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  • edwin_ 5d

    Dear #D,

    It's midnight, and I have picked up paints and brushes after a long time. The painting seems complete, but something about it feels incomplete. Imperfect.


    It was the summer of 2012. Like every summer afternoon, I was in my room, painting. Black sheet. White paints. My face and hands were all smeared in paints. i was almost done, when my father walked in. He saw me painting. I smiled at him. He smiled back at me.


    He loved painting. And sketching too. Inside of him lived a young 18 year old boy, who was in a constant battle with the older and wiser man he had become, who would draw diagrams in my journal. I let him. And he let him paint. 


    He took a chair, and sat beside me. Looked at the painting intently. 

    It's almost done, I said.

    Okay. He replied and went back to gazing the painting. His gaze was fixed, as if the painting was a tiny earthen lamp, in a dark room, and he was a yogi, meditating, absorbing energy. He was studying each stroke so intensely, that it was intimidating.


    Is it done, now? He asked finally.

    I think it is perfect. He continued.

    Almost. I feel it's incomplete. I replied back.

    He smiled at me and said, 'some things are meant to be just the way they are, incomplete', and left.

    My fourteen year brain couldn't digest what my ears had just heard, and as is my nature, I ignored what I couldn't bend my head around.


    I looked at the piece in front of me with horror. The stroke that I thought was so necessary to complete the painting, had turned out to the one that destroyed it. The black sheet looked no more like a night sky, but a random splash of whites on black. And as if it wasn't embarrassing already, my dad walked into my room again. He looked at the painting, and then at me, and a smile flashed on his face. I hated that 'all knowing' smile. I still do. 'What is it', I ask.


    'It's your nature. You want everything perfect. You want everything better. And in your attempt to make things perfect, you end up messing things', he said.


    It took me eight years to realise that. They said, that I was perfect. 

    I say, I wasn't. And I am not. But I still look for perfection. I can't accept flaws. Even if I do, I still don't give up on making it perfect. I am never satisfied. I am always running towards perfection, patterns, symmetries. 

    And every time, in attempt to make them perfect, I mess them up.


    The painting is imperfect.

    But it's beautiful.
    _________________________________________________@readwriteunite #7vc #peachespoetry @writersnetwork @branthan @ni89gale @lost_forever
    Hey guys,
    It's an entry from my journal, I hope you enjoy reading it!
    Happy Reading!
    Happy Writing!

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    'It's your nature. You want everything perfect. You want everything better. And in your attempt to make things perfect, you end up messing things', he said.

  • bejubaanshayar 2w

    Roothne wale bahut hai
    Koi manane wala bhi ho
    Kante lagaye hai bahuto ne
    Kash koi fool khilane wala bhi ho

  • red_hearted 4w

    RIP sir ����������������

    25 april ko unki maata shri ka nidhan hua tha or aaj shri irrfan khan ji ka b nidhan ho gya h !!! Cancer tak se lad kar aaye the aap !!! Om shanti !!

    Always miss u sir !!! Hum sabke dil me base hue h aap !!!
    Har ek film me har ek kiradaar itni achi tarah se nibhaya aapne !!!

    #Paan Singh Tomar -

    Beehad me baaghi hote h ,
    Dacait milte h parliament me !!!

    #Jazbaa -

    Mohabbat h isliye jaane diya ,
    Zid hoti to baahon me hoti !!!

    Yaha sabka ek hi takia-kalaam h ,
    Hazaar k note pe baapu ko salaam h !!

    Sharaafat ki duniya ka kissa hi khatm ,
    Ab jaisi duniya waise hum !!!

    Rishton me bharosa or phone me network na ho ,
    To log game khelne lagte h !!!

    #D-Day -

    Galtiya b rishton ki tarah hoti h ,
    Karni nhi padti , ho jaati h !!!

    Sitf insaan galat nhi hote ,
    Waqt b galat ho sakta h !!!

    #Chocolate -

    India me artists ki kadar nhi h ,
    Or India k bahar Indian artists ki !!!

    #Kasoor -

    Aadmi jitna bada hota h ,
    Uske chupne ki jagaahe utni hi kam hoti h !!!

    #Gunday -

    Lakeerein bahot ajeeb hoti h ,
    Khaal pe khinch jaye to khoon nikal deti h ,
    Or zameen pe lhinch jaye to sarhade bana deti h !!!

