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  • _karnika 1d


    Life is a novel
    Only the genre is horror
    It is the most perilous,
    The ghost most treacherous
    Because they are pretty,
    On the outside
    Hiding behind the mask of humans
    The body is hollow
    The soul is shallow
    What 3 am?
    Every figure in the clock is the devil hour
    They are in a war among themselves,
    The winner is declared satan by ourselves.

  • voices_as_thoughts 4d


    I have lost it all
    "It's about the distance" as she'd always say
    but as visible as the fog, I saw otherwise.
    Even when we shared a cubicle, locked in our gaze, hell in a cell and feasting on each other flesh I still felt apart.
    I once craved and now i crave to be starved
    I have lost it beyond fathomlessness and loosing my mind to keep an act afloat.
    At the end, to walk the path of a ghost(unseen) is my clearest option
    and let my shadow not cast forth before me.

  • theminimalistwriter 1w

    The dead begin to speak, they're here to give the advice that you seek. Will you listen, or will you allow your fate to become bleak?
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    The vail is thin
    Souls passed begin to sing
    Speaking their troubles and warnings to kin
    Don't underestimate the things that can't be seen
    They know all that you dream and all that you seek
    The blood within your veins once streamed within theirs
    They are you, you are them
    You carry wisdom within from their deaths and past pains
    Have an open ear and listen with unyielding faith
    Give your respects or you'll be greeted with wicked glee
    And a promise that you won't be just left to 'be'
    No doubt--they'll make you bleed


  • jenaroaragon 2w

    Bah! Humbug.

    Retrospective, introspective, so depressive, not elective.
    Nightmares of you, so comfortable, dust and rubble, all I have left.
    Feel accosted, by the loss of the mirage we saw so often.
    Apparition, future Christmas, new years eve, the ghosts still torment me from heaven.
    Preach the lesson.
    Forced confession: need your presence.
    Bit of beef still undigested, mind still prone to be receptive. Sensitive.

    But unresponsive.

    Bah humbug! I'm so obnoxious.
    Yes I know, but it's subconscious. In my heart, a long dead promise wakes me still with visions monstrous. Name still hung above my office.
    What else can I be but cross living in a world of merry Christmas?

    Open hearts that once were shut up. No right nor reason, poor enough!
    Family speaks to me with love I haven't felt since I was young, so all I have to say's good day, as I put out the coals and fuss.

    I don't make merry at Christmas. All my work goes to establishments I'm forced to pay through taxes. Put the poor into the prisons. Can't afford to give what I wish to those who are badly off.

    Decreased population surplus.

    Sat in mournful meditation, fog-like smoke obscures the egress.
    Bells chime for what seems an hour then, dragging chains he comes to visit.

    "They come at midnight!" spake the phantom. "Father son and holy spirit."

    Hands in pockets, thoughtful habits. No peace. No rest. No reverence.
    Humbug. I say you're fictitious.
    Charity, mercy, and forbearance are but a drop in the comprehensive ocean of a business ended.

  • plaintive_tears 1w


    If you feel to talk then please come
    Let's talk
    Don't be the ghost one in my dream...


  • bhaskar_vashishth 2w

    A headless guy named "Cigar"

    It was raining and I was running,
    When Someone yelled on me,
    From the farthest dark hole I could see;
    In the flash of a thunderstorm,
    I saw him running towards me,
    He was a guy without head,
    Grey moustache and red goatee.

    In a blink of an eye, he was standing close to me,
    Took off his hat and asked from behind a tree,
    I gave him my name and asked if I could leave?
    His moustache wrinkled like he smiled upon me.

    He asked how am I doing tonight and I just kept quite,
    He said "I'm Cigar", and offered me a light,
    Suddenly the fear went away, as arrived a streetcar,
    I was standing in rain, and was smoking with a headless guy named "cigar".


  • deepflowsoul 3w

    Proud despite

    Like an embarrassingly unique post,
    I won't delete my memory or thought.
    I'll move on and embrace my ghost.

