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  • anetita 17h


    An architect of my own demise,
    Your smartly constructed design
    I drew.

    When the devil requested a blueprint of evil,
    I eagerly handed him my copy
    Of you.


  • 4nonymoussss 5d

    There’s an evil hidden inside all of us. Just like bubbles in a soda bottle, it’s just waiting to erupt when the lid opens!

  • wifey_suicide 1w


    Anything that is true, is labeled a conspiracy
    Which leaves life nothing but a mystery
    You can have thousands of sources
    And still have a theory
    Not because nobody wants to hear it
    It’s because all of it is in bits and pieces
    Nothing makes sense
    Life is nothing but a evil joke
    And you have to put the puzzle together
    Without looking at the picture

    The devil wants nothing but your throat
    He’s the greatest of all time, that’s why he’s a goat
    He makes you believe money is the only way for hope and change
    While you spend it all on pizza
    Even that has a story of it’s own

    But truth to be told
    Nobody even holds family close
    They rather be the lonely lost sheep, than the pack of the wolf
    To keep us all protected

    The devil mocks on all creation
    While we all forget about the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    While the devil creates a new app, united we fall into hatred and confusion
    Normalizing what is wrong, so we hate on the things that are right

    Selling sexual body parts to pedophilia without being labeled prostitution while overdosing on drugs, while being told it would help mental health, before seeking actual help, while the neighbor’s kid goes missing, while we stay stuck inside losing our minds to a disease so deadly, that only a mask can save us this time.

    That’s only one percent of it.

    Open your third eye.

    The devil is brilliant for ruining our lives.

  • indrani_mukherjee 2w

    Bitten and beaten
    She lay on the floor
    Broken and exhausted.
    Her bones crushed,
    Her soul bruised,
    She cried,
    She howled,
    Her heart constricting in pain
    Why did she trust that demon?
    He had charmed her,
    Promised her the fairytale.
    How could have she witnessed the evil inside
    He wore the facade of an angel impeccably.
    But she stood up,
    Trembling in pain and agony
    No one by her side
    She wiped away those tears,
    Making them her shield and sword
    And a Goddess was reborn again!

  • priyanshitanna 3w

    Everyone is evil...everyone is good


  • fennagin 3w

    “If we do not portray evil as evil in writing, then how are we to truly portray good as good?”

  • ilexater 4w

    Our monsters

    We tell ourselves stories-
    terrifying tales of death and blood,
    phantom horrors and decaying minds-
    to inoculate ourselves against fear
    with atrocities under our control,

    temporary monsters
    that can be left in the realm of dreams
    and easily dismissed as overblown fiction.

    It is far simpler to face fantasy nightmares
    than to look outward
    and see the ones we live alongside,
    or to peer into our void inward
    and acknowledge the beast
    curled up beside our rational core

    without irreparably falling to the power
    of the tangible hell
    living beside the heaven we attempt to create
    one happy day at a time.

  • magaan_10 4w

    Everybody has an evil side in mind, Knowing it as evil is what makes the difference.

  • standbyme 3w

    Ganga Mahotsav Day
    Scattering the ashes of a dead person in the holy ganga will bring peace to the soul. This is a common hindu belief. If the cremation happens on the banks of the ganges at kasi, the soul will reach heaven & there will be no rebirth. This is another belief. People who strongly believed in this but couldn't afford going to the ganges were targeted. Convincing them that the cremation would be taken care of, money was collected only to dupe them. Just to keep their trust going, the Gang pretends to perform some pujas before taking the dead bodies. Then they convince people saying that it takes 3 days to take the dead bodies to kasi & take the dead bodies right away. Later these bodies are dumbed off from goods train why because railway department cremates unidentified bodies within 3 to 4 days. They are fully aware of this loophole. That single loophole is the capital for this business.


