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  • singh_writes__ 1h


    Kiss her.
    Slowly, take your time.
    There is no place you'd rather be.
    Kiss her but not you are waiting for something else.
    Like you hand beneath in her shirt.
    Nothing like that.
    Kiss her like you've forgotten any other mouth that you're ever touched.
    Kiss her like childish curious child delight. Laugh into her mouth. Inhale her signs. Kiss her until she moans. Kiss her into her face with your hands or pulling her closer at the waist.
    Take your time. Kiss her like the first and only piece of chocolate you are ever going to get.
    Kiss her until she forgets to count.
    Come away, ask her what is 2*2 and listen to her say, your name in her answer.

  • telugodi_rathalu 15h

    feelings are temporary
    movements are forever


  • swati_balodi 2d

    Dear girl!

    Your eyes have innocence,
    Your face carries that big pretty smile
    Your hands are soft but strongest
    You are cute chubby everyone's favorite
    Or slim the fitness freak
    Over all this you are a girl!
    You are the prettiest of all
    You are strongest of all
    Don't let those "MANs"
    Ever let you down
    Who think they are pros at playing your feelings and emotions
    Don't let those so called MANs
    Ever let you down.
    You are alone more than them!

  • marcy10 3d


    Larki hona aasan nhi hota..
    Har Ansun chupana aasan nhi hota..

    Pyaar nibhaNa aasan nhi hota..
    Pyaar ko bhoolana aasan nhi hota..

    Apno k liye muskura aasan nhi hota..
    Apno K liye apni khushi mitana aasan nhi hota..

    Sari galtiyon ko manna aasan nhi hota..
    Sar jhoka kar har faisla manna aasan nhi hota..

    Apne haq k liye ladna aasan nhi hota..
    Apne aap se himmat jutana aasan nhi hota..

    Apni khushi khurban karna aasan nhi hota..
    Apni khwaish zahir karna aasan nhi hota...

    Kisi ghair ku apna manna aasan nhi hota..
    Kisi ki zindagi banna aasan nhi hota..

    Har zimmedari nibhana aasan nhi hota..
    Har kisi ku khush rakhna aasan nhi hota..

    Apne ghar me hi mehman ki tarah rehnA aasan nhi hota..
    Apne dil se maa baap ku bhoolana aasan nhi hota..

    Larki hona aasan nhi hota..
    Har Ansun chupana aasan nhi hota..

  • musafirwords 5d

    Words ❤️

    Kyun Bholi Si Surat Dekh Chedh Jate Hai Mujhe..
    Kyun Naadan Smj Pareshan Karte Hai Mujhe...
    Kyun Gltiyon Par Kisi Aur Ki Suna Dete Hai Mujhe..
    Kyun Udne Ki Koshish Karun To Gira Dete Hai Mujhe..
    Kyun Har Khwaish Ka Gala Ghot Chupa Dete Hai Use...
    Kyun...Akhir Kyun...Kyuki Main Ek Ladki Hoon Kya Islie..
    Tum Roko Ladko Ko Kuch Karne Se Hum Aisa Hum Nahi Chahte...Par Jazbaaton Ko Thoda Smjho Na Hamare..Jo Bas Sirf Aazadi Se Hai Udne Chahte..Udne Do Humein Bi..Khudaa Ne Diye Hai Jo Pankh Unse...Aasman Ki Uchayian Chu Sakte Hai Hum...Kaanton Par Bi Hum Chal Lenge..Ek Moka To Do Duniya Bi Akhir Hum Jeet Lenge...


  • worldmagical123 5d


    Humne khilaunoo keliye roti dekhi betiyaa
    Apni ziid na pure hone pe soti dekhi h betiyaa

    Gharwalo keliye musibat ki dukan hoti hogi betiyaa......
    Pr maa ki jaan,Shaan..or papa ki pahchan hoti h betiyaa.....

    Kabhi bhan ,kabhi dost,...Kabhi maa,kabhi patni..bn kr rishto ko nibhati hi nhi use svarti h betiyaa...
    To desh mai bhi apna ikaa chlana janti h betiyaa.....

    Logo ke taane ko unsuna krti h betiyaa
    Pr baat agr chitra,smaan ki ho to .........

    Apni awaaz hi nhi ..har Ek ki uski aukaat btai hai betiyaa...
    Kabhi swarswati..to kabhi laxmi bna jaati h betiyaa...
    Pr waqt aane pr kaali ka roop bhi dikhati hai betiyaa......

  • milander_5 5d

    Koshish jari...

    Us dil ko mokamal makam na mila.
    Payaar etna tha ki aram na mila.
    Jism ko rooh ka paigaam na mila.
    Her nazam may uska naam mila.
    Uska abhi tak makaan na mila.
    Kar rahay hai puri koshish per kya karay abhi tak humay humara jaan na mila.

  • queenzen2580 1w

    When you are sad

    When your sad over a breakup remember that you can give out a human, bleed for a week straight, go trough serious cramps and still survive but all he can do is lie.


