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    "It might have escaped your notice, but life isn't fair. "

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    Depression is....
    like a dementor who sucks out everything that is brilliant in the lives of its victims.

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    Who said Ravenclaws aren't Brave?

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    There was that sparkle
    in her eyes,
    Which no one could explain.
    Maybe because there were Nargles and Wackspurts involved.
    Or was it just a bit of soulful kindness and bravery?


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    Love Is The Darkest Art

    A Dramione fanfic serial

    Read previous episodes #darkestart

    Scene 69:

    Hermione wailed over the prone form of Draco Malfoy. Her protection charm had worn off but it hadn't been enough to save him from the cruel hands of fate. So all she could do was hold him close, clutching his head to her breast and cry. "No, no, no," she sobbed. "Please come back, Draco. Don't go!"

    Harry stood there awash in the moment. It nearly made him cry himself, seeing his dear friend overcome with tears. It was no secret Draco Malfoy never cared for him, but this reminded him too much of last year. The Tri-Wizards Tournament. The Death of Cedric Diggory.

    Ron wasn't on the edge of crying, but he was still sad, mostly for Hermione, who seemed to be taking Draco's apparent passing harder than he imagined she should. Just look at all the horrible things Malfoy had done to her over the years. Perhaps she blamed herself for whatever had happened out here before their arrival.

    Hermione turned her pleading eyes on Severus Snape. "Please, Professor. Do something. Bring him back!"

    Snape frowned, but one had to wonder if it was out of compassion or because he didn't want to be bothered helping any more than he had. He shook his head.

    "Oh please," Hermione wailed with a fresh round of sobbing at his refusal.

    "I'm sorry, Granger. I can't."

    "Why not?"

    "It is a dark magic that has stolen a piece of his soul. A piece that now puts him in this nonresponsive state. It is beyond me to restore it. It takes a darker art than I possess."

    Hermione looked down at Draco's face. This can't be the end, she thought. I refuse to accept it. Snape was the darkest wizard of Hogwarts and if he didn't have the power to restore Draco, then who did? Who had it within them? What was the darkest art anyway? And then she remembered. All the places she'd been with Draco. All the things they'd done. Things they'd discovered and learned. Draco had given her the answer to his life. He'd already shown her the darkest art. They had lived in it. Felt it. Shared it together. Their forbidden love. She began to cry anew, and when a teardrop touched his face, it was like a drop of water in an ocean they had already swam in. And then the realization hit her.

    Hermione looked at the hole in the ice. Then she looked up at Snape and tried to smile. "It wasn't my protection charm that made Draco rise back up from the lake," she said. "Was it?"

    Snape said nothing. Hermione looked like she had just discovered an answer to a test. She looked at Draco once more. He'd been taken by the lost boys of the lake, thrown into its depths. She had loomed over the hole, trying to grab him. A tear had fallen from her cheek into the cold water. And the lake had released his body. It had been returned to her. Now, she knew how to get them to give up his soul as well.

    Hermione threw herself at the opening in the ice. "Please give him back!" she shouted to the dark depths. Then somberly, "I know you may not understand. Just what people mean to each other. How one could care for another above themselves. I know you feel lost. Down there. Cold and lonely. I know it must be the most miserable thing ever. But that's the way I'll feel up here if you keep even the smallest part of him. "

    The tears began to come, running from her eyes, down her cheek, to drop from her skin into the icy water. "I've never felt this way before," she continued. "Never wanted something so much that I would beg for it to remain. But the truth is, I can't bear the thought of Hogwarts without Draco. Of Slytherin, the house you came from, without Draco." She hesitated only a second. "Of me without Draco." A burst of sobbing, brought on by this devastating thought, sent more tears into the water, ripples spreading, not outward, but down as they sank like stone into the fathoms of the lake.

    She waited, but nothing happened. Her tears were not working as she thought they would. Hadn't she cried enough to let them know the depths of her heart were just as lonely as the lake's? Wasn't love the darkest art that could achieve anything with its mad, unpredictable magic? She looked at Snape, her eyes red rimmed and still leaking tears. "It's not working," she lamented.

    Snape nodded as if he knew that speaking to ghosts achieved nothing, relying on one's own sorrow would bring nothing back. It would take more than shouting down into darkness. "Perhaps," he said, "you are imploring the wrong ones."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Do you really think the key to his soul and all its little pieces are in the hands of the dead? " He scowled. "Perhaps education is lost on you."

    Hermione turned and looked at Draco's still form. She wiped her face and knelt beside him. She lifted his head into her lap. She closed her eyes to fight back a fresh round of tears. His eyes were closed too, but hadn't she'd seen them open a second before he'd been tossed into the lake?