    You can always be caught when you remove any organ from a human body except finger prints. They need these dead bodies to collect the finger prints off them. They can plant these at any crime scene in the country, thereby deviating any criminal investigation. They can create a fake finger print database & sell it to criminal gangs. Police will never find out whom the finger prints belong to. Even if they find out, the man is already dead, so they will conclude that the murderer is already dead & close the case right away. This is a mastermind plan to perfectly deviate a crime. Not just a crime deviation, fake finger prints can be used to create new voters & rig elections. Terrorists who switch their identities with fake passports & visas can carry out their plans in any country without getting caught. These fake finger prints are necessary for all of them.


    We hope that talisman bring us good luck. We fear that black cats bring us bad luck. Human sacrifices show hopes of hidden treasures. Evil wardings fight off fear of demons. Hoping for good to happen & fearing the bad that may happen can make a human blindly believe in anything. Their business isn't with people, it's with their beliefs..!
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    A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses,it is an idea that possesses the mind..!

  • peautcat 5w


    Man is not truly one but, truly two
    - Dr. Henry Jekyll

  • shrihari_nandini 5w


    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #raam #rama #ram #sita #seetha #siya #ma #pita #vishnu #madhur #sweet #very #extremely #dussehra #dashami #victory #of #good #over #evil #ayodhya #brothers #mothers #three #vatsalya #father #shri #janki #jaanki #raghav

    Happiest Dussehra!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤����������

    ShriVallabhAcharya wrote MadhurAshtakam on ShriKrishn. It had eight paragraphs describing the various attributes of Bhagwaan, but it had only one adjective that is 'Madhur' or 'Sweet' each line ending with MadhurAdhiPaterAkhilam Madhuram' meaning everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

    Just like a lover finds everything about his loved one as sweet, his speech, his voice, his gait, his smile, his hands, his feet, his eyes, his eye movements and everything, similarly did Shri VallabhAcharya wrote about our Bhagwan with whom he was in love with.

    It is veryyyyyyyyyyy sweet to hear and recite.
    In fact it is said to be the favourite hymn of Bhagwan ShriKrishna himself!
    No wonder it is a gem in itself!

    My best friend and my sister @aarsha_ns di told me to write something similar on ShriRaam. Since I do not know Sanskrit, I gave my naive attempt to write something like this in Hindi for ShriRaam Bhagwan with eight paragraphs using the adjective Madhur in each line for each of his attribute and the last line for each para being 'Akhil Madhur SiyaNaath', that is 'The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet' ��❤��

    And on this occasion of Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami, I am sharing it with everyone.
    Let's celebrate the sweetness of the King and Queen of Sweetness- ShriSeethaRaam!!!

    मधुर श्रीराघव स्तुति
    -भव्या गोगिया

    मधुर नयन, मधुर चितवन
    मधुर श्यामल सुंदर गात
    मधुर चंचल नेत्र पुण्डरीक
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |१|
    मधुर भुजाएँ, मधुर करपंकज
    अति मधुर धरे शर चाप
    मधुर स्वर, मधुर श्रीमुख के
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |२|
    मधुरतम चरणारविंद अद्वित्य
    अतिशय मधुर वक्ष विशाल
    मधुर श्रीनिवासाल्या प्रभु
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |३|
    मधुर लीलाएं, मधुर कलाएँ
    मधुर आनंद सुख धाम
    मधुर वरदायी युगल करचरण
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |४|
    मधुर चतुरभ्राता की क्रीड़ा
    मधुर वाद्य सा हास
    मधुर मतवारी चाल मतंग सी
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |५|
    मधुर कोशलनंदन की लीला
    मधुर वात्सालय मूरत तात
    मधुर त्रिमाता, सुत जगत्राता
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |६|
    मधुर जानकीवल्लभ श्रीहरि
    मधुर नवनित्य प्राचीन साथ
    मधुर प्रेम अनुपम दिव्य युगल का
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |७|
    मधुर भक्त वत्सल श्रीराघव
    मारुति वंदित मधुर भगवान
    मधुर लवकुश पिता, जग जनक
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |८|