  • selah_02 1w

    Let's break em,
    The nasty stereotypes and show them what you got!

    #girls #woman #stereotypes #princess #warrior #poem #writerstolli
    @writersnetwork #poetry

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    Did you not?

    Sweet and naive,
    Quiet and poised,
    No brain and an institutional puppet.
    Did you not guess? that's me. A girl.

    Rebel and arrogant,
    Loud and unbridled,
    Smart and ditching the puppet strings
    Did you not know? That's new me. A 21st Century woman.

    Awaiting in a locked away tower,
    A big oversized man will come to rescue me,
    And, that's how I would be saved.
    Did you not know? That's me. A Princess.

    Tired of waiting in the tower,
    I show my power
    Rescue me, the supposed damsel in distress
    And, that's how I redeemed
    Did you not guess? That's me. A warrior princess.

    Keep those stereotypes,
    See me break those,
    There won't be a man,
    It's me with an armour, standing in a pose.


  • musafirwords 1w

    Kyuki Main Ek Chori Hai
    Something Rare
    Something True

    Main Kyun Akeli Ro Rahi Hoon।।
    Kyun Itni Duri Hai।।
    Nahi Chod Rahi Sath Mera Ye Kesi Majburi Hai।।
    Dur Karun Ise Kese Ban Rahi Meri Kamzori Hai।।
    Dekho Na Yaar Kyun Itni Duri Hai।।
    Jo Ban Rahi Meri Kamzori Hai।।
    Kyun Andar Se Yeh Todh Rahi।।
    Khwaishon Ka Gala Ghot Rahi।।
    Kesi Ye Majburi Hai।।
    Duniya Ki Nazre Ghoor Rahi।।
    Kesi Ye Kamzori Hai।।


  • aaru_scribbles 1w

    Women in Science

    Her father bought her a doll grooming set when she was pointing at the Robot and told her - "You are gonna love this more"
    They stared when she questioned how things work rather than being satisfied just with names. With the worst sympathetic smile, grandpa replied "You won't understand"
    She used to get scolding when trying to fix things because no one likes a girl with ruined face and hands. "It's not your work", her brother ordered her again.
    Her mother told her how girl's brain aren't good enough for logic and numbers and why she should choose any useful subject because apparently "women don't need science"
    "Girls here aren't attractive enough.They are just a mess, that's why we have to wait for fests. Its so unfair to us", privileged boy whined to a girl who wears a t-shirt saying-"too pretty to do math"
    "Which man is going to wait for her to finish the Ph.D. Also, men don't like their own wife too qualified. Do they? Your priorty should be to get married" her relatives explained.
    "So now she wanted to do research even after having kids. Doesn't she worry about the cruel world naming her a bad mother. Also, she can teach her own kids if she is so qualified. Why go outside?" Society inquired.
    Her suggestions were subtly ignored and when same words came out of a male colleague,they are hailed as gold. "You lack the proper insights" boss declared with a smirk.
    She was one of many who loved science. Not all reached here. Some were forced to leave schools, others got trained in house chores. Many took the easier path because they were supposed to balance jobs with homes.

  • lovingnight 1w


    अजीब घुटन है इस फ़िज़ा की हवा में अब तो
    सीने में जाती हर सांस शिकायत करती है।
    हाँ सच है ये जमीं हमें जन्म देते ही साथ में
    एक टुकड़ा आसमान देने की इनायत करती है।

    पर किसको रोके किसको टोके सब प्लास्टिक की गिरफ्त में है,
    मिट्टी हवा पानी अब हर चीज बीमारी करती है।
    घबराती है आने वाली नस्ल, और उन्हें पाने को,
    कितने ही घरों में माँ कि सूनी कोख इबादत करती है।

    अजी दुखता है मुल्क में दिल सभी का जब जब
    एक माँ की ममता सरहद पर शहादत करती है।
    पर तब ज्यादा दुखता है जब उन्ही माँ के लालों के
    ताबूतों पर इस देश के नुमाइंदों कि जमात सियासत करती है।

    जाती धर्म रंग पैसों से बाँट कर समाज को,
    ये दुनिया मार काट मचाने की जहालत करती है।
    उठा के देखो तो इतिहास, बहुत आए बहुत गए,
    बची सभ्यता बस वही जो मोहब्बत करती है।

    गाड़ियों का शीशा साफ़ करते, रुखडे गाल लिये बच्चे की हैरानी,
    अमीरों के चंद सिक्कों पर मुस्कुराया करती है,
    ये देख झुक जाता है सर शर्म से जब किताबों का नहीं,
    कचड़े का वो नन्ही सी जिंदगी बोझ उठाया करती है।

    हाथों में कालिख, और आंखों में महलों के ख्वाब,
    लाखों बेरोज़गारों को सड़कों पर सोने को लाचार करती है,
    सूरज तो उनका भी निकलता है पर फिर भी अंधेरा नहीं जाता,
    कि रौशनी भी औकात का मुआयना कर उजाला करती है।

