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  • mermaid_soul11 11h


    Through shattered
    and broken
    panels i see
    these angels
    in pain and
    in agony.
    I hear their
    cries every
    night and the
    clouds going
    dark. Seeing
    all teens in
    blood leaking
    down all their
    arms letting
    their demons
    coming out
    to play. What
    they show is
    a way to play.
    going grey and
    dark to fire and
    ashes than to
    dust, because
    we all fall

  • my_balu 1d

    When time comes
    You will be forced
    To unleash the
    Demon out of you,

    Who the hell knows
    How evil is the demon
    You are hiding inside
    That good soul of yours...


  • jaffar_sherieff 3d

    This poem embarks the journey to get over her.
    Been through alot since the beginning of this year but I'll conquer it till the end.
    #lucifer #demons #broken #sad

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    You shouldn't have left. How am I supposed to let go of you? I feel so weak sometime

    Demons surround me like I signed a contract, fuck Lucifer, I'm John Constantine

    I drink this booze till my eyes collapse as i suffocate, my blood turned into red wine

    Is this what this darkness is suppised to indicate? In this game you're on prime.

    All I have is memories of us that I can't eliminate. Dreams and reality never rhyme.


  • skywalker01 3d

    Believe in you lies your miserable lies for you have dug your grave
    Your soul is lost your spirit is gone too late for God to save
    Live in fear your eyes tell the story of a faith long gone
    Believe your lies your miserable lies because God is never wrong


  • akshay_vasu 4d

    Once you begin to consume the darkness that was consuming you. Your demons, which you always feared, become your allies.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • whatrealityisthisagain 1w


    I spent my life fighting my Demons.

    I would often tremble at the sight of them,

    Goosebumps formed when I heard the scratching of their claws around me,

    Within me.

    My hair stood at their words, 

    Formed of whispers and screeches.

    Few hours went by without a battle being waged,

    Even fewer minutes, 

    And near to no seconds.

    They kept me busy. 

    Kept me scared.


    They showed me what I was capable of. 

    They showed me the pain I could inflict,

    And the damage I could do.

    They filled my head with destruction. 

    I always tried so hard not to listen,

    They pointed out the evil in those around us,

    And laughed as I pointed out the good I saw.

    When my will started withering, 

    I began working hard through the day. 

    I barely went a moment without a bright smile on my face.

    “If I just keep smiling.

    If I shine with the happiness I want to feel,

    I NEED to feel! 


    Someday please God! 

    Make it real! 

    If I don’t Think! 

    If I just stay busy,

    Then maybe,

    Just maybe!

    They'll all just go away.”

    I told myself this,




    But, every night they were there, 

    Fighting ten times as hard.

    Their eyes would glow around me.

    Their teeth would sparkle when they smiled.

    My nightmare stayed vivid,

    Until I finally fell asleep. 

    For years my war waged.
    I fought many battles a day. 

    I even helped others fight their demons away.

    For all of my efforts, 

    My pain, 

    And my care. 

    I've a back full of daggers, 

    And heart beyond repair. 

    The people I'd helped always turned in the end. 

    Even I have a limit to betrayals from “friends”. 

    When enough was enough, 

    I let my darkness engulf me.

    The world around me became distant. 

    Through my fog, 

    It was barely existent. 

    Though my feet were on the ground, 

    I couldn't feel its touch. 

    The worldly sounds around me, 

    Were distant and muffled. 

    The objects and figures surrounding, 

    Were blurred and indecipherable.

    I traveled between reality, 

    And who knows where else. 

    My thoughts became dark,

    And I became enraged.
    I was always full of anger, 

    Full of hatred and pain. 

    But most of all exhaustion,

    Filled my entire day.
    My demons had done it. 

    They'd finally won. 

    I walked through my fog. 

    Not caring of the destination.  

    I was tired of fighting. 

    Had no more care for the pain. 

    I was sick of constant fear, 

    And betrayals all the same. 

    I wanted so much to leave! 

    I'd lost my war, 

    Wasn't that enough?

    Could I finally fly free! 

    I wondered what I fought for. 

    What had the world done for me? 

    Then something happened. 

    Something within me changed. 

    The world snapped into focus. 

    My fog had cleared away. 

    I looked around in wonder,

    But was puzzled with what was there. 

    Everything was different,

    Yet... nothing has changed.  

    A saw the ugliness the light revealed, 

    And the beauty of the dark.

    I saw my own reflection, 

    All my battle scars. 

    That day, 

    I changed. 

    I decided to stay, 

    But things would be different. 

    So I lived day by day. 

    The world had gone on without me. 

    So I mended my ways. 

    I lived for myself, 

    Others be damned.

    My demons emerged, 

    They showed me my power. 

    But this time I listened, 

    Then watched as they cowered.

    Time had flown by.

    My demons seemed livid. 

    In a final attempt, 

    They banded together. 

    They screamed in my ear, 

    Of the pain I would suffer.

    I'd endured pain, 

    And told them to bring it. 

    They laughed at my answer, 

    And whispered instead. 

    “Your courage intrigues us, 

    And your power is great. 

    But we'll tell you right now,

    You must mend your ways. 

    Or we'll drag you to Hell,

    Your carriage awaits.”

    It was my turn to laugh.
    They didn't expect this. 

    “Hell you call it? 

    This place far away
    Where I will be tortured,




    They nodded and grinned,

    Til I responded again. 

    “The funny thing is, 

    I begged you to take me. 

    Then YOU disappeared.

    Hell you say? 

    It sounds really quite pleasant.
    No need for a carriage. 

    I've nowhere to travel.

    The torture you speak of? 

    The horrors you sing?

