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  • marianotsaint 1h

    Even though I smile,
    Am dead inside.
    Waiting for the spring,
    That never arrives to bloom again.

  • pheith 5h

    It hurts that you're choosing to leave when I can't let you go


  • raangin_lekhak 5h

    Death...I know you're always with us,
    Wandering discretely in the background.
    Watching...waiting...biding your time,
    Ignored, for you make no sound.

    You have no hidden agenda,
    Your work is known by everyone.
    Despised and hated by many,
    But a blessing and saviour for some.

    You know I look for you in the shadows,
    I am intrigued as to what I will see.
    Is the face of Death torture?
    Or is it the face that sets you free?

    For in Death there is no more pain,
    No more heartache, no more sorrow.
    No more dark clouds to darken your day,
    No more praying for a better tomorrow.

    So yes, Death, when you call on me,
    Into your arms I will run.
    I will gladly lay my head on your chest,
    For in this world... I am done.

    #waiting #death #hidden #shadows

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  • unknown_9 17h

    Tumhare jinda hone se kisi ko koi fark nahi pad raha, fir kyun aisa bhram pal rahe ko tumhare marne se kisi ko koi fark padega?! kyun Ronak? kyun???

  • azazel 18h

    Long waiting

    I look in too his eyes
    Begging to be his
    But I refrain from reaching out
    Why is that, why not?
    A question that becomes harder to answer day by day
    He tells me to be patient
    But how much longer must i wait.
    Maybe I can speed up the clock
    Little by little
    Day by day
    I'll be his one day

  • monsteralive 1d

    Sometimes to live you have to die first.

  • itshelanmaria 1d


    DEATH is the final Truth of the Life

  • preeti_paromita_ 1d

    I built an apocalypse
    Death ponders here every moment.
    Ended up abhor, every part of me
    Over the destiny which never seemed mine.
    Can ask for no escape!
    The fate I struggled to destine
    Seems dissipated into the unknown darks
    Why do I still hold onto the roots?
    I tried to be brave, you told me so! Didn't you?
    Just so you won't leave me
    But I didn't see and I left me.
    Chokes to death: sweetest episode of the apocalypse.
    As beautiful as it seems
    Death shall be the peaceful survival
    And the destiny that eventually finds me.


  • monsteralive 2d


    I met someone today
    It was death
    I asked it why don't you come to me
    It said i like people who don't like me

  • keithallencovell 2d


    I can only be one voice in this sea of madness. But my voice can be heard. Though, life just seems like a current to be learned. And why do I fall within it's unforgiving grip? To God or whatever...
    I'm sick.


  • pen_to_paper 2d

    Do you ever feel like your life
    is slipping like a bar of soap slips
    the edge
    of a white basin

    And then your cracked cellphone
    screams in your ear
    and it keeps on screaming
    but you are too afraid
    to answer the call

    And it feels as though
    you have drifted off
    and slipped into a dream
    you could almost see the
    66 footprints walk out of the
    empty cemetery

    And do you remember yesterday
    when you saw the beaten drum gaze
    out of the open window
    as the doves flew above the olive tree
    and you remembered the promise
    you were asked to keep

    I sit here printing your poem
    I wrote in prose
    and I wonder
    If you are happy with the pictures I chose
    you look so peaceful
    lying here in your coffin
    with your eyes half closed

    #grief #death #wod

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    Life is slipping away without you...

  • raphyshaan 2d

    The Glass

    Suddenly the glass jar dropped from the hand as if somebody pushed her to do so. It shattered in the whole room. She looked at that broken pieces. Through that she saw that photograph, which she was searching for a long time and never found.

    It was their last photograph together. It's not a clear image, as it was taken at a night and the only thing that lighted the image was the fire in their souls. Both were sitting in the seashore. And she was lying on his shoulder. Both were trying to hide their pain through that smile. David was holding her hands stronger than ever. Her hand started to feel numb as his hold was too strong for her soft hands.

    Today she met him again in the morgue, because his heart was too soft for holding the pain of separation.
    But he never realised that her glass soul was made only to contain him.

    The next moment, she melted into the night and both of them were freed from the world.

  • thefangirl 3d

    It's really hard to communicate and never easy to live with. The painful transformations hurts, it leave back a thousand worst memories of insults and madness which travel everyday with me. Whenever trigged with similar situations it develop and that pain equals to the wound made deeper with a knife in it. Yes I have a deeper wound with knife of chances being taken and to stab again in the same wound. Please don't hurt me anymore. Let me live.

