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    Doing a karma..(no matter good one, or bad)
    Is also a sin⚡

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    Last year,this event was held at our school in which this navy woman was invited as the chief guest who had recently saved thousands of lives, from a devastating natural calamity, by her extraordinary courage and leadership.

    She did this "Lets talk" segment and allowed us to be free to ask her questions.
    Like others, I did too
    A question had never stopped bothering me for I had experienced conditions when I needed answers to this question
    " What to do when we fall weak and are broken but don't have our family and friends near us?"

    There are many scenarios in our lives when we live away from our friends and family , the reason can be our studies, jobs, needs and million other,and when we need our people the most.

    She answered me and said " No matter where you are, Your God is always there with you." She, being in defence forces, has always been away from her family and friends .

    She added " God is way supreme and powerful than our family and friends, where they can't reach, God will. So always remember and reach out to your God first".

    Something had never moved me harder to than her words.
    To climb the ladder of being a stronger self.

    Prayer never defines religions and practices..It defines The Higher Spirit
    it defines Hope , Love and Faith
    If someone expresses himself to God, he is brave to have faith and is never a fool.


    #life #alone #strength #God

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  • keithallencovell 1h

    Today, I reach my hand
    To know the Warmth
    Become Love


  • krishnsaheli 4h

    कृष्ण नाम की दासी हूं मैं
    कृष्ण नाम मुझे भाए
    सब तो नजर आते हैं मुझको
    पर तू क्यों नजर न आए

  • abm_scribbles 7h

    Forgive me

    Looked into the mirror..
    Something has changed..
    Already lost the charm I had..
    A blotch of sin on my face..
    Oh God, please forgive me..


  • life_loving__hrudaya 1d

    Many a times in life God offers you a series of distress and agony. But it doesn't means that God is not in your favor. But it means that he wants us to be more tenacious than before.

  • keithallencovell 1d

    The light that comes
    And I choose to obey


  • krishnsaheli 1d

    कृष्ण तुमसे बात न होना
    या कहूँ मेरी किस्मत का रूठा होना

  • annievins 1d

    Let this month be filled with happiness with good blessings. May God be with us throughout this month. Let's pray to God that this disease get over soon.

  • thamizhinibabu 1d

    Kind heart, Soft spoken words, Helping hands, Compassionate soul - That is god
    You know what the Satan is...


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    There are no Gods
    nor Satans
    There are just Humans
    in abundance


  • simply_be_you 1d

    Too much negativity already out in the world so let's be taboo and spread love, peace, and positivity.

  • abhipriyashrivastaw 1d

    God is one ... But he is famous with different names... Isn't it something unfair... The thing which matters is only that...we are just human being, the colour of our blood is same and nobody is superior than other... Its just a misconception of feeling superior based on religion and caste... We have no right to judge anyone and discriminate on that basis...
    #feelingthoughtful #religion #caste #god #quarantinediaries #gocoronago

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    गीता तुम ही हो,
    कुरान भी तुम हो,
    अल्लाह तुम ही हो,
    राम भी तुम हो,
    ईसा तुम ही हो,
    नानक भी तुम हो,
    सब तो तुम ही हो,
    फिर नाम अलग क्यों,
    पहचान अलग क्यों,
    न नाम अलग होते,
    न पहचान के लिये दंगे-फ़साद होते,
    न कोई भेदभाव होता,
    न कोई जाति होती,
    न कोई मज़हब होता,
    बस इंसानियत का एक रंग होता....


  • keithallencovell 1d


    I needed to see
    Yet I already saw
    I challenge myself
    Yet I become appalled
    I free myself
    Just to return
    To cause

    I jump to see
    Though remove positivity
    The mental swarm
    Is becoming me
    The outward lights
    They beckon me
    Yet I remove, retreat

    I feel a sense of awkwardness
    She senses my protectiveness
    I challenge her in many ways
    Not one of them are invalid

    The fire sits behind my eyes
    I know myself before the lies
    They face me so that I may see
    The difference between she and I

    She flutters embrace, distractedly
    I commonly would distance me
    But then again I challenge I
    To never seek to fade from seed

    The feeling is so dignified
    Yet I know that I crucify
    My own intentions, signified
    My God is warning me

    She challenged me
    To challenge her
    Now all I see is vivid flurry
    I want her close to me