  • conflicted_ 3w

    I live in a shell,
    A good shell, which very much can give and gave, the strength and power require to deal with hardship of this life
    But what is a shell when the soul fears it's very own insecurities of past lives?
    Look in the mirror you don't have a broken shell, it's your image of yourself beneath the shell which you feel broken and to fix that,
    you break your shell,Your coping habits;
    You put this shell to more pain than it's supposed to endure...
    Deep down, unknowingly ;
    You become your biggest enemy,
    You become your very own parasite,
    And this shell which serves as host between you and this world would eventually wither...
    In time you'd understand and be thankful for your shell,
    In time you'd stop hurting your shell,
    In time you'd feel no fear,
    In time you'd feel nothing.
    #shell #ghost #soul #enemy #habits #fear #feels #parasite #host

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    But what is a shell
    when the soul fears
    it's very own insecurities
    of past lives?

  • chazzychazz 4w

    Back To Grave

    Little that was left in the ride
    Is now tracing out my back
    Two smaller pieces of a bite
    And that's how long a life does last.
    Sprinting down with the eyes all closed
    I met plenty of them ahead
    Trails all over their memory
    Now I'm ought to return to the grave.
    Hiding back at the curtains cry
    The truth blends in the face
    Story rusts in the wounds of them
    But it won't leave out the cage.
    A glass filled top with the moonlight won't turn me on today
    A less of time needed I'm about to be getting late
    Wandered through the waters and desserts
    And I'm ought to return to the grave.
    Oh you dispersed to thin floating around in the air
    Silly ways obsessed to climb
    I dared to reach the tip
    And you can't no more hold my tail.
    As I leapt into the endless bottom
    I waved back at the past
    You appeared from the valleys either side
    And now I'm offering bribe to the death.

  • themushroomyogi 5w


    All my life i've been a ghost
    Blinded by that false desire for hope
    Couldn't see what mattered most
    A slice of toast or the whole loaf
    I was both the spirit and host
    Thought i was earth bound
    Found out i was sky bound
    Looked up instead of looking down
    Now I'm looking all around
    I held no fear when i walked past graves
    I saw memories of my past saves
    Fighting monsters and diving into caves
    In one hand a fireball and the other a blade

  • rim__writes 7w

    You're like the ghost within me
    Who's draining my life.

  • thawarriorpoet 8w

    The words fail me tonight.
    And so, I am left
    With haunting ghost,
    blank pages,
    And the absence
    of dreams.

    ©Tha Warrior-Poet

  • james_taumas 8w


    Innocent of crime
    Victim of a sadists
    My end violent
    Tortured and painful
    Spurned eternal peace
    Embraced retribution
    A spirit of vengeance
    Returned to the living
    Track these evil agents
    My justice enacted
    Wander the shores alone.


  • unclesna 10w


    The concept of the spiritual realm are a misinterpretation by to many ignorant and negatively driven people.
    I ghost them

    I dislike debating about political and religious agenda honestly to me has no purpose and only a detour to actual facts of reality..
    So I ghost it.

    Alot of critics me included (seriously one time in life 4b all this) had carrie hate everyday ,envy everyone and everything, was even jealous of someone close to me I know.
    I knew it needed be Ghosting

    And above it all, I ignorantly shut EVERYBODY i knew or close to Out of my Life because I thought everyone was out to get me.. stupid really but knew it was weakening me so...
    I ghost myself to understand

    which whom I considered family had cause devastation all around me,
    and ones I love which leaded to war.
    Is that something we talk about maybe, please?? &no we should not ghost this

    I say politicians and religious groups are amongst the biggest liars in history. I apologize for saying so but just look at the history books PLeaZe....b4 you shun me like a ghost and spook of the facts cause they hate that its me taking the next step looking back to see their them. they were completely ghosted.

    Understand please, and know without any disrespect to other religions that i myself is anew and now a pupil of the Buddhist teaching (Gautama Buddha), just like history, we as humanity will always try to understand the true purpose of the meaning of life,
    imagining how our future will establish itself without you being here.. ghosted by history

    Must be true to yourself 1st,
    one must understand you and your placement for this physical state you are in tangled in, just know its only stages of multiple testament. If pass.
    You will understand truth.
    Success which will enlighten you the meaning of Living in yourself. Ghost to ourself will develop acknowledge of the facts.

    We are just lost without guidance from the love ones you now assume are the reasoning behind your failures are only thought and was never true. So to be stuck in the interloper of space and time are part of the universal cycle and patience is key to happiness which brings love.