    "Please Draco," she said, her voice barely over a whisper. "Open your eyes. Come back. I'll be your soul, just come back."

    Nothing. No fluttering of his eyelids, not a single twitch.

    "Come on baby, you can do it."

    Standing at the sidelines, Ron looked at Harry with a quizzical look. "Baby?"

    "Draco Malfoy," Hermione continued, "you listen to me now, and you listen good. I'm your mudblood, okay? But you make me feel completely magical. You make me feel pureblood. You make me feel..." She stopped suddenly, lifted her head skyward as if muttering a prayer, then looked down at Draco again. "You wake up now, you little shit!" She pounded her fists against his chest. "Asshole! Don't you leave me! I'm not going to let you leave me without so much as a goodbye! Open your beady little eyes right now! Say something stupid like you always do." She clasped her hands together and began to push on his chest, trying to force air into his lungs and make him awake. This might have worked among muggles, but she knew he was already breathing. He was just trapped somewhere inside. She felt so helpless. She had to do something. She began to cry again in her desperation. The tears came much faster this time, dropping from her eyes and falling onto Draco's face. She soon followed her anguish and pressed her cheek to his. "I love you," she whispered. "I truly, really do. Our time together has been the most exciting, beautiful times of my life. If I can't have you back, then let me join you wherever you are." She let out a loud sob and she felt something against her cheek. Was that his eyelids twitching?

    She pulled away to look at him. His eyes were closed, but something was definitely going on behind them.


    His lips trembled. Fingers moved. His eyes slowly fluttered open. Welled with tears of his own, they focused on her. "I'm so glad you don't ever shut up," he whispered hoarsely, the old mischievous look coming back into his eyes.

    Her sob turned to a cry of joy. "Draco!"

    He mustered a tired smile. Though his face had bern pale from the cold, a warmth seemed to coming back to his cheeks. "That's why I love you, you know. Those constantly flapping lips of yours."

    She couldn't help but laugh. Her Draco was back. Whether she or her tears had brought the missing piece of his soul back, or the dark denizens of the lake had released it, she didn't know. In the end, it didn't matter. All it mattered was he was back, whole and complete. And this made her complete once more.

    "I love you too," she said. She leaned down and kissed him. "So much." His lips parted, as did hers, full upon each other, as if they were the last two pieces of a puzzle finding where they belonged. And then came the memories. She and him in the library. The greenhouse. The astronomy tower. In the tent in the forest. The rain. Dancing unseen under an invisibility cloak. Cuddled up alone at Malfoy manor after a death eater attack. It washed over her like his kisses, making her forget everything around her. She put a hand to his face, just as his rested against a spot of bare skin just under her throat. The cold was forgotten. Death a never to remembered dream. They surrendered to the kiss as if they were alone, not noticing that Severus Snape was frowning at them, nor hearing Ron ask Harry, "Um, Did she just say she loved Draco?"

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    Love Is The Darkest Art 41

    A Dramione fanfic serial

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    "Oh don't be so silly!"
    "What? I'm just asking for one date"
    "You know Ron, it would ruin our friendship"
    "But Hermione, you like me, I like you, so what's the problem?"
    "I just.... can't risk our friendship"
    "Really? You think that can stop us?"
    "I don't know.... maybe it could....."
    Then he pulled her close as the surrounding faded out. They looked into each other's eyes just to meet their own reflection....
    "I love you",said Ron.
    And as the gravity grew stronger, his soft lips touched hers and sparks flew all around them. It all felt as if they were alone in their enchanted world and being in each other's arms was the safest thing. As the passion grew stronger, Mione simply caressed Ron's hair and said
    "I love you too, Ronald"

    This is a short au I created from Harry Potter. Hope you like it��

    #Harrypotter #Ronmione #Friendship #ceesreposts
    #fanfic #fantasy #hogwarts
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @paulwrites

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    Ronmione - Love begins with friendship...


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    Dear Sirius,

    You say the ones who love us never really leave us. Did you ever realise what your leaving meant to me? Did you know how I felt?
    What's life without a bit of risk? Wow! I laugh about it now. I understand what taking risk can cost. I took a risk for you that cost me you. The first time you called me James was also the last. Same was the joy of feeling it.
    "Get away from my god son!" It still rings in my ears. I really can't imagine I ever felt like killing a person who did this for me. I failed to realise that you weren't a bad person. Just a good person who bad things had happened to.
    I have always been lucky Sirius. To have you. My eyes always craved for your smiling face, those soothing grey eyes and your embrace full of love. They still and they always will. Someone told me that the person you cared the most about was me. True, is it? I hope it is. You know.. you took away with you a part of my soul. The base of it. Now I feel baseless. Really. My soul is black. It's lonely. It seeks you. But you are nowhere to be found. I still hate the moment when I decided to come searching for you. If it hadn't been for my stupidity, if I had realised that padfoot is strong enough not to be captured, then I wouldn't have lost you.