    ताउम्र ईंट ईंट जोड़ उसी पति के खून पसीने का,
    माँ जिस घर को ईमारत करती है,
    उसी घर की बिटिया से गली के नुक्कड़ पर,
    कुछ बिगड़े बेटों की नीयत शरारत करती है ।

    ना जाने क्यों ठेस लगती है इनके अहम् को
    जब वह खुद अपनी हिफाजत करती है,
    खतरे में आ जाता है संस्कार इस दुनिया का जब
    दोहरे मापदंड के खिलाफ वो बगावत करती है।

    यूँ तो बराबरी का दम भरते हैं पर अगर लड़की
    अपने पैरों पे खड़ी हो तो हिकारत करती है,
    कोई उसका बलात्कार करें तो कुछ नहीं पर
    वो प्यार करें तो क्या खूब तिज़ारत करती है।

    थक गयी हुँ पर ना जाने और भी कितने जवाब ढूंढने हैं,
    क्या करूँ ऐ जिंदगी, क्यूँ तू ये जलते से सवालात करती है,
    अजीब घुटन है इस फिजा की हवा में अब तो
    सीने में जाती हर सांस शिकायत करती है।

  • usamashaikh 1w

    You don't need to give roses,chocolate and teddys
    Give them respect and that's enough

  • khwahishaan 1w

    खामोश रहकर ख्यालात छुपा लेते है
    तन्हा अगर तुम रहो गले लगा लेते है

    नाराज़गी तुम्हारी भी खुद पर झेलते है
    अपने शौक में हमसे, जमाने खेलते है

    आग़ोश में गर हम रहे, सुकूँ मिलता है
    खुश तुम रहो तब साथ कहाँ मिलता है?

    संगत साफ मन बिन गलतियाँ होती है
    टेडी जैसी ही तो है ये लड़कियाँ होती है

    #mirakee #mirakeeindia #happyteddyday2020 #teddy #girls #loveweek #10feb

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  • musafirwords 2w

    Dil Hi To Hai.......
    Jis Par Apna Bas Chalta Nahi Hai...
    Karna Kya Chahe Kar Kya Jaye
    Dil Hi To Hai........
    Jo Apna Hokr Bi Sunta Nahi Hai..
    Karna Izhar Chahe Par Phir Ghabraye..
    Kya Hai Dil Chahta Ye Koi Na Smj Payee... ❤️


  • wifey_suicide 2w

    Girls and Boys

    I never thought I would be
    Feeling this sort of way
    But the way you look at me
    You got me
    And I’m not afraid

    Girls love girls
    And boys love boys

    I know there are secrets
    To millions of others
    But the way you hold me
    I can figure out yours
    And I can tell you feel the same way
    The way you look at me
    The smile of adrenaline
    You know you’re right for me
    And the way I smile back
    Is the whole reason why we got in this mess
    Laying next to each other
    Lips on neck

    Girls love girls
    And boys love boys

    But sometimes there’s a flaw
    In genetics
    Where you know that this isn’t you
    Deep down you know what’s real
    But biology class doesn’t have a clue
    You hate the smell of perfume
    And those gym shorts just won’t do

    Girls are boys
    And boys are girls

    And I’m not afraid


  • onebornon911 2w

    Most of us believe in what people tell us about someone ignoring the person's point of view and truth. Most of what people talk turn out to be rumours and their guesses instead of truth.
    Let's change our perspective and learn to know the difference between conjectures and facts.
    Let's start talking to persons instead of talking about them.
    @writersnetwork @piu_writes @writersnetwork @wizzkid @writerstolli @quotes_mirakee
    #quote #feminism #belief

    #quote #stories #qotd #quoteoftheday #wordporn #wordswag #wordsofwisdom #inspirationalquotes #writeaway #thoughts #poetry #instawriters #writersofinstagram #writersofindia #igwriters #igwritersclub
    #writerstolli #herstory #girls

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    The world will turn upside down when her tale will be told inside out.

  • khwahishaan 2w

    खुशियों की जुस्तजू होगी
    चारों ओर आस आरज़ू होगी
    हरियाली होगी हथेली में
    घर घर दीपावली होगी
    दरमियाँ बातें खूब होगी
    जब हरियाली से लहरायेगा
    भारत तिरंगे सा इतरायेगा
    तभी तो पूरी जुस्तजू होगी ©ख़्वाहिशाँ #love #india #environment #respect #girls #myquotes #save #humanity #khwahishaan #mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakeeindia #instagramwriters #instagram #tweeter #pleasesaveyourbreath

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  • life_quote 2w

    Dear girls
    Your career should be your first priority
    It is not selfishness it's responsibility

  • 12mizzy 8w

    I have just harvested all my heartaches❤ in silence and felt my jubilation in you @11maria