    His eyes are sweet, his lovely eye movements are sweet
    His beautiful black body is sweet
    His restless (joyous) lotus eyes are sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |1|
    His arms are sweet, his lotus hands are sweet
    He holds very sweet bow and arrows
    His very sweet Shrimukh (mouth) utters a sweet accent/voice
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |2|
    His incomparable lotus feet are the most sweet
    His large chest is extremely sweet
    The Lord who is the abode of Shri is sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |3|
    His plays are sweet, his skills are sweet
    He, the abode of bliss and happiness is sweet
    Sweet are his pairs of hands and Feet which always bless,
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |4|
    The sport of the four brothers is sweet
    Sweet is their laughter like a musical instrument,
    Their joyous gait like elephants is sweet!
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |5|
    The play of the joy (son) of Kaushalya is sweet
    His father who is the epitome of Parental love is sweet
    The three mothers are sweet, the sons are the guardians of the world
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |6|
    The beloved of Jaanki, ShriHari is sweet
    The comradery which is new everyday and yet the oldest one is sweet
    Sweet is the matchless love of the divine couple
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |7|
    Sweet is ShriRaghav who loves his devotees
    Sweet is the God worshipped by Maruti (Shri Hanuman Ji)
    The one who is the father of Lav-Kush and the whole world is sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |8|

    ✿ �������� ������������������������! �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: Ever Youthful ShriSiyaRaam (नित्य किशोर श्रीसियाराम) showing their lotus feet to make us completely surrender to them! ��❤��
    ���������� ������������: @dollysehgal

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    मधुर श्रीराघव स्तुति
    -श्रीहरि नंदिनी

  • keithallencovell 5w


    Casted upon me
    I dare not blink
    The waste goes down the sink
    Easy drainage

    Relaxed and vicious
    The slithering not contained
    Rounding the basin, turning
    The violence reminded

    Gracing the graceless
    Downward spiralling
    Teaming with naivety
    Watching the righteous turn down

    Apologizing for the path
    Leading them down
    The beast rears ugly head
    Casted upon


  • dodgerzm 6w


    There is evil in our hands
    There is evil in our lands
    There is evil in our minds
    There is evil in our lies
    There is evil in our homes
    There is evil when I'm alone
    There is evil in our eyes
    There is evil in our skies
    There is evil it always hides
    There is evil in our souls
    There is evil that no one knows
    There is evil in our world
    There is evil in our moon
    There is evil every where
    There is evil your love
    There is evil my heart

  • jadeivy 6w


    He was a demon of the night.
    Cold and dark souled.
    Evil twisted through his veins.
    Madness played his games.

    A demon plays tricks on you.
    A demon will lie to you.
    They will appear at the right times, with a deal too sweet.
    They'll please you and tease you with a perfect life.

    He wore the attire of a God.
    A master of trickery and the king of deceit.
    Charming and loving,
    He gives you what you needed.

    But a demon is hollow,
    A burnt and dark soul.
    So he played you and delayed you,
    Until you could no more.
    He cut you into pieces and laughed while doing so.

    He calls himself love, but never has felt.

  • joan53 6w

    The evil is there
    I yearn for less evil days
    But evil has always been there
    It's here
    Crawling in the gutter of immorality
    Bathing in lies and deceit
    Walking, talking, milking people dry
    Force feeding garbage
    Because evil can not stand alone
    Your choices lay before you
    Evil entices you with wild dreams
    Of power, wealth, bought off souls
    Everything has a price
    Souls shine through the gloom
    Souls filled with shadow drown
    Yearning for a better world
    It's not around the corner
    Nor is it hiding beneath a rock
    It shines inside us, in our homes
    The treasures of importance
    Are on the other side
    It awaits our choices here
    Awaits our becoming
    Evil fights against that becoming
    Digging pits of misery and enslavement
    Jesus is the way, the light, the truth
    Look to Him for in Him is Eternity

