going you wont ever see no cops
    14. If they even tried I'm tellin you they'd get lost
    15. To get Down here you gotta connect the dots drive up river beds and climb some rocks
    16. It's too hot so the shirts comin off the snorkel go on to the exhaust no 6 packs here cuz beer guts are what we show off and the beer brought is 24 cans minimum bought minus the few we shot gunned in the parking lot
    17. Dont let the river reach the top and just in case keep that window down and door unlocked
    18. Cuz if we get too deep we will need to see about a ride or swallow pride cuz we gonna be walking
    19. Price you pay to get cooled off
    20. in the dirty south talk is cheap and we learn to drive daddy's truck before learnin speek or even walk
    that's the country mans way they got taught and it's the lessons that got dropped down so they pass down to the creme of the crop cuz it's the legacy of a backwoods pop only picture of him you got is him leaning on  his truck with a sawed off next to a dead hog and that's how dinners bought here in the dirty south were we have croc cooking in our crock pots and soon we fill our belly's then dance under the moon light like hill Billy's after moonshine shots that grandpa brought for line dancing with no shoes and no socks cus that's how we hip hop down in the dirty south with our chip off the block and it only stops when our trucks flip on its top from climbing rocks

  • suddenlyme 6w


    If I could create a candle with your scent I would light up the whole world of them.

  • poemsby27 6w

    Lost hope

    My mother calls for me and says
    "Simba come here,let's trap this little water that comes with the rain,as our home is as bare as the Sahara desert"
    And I answer back "oooh mother don't trouble your self with that little water, cause when I grow up I will fill ever gallon with enough water like the Indian Ocean because I'm simba"
    My mother just laugh and says "how will you
    grow big when all we have is just sand in our cooking pot?"
    And continues "my son we have nothing but corrupt leaders who cares more for their stomachs, who are fighting to divide the national cake rather than fighting for ?"
    And look from my right to my left but I found nothing just an emptless,
    And I saw the moon staring to show up and the sun vanishing right through my eyes
    But I can't seem to open them as my skin feels cold and wrinkled when I'm only twelve years old
    I ask myself why where is the country rich of honey and gold they promised?
    Only to come realise they only got that country for themselves,and we only got nothing but death

  • james_taumas 7w


    Melancholic guitar tune
    Campfire watcher
    Cowboy's song
    Prairie life
    Saddleful of hardship
    Cattle train rolls on
    Countless sunrises and sunsets
    Seasons wash by
    Harsh and beautiful canvas
    Follow the dusty trail
    Home waiting.


  • waitingforsomeone 8w

    I could be in another
    country but if someone is
    waiting on me and they
    call, I always say I will be
    there in 5 minutes.

  • sid_rulz 12w

    आग में तपाकर कर सोना बना लिया
    अब हथियारों को ही अपना ख़िलौना बना लिया
    निकले हैं सब सैनिक मिट्टी का क़र्ज़ चुकाने
    अपने कफ़न को ही अपना बिछौना बना लिया।

    Image source: to the rightful owner

  • ishiita 13w

    Canticle For Him

    The agape for the lands,
    Atrate he to mourn his own end,
    Empyrain jannock of Lord,
    Ready to conflate himself into the mare of Selene.

    Noctivangant walks in the weald grounds,
    Carnife of the adversaries,
    Valor son of the country,
    Are always at his work.

    Lorn behind the ernest celerity of cingulomania,
    Holding his children and beloved amigo,
    Hears he the brontide of battles and cannons,
    Fights he on the path of eleutheromania.

    People of the mother land,
    Owes countless euneirophrenia to him,
    Who greets his end of elation,
    And leaves behind an excruciating carrion being.

    Eccedentesiast he dies the death of valor,
    Then the reminiscent mind now sleeps at rest,
    Leaving behind the later talks of yestreen,
    And now his tacenda whispers to blue.

    Where the amranthine grows,
    Was made a grave for him,
    To enjoy the aubade of love,
    Sung by the friends resting beneath.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Poem no. 49
    23/Oct/2020 8:32PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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  • amoghavarsha 13w


    Ask Not What You Do For The Country

    Ask What's For Lunch

  • harsh77 16w

    Insaan ke bhes me ghum raha hai bhediya����‍♂️

    Sita bhi hogi yaha
    Mandir bhi bana jayega
    Bas tum ram bankar dikhao sabkuch mumkin ho jayega����
    #justiceformanishavalmiki #rape #norape #country #india #fridayfun
    @solivagant7 @tengoku @anonymous1102 @fromwitchpen @mansee_

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  • a_yash 16w

    गज़ब का देश है मेरा,
    यहाँ किसी को मुसलमानों की चिंता है
    तो किसी को हिन्दूओं की,
    पर ना किसी को देश की चिंता है
    और ना देश की बेटियों और बेटों की!!

  • kajalpawar2911 16w

    "Some are born with silver spoons but majority are born with iron wills in this country."

