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  • zizi_writes 13w

    We have reached our limits: End police brutality & bad governance in Nigeria

    One thing that troubles my heart the most is the intensity of inhumanity_
    Causing many families to be in tears; mourning over the agonizing deaths of their loved ones_
    I yearn for the cessation of police brutality. I've been wanting to say a lot, but i had no words.
    Bad governance must be blinned_
    We are languishing on account of the nonchalance of the unknowledgeable; duplicitous man presiding over our country, Nigeria. Many a time, i have heard him talk, but I haven't heard him speak. We are continually dying from the choices you have made__ I just wonder what you feel within yourself; the thoughts in your head when you look all around you and see the horrific monsters you have made__
    Lord, where are these words that I want to say?
    Words have betrayed me, so have we always been routinely betrayed. Given nothing- suffering and smiling, but they were still slaughtering our innocent brothers, sisters, friends then neighbors, many were surmounted by fear; Consequently, hiding.
    We continued living, getting by, until we couldn't! Now we won't run, yet we won't hide! And WE WILL NOT STOP the fight. So you can keep sending out your thugs to attack us in the streets__
    Wangle and finagle. Go ahead, Impose the curfew and command your soldiers to viciously take the lives of peaceful/unarmed protesters.
    All those innocent souls! All for what?
    All that time you spent amassing curses upon your generation to come,
    you would've SPOKEN, and followed through. Talk is cheap, and so are your gimmicks. Just like I said some time ago, we have reached our limits!

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  • blacklucifer 13w

    A Promise To The Fallen

    My heart bleeds this day
    My soul trembles this day
    This day when the country killed her people
    When the soil drank the blood of its sons and daughters
    When with their dying breaths, the sons and daughters said "keep fighting"
    Today I pay tribute to loved ones lost on the way
    Today I pay tribute to my brothers and sisters
    who stood their ground and died for it
    Today I make you a promise
    To keep fighting and win
    That we will be the generation to break the chains of bondage
    © Victor

  • stacyswit 14w


    The champions of agony are the nefarious bunch
    Who sits on high lands and iron thrones
    Addressing the paupers in whispers
    Whilst dancing to the rhythm of their misery
    As promises made are easily broken

    The champions of agony are the highhanded thieves
    Who scam the masses and blame it on the snakes
    They are ruthless in their extortion ways
    As they loot all things inclusive of votes and souls
    Whilst dancing the dance of the doves

    The champions of agony are the first-class liars
    Who live to lie
    Lying to both man and beast
    As they claim to be the change we need
    They are the unnecessary evil in our lives

    The champions of agony are ruthless murderers
    Who fight for our freedom by day
    And turn to killers at sunset
    Preying on both man and beast
    Whilst taking selfies and dancing to our howling
    Blind eye, they turn to our cries for help

    The champions of agony are the birds of our world
    Who soars high to watch us bleed from far
    Pretending to share our pain
    As they frown in the open and laugh in the dark
    Malicious beings with the intent to destroy
    Great, they are in their terrible ways
    These monsters are the real champions of agony


  • sattar_x 14w

    Streets bled

    The hollow grounds, the shriek of my people echoes
    In Devoid sounds, our red blood flows
    We stood united fighting the injustice we suffer
    In one voice we shouted our hearts, end sars
    But the truth we speak fall on deaf ears
    Our blood and sweat, our lives our tears
    Ignored by the rulers, the ones we chose
    We entrusted our flock to wolves encased in human clothes
    My people are dying, when will this curse end
    Those in the higher ups are smiling with every bloodshed
    Our motherland has failed us, to whom can we run
    We are like a river forgotten, where can we turn
    I can't sleep, this noise is deafening
    It hunts my dreams, my heart frantically pounding
    Our words make no impact on them, it's like our shots are off target
    Their ears be closed to the masses, they have only evil intent
    We lay flat on the bullseye, strapped to the barrel drum
    While our so called leaders push the triggers of the sniper gun
    Now our Earth is soiled, for it runs with red
    With bloods of my people our streets bled

  • theessence_ 14w


    Red rain, blood stains, I live on the land of red rain.
    Red rain, grave pain, stars abright sent on their death train
    Red rain, migraine, I'll be numb with time,
    Red rain, thousands slain, a land of green now grime!