    I simply miss you. Your expressionless face, with its eyes on me, falling into the unknown, is still imprinted in my head. I can sometimes even hear you. Out of nowhere. The knife of your death pierces deeper with every passing moment. The pain is terrible. It is. I no longer desire to be human. I want to bleed to death. But someone said that the fact I can feel pain like this is my greatest strength.
    Sometimes I feel like coming to you. To the land of the dead. But I know you wouldn't want me to come. Not there. So I won't. I am happy you got back your prongs anyways. After all death is but the next great adventure. I got really less time with you. Now all that is left is a few shards of memories. Short, yet to be preserved lifelong. Blurred, yet terribly close to the heart.
    I hope I still had you. Sorry for being a coward today. After all you are the only one whom I could share everything with, who was my star in the night sky. What hurts the most is that the soul reason for your death was me. I would have rather died than watching you die. But again I know you wouldn't want me to.
    Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being a father to me. Thank you for being in my heart, where you will always be. Thank you so much for coming in my life.
    You will always be in my heart, from where no one can take you.
    Have a great birthday. ♥️

    Yours lovingly,



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    #potterhead #hermione #fanfic #romance #malfoy #granger #younglove #fantasy #serial #novel #gryffindor #slytherin #severussnape #hagrid @drishty_das @the_jinnah @yeklavya @meghana27 @khushu_ @nidhi_04 @archanatiwari_tanuja @sanskritisinha @lay_marine @the97_introvert

    Love Is The Darkest Art

    A Dramione fanfic serial

    Read previous episodes #darkestart

    Scene 67 (cont):

    Fire and flame hit the dead boy in the legs. He buckled and dropped Draco to the ice. Hermione ran towards them, knowing the other two were charging her way. The burning boy, his hair writhing on his head, grabbed Draco and began to drag him towards the hole. Hermione dove. She hit the ice hard, barely missing Malfoy. With the wind nearly knocked out of her, she grabbed Draco's legs to keep the creature from dragging him any further. She felt the other dead boys grabbing her, trying to get her to let go. Desperate as she was to rescue Draco, it wasn't enough. As he was pulled from her grasp, she tried one last charm. "Protego!" The dead boy grinned and threw Draco through the hole into the icy waters. For a split second, that last second, Hermione thought she saw Draco open his eyes, and then he was gone. "No!" she screamed. "Draco!!"

    She tried to break free of the villians, but they held her fast. Hermione sobbed, giving up the fight. "No, Draco."

    "He was always meant to be one of us," one of them told her. "A Slytherin to replace the one we lost."

    She looked at him, pleading in her eyes. "Please give him back. He's everything to me."

    "No," they all said in unison. "We have waited too long. Our vengeance will no bounds. Those who hid us from mind and memory will suffer the most horrible of losses. Now the strength of five will arise anew!"

    Hermione crawled over to the hole in the ice. She looked down into its cold, icy depths. A tear fell from her cheek, causing a ripple. Something was rising up from the deep dark water. But it was not five as they had stated. It was only one. Draco rising up, buoyed by the protection charm Hermione had cast before he'd been tossed through the hole. A charm that not only protected him from the ice, but also made the lake reject him. The evil that lived there, whatever it made be, was throwing him back. Hermione quickly grabbed Draco's collar and hauled him up. But though the lake surrendered him, the lost dead boys would not.

    "No!" they howled. They lunged towards Hermione and grabbed her, snatching her away from Draco. One of them shook her furiously.

    "He will never wake, but sleep the sleep of ice. The old order of Slytherin wins against the new." He threw back his head and cackled. "And as the victors, we will still take another to add to our number." He looked at her and sneered triumphantly. "You..."

    "I'm not a Slytherin," Hermione replied defiant.

    Again the cold laugh. "Oh, no matter. We're not taking you to join us...only to feed us with your pure, pure soul."

    An image filled Hermione's head. A horrible, dismal picture of the four lost boys feeding on her, alive and squirming under the ice. Of life without Hogwarts. Without her friends. Her teachers. Her Draco. Just utter frozen loneliness. Food and sustenance for dead creatures enchanted to live forever, yet never be free. She began to cry, then a scream erupted from her throat as they all held her over the icy hole. Hermione took one last look at Draco. Lifeless in frozen sleep, but protected from harm thanks to her. "I'm sorry, Draco," she said.

    She heard the laughter of the lost boys and closed her eyes, waiting for the touch of the icy water. Their hands let her go and she dropped through the hole into the water. But before her body was completely submerged, she heard the command, "Wingardium Leviosa," and then she was rising into the air, away from icy fate.