  • angels_halo_shines 6w

    It's Getting Rough

    Come find me if you dare.
    Would that be fair?
    ~ ~
    I am not nearly the same as when I turned & left.
    ~ ~
    I know my own strength, my own power, my magic.
    ~ ~
    Only Lord knows you wanted to use me for evil.
    ~ ~
    My scars I bare, they withhold the endurance I had to keep hidden from you.
    ~ ~
    You can have your day in the sun though, I met him, through you.
    ~ ~
    As much Hell as you put me through, I still met him.
    ~ ~
    To this day, he has no clue as to what he did for me.
    ~ ~
    It's his credit. It was NEVER yours.
    You can try and claim it.
    ~ ~
    God knows.
    It's getting rough lil boy.
    Haven't you had enough?

  • keithallencovell 6w


    Music mouth
    I am a singer
    Fierce as ever
    I am clever
    Heard my words
    How they did sever
    All the negativity

    Boxes shut
    Fake averted
    Talking much
    Need to calm down
    Psycho struts
    Along the rows
    Knife just a' swingin'

    Freddy Kruger
    Fool for theater
    Cheater, bleeder
    Friend who's insane
    No longer a friend
    More just afraid

    Singing helps me detach from it all
    Though, still lonely


  • amyhwd 6w

    Not a fairytale ending

    Suffering through childhood with nobody wanting to or brave enough to protect this child from that demon that inflicted so much abuse on her. That child dreamed of running away and getting married at the first opportunity and proposal. That late teen teenager longed for the chance to escape her living hell and finally feel loved ,protected and to feel some hope in her life after her childhood was destroyed by someone who should of cared about her and protected her. She felt she could finally let her guard down and she did let her guard down when she met that first proposal opportunity by chance during that week long family holiday . They knew each other for only but a moment,but decided quickly that they wanted to spend the rest of their life together.They were in love or she had thought they were. She married him at the first opportunity and left behind that evil one at home and started a new life with her dream and love in his country. She was caught in an illusion that they would live happily ever after together like one of those fairytale stories.Things didn't turn out like she had hoped or dreamed though. That old demon reappeared again in her life...slowly but surely and the one person she had hoped would save her, protect her and love her ended up shattering her into so many pieces like a slow motion torture and even though she was finally able to get away from him recently somewhat after so many years of pain and having every last bit of confidence knocked out of her during the process...she still hasn't fully recovered from the abuse she endured and her shattered pieces like a puzzle haven't been put back together yet. Alot of pieces are still missing like confidence,hope,faith and she doesn't know if she will ever find those pieces again.Maybe someday though she will be able to.Only time ,counseling and many prayers to above will tell what happens.

  • dodgerzm 6w

    Equally bad

    Women and Men are the same these days
    They cheat the hurt people
    They curse they kill people
    Men and Women are equally dangerous
    They have no feelings they can kill you
    In a matter of seconds
    Men and Women are equally evil
    They can bring hell
    They can play with your senses

    Men and Women can play with emotions
    They can both plan a war and set it on motion
    Men and Women have physical bodies
    It's just an illusion to the danger they're

  • london_sky 6w


    Spiraling and spiraling my memory fades day by day
    I keep repeating to myself I am okay, I am okay
    But the voices the whispers in my head make me cave, make me cave
    But these things I keep saying are just a lie, just a lie
    Or is it because I am so willing to die, to die?

    Is what the therapist told me all a lie, all a lie?
    Or is it just what I am thinking inside, inside?
    How can I really fly really thrive when all I want to do is die, is to die?

    Hands round my neck, black in my face, the darkness creeps it's way, wanting me to play, wanting me to play.
    "Put on this mask, this filter. It will all be okay, it will all be okay"
    Said the devil with a smile on his face, a smile on his face.
    Haunt me till the end as my heart yearns again, again.
    Alone in the sand, fill my heart with the hope I can stand as my life beats again and again.

    Hands over my eyes I tell more lies, more lies
    As everything around me begins to leave begins to leave
    And I am here on the ground alone begging the sky not to bleed not to bleed.
    Who am I to force myself to live when I am not devil in disguise, in disguise?