    But so not to betray a friend
    Though chances duly were given
    I fall into a space between
    The setting sun and moon, dancing

    He notices the obvious tension
    She closes in past his projection
    Alarmingly, passive aggressive
    He should be cautiously reflective

    I do what I do
    Yet I know I don't have to
    Though it seems to be
    The best course of action
    To fall in line with his perdition
    Yet keep myself in God's persistence
    To stay us from confliction

    The desire left in question
    However emboldened
    I choose to not know what to choose
    I seriously resent this
    Though, not to fault on previous thought
    The plan is of retention
    I know what's not


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  • _rooh__ 1d

    #mirakee #god #injured #scars ����

    Scars are beautiful they say! ��
    (That's why, I encounter with 'em often �� )

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    "Met with a small accident yesterday", she said.
    Right half of her face injured and sore.
    A part of her lip and cheek was swollen.
    "Now you are ruining her from outside!?", he yelled at God.


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    Duniya ki khubsurati kitni aachi lagti hai,
    Dekho to kitni pyari lagti hai,
    Zamana jisme khubsurati dekhne lagta hai,
    Usme ab sirf Patthar he dikhta hai,
    Patthar ki us murat ko chappan bhog lagate hai,
    Do roti ke vaste log bhukhe mar jate hai,
    Tarashne wale aaj bhi patthar ko tarash lete hai,
    Is khubsurat si duniya me log heere ko bhi patthar karar dete hai.
    - Mere lafz

  • ahavah13 1d


    I could not comprehend, accept, nor understand
    The trials and tribulations in my life
    Though I sought joy and happiness, peace and love,
    I would see only hatred and strife

    A recurring nightmare, seeming to never end
    of a life steadily spiraling falling
    Then I heard His voice softly whispering saying
    “Awake you sleeper, hear today, for this is Love calling”

    A call present but unheard for quite some time,
    as my hearing being insensitive and dull
    Disconnected from peace, puffed up with pride,
    true knowledge had truly become null

    Absorbed by pain, consumed with guilt
    Hoping life would either end or get better
    As Love began to speak directly into my heart
    Through the Gospels and Pauline letters

    Calling me to purification and sanctification,
    Things I had no knowledge of,
    Even eternal salvation by His Holy manifestation
    resulting in the revelation of Christ in Love

    I began to speak to my Lord, straight from my heart
    crying “speak to me Lord, please speak”
    As my Lord spoke to me saying “Seek my face”,
    ‘Your face Lord I will now seek’

    Soon my heart became emptied,
    Yearning to be filled, desiring a fire deep inside
    As A fountain of Love began to fill me up
    As my mind became Christ...and Him crucified

    The Kingdom of our Living God, is now at hand
    No time for meaningless, senseless chatter
    Our words should be serious, seasoned with Love,
    In Love, for only Love matters

    These are the last generations of the last times
    as night steadily darkens our days,
    Yet even in the blackest darkness light reveals all,
    let us all consider our ways

    Let us all stand fast ,and not lose heart
    As we rise each time we fall
    Let us all understand God's perfect plan
    Of Love filleth all in all

    The day is drawing near, the day is at hand
    No time for hesitation or stalling,
    Let us be swift to bear one another in burdens
    (fulfill the law) As Love is now Calling


  • ahavah13 47w


    I bow my head in prayer
    To our Father in Heaven above
    That all find our Way to you
    Which is the Way to Love

    We cry out to You all day
    Even through the perilous night
    Hearts overwhelmed by darkness
    We hopefully search for a light

    Standing in faith on promises
    These truths we must hold fast
    We are never alone or abandoned
    As soon this too shall pass

    We seek although we're blind
    Lost in a place not our own
    We long to Love but lack a Way
    To bend our knees at Your Throne

    If we only had a light
    We would see Your bloodstains remain
    We would follow the Way to the Cross
    Through hate,pain, to death despite shame

    If we could only hear
    And hear the Word of the Lord
    Which is alive and active
    Sharper than any double-edged sword

    If we could believe in our hearts
    We would then understand
    That when we are weak we are strong
    For it is You who holds our hands

    The Shepherd had been struck
    And the flock had been scatteted
    But now being called in
    Healing blind, bruised, and battered

    We sheep know Your voice
    For In You we belong
    In You dwells no darkness
    Your light maketh unknown known