    Scene 68:

    The tall, dark figure stood on the ice, towering above his two shorter companions. In his outstretched hand, colors seem to swirl around the tip of his wand as the charm lifted Hermione Granger to safety. Severus Snape moved her out of the way and then the two friends let loose their righteous anger. Both Harry Potter and Ron Weasley shouted, "Augamenti!" and pointed their wands at the dead boys of the lake. But it wasn't color that erupted from the tips. Instead, jets of forced water shot forth, striking the enemy, and sending them skidding across the frozen surface away from the opening in the ice. Then all three heroes ran towards Hermione, Snape lowering her gently to the ground.

    "Hermione," shouted Ron, catching her before she could collapse to the ice. She quickly righted herself, just as Harry shouted, "Here they come!" They all turned to see the three remaining dead boys regrouped and charging their way.

    Severus stepped forward and placed himself protectively in front of the students. His wand swirled among the fingers of his hand like a gunslinger in a muggle's old west movie. "Locomotor Mortis!"

    The legs of the attackers locked and they fell face forward on the ice. Upon impact, chips and pieces of ice broke free from the surface, creating fissures as it started to crack.

    Harry stepped up next to Snape and issued his own magicl attack. "Oppugno!", he cried, causing the broken pieces to rise in the air and attack the villians, plummeting down like rain upon their heads.

    Ron, wanting to contribute, drew alongside Snape and Harry, aiming his wand carefully at the now fallen dead boys. He hesitated a moment, started to say something, then mumbled, "Oh blimey, I forgot..."

    Snape looked at him in apparent disgust and let out an exasperated sigh. With a complicated twist of his wand, he muttered something under his breath and summoned the three boys. They slid across the ice towards him, the leg locking curse still rendering them unable to stand. The one with the pale green hair looked up at him, his eyes going wide. "You," the lost boy hissed.

    Harry and Ron looked at the potions master in confusion, but Severus was looking down at the boys sadly. "Me," he said. "Watching you all those years ago, I should have stopped you then. But I was content under the tree, watching you fools tempt fate."

    Now, Hermione realized what her earlier nightmare had meant. Snape had been there when the boys fell victim to the evil in the lake. He was the fifth boy. The one they claimed to have lost. As a young boy, he would have succumbed to the curse as well, if he hadn't been sitting under a tree, writing.

    "You should have joined us," the lost boy of the lake said. "What was so important, that you couldn't play with us on the lake?"

    "I was writing a letter," Snape quietly confessed.

    The boy grimaced. "Who could have been more important than your Slytherin brothers?"

    For the shortest of moments, Severus glanced at Harry. Too brief to even be noticed, he returned his attention to the cold, cursed boys. "It's not important now." Then he cast a look at the fallen Draco. "But you must return Malfoy now."

    "We can't," the boy seemed to cackle. "He is the chosen one....unless...you care to finally join us." The others snickered with him.

    A look of anger crossed Snape's face. He muttered some dark and terrible words, jabbed his wand toward the ice and it collapsed under the boys, sending them back into the icy waters that had claimed them long ago. Another few words and blocks of ice materialized to push them towards the bottom, weighing them down like heavy dirt over a grave.

    Harry stepped back, fearful of Snape's rage. Ron too, retreated, afraid he'd turn his curses on them in his anger. Snape turned his eyes towards them and they began to think maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come with Snape in search of the rebellious Hermione. But Severus was no longer looking at Harry or Ron. His gaze was on the poor fallen student he was supposed to protect in the boy's father's absence. Draco. Cold and lifeless, now being held in the arms of a wailing Hermione Granger.

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    Love Is The Darkest Art 40

    A Dramione fanfic serial

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    #hogwarts #harrypotter #dramione #draco
    #potterhead #hermione #fanfic #romance #malfoy #granger #younglove #fantasy #serial #novel #gryffindor #slytherin #hagrid @drishty_das @the_jinnah @yeklavya @meghana27 @khushu_ @nidhi_04 @archanatiwari_tanuja @sanskritisinha @lay_marine @the97_introvert

    Love Is The Darkest Art

    A Dramione fanfic serial

    Read previous episodes #darkestart

    Scene 66:

    Hermione looked at the broom in trepidation. She'd never been much good at flying, and the broom Hagrid provided wasn't in good shape.

    "I use it for sweeping," he explained. "Can't fly very well on a stick, being my size and all."

    Hermione nodded, looking at the ratty thing. For once, she wished she were Harry, or even Ron. They knew their way around broomsticks.
    "What were those things?" she asked, trying not to think of what she was getting ready to do. "Those boys? Are they like ghosts or something?"

