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    Awake in me, Your Spirit Lord;
    Cause my eyes to see Your face,
    And my mind to know Your ways.
    Awake in me, Your Spirit Lord;
    Bring me close to feel Your pain,
    Grant me strength to do Your will.

    Wake me up from the slumbering that plagues my soul;
    Wake me up from the wanderings that steals my mind;
    Wake me up from vanity and vain pursuits;
    Wake me up from myself and all that holds me down.

    © ante

  • _chevy 4w

    You can hear better without using your ears,
    You can see better without using your eyes,
    And speak more clearly without using your words.
    When you do all these things through the spirit of God.


  • eyg744 4w

    Thank you February for the hard lessons. I had other plans. God said "I have other plans for you. I need my daughter to refocus on us and the plans I have set for her." I have cried more than I thought imaginable. My heart was shattered in a gazillion pieces. It still aches but the fire from within is being the light in my darkness. The hope in my despair. I threw myself in what makes me happy. Prayer, writing, music, walking and yoga. Friends I thought were long lost resurfaced all at once. God said, "Here are those Angels that will remind you who you are. What you stand for. What you mean to them and how they see you. Need I remind you that you are my daughter. Need I remind you that I run through your veins and spirit. Need I remind you that I am the one that will carry you. I am at the throne. No one else but I." Thank you heavenly Father for the lessons, love, mercy and grace. I have grown more in this last month than in the 39 years I have before me. I have loved. I have lost and that's ok. For I accept and trust the path you want in my life. I am yours and only yours. I will focus on cultivating my gift. I will learn to love myself. I'm placing you first. I am strong, resilient, loved, enough, wanted, appreciated by you and those who love me. That there is all I need.
    ©eyg744— E.Y.G— 03/01/2020
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    February Madness

  • vavachi 5w

    #holyspirit #nature #love #italian #travel #life #inspiration #friendship #poetry #thoughts #diary
    come holy spirit....
    fill the hearts of your faithful and light in them the fire of your love.
    send your spirit and everything will be created...
    and you will renew the face of the earth.

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    Vieni Santo Spirito......
    Riempi i cuori dei tuoi fedeli e accendi in essi ill fuoco del tuo amore.
    Manda il tuo Spirito e ogni cosa sara' creata.....
    E rinnoverai la faccia della terra.

  • blanche237 5w

    Sweedy if you get so lost that you can't find your peace, or maybe that dilemma keeps wearing you out..
    Settle for your peace.If it ain't giving you peace, then you should probably drop it.Remember peace is a fruit of the spirit , and if it isn't there over that situation, then it's not what your Spirit needs.
    Romans 14:23"But the man who has doubts, is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith;And everything that is not from faith, in sin."
    If it's not an act of faith, if you're not settled and still doubtful about it, then don't let the indecision win.Your peace should win at all times.

  • victoress_ 9w

    I think I'm high.
    High on you.
    Last night, we had a romance,
    After I flipped through the pages of Romans.
    Sitting under kemi's tree,
    We had a chemistry,
    And like a chemical reaction,
    I love you and that's irreversible.

    I love the way you caress my lips,
    And make them move uncontrollably.
    I crave for you irresistibly,
    I want to drink you to stupor,
    You are my addiction, My obsession.

    I'm high,
    High on you, Holyspirit.


  • victoress_ 9w

    I think I'm high.
    High on you.
    Last night, we had a romance,
    After I flipped through the pages of Romans.
    Sitting under kemi's tree,
    We had a chemistry,
    And like a chemical reaction,
    I love you and that's irreversible.

    I love the way you caress my lips,
    And make them move uncontrollably.
    I crave for you irresistibly,
    I want to drink you to stupor,
    You are my addiction, My obsession.

    I'm high,