    No distance is needed,

    I'm already here.”

    My demons went silent.

    Their faces filled of fear. 

    “So here I am"

    I continued,

    "You've won.

    Now take me to Hell,

    Help me disappear."

    The moment I decided to join them, 

    They ran, 

    and they hid. 


    I dare them to come back.


    they were everywhere I looked.

    the cowards have fully disappeared. 


  • whatrealityisthisagain 1w

    Demons and Angels

    It’s funny how the demons I’d been terrified of most my life, now hide from my sight. 

    They are no longer my nightmares, nor the angels my light. 


    Now my angels avoid me, and my demons hide.

    Both with their truths, and both with their lies. 

    They destroyed me together, But now it’s my turn.

    I’m not holding back, though I’m beyond tired.

    My hole is too deep, and I’ve nothing left to lose. 

    I’m broken, I’m hurt, and no longer empty inside.

    Their words don’t affect me, their actions are no longer a surprise. 

    Their attempts to contain me, proved their own demise. 


    Angels flee, and demons hide. 

    The nightmare has turned 

    It's my time to shine.


  • scribblings_ 1w

    What you call a bravery is ?
    Is it determined by your physical strength or else mental strength...
    Though each and every cells & tissues of your body craving to death, but still the willpower of you is fighting with those demons of death is what a real bravey!!

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    In the battle of life,
    Though you have been fallen a million times
    Though you have been broken a nook and corner of you
    Though you have been surrounded by the demons of defeat
    But still the inner voice of you pushes you ahead to take revenge of failure..

  • halfpint 2w

    my own doing

    slipping deep
    where I tread
    becoming steep
    finding sanctity
    barely, in my sleep
    soft whispers
    replacing dreams
    fully aware
    what evil brings
    by my daunting ways
    my being in parole
    as my soul ablaze
    cast them
    set them free
    it's not easy
    as it seems

    © Half Pint

  • miastyx 2w


    I build up these walls to keep out the demons, I didn't know how they kept getting back in my temple.

    I tried everything to keep this from happening, but to no avail, I just kept relapsing.

    These walls are so high but the foundation is weak it can crumble tomorrow or probably next week.

    I know I built up these walls to keep out my demons but now I'm trapped inside with all of them screaming.

    I keep looking for the vent which I might have built but to my dismay, I don't think I did.

  • rhea_abbott 1w

    Poem: Her Unspoken Adieu

    Actions hurt her more than words ever could,
    She was broken to a point where no one ever would.

    No one noticed that her demons and she were in a fight,
    All of them were too blinded by her light.

    They would never know that behind her smile,
    She was going through a deadly turmoil.

    Nobody knew about the wounds in her heart,
    Or, that they had started to tear her apart.

    Nobody loved her, or so she thought,
    But this battle had to be fought.

    She neither retreated nor did she quit,
    Though she had started to fade away, just a little bit.

    The battle went on for days and nights,
    Until the point where she finally couldn't fight.

    So, she did what she thought was the best,
    Now, she had to be heaven's guest.

    As soon as the blade met her skin,
    She forgot every place she'd ever been.

    Blood oozed out from the deep cut,
    Now she could do nothing, no matter what.

    Soon, she was covered in her own pool,
    Her body now was slumped and cool.

    Everything was blur, nothing looked fine,
    Then her breaths finally resigned.

    She, at last, closed her eyes slowly,
    Because her grief had consumed her wholly.

    People were shocked when they heard it the next day,
    "We didn't know about it" , now they say.

    Tears were shed, words exchanged,
    But what was done, nobody could change.

    But you can't say that she didn't try,
    She had her share of pain in her last cry.

    Maybe her demons were too strong to defeat,
    Maybe her life was meant to remain incomplete.

    Yes, she was finally tired of "pretending",
    And this fairy didn't have a happy ending.


  • xanny_ 2w

    Demons don't sleep under your bed, they sleep inside your head.
    #demons #solitude #poetry #thoughts

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    And at the end of the day,
    When the churches end and we stop to pray,
    When everyone abandons you,
    And you're afraid to run away -
    That's the time your demon speaks to you.
    And takes you to a paradise,
    That the mortals filled with lies.

  • pandawithglasses 2w

    Black my soul,
    Tears home my eyes,
    Darkness is all I hear,
    With numbness, I rise.

    And I am scared,
    That my dark will leak,
    So I don't dare,
    Let them a peek.

    Silence, dead deafening silence,
    Do you hear it too?
    Is emptiness a part of you?
    Are your eyes familier
    To their deeds?
    Have you been to the darkness
    Where your demons lead?
    Do you fear their power,
    And how they can empower you?
    Are you scared of your demons too?

  • pandawithglasses 2w

    They Dont See

    They are the angels, that the demons destroyed
    They had pretty kind eyes, that are now just empty voids
    They live in darkness, and they believe it's where they belong
    They don't see the pure heart behind all those walls
    They don't see that the soul crying every night was once the one who cared for all
    They don't see themselves the way I do, stronger than the demons which caused their fall.

  • rhea_abbott 2w

    In a world where people are continuously fighting for attention, some people are busy fighting their inner demons


  • enigmaticquotes 2w

    Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons

  • bilhani 2w


    Empty laughter echoing in the halls
    Silent cries trapped in the walls
    Storms brewing inside the soul
    Oh, here they come to consume you whole


  • krutipatil 3w

    I don't try to kill your deamons, I run with them.

    -Madoc Caruthers

  • chabala_vii 3w

    Stop trying to place a halo
    above a demons head
    You're wasting your time


  • elegant_shadow 1w


    Blinding the reality
    Mash of calm and alert

    The fight with demons are,

    Sciamachy !