  • harsh_pandey 16w

    Ek khvaab hai

    Ek zindagi
    Kashmakash ke bina
    Ek Parivaar
    Khushiyon se bhara
    Ek samaaj
    Utthan ki raah par
    Ek desh
    Sarvasresht ka udahran
    Ek duniya
    Bhaichaare se bhari

    Ek khvaab hai
    Khuli ankhon vala

  • _rakhi 17w

    जिन को ऐसा लग रहा भूपेश बघेल राज मैं पेपर घर पे बैठ के देना है, तो प्लीज wait करो इस साल drop कर
    के अगले साल देना✌ वैसे भी तुम्हारे दूसरे पापा ने तब तक कोरोना को भागा देंगे फेक फेक के 5 trillion dollar के पैकेज से✌

  • mudasirfirdosi 17w

    Aawou bambh

    Aawou bambh

    Stay safe my country,
    I hear the birds couldn't
    sleep tonight
    and even the beasts
    went into hiding.

    Babies, holding tight to
    their mothers,
    with eyes wide open
    in awe
    And mothers like a bunker
    over their
    species trying to stop the
    demonic spurts
    touching the fragile souls.

    Fathers wondering if the
    earth is trembling;
    a volcano blew the mountains
    just miles away.
    But the blasts are too loud,
    too close yet too distant
    Maybe the war just broke
    in a country,
    already in a state of war

    An old wise man in a
    far-off village
    smiled while listening to
    the tribe's howl,
    Did we not had jinns hustling
    in the nearby fields?
    And women had their braids
    chopped by unseen foes
    And tales of men, invincible
    to any deaths blows,
    And the wanderer during
    my childhood
    making toys of cow
    dung on the porch,
    While shouting expletives,
    'aawou bambh'.


  • intezaaar 18w

    जिस की गोदी में पले हो उसे रुस्वा ना करो
    जान जाए भी तो स्वदेश से धोखा ना करो

    है बसी इसमें मेरे प्यारे वतन की खुशबू
    तुम मेरे गाँव की इस ख़ाक को सोना ना करो

    तेज़ बारिश से टपकने ना लगे घर मेरा
    कह दो बादल से कि इस तरह से बरसा ना करो

    अच्छे कामों के लिए कौन भला पूछता है
    हमसे मिलना तुम्हें होता है तो पूछा ना करो

    ये किसी अपने का है आखरी तोहफा आक़िब
    रहने दो आप मेरे ज़ख़्म को अच्छा ना करो

  • __ink_ 18w

    I will look for any sign of blood
    in captions under photos of boys
    those who by inches_after the April flood_
    were killed in fluted waters

  • kalam_ 19w

    दयावान् राजा

    ढोल बजे नगाड़े बजे
    सारे नगरबासी मौजूद हुए
    राजा का फरमान है आया
    कुछ चिंतित कुछ भयभीत हुए

    खाने के शौक़ीन हैं राजा
    चस्का लगा है एक नया
    तलब होती है इंसानी दिल की
    एक सुबह भुना, एक शाम तला

    कुछ काँप रहे थे थरथर सुनकर
    कुछ ने बच्चों को छुपा लिए
    फिर भीड़ से आवाज़ एक आयी
    पिछले नगर से कितने लोग लिए

    संत्री ने आगे बढ़कर
    बाकी का फरमान भी पढ़ दिया
    रटा हुआ था जो अब तक उसने
    अपने जुबां पर रख दिया

    दोनों नगरों को एक-एक जान
    अब रोज देश के नाम चढ़ाना है
    धरती और राजा का क़र्ज़
    इस तरह तुम्हें चुकाना है

    आज आया है समय परख लो
    तुम कितने बड़े अभिमानी हो
    ना दे सको बलिदान अगर तुम
    कायर, देशद्रोही, बेईमानी हो

    ऐसा भयावह संदेशा सुन
    लोग जितने थे सारे सिमट गए
    शोर , अराजकता की सब बातें
    अब बस रुदन में बदल गए

    सरपंच ने हामी लगायी
    ऐसा निष्पक्ष राजा भला कहीं मिल पाएगा ?
    देश की सेवा करने का सौभाग्य
    दोनों नगरों में बराबर बांटा जायेगा

    कुछ लोगो ने आवाज़ उठायी
    जल उठी बगावत की मशाल
    जकड़ उन्हें बेड़ियों में संत्री बोले
    इन्हे पहले खाया जायेगा

    बीत गए महीने दो
    लोग नए दुःख के आदि हुए
    पत्थर रख कर दिल पे अपने
    खोने अपनों को राज़ी हुए

    फिर नगाड़े बजे फिर ढोल बजा
    एक नया फरमान पेश हुआ
    राजा को आयी दया है शायद
    रोज दो का बदलकर एक हुआ

    बस एक दिल प्रतिदिन पर
    राजा गुजारा कर लेंगे
    लोक कल्याण के हेतु
    वो इतना कष्ट सह लेंगे

    अब बारी-बारी से मरकर
    राजा का स्वाद बढ़ाना है
    ख़ुशी मनाओ मेले लगाओ
    ये जश्न का बहाना है

    फिर आये सरपंच मंच पर
    जयकारा लगा आरम्भ किया
    कहीं देखा है ऐसा राजा किसीने ?
    प्रजा के खातिर अपना भोजन छोड़ दिया


  • kkk786 21w

    कैसे न हो फक्र, देश के इन जवानों पर,
    अट्ठारह की छोटी उम्र में दो - दो माँ की
    सेवा करना कोई आसान बात तो नहीं हैं।