    Red rain, Red rain,
    Take me away from the land of red rain.

  • kellyhassan 14w

    Please repost and share this message please let’s put an end to police brutality not only in Nigeria but everywhere. #endpolicebrutality #myvoice #mirakee #pod #writernetwork #endsars #endswat

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    Why, why all that?
    Oh! Monsters! That is what all of you are.
    How are you able to be so cruel and heartless?
    How do you make yourself so insentive and ruthless?
    Molestation, abuse, harassment, murder, torture and extortion of innocent people
    Oh, why?! Is it because of the authority you have been given?
    You invoke people's fear,
    Everything for what? Pleasure and joy?

    You brutally slaughter innocent people without having a thought of fear?
    You slaughter them and make them vanish into thin air ,
    You call yourselves men of the law, but you all are just garbage
    You’ve got no heart,
    Yet expect us not to raise our voices?

    Our lives matter.
    You have all become a thorn in our flesh
    For no good cause, you keep lacerating us.

    We’re not going to take this anymore,
    Enough is enough,
    We take a stand,
    We’re in need of justice,
    We need our voices to be heard,
    Our strength is our voice.

    How more do you want to kill brutally?
    Enough is enough, I tell you,
    We’d like to be heard,
    We take a stand,
    We’re putting this to an end!

    No anymore,
    We need justice,
    This is serious,
    We want our voices to be heard,
    Our strength is our voice.


  • sheisoyinda 14w


    When I remember I cry, I cry so hard
    The very same people put in position to protect us are killing and battering us
    The biggest lie is "POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND", cos even BAIL is not free

    You beat me cos I own a phone,laptop
    You beat me ,vent your anger on me
    Your beat me for just no just reason

    I try to say my rights you become triggered and threaten to kill me
    You make me feel insecure just because you have gun
    You threaten to take my life like you own it

    How do i then feel safe?



  • sullen 14w


    We are faced with an ordeal here in NIGERIA
    Police officers paid with taxpayers money
    the youth
    So am pleading with all here in mirakee
    To lend your voice
    Your social media accounts

  • elenorasays 14w

    Lend Your Ink To This!

    Love is the language stronger than hate
    And unity is the movement stronger than the oppressor!

    Join Nigerians in this plight to end police brutality by tweeting the harshtags and reposting and lending your voice to our protest and plight for justice and freedom from SARZ KILLINGS OF US!


  • preshycreates 14w

    End SARS!End SWAT! End brutality

    I hear, innocent voices echoing
    Blood flowing
    Hopes and dreams lay waste.

    Reality tapped and hands drop
    Reality struck and we found our voice
    Injustice, fear, and lull laced
    The nations Treasury is a feast of harpies
    Brutality the new normal!

    Now let your voices, find the source
    Let justice, walk without fear
    Let our folded arrows loose its end
    Many were not filmed!

    Enough is an Enough
    Let the sleeping dogs, awake and bark
    Let lions clamor.

  • pediae 14w

    One voice for Nigeria. NO to killings by those charged to protect. This generation demand accountability.
    #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria #EndSwat #ReformTheNigerianPolice

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    Join the wave,
    as it hums and rumbles
    with power.

    Lend your current to the tide
    let it carry on, and on

    Stand aside,
    if you won't join
    Or be swept on anyway
    Nothing can stop this now.



  • kinghanamel 14w

    "Wishing Upon Faded Glory"

    If these were to be my
    military days, I woulda
    ordered my troup to lay
    waste to these horde
    of bloody civilians, whom
    my cows are worth so
    much more than.


  • kewpeed 15w


    Justice echoes from the deep
    Who shall answer her burdening call?
    Freedom screams for answers
    Who shall her soldiers be?
    Blood has left a bitter trail
    Who shall unmask the evildoers?
    Monsters dwell amongst us
    Our homes are no longer safe
    Sons know not their fathers
    Fathers have no memory of their sons.
    The sacrifices of the innocent shall no longer be ignored
    The children have taken up the abandoned batons of their fathers.

    The AWAKENING has begun..
    Woe betide you if slumber seeks refuge in your quarters!!!