    Now abiding in You
    Not by strength or might
    Nor power but by Spirit
    By faith not by sight

    Let us walk in light and liberty
    As emancipated children of day
    All that was lost is being found
    Your Love has shown the Way
    ...the Way to Love....Amen


  • ahavah13 47w


    Holy Father, True and living art Thee
    I hallow thy name above all in the earth and all in the heavenly,
    You are the generator of space beyond astrology and astronomy,
    You are the source of energy for energy,
    God Almighty, El Roi, the God who sees me, and knows me,
    Because You search me, intently and thoroughly,
    For You have so carefully and artfully created me,
    Fearfully and wonderfully thy made me,
    With You there is no anonymity, You know the hidden me,
    You are the anatomy of my anatomy, anatomically,
    All I do or say comes before Thee,
    my fleshly and fallibility, my immorality and immaturity,
    the unworthy and undeserving me,
    my dark side, my duality;
    Yet still You Love and adore me, unconditionally and unfailingly,
    You gave Your blameless life for me, so unselfishly, on Calvary,
    Pardoning my sins thus setting me free, A nature of Love far beyond me
    “Elohim he Ahavah,” “God is Love”,
    You Reign from Everlasting to Everlasting.

    Humbly with all humility do I approach Thee,
    Your throne full of grace and mercy, to stand In the presence of Thee,
    to bow before Thee, on bended knees,
    I place my face to the ground before Thee, So, so unworthily,
    My eyes cannot see being so watery,
    My eyes cannot see You shine so brightly,
    Still I feel Your presence assiduously surrounding me,
    Your Love so powerfully overcomes me,
    Your peace so empathetically embraces me,
    Your pinions cover me and shelter me, protecting me,
    Truly no other place I would rather be,
    You remove all anxiety and insecurity,
    Now feelings of immortality and invincibility,
    So I give my life as a living sacrifice to Thee,
    And the fruit of my lips I shall forever praise Thee,
    Singing songs of victory and deliverance to my Heavenly Family
    My Savior, My Redeemer, My Love, My Lord,,
    Oh how I LOVE THEE



  • ahavah13 47w

    I've Fallen

    Once again, I have fallen, so once again I shall rise
    After You, I must go, after You I chase
    To hearken unto Your infinite wisdom, overpowered by Your powerful Spirit, to be overcome by Your Sovereign Presence
    Longing with heated desires to see Your invisible face

    Your Kingdom has come, for Your Truth I seek, I search
    With unfamiliar urgency looking under every stone, overturning every rock
    Beckoning Your Holy Name, propitiations have been made, I now sit still and listen
    I await with earnest expectations, Behold, I now hear Your knock

    Quickly with no time for hesitation I answer the door, You powerfully enter
    In Spirit and in Truth we then sit and then we sup
    We bless and give thanks, we dine, then we drink
    You in me, me in You, one body, one cup

    Going forth in Love, manifested by faith, arising together to walk and talk
    In Spirit, One accord, My Lord, My Lord, The Way, Your Way
    The Light, the lamp, You talk and teach, I listen and learn
    Now coming to understand, this day, YAHWEH

    You are Glory, You I give honor, You I give my praise
    Altogether wonderful, altogether worthy, more is what You deserve
    Redeemed, Restored, You are mine and I am Yours
    Your Kingdom established forever, forever I shall serve

    You are Righteous, You reign in Truth, You reign in Justice
    You are Holy, yet You became lowly, You are humble and meek
    Faithfull, You never lie, You always keep Your Word
    Enduring, persevering, fulfilling, every Promise You keep

    Finding me, forgiving me, saved by grace, tested by fire
    Emptying me, causing me to hunger and thirst
    Replacing my heart of stone, Truly, I have fallen in Love with You
    Called to Your Ministry of Love, but only because You have loved me first

    You lived, You have died, Life eternal, Love everlasting
    You overflow with True Living Waters, You are heavenly bread
    The Way, The Truth, and The Life
    Lord of the living, Resurrection for the dead

    In blindness I stumbled, in darkness I have fallen
    In Your Word I found safety, Your Word is alive, active, and all True
    For a righteous man may fall seven times, and arise again
    Awakened and enlightened to Your deliverance
    Causing me to see, I have now fallen in Love with You