  • roel_gonz 10w

    G rief and alone in the dark
    H allucinations slowly crawling
    O h! Shadows floating in the wildest dreams
    S ilhouettes things closer to the edge of nowhere
    T race of unforgettable past burned in the heart
    S pirits hold my hand, take me with yoU to the place called paradise.


  • daffodilpearlzz 10w

    I don't know. But were you really
    that "ghost" who came in my dreams
    last night to squeeze out the fluid
    from the veins of my obstacles???


  • hash_05 10w

    कुछ पन्ने तुम्हारे नाम!
    एक रोज बैठते है चलो
    शाम वाली चाय के साथ
    लिए हुए वो पुराने खत,
    वो मेरा चार पंक्तियों का सवाल
    और तुम्हारा एक पंक्ति का जवाब,
    तुम्हारे खुले हुए बालों के साथ
    यूं नज़रे चुराते हुए देखना
    और फिर कहना
    "आज चाय फीकी रह गई
    लगता हैं कही और मन लग गया तुम्हारा"
    और कैसे समझाऊं मै तुम्हे
    कि मन अब लगता नहीं मेरा
    जब तक तुम्हारी वो आवाज़ न सुन लू
    जिसके लिए सबसे छुप कर तुम्हे फोन
    लगाता हूं,

  • jazro_ 10w

    Forgive us

    And they will be standing at my monument. Tears of regret will fall. Forgive us, they will whisper. We miss you, they will whisper. My own flesh and blood will lean against my gravestone and their tears will burn on their faces, when the humiliating memories become more and more vivid in the heads of my children. Forgive us, mother.


  • mysticrover 10w

    Are they Ghost?
    Those dark shadows....
    They are stuck in Astral.

    Yes, They do exist and they need a ray of divine light, love and power to exit, from their pain and dark side of desires.

    I am a spiritual healer, from my childhood I can feel their presence and can see them and their shadows. I was thinking that, it's normal, and everyone see them too. Its funny but true.

    But when I came into a spiritual modality, I came to know that, what I can see and feel is not same for others. First reason is, It depends on sensitivity according to my understanding. And more sensitivity depends on pure emotions, and emotions like love, kindness, generosity, forgiveness etc., are connected with heart center, and heart center is directly connected with astral body.

    " Estral body is also know as Emotional body."

    Second is, if your energy centers are dirty, then it may be possible to attract unwanted negative entities, they make you feel like, you are
    Surrounded by bad ghost. But this entity topic is completely different but still somewhere connected if you have bad experience or haunting experience. By the way there are many other factors than your sensitive emotional body to see them.

    So let's come to the point. Sadly they turned into a ghost, because they died with unfulfilled desire. And their desires hold them in astral body. Any desires in astral body are 20 times more stronger than of your physical body, and more desires gives you more pain. So when you leave body, your desires knowingly or unknowingly not allow you to go further on the path of illumination .

    A ghost or a soul stucked in astral body can see and hear everything, and most important after leaving the physical body it's easy for them to know the human beings inner real emotions, inshort character. You can't make them fool with fake emotions. When they come to know the real emotions of their loved ones after leaving the physical body, there are two options, either they feel tremendous pain-if it's fake, or a sense of satisfaction-if it's pure.

    And if the soul is stuck for the well being of any loved ones, they will take care of them, till they fill its necessary and then they leave.

    But if the soul is stuck with some material and financial, emotional & physical desire or for revenge, then it may take long time to understand that soul, about the reality, that they are just Wallowing in mud. Sometimes it takes 100, 500 or more than 1000 years to realise that they have wasted their time on lower desires.

    A human being can help them to realise them and release them from their pain to go further to illuminate with the help of prayer, mantra chanting and blessings of divine love, divine light, and divine power.

    The more we be an instrument of God to bless them the more our heart will function with positive emotions, it will smooth our path and these stucked soul's path to get illuminate.

    May be not every one can except what I have written here. But this is my understanding after reading few occult book.

    What I have mentioned here is not even 0.1% . Occult knowledge is vast, and it may take time to understand it properly.


  • racqueline 10w

    Something was off, as I entered my room, goosebumps what's they called as I saw myself in the mirror, ghost was what I thought but realise it was my own reflection