    "Well, they be dead, that's for sure. But not exactly ghosts. They used to just call them the lost boys of the lake. Until Dumbledore froze it over year round. I guess everyone had forgotten about them."

    "What killed them and made them that way? They were wearing Slytherin colors."

    "Yeah, Slytherin. They say it was he who enchanted the lake long ago. Gave it an evil soul, I reckon. I can only assume he meant it fer his enemies, but it turned on him and years later took some of his own. Back when most yer teachers were students here themselves. They say a group of Slytherin boys were playing on the ice one winter. They were troublemakers, like Draco, and I guess they was doing stuff they shouldn't out there. The ice broke through and they were lost in the lake. Don't know what happened to them down there but when they were pulled out it was too late. They were dead. Froze solid, I heard. But something of them remained in that lake. Maybe a dark piece of their soul or something, and it took on a life if it's own. So, Dumbledore sealed the lake. I guess somebody let them out."

    Hermione thought of her nightmare. The boys on the lake. The one who was sitting on the sidelines. Who was he? She had no time to waste on these things. She had to rescue Draco somehow. She looked at the old, tattered broom in front of her. "Up," she commanded. It did nothing. "Up," she said again, a little more forceful. Begrudgingly, the broom rose, allowing Hermione to straddle it. She gripped it tight, apparently nervous about flying on the ratty thing. She looked at Hagrid. "Wish me luck."

    "Um, look here, Hermione, you can't go off like this, trying to save the day all by yourself. That Draco, he don't even like you."

    Tears started to well up in her eyes, but she couldn't tell Hagrid the truth. He might have been the most relaxed and open minded of her teachers, but he wasn't very good at secrets once he got to talking. "It doesn't matter," she finally replied. "He's Hogwarts, and that's all that matters."

    "You have a good heart, Hermione Granger. Go on and go. I'll try to catch up quick as I can." He slapped the back of the broom as if it was a horse's flank. With a sudden jerk, it leaped forward, nearly unseating the girl. "Oops, did I do that?"

    "Fly, new friend," Hermione whispered in a tiny voice, and the broom took off into the air, leaving Hagrid to talk to himself.

    Once he realized she was gone and on her way, he whistled. A large black boarhound was suddenly to his side. "Well Fang, you ready for a run?"

    Scene 67:

    The wintry night air was so chill, Hermione's hands were nearly stuck to the broom. But this was a good thing. At intervals, the broom bucked, as if trying to shake her off. "I don't like riding on you any more than you like me to," she scolded. "Just get me to the lake, and you can go back to being propped up in a corner waiting for dust."

    From this height, and she wished to go no higher, Hermione couldn't see the lost boys of the lake. They'd had a pretty good lead on her, and by all likelihood, had already returned to their icy home with the captive Draco. Please don't let me lose him, she thought. Don't let them kill my Draco. With the thought of killing, she began to cry anew, but then caught herself. She had to be strong. For Draco. Only courage was going to save him. This was no time for a weeping girl. This was a time to step up and be somebody's hero for once. The time for victims was over.

    Up ahead, she spied the lake as it came into view. There were figures on it's frozen surface. Maybe she wasn't too late. With strong resolve, she commanded the broom to go faster. It didn't argue this time and followed her orders as if she were its master, and it a nimbus model broom.

    As she drew nearer and swooped down towards the lake, she saw the figures more clearly. Draco lay sprawled on the ice, still unconscious. His four captors seemed to be searching for something. Frantic, they scurried around, looking for something they couldn't see from their vantage point. But Hermione could. The hole in the ice from which they had emerged. They couldn't locate it. But she saw it and knew she had to reach them quick if she were to save Draco. Her Draco. Not theirs. Hers!

    She sent the broom into a dive, much in the way she'd seen Harry do in the midst of exciting Quidditch matches. The dead boy creatures noticed her swooping down and snarled, still trying to find their way home. Hermione released the broom and rolled off just inches above the ice. Instantly she was on her feet, wand drawn.

    One of the boys growled and charged at her. Once he may have had blonde hair, but now it was a sickly pale green, and it writhed on his head like angry sea snakes. Normally, it would have been a frightening visage to terrorize, but now it just made Hermione angry.

    "Impedimenta," she shouted. The tip of her wand sparked and the boy seemed to freeze in place. He snarled, unable to fully move but still struggling against the spell. Hermione turned to the next one, jabbing her wand in his direction. "Impedimenta!" He tried to duck to avoid the attack, but it still struck him full on causing his limbs to lock, rendering him immobile.

    The remaining two lost boys hit her both at the same time, sending her and her wand skittering across the ice in different directions. One of them, a boy with ice protruding from his silvery blue face, let out a cry of triumph. He had discovered the opening in the ice. Quickly, he went for Draco's prone form and snatched him up. The other clutched Hermione's throat in a tight grip, lifting her off the ground.

