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  • thedeadink 17h

    ~600 miles, for your agility,
    8000 bucks for your fainted scar
    Sanity on your flickering bones,
    Shouts your hashtag no filter shots,
    How good can you pretend?
    You see, we shoved our heads,
    For a cold chandelier!
    Yet, not intrigued enough thriving,
    To become a false protagonist.
    So yes, how good can you pretend?
    How does it feel,
    To bestow your originality,
    Just for the sake of their admiration,
    When you haven't yet healed yourself.
    So, how good can you pretend?

    #mirakee #pretend #1stpoemonmirakee #don't pretend #be yourself #a mirakeewriter

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    How good can you pretend?


  • mannem_swetha 1d

    Don't text or call ONLY when,
    something happened to me or i lost something.

  • inaitsa_elevent 5d

    your tear is gold

    Your tears is gold for me, don't drop it, it's very precious, don't ever be sad when it's with me

  • abhinavramtripathi 1w

    हर पेड की यही है मांग
    बस तू मुझे ना काट
    ना काट!!
    क्या हमने तुमको है ? रुलाया
    या तुमको तकलीफ पहुंचाया
    बस एक ही कमी हमारी
    तुम आपने लिए हो लड़ सकते
    और हम है लाचारी!!!

  • _aakanksha_ 1w

    #don't show your anger immediately

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    Love and suffering both should be shown immediately. But anger shouldn't...
    Show your love, you will receive the same
    Show your suffering, it will decreases your pain
    But anger is not like that, it just make distance between you and your loved ones

  • a_world_of_her_words 2w

    The devil's knock

    The devil's knocking the door Of my mind
    When ever I fail
    I kissed out the scares like a I am not gonna die
    The anger goes on I started to fall
    I paid for what I have caused
    I look at myself in the mirror and gave a pause
    It was me just me going through was not fine
    Saying look what shit you have done
    And still devil knocking on the door of my mind
    I slamed up
    I shouted I can I will collapse
    My inner goddess bonk me out
    Saying it a bit harsh and hard
    Stop being delicate
    You are the one who is just being hesitate
    Be the conqueror over the dark night
    Because this is the end
    And this is your fight.

  • vyanjana_06 2w

    Degrading men is not feminism. it's much bigger than that it's all about equality . #stopitnow #don'tpostanything

    @vini__001 @tusharsorot

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    Pesudo Feminist

    Doing anything in the name of feminism is actually pesudo feminism . Just stop using rituals like bidai and kanya daan for your kind of feminism . Calling them partiarchal rituals and using them for your benefit is not FEMINISM !

  • unknownswarachita 2w

    What if he..?

    What if he hurts you?
    What if he converts you?
    From the real you..
    To the fake you..!!

    Act nicely..,
    But choose wisely!!


  • michaelnene7 2w

    Adiós, Mi Amor

    The light that my heart had seeked;
    She made loving seem effortless. 
    She is the spark that soaked out darkness,
    But sometimes the tiniest of spark can rain havoc. 

    I haven't given her my name yet, 
    But she acted like I did. 
    Perhaps I did, but I can't remember saying "Yes I do". 
    This must be a realistic nightmare. 
    The kind that kept me up all night. 

    If this is fate, 
    I hope my faith is strong enough to get me through. 
    Wait, I am sane enough to know it isn't fate or nightmare. 
    I must bid farewell to this bittersweet feeling. 
    Adiós, mi amor, I'm walking away.

    © 2021♥

  • bugsbunny_13 2w

    #Don'tJustAssume #LetThemOpenUp..��

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    Lack of communication ruins everything because instead of knowing how the other person is feeling we just assume.

  • ayushelusive 3w

    #Crown of benefits
    #Don't need any crown

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    The crown of benefits

    You don't need any crown to wear since your crown are your works which benefit others through inspirations and motivations...

  • sculptedstories 3w


    The reason for your world of happiness is one person and the reason of your depressed life is one person because you let them know that you can't be without them they use your emotions to get what they want from you.
    So,from now on don't give your life dedication to someone else who's constantly making you feel worthless
    Just end the toxic chapter of your life and live with your decisions and choices.
    Remember one thing that "if it's real you will be happy and you will feel like the most special person he/she ever had".

  • ladunsemotions 4w

    Keep Moving

    Those who have learn to arrive are not the strongest, wisest, or some super natural being.

    These are the people who took the little courage and a bit of faith to walk and stand firm in the midst of the storm and adversity.

    They choose never to give up.
    So hold on to your faith and keep moving.

  • thoughtsofaditya 4w

    Don't be someone's fanboy if you want to be true to yourself.


  • mehernigar 4w

    #don't wanna live anymore

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    I wanna die

  • deepflowsoul 4w

    Note to Children #2

    I love you as you are.
    I accept you as you are.
    I respect you as you are.

  • powerfulbeauty 5w


    Don't fear for the shadow behind you.
    For the shadow is always behind you
    Only when you have light in front of you.

  • callouschibi 5w

    If by civic definition they consider us "squares"
    Let us show that our lines are made of the sharpest knives.

  • ayushelusive 5w

    #Be simple
    #Don't exaggerate

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    Be simple

    'Simplicity' gives 'stability' to 'talent'.Simplicity preserves talent and makes the cover of book(talent).The scent of the cover is attitude and the knife(exaggeration) is the cause of damaging the cover...

  • ayushelusive 5w

    #Don't miss out yourself
    #Live life happily

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    Don't miss out blindly

    Don't radiate your 'goodness' blindly
    Just see once with whom you are good to
    Because you also deserve respect
    Make your 'goodness' a little expensive
    So that its value never goes down
    Don't be good to the ones
    Who don't respect your 'goodness'
    Learn to ignore those
    Who don't want your 'goodness'
    You also deseve for what you are
    You also have the duty to be yours
    And nourish yourself with care and respect
    Love only those who are yours
    Because its absurd to love those
    Who ignore you
    Learn to live for your own sake
    It hurts when something wrong
    Happens to you
    So don't work blindly....just work smartly
    Just be 'nimble witted' with this...