    #Piku -

    Death or shit , ye dono cheezen kisi ko ,
    Kahin b , kabhi b aa sakti h !!!

    #Angrezi medium -

    Aadmi ka sapna toot jaata h na ,
    To aadmi khatm ho jaata h !!!

    Shauk 2 tarah k hove h ....
    Ek to wo jo samay k saath khatm ho jaave h ..
    Aur duja wo jo samay k saath maksad ban jaave h !!!

    Zindagi me kuch b hone se pehle ,
    Imaandaar hona zaruri h !!!

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  • drayeshakhan 4w

    jayeza na lijiye umar ka baton ko smjh lijiye
    is umar mein bhi batein wh badi kamaal ki krte hn

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant @mirakeeworld @mirakeeans #umar #batein #kamaal #drayeshakhan #D@k

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    جائزہ نا لیجیۓ عمر کا باتوں کو سمجھ لیجئے
    اس عمر میں بھی باتیں وہ بڑی کمال کرتے ہیں

  • _an_on_ 4w

    She is exhausted,
    her vase of desires is shattered,
    her failure has sown the seeds of pessimism,
    those burning flames of determination in her eyes alchemize into futility,
    Standing before the mirror
    I perceive,
    it's déjà vu.

    The déjà vu feelings,
    that is disseminating once again.


    @mirakee @mirakee_words @mirakee_post @mirakeeworld @writerstolli @carolyns_challenges

    #cees_dv_chall #déjàvu
    #mirakee #mirakee_words #mirakee_post #mirakeeworld #writerstolli

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    The déjà vu feelings,
    that is disseminating once again.

  • drayeshakhan 4w

    وہ نظریں شکار کرتی ہیں
    ہر نظر پہ قہر سوار کرتی ہیں

    بہت پیچیدہ ہیں کیا وہ شوخیاں
    یہ ہر رُت پہ سوال کرتی ہیں

    زخم بھرے یا اُبھرے گا تو نہیں؟
    محبّت یہ بےشمار کرتی ہیں

    خاموشی سے جھکاؤ ذرا اِنہیں
    یہ تمپے خنجر حلال کرتی ہیں

    گھماؤ نہ اِدھر اُدھر آہستگی میں
    یہ غضب کا زوال کرتی ہیں

    نفس کی پلکوں پہ سجا لینا نہیں
    یہ نیندیں حرام کرتی ہیں

    اُٹھ گئی گر غلطی سے ہی صحی
    پھر یہ نخریں ہزار کرتی ہیں

    نظر سے نظر ملا لینا نہیں
    یہ سب سچّ بیاں کرتی ہیں

    یہ تو ہے عئش اِک گنجائش انمیں
    یہ محرم پہ جاں نثار کرتی ہیں

    Wh nazrein shikaar krti hein
    Hr nzr pe qhr sawaar krti hn

    Bohut pecheeda hn kiya wh shokhiyaan
    Yh hr rut pe sawaal krti hein

    Zakham bharey ya ubhrey ga to nhi?
    Mohobbat yh beshumaar krti hein

    Khamoshi se jhukao zra inhein
    Yh tum pe khanjar halaal krti hn

    Ghumao na idhar udhar ahistgi mein
    Yh Ghazab ka zawaal krti hein

    Nafs ki palkon pe sja lena nhi
    Yh neendein haraam krti hein

    Uth gyi hr ghalti se hi sahi
    Phr yh nakhrein hazaar krti hein

    Nazar se Nazar mila lena nahi
    Yh sb sachchai bayaan krti hein

    Yh to hai Áysh ek gunjaish inmein
    Yh mehram pe jaan nisaar krti hein.

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite
    #nazrein #shikaar #sawaal #sawaar #shokhiyaan #zakham #mohobbat #khanjar #halaal #haraam #mehram #zawaal #ghalti #ghazab #sacchai #jaan_nisaar
    #drayeshakhan #D@k

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    اِک نظر

    وہ نظریں شکار کرتی ہیں
    ہر نظر پہ قہر سوار کرتی ہیں
    Wh nazrein shikaar krti hein
    Hr nzr pe qhr sawaar krti hn
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  • jyotishreedas 4w

    Déjà vu!!