    "He is ours," he hissed. "We have waited many years for another to be added to our number. It was always supposed to be five."

    "Pick somebody else," Hermione managed to say, though the supernatural thing tightened its grips. "He is mine."

    For a moment, the thing's face slackened, as if for a brief second humanity had tried to regain hold. But it snarled again. "Then we'll take you both," it said, dragging her towards the hole.

    She tried to fight him, but he still held her by the throat. The more she struggled, the tighter his hold became. She began to choke and gag, but she managed to get one word out. "Accio."

    The wand raced towards her and settled in her hand. She twirled it in her fingers and hoarsely choked out the command, "Incendio," before jabbing the tip into the lost boy's eye. A burst of flame erupted from the socket. Hermione was released and she fell to the ice, still clutching her fire tipped wand.

    The dead boy howled in terror and anguish. From his eye, and down onto his cheek, he seemed to be melting, as if he were made of ice himself. He tried to pat the flame out, but to no avail. Half blind, he ran towards where he thought the hole in the ice would be. He couldn't find it and screamed his anger and fear, spinning around on the ice. Then the Impedimenta charm wore off of his companions.

    Hermione turned to them, ready to incinerate their faces too, but they were gliding past her, seizing their frantic companion and pulling him to the hole. They dropped him through and he sank into the icy depths, the flame immediately extinguished. Then they turned to Hermione, a cold rage in their eyes. She knew she couldn't take them both and save Draco as well. Already he'd been seized by the boy with the ice in his face. She was going to have to choose. Fight the oncoming dead duo or wrest Malfoy from the one who was dragging him to the ice opening. Wielding her wand, she took aim. "Incendio!"

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    Love Is The Darkest Art 39

    A Dramione fanfic serial

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    By unknown writer

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    It matters not what someone is born. But what they grow to be!

    - Albus Dumbledore

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    Love Is The Darkest Art

    A Dramione fanfic serial

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    Scene 63:

    Hagrid was halfway to Hogwarts when he felt it. A cold chill that went beyond snowy weather. An icy numbness that made him feel as if the fingers of death were poking him in his ribs. He stopped walking and waited. Within seconds it came, the echo of children's voices. Boys, from the sound of it. All chanting the same thing, "Slytherin...Slytherin...Slytherin."

    He knew it wasn't kids from Hogwarts, for the voices sounded garbled, as if their mouths were filled with chunks of ice. He looked back in the direction he'd come. Towards his hut. Hermione was there unprotected. If he continued to Hogwarts, the voices would lull her into frozen sleep and they'd steal Draco away. Drag him back to the lake that had claimed him. As if to clarify this, the voices whispered on the wind, "He is ours. Give him to us."

    Hagrid ran across the snow, frantically retracing his steps to home.

    Scene 64:

    Hermione stood over Draco's body, protecting it from whatever waited outside the door. The voices still whispered and seemed to add more chill to the room. "We want him. He is ours now," they said.

    "No, he's not!" she screamed. "He's mine."

    "Then, we'll take you too," they echoed.

    "Get away from here!" Defiant, she sent a charm to the door that caused it to temporarily seal shut. For a moment, it was as if the door had disappeared and had been replaced by a solid wall.

    A chilling laughter echoed into the room. "Illusions have no effect on those who are made as we. Throw down your wand..."

    For a moment, as if hpynotized, she almost did. But then resolve returned. "You can't have him," she growled.

    "Yesss, we can. He is promised to us. He came into our waters, an offering. He is bound to us."

    "He was bound to me first. Go away!"

    "Come outside and we'll show you wonders, Hermione Granger. Dreams upon dreams. Let us show you."

    "I have my dream right here. Please leave us alone."

    Hermione began to cry, her resistance waning. The voices were no longer outside, but within. Not in the hut itself, but inside her. She could hear them, feel their lonely, tired vibrations moving through her frame. "Come," they enticed. "Step outside and into your most beautiful dreams." She lowered her wand. "You and he forever," the chill voices promised. "Embracing for eternity. No one to interfere ever again. Just you...and him.."

    Giving in to the hypnosis, she dropped the wand from her hand, and walked to the door. The illusion charm was gone and she put her hand on the doorknob.

    "Yeeeessss," the voices sighed. "Come out. We will show you how things could be.."

    "Yes, show me," Hermione whispered back, caught up in the spell and promises. "I want to see it. Give me my dreams." She turned the knob and opened the door. She thought she heard Hagrid's voice yelling something. But the voices were louder in her head, muffling his words. She meant to join them, to let them take Draco, too. She looked back at the still,prone body of her boyfriend. "We'll be together forever," she whispered. "No more keeping it secret. Just like we've always wanted."