    #Love #Pain #life #Depression #thoughts #Death
    #Diary #Friendship #School days #Teacher #Knowledge # Family #leaving

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    The Depressed Girl

    From my book flying around the desks
    for my classmates to copy my homeworks.
    To beg for one book from the collected book
    Bundle from my class leader I changed.
    From the first one to reach the class early
    To be the always late comer tag I changed.
    From proudly receiving an outstanding medal
    During the assembly with strong claps
    To wait in a line to sign the failed progress cards during every open House I changed.
    From performing wonderful dance steps
    To be the one with wrong moves I changed.
    From awesome seminars and appreciations
    To the least confident presentations I changed.
    From group of friends who inspire to study
    To the group of failed students I changed.
    From the girl of happiness and satisfaction
    To the girl of fear and stress I changed.
    From the good daughter and top five sstudent
    To the daughter gifting sadness and least scored student I changed

    Yes, I changed slowly being unaware of my problems I changed.
    Crying loud with pillows and praying with tears took me years with painful mornings.
    Finally being aware of my mental health issues I got relief that its not me but my mind plays the role who frightens me everyday.
    Understanding my faults doesn't come from laziness but by mental disorders gave me strength.
    From anxiety, depression, stress, Restless leg syndrome, allergy, irritable bowel syndrone I fight everyday morning to bed time to the strongest inner self.
    But the smile in my face hides the wounds in my heart heals the pain in my brain.
    No one knows sword of mental issues hurt me in every second and expect me to be normal
    Let me ask who likes to be a patient always
    Who likes to be unhappy always
    And who wants day and night to be with the war at mind lying on the bed.
    Dear people kindly don't say me everything lies in your hand. Kindly don't tell indirectly its my fault. Its all them the hormones and neurotransmitters. Let me live atleast with this pain. Please don't make me think of leaving this place forever.
    Let me live.
    Let me live with these issues
    Let me survive
    Let me move.

  • devilfish 3d


    Loop this endless dream
    On a constant rhythmic repeat
    Meet me at the tip of Infinity

  • mequreshi 3d

    I want to scream in this silence,
    Silence that I kept hidden inside of me
    The hatred I have for myself ,
    May cross the value of infinity
    I remember to love myself ,
    But why should I?
    I find no reason in existence ,
    Thus inside of me ,
    I want everything to die
    I feel choked with each breath I take
    I feel each day in this world,
    My life is at stake
    Now I think they don't believe me,
    Unreasonable tears possibly were never meant to be
    Thus I don't want you to be me,
    Me and my dead self
    The hoor drowned in the urge for death,
    Crying for your help.....

  • yashvibansal 3d

    How quickly we fall in love with our pain.

  • wordlustsoul 4d

    Death is dark and sad;
    Yet it is silent & calm.

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    Lost in thoughts again;
    I contemplate death and pain.
    I would take words unsaid;
    As I lay down dead.

    Death is dark and sad;
    Yet it is silent & calm.
    Like haunting black night;
    Chilling yet quite.

    My silence would go too;
    To the unknown.
    To the light from dark;
    Where I would embark.

    Confusion takes me over;
    As sun sets with dark cover.
    The train will come and take;
    And I would die to awake.

    The soul doesn't die, they say.
    Only the flesh & bones decay.
    Leaves fall off the tree.
    And not eyes but soul would see.


  • khamakhanbasitnasa 4d

    साँसों की डोर कब छूटी, बहोत मुश्किल है
    समझ पाने में,
    हो चाहे कोई कितना ही जान से प्यारा
    देर ना लगेगी दफनाने में,
    हलचल जो बंद हुई धड़कनों की
    कर दिया करार ज़माने में,
    मृत देह है अब ये शरीर नहीं
    ले जाना है इसे जलाने में
    क्यूं खुदगर्ज़ी इतनी है
    कि घिन्न है उसे अपनाने में
    क्यूं सांसों का बस मोल यहाँ पर
    इस जीवों के ज़माने में
    भूल जाते हैं वो सारे पल और क्षण सारे
    इक बहाने से
    थे जो कभी साथ बिताये जब थी सांसें उस अनजाने में
    दस्तूर ये दुनिया का सचमुच बहोत बचकाना है
    होता जो कभी जान से प्यारा उसको आखिर में दफ्नाना है या जलाना है
    सिर्फ़ सांसों से और धड़कन से रिश्ता लोग निभाते हैं
    क्या देखा कभी किसी ने किसी की मृत देह को चाहते हैं
    है संसार ये दोगला,और दुनिया बहोत निराली है
    उड़ जाता हंसा छोड़ के पिंजरा अब नई देह संभाली है
    रहना खुश है जहां भी अब तू, ये बात की तसल्ली पाली है
    करें क्या आखिर दस्तूर ये दुनिया का इक दिन हमारी भी बारी है।
    ©khamakhanbasitnasa#death #realityofworld #breathe #life #truth

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    Sorry baby, U fought very well

  • ravandemon 4d

    #death gives a meaning to our life

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    Jab kabhi bhi Marne ka dill kare samaj jana Zindagi jina a gaya

  • nadanparinda 4d

    होगा मशिहा सामने तेरे,
    फिर भी तु ना बच पाएगा।
    तेरा अपना खुन ही आखिर,
    तुझको आग लगाएगा॥