    These streets that I'm passing through
    The wind that hits me on my face
    These eyes are capturing views and hue
    The reality lies here, let me embrace.
    Is this what fate has chosen to do?
    This may be nothing but a déjà vu!

  • drayeshakhan 4w

    teer wh nazrein talwar wh na nzrein
    khanjar aaram paar dhaar wh nzrein
    Ghuma dein tujhe bina ser k saahil
    Gumraah jo krdein aesi shikaar wh nazrein

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #mirakee
    #drayeshakhan #nazrein #talwaar #teer #khanjar #dhaar #gumraah #shikaar #shayeri #urdushayeri #D@k

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    تیر وہ نظریں تلوار وہ نظریں
    خنجر آرم پار دھار وہ نظریں
    گھما دیں تُجھے بنا سیر کے ساحل،
    گمراہ جو کردیں ایسی شکار وہ نظریں

  • minnakshi 6w


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    परेशान करते हैं मेरे सवाल तुमको,,,
    तो बताओ ना ,,,, खामोश हो जाउँ क्या मैं

  • drayeshakhan 7w

    Should leave this type of addictional disease said to be as ISHQ , first Love(Do_Ishq) the LORD then go for other one!!!
    & please should to focus on last stanza.

    *ISHQ phr ASHK*
    Jaame ishq pee gaya wh Ashiq rafta rafta
    Yun bhi zindagi ghisat hi rahi hafta hafta
    Bohut intezaar kiya gya oo!patthar k sanam
    Ashk behte hn aashiqui m ab yk bayakja,
    Reh reh raahein hn rawani hai saaqui
    Kho gaya rahee kahin wh saathi hasta basta,
    Shughal masti mein aey áysh! Ishq yun barmala
    Mile pr jannat_e_mehram wa na-mehram hue pe dozakh ja_bja

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #ishq #ashk #saaqi #raahi #saathi #mehram #Namehram #shughal_masti #dozakh #jannat #patthar #intezaar #rafta_rafta #hafta_hafta #hasta_basta #drayeshakhan #D@k

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    عشق پھر اشک

    جامِ عشق پی گیا وہ عاشق رفتہ رفتہ
    یوں بھی زِندگی گھست رہی ہفتہ ہفتہ
    بہت انتظار کیا گیا او! پتھّر کے صنم
    اشک بہتے ہیں عاشقی میں اب یک بیکجہ
    رہ رہ راہیں ہیں روانی ہے ساقی
    کھو گیا راہی کہیں ساتھی وہ ہستہ بستہ
    شغل مستی میں ائے عئش! عشق یوں برملا
    ملِے پر جنّتِ محرم و نامحرم ہوئے پہ دوزخ جابجہ

  • drayeshakhan 7w

    Aankhon mein mere kuch khaab lajawab hn
    Dil mein jese armaa bey hisaab hein
    Sudh_budh kho bethein hn malaal_e_yaar mein,
    Yaar khn hein apna zawaal k ambaar se hn,
    Aesa nhi h k wh hameshgi mein pichda
    Yh panne Jo bheegte hn yh RAB k sawaal se hn,
    Ab jante ho poochoge achambhe mein aakr
    Sahab Zara batao yh yaar kb kese khn se hn,
    Bhatke hue se poochte hn hr dfah ,hai Áysh!
    Khde tu bhi wh wh yaar hai rabbi kon_o_jhn se hn.
    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant #aankhon #khaab #lajawab #behisaab #armaan #sudh_budh #zawaal #malaal_e_yaar #hameshgi #bheege #panne #sawaal #sahab #bhatke #yaar_rabbi #kon_o_jahaan #drayeshakhan #D@k

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    ملالِ یار

    آنکھوں میں میرے کچھ خاب لاجواب ہیں
    دِل میں میرے ارماں بےحساب ہیں،
    سُدھ بُدھ کھو بیٹھے ہیں ملالِ یار میں
    یار کہاں ہے اپنا زوال کے انبار سے ہیں،
    ایسا نہیں ہے کہ وہ ہمیشگی میں پچھڑا
    یہ پنّے جو بھیگتے ہیں رب کے سوال سے ہیں،
    اب جانتے ہو پو پوچھوگے اچنبھے میں آکر
    صاحب ذرا بتاؤ یہ یار کب کیسے کہاں سے ہیں؟
    بھٹکے ہوئے سے پوچھتے ہیں ہر دفعہ ، ہے عئش!
    کہہ دے توبھی وہ یار ہے ربّی کون و جہاں سے ہیں۔

  • drayeshakhan 9w

    Aghaaz se bekhbr h anjaam ki hi khbr krle
    Aey ashrafe insaan ja kuch jake hunr krle,
    Aesh o Ishrat ki hi ghaflat mein rha tu
    Muqaddas h tu apne upr kuch to rehm krle,
    Ishq e rabbul_aalameen m Yun hoja aabzan
    Shamsheer_ulllah hoke bhi kuch zindagi bsr krle,
    Is bey mtlb ki duniya se be parwaah hoker
    Muttaqi ki qoam bn zra yh bhi zarrer krle,
    Bohut gunaah kiye hn najani nafraton m aakr
    Nafrate shetaan mein aa kuch aesa hi kufr krle?
    Konsi khush fehmi ki deenge Marta idhr udhr
    Abaad ilme aalam kr sahi kuch aesa seefr krle,
    Yh Jo tere qalb mein beja hota uthal puthal
    Rooh mange ghiza teri ja yun guzr krle,
    Kaho aakr hey Áysh , jo phri h dagr nagr
    Maqaa pe momin kr yun ek aesa sabr krle

    #mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant @drayeshakhan #aghaaz #anjaam #ashrafe_insaa #ghaflat #hunr #rehm #aabzan #Ishq #rabbul_aalameen #ilm_aalam #abaad #duniya #khush_fehmi #seefr #shetaan #nafrat #gunaah #sabr #muttaqi_qoam #shamsheer_ullah #aesh_o_ishrat #D@k

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    آغاز سے بےخبر ہے انجام کی ہی خبر کرلے
    اے اشرف انساں جا کچھ جا کے ہنر کرلے،
    عیش و عشرت کی ہی غفلت میں رہا تو
    مقدس ہے تو اپنے اوپر کچھ تو رحم کرلے،
    عشقِ ربّ العالمین میں یوں ہوجا آبزن
    شمشیر اللہ ہوکے بھی کچھ زِندگی بسر کرلے،
    اِس بے مطلب کی دنیا سے بے پرواہ ہوکر
    متقی کی قوم بن ذرا یہ بھی زرر کرلے،
    بہت گناہ کیے ہیں ناجانی نفرتوں میں آکر
    نفرت شیطاں میں آ کچھ ایسا ہی کفر کرلے؟
    کونسی خوشفہمی کی ڈینگے مارتا ادھر اُدھر
    آباد علمِ عالم کرصحی کچھ ایسا سیفر کرلے،
    یہ جو تیرے قلب میں بےجا ہوتا اُتھل پُتھل
    روح مانگے غذاتیری جا کچھ یوں گزر کرلے،
    کہو آکر ہے عئش، جو پھری ہے ڈگر نگر
    مقام پہ مومن کر یوں اِک ایسا صبر کرلے۔

  • saukko13 9w

    You remind
    me of the


  • soewild 10w

    And Eternity Was

    Et l'éternité fut.

    Elle se faufila dans ses veines
    Intercepta un caillot de peine
    L'élima n'ayant que faire des chahuts.

    Et l'Éternité fut!

    Dans un haut le cœur
    Elle tempêta un torrent rieur
    Et naquit la vie, l'Homme éperdu


  • drayeshakhan 12w

    batao m Kiya hisaab likhdun
    tum kaho to poora jawab likhdu
    Yun palatne ki koshish na Karo
    tum kaho Mai jaan hisaar likhdun

    #hisaab #jawab #koshish #hisaar #jaan #likhdu #drayeshakhan #mirakee @mirakee @readwriteunite @mirakee_assistant @mirakeeworld #D@k

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    بتاؤ میں کیا حساب لکھ دوں
    تم کہو تو پورا جواب لکھ دوں
    یوں پلٹنے کی کوشش نہ کرو
    تم کہو تو جاں حصار لکھ دوں

  • yogiii_s_adhiiira 12w


    चाहता था वो जिस्म उसका
    चाहता था वो जिस्म उसका ;

    औंर वो पगली, उसको प्यार समझ बैठी...!!!

    @योगिता साळवी_अधिरा

  • drayeshakhan 13w

    Wh as-haab dar-e-Roz e hashr shabiston mein rakhte hn
    Whi ashkhaas Jo izzat dilon mein rakhte hn,
    Bnjr na hon wh phool jhadein jo bagheche
    Yh wh duá hn ehbaab asr dwa-e-drd ka rakhte hn

    #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #mirakee_assistant #shayeri #ashaab #ehbaab #ashkhaas #roz_e_hashr #shabiston(ghr) #izzat #dilon #bagheeche #phool #banjar #drayeshakhan #D@k #love #travel #life

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    دردِ دوا

    وہ اصحاب ڈرِ روزِ حشر شبستوں میں رکھتے ہیں
    وہی اشخاص جو عزت دِلوں میں رکھتے ہیں
    بنجر نہ ہوں وہ پھول جھاڑیں جو باغیچے
    یہ وہ دُعا ہیں اِحباب اثر دردِ دواء کا رکھتے ہیں

  • musingsofriya 15w

    The wedding bells

    They shared a glance with fidgety fingers
    Everyone around blurred as they felt belonged to each other,
    They felt at peace being close to each other,
    They had a talk that lasted long, everyone felt that something is wrong.
    They came along and said yes together, Everyone cheered, as they were engulfed in hug
    The preparation for the D-day started as everyone took a responsibility
    But the to be bride and groom had no care,
    For they have started to live as a husband and wife in their never ending calls and incessant texts.
    The shopping spree disturbed their sleep, as they thought "Can't we get married in our pj's and loose tee"
    The thought of wearing a saree made her freak out, and he made sure to have a spare in everything he felt will be needed.
    The awaiting cake tasting happened and dishes were finalized as the foodie in them rejoiced with an evil smile.
    The waiting ended as the D-day came,
    Bride's father stood in corner as he made sure everything is going well
    Bride's mother fretted over this and that, unable to stand at one place
    Groom's father welcomed everyone as he smiled at known and unknown
    Groom's mother stood near the stage catering everything around
    Cousin's made sure to make it hard for to be bride and groom even to have a chance to glance..
    Well, friends made sure they didn't back out and run to hills
    The never ending rituals started and so did the smoke
    The Groom entered the stage wiping his forehead,
    The sound of her anklet made his beating heart to race,
    They looked at each other, his jaw dropped and she scanned him
    They bit their lips and held back the curse, as they sat next to each other
    They exchanged their vows with intertwined hands, as his hand carved for the nuptial cord
    As he tied the first knot, a tear drop rolled down her cheeks
    The second knot made her inner tremblings to feel at ease
    The third knot made him realize, she is meant to be his and he will treasure her in all walks of life.
    Their parents had tears of happiness in their eyes, as the princess of their home have become a queen and going to start a new life.
    The Father's together tapped each other's, shrugging their shoulder as now their son will realize how to be a man from the guy he is
    The newly wed engulfed each other in a hug as they realized matches are not made in heaven, and falling in love happened but staying in love is by choice
    As they all gathered for a photo, everyone realized marriage is not something that join two hearts, but two families in a new bond.

  • soewild 16w

    Burning Sun.

    Il est mon astre
    Me brûle l'epiderme
    Me consume jusqu'à l'atome
    Et puis des cendres
    Et encore des flammes incandescentes.
    Nos cellules se dévorent
    Et s'étiolent deux êtres
    L'un dans l'autre
    Comme un soleil brûlant.


  • drayeshakhan 30w

    Mehboob ki yaad ne kiya se kiya banadiya
    Accha khasa shareef tha mujrim qaraa diya
    Dediya nighahon ne kuch ajb yun silaah
    Unko inhone sara kaccha chittha suna diya

    मेहबूब की याद ने किया से किया बनादिया
    अच्छा खासा शरीफ था मुजरिम क़रा दिया
    देदिया निगाहों ने कुछ अजब यूँ सिलाह
    उनको इन्होने सारा कच्चा चिटठा सुना दिया

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant @drayeshakhan #D@k
    #mehboob #yaad #shareef #mujrim #nigaah #kaccha_chittha

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    محبوب کی یاد نے کیا سے کیا بنادیا
    اچھا خاصہ شریف تھا مجرم قراں دیا
    دےدیا نگاہوں نے کچھ عجب یوں صلاح
    انکو انھونے سارا کچّا - چٹھا سُنا دیا