    She turned to the open door, began to take that first step, and then saw the ones who belonged to the desperate lonely voices in her head. There were five of them. Boys. Dressed in faded green and silver. Slytherin uniforms, yet of an older style than those worn by the modern student. The clothes hung off their frames in tatters, as if the bodies were on their way to being skeletal corpses. Skin tinted blue and covered in a cracked sheen of ice, their long bony fingers reached out for her as if desperate for an embrace. Any embrace.

    Somewhere in the back of her addled mind, a tiny voice told her to stop, and for a brief second she did. Hesitating in the doorway, she heard their eerie chant of "Slytherin, Slytherin, One more Slytherin." She thought of Draco. That's who they wanted. The voices wanted her to give him up. To let them take him. They already had a piece of him. A portion of his soul that contained memory and hope. They had tasted of it and wanted more. Much more. She didn't want to let him go, but their will was strong against hers. She couldn't hold off their commands forever. She was weakening in spirit, giving up her own hopes to surrender Draco to them. She started to step aside as they approached the threshold, nearly salivating at the prospect of their victim.

    "Hermione!" It was Hagrid's booming voice that stopped her. "Stay inside!" Then there was a resounding crack, a blinding flash, and Hermione was thrown back into the room, away from the door. A shimmer covered the open doorway, and the lost boys of the lake howled in fury. They tried tearing boards and siding loose in their rage, but every time they touched the shack, it repelled them with warm fire and sparks.

    Hagrid waded into their midst, flinging the boys away. They attempted to curse and throw spectral charms at him, but they had no effect. Hagrid may not have been a master of magic, but he wasn't short on protection from it. He could grasp the children of ice and zombie without consequence.

    Hermione watched from her trapped position inside the hut, impressed by not only the spell Hagrid had cast to keep invaders out of his hut, but how he was now flinging them around like rag dolls. "Yer cant have 'im," he howled, shoving one that came back at him, trying to get around his bulk to enter the hut.

    While others attacked the mountainous Professor, One of the creatures managed to get around him. Leaping at the entrance, he stopped short, just inches from the doorway. He seemed to know an invisible barrier was there. He paced back and forth, rubbing his hands together like a gluttonous predator over a young otter who had run out of escape routes.

    Hermione raised her wand in a shaky hand. Soon, whatever small spell Hagrid had used would wear off, and the door would be clear. She could cast another if she was quick enough, but to what avail? They would just wait that one out, too. She turned to look at Draco. He was still unconscious, but stirring in the midst of a nightmare, shivering and shaking as if he were laying upon an ice floe, rather than a dirt floor. "My love," Hermione whispered. "Hang in th..."

    Something hit her hard, causing her to lose her wand. It skidded across the room, too far for her to reach. One of the demonic boys had breached the room, shoving her out of the way to reach Draco. She reacted quick and leaped upon the intruder's back, wrapping her arm around it's neck in a chokehold. With a normal person this may have worked, but the boy from the lake was ice cold and his skin chilled Hermione so much she had to let go.

    The boy snarled, flipping her off her back and onto the floor, knocking the wind out of her. Then, with little effort, he scooped Malfoy's prone body up in his arms and headed for the door. Hermione rolled over and tried to scurry after him, coughing and trying to catch her breath. She grabbed the boy's ankle to stop him , but he shook her off and kicked her in the head. Her vision receded and everything went black. The last thing she saw before darkness was her beloved Draco being carried away from her.

    Scene 65:

    The nightmare was vivid. Four boys playing on the ice, despite the warning sign they had playfully plucked from the lake edge and thrown into the snow. They laughed and cackled, throwing snowballls at each other, while another of their number sat on a nearby snowbank, engrossed in penning a letter. They tried to get him to come play, but he dismissed them with a wave of his hand. "I'm busy!"

    "He's writing a girl," one teased. "Oh lily, you're so sweet," mocked another. "Lucius, would play with us. He wouldn't be so hung up on a silly girl." At that they all roared on laughter, slapping each other on the backs. Then the ice broke and they plummeted into the bone numbing depths of the lake.

    Hermione bolted awake. Hagrid's face loomed over her, looking down at her in worry and regret. "I'm sorry," he said. "I tried to stop them. Nothing can help him now."

    She sat upright so fast she almost butted him in the head. "We can help him!" She struggled to her feet, her head a still little dizzy.

    "We'll never catch up to 'em. They got too much of a start."
    Hermione gave him a determined look. "Got a broom?"

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    Love Is The Darkest Art 38

    A Dramione fanfic serial

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    You doubt me ....plz don't

    Don't doubt my friendship ...
    I have learned it from Harry Potter
    Don't doubt my courage
    I have learned it from Ash from Pokemon
    Don't doubt my love
    I have learned it from Raj Aryan from Mohabbatein
    Don't doubt my way living life
    I have learned it from Kabir thapar from YJHD

  • the_mist 5w

    #J.K.Rowling #PrisonerOfAzkaban #HarryPotter
    By Albus Dumbledore

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    But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

  • lost__soul__ 5w

    Expecto Patronum

    A spell which everyone really want to use to remove some unwanted people from their lives who behaves like our close ones but are actually not.

  • aru 5w

    Call us arrogant
    Call us rude
    Even call us the "know it all"
    But we all know
    If you got your ass in trouble
    We will save y'all

    "Heros" is the name
    That we are recognised for
    Our friendship is pure and innocent
    For which will would die for

    We learn the rules to break them
    We are the most craziest kind
    We don't like potions
    So please don't mind

    Bravest of them all
    Charmer of death
    We will steal your heart
    Before you even Spare a glance

    Yes we are reckless
    Yes we don't plan every move
    Our actions are honest and spontaneous
    Maybe because we have a badass cat to save us

    We are a little clumsy
    But we have hufflepuffs to help us
    We do sometimes trust people blindly
    Thus we have slytherins to protect us
    And yes ofcoruse we do some dumbshit so
    We have Ravenclaws to drag us

    But at the end of the day everyone
    Wants to be a Gryffindor
    As we are the storm after the springfall


    #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #pod #gryffindor #gryffindorpride #gryffindorhouse #braveones @mirakee @writersnetwork #potterhead #harrypotter @doozy_dime @aryaabhipsa @knulll

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    Experience-oriented , practical, blunt , passionate , funny , trusting , kind , rebellious , chivalrous

    Songs dedicated to my Gryffindor fam
    Thunder- imagine dragons
    Rise- Katy Perry
    Dysfunctional-Tech n9ne
    Madhatter-Malanie Martinez
    Just like fire- p!nk
    Take me to church- hozier

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    The ones who love us never really leave us, You can always find them in here ♥️


  • anonymous_feelz 6w

    Oh, sweet time turner, 

    As small as a dime 

    Take me back to a better time. 

    Take me back to when my soul was light 

    Take me back to when the days were bright. 

    Please act fact. If you might?

    Sorry if the timings tight. 

    Oh, sweet time turner. 

    Where thou art? 

    Fast forward right to the good part.


  • anonymous_feelz 6w

    It's funny, i think 

    How I've always thought I've known, 

    What i'd see infront of me 

    Glancing at the mirror of Erised. 

    My own very features 

    Reflected in another's face, 

    My own flesh and blood 

    Your checks flushed with real red.

    If i imagine hard enough 

    I can pick out our features, 

    How we have the same button nose 

    And the same shape of our cheeks. 

    Its not like i havent ever wondered 

    Exactly what id say, 

    After all this time to ponder 

    Sometimes I'd dream about you for weeks. 

    And maybe I'd stretch out a hand 

    And our finger tips would touch, 

    Yet i can't quite feel your warmth 

    Through the cold hard polished glass. 

    I feel my heart being tugged apart 

    Trying to cross all physical barriers, 

    A distance half the world across 

    Will this feeling ever pass? 

    The first contact 

    Since that fate-full day, 

    When life and circumstance, 

    Took you away.

    Emotions come flooding out 

    My heartstrings begin to fray

    It's not fair i'll never know you 

    Why can you not just stay? 

    But i realise that you're not truly here 

    Not physically standing before me, 

    Your out there in the real world 

    Not confined in this anchient frame. 

    I can't keep on staring at you forever 

    I have to let this version of you fade, 

    And trust that this connection i feel 

    Transcends all boundaries of distance and sight … 

    sometimes, i believe… 

    it might.


  • anonymous_feelz 6w

    A dementors breath, 

    Across your lips 

    A last kiss, 

    To end the wheel. 

    One final act, 

    In your living life 

    From which, 

    You'll never heal.

    Coldness creeps, 

    Under your skin 

    Theres a darkness now, 

    Blotting out all light.

    A rattling breath, 

    Your soul sucked out 

    And just like that, 

    Your sin's set right.

    A blue orb hovers, 

    Above your corpse 

    Your breathing still, 

    But all life is gone.

    It's left you now, 

    It can't return 

    Even if it tried to, 

    Did it ever belong? 

    And there you're left, 

    Alive but dead 

    For the dementors kiss, 

    Your bodies soul bereft.


  • elzabeth 6w

    Everybody I have ever encountered was a dementor to me. Some sucked out my happiness, some my love, and others hope.

    And then he came as a patronus, and I found myself ignited with hope and love. Something I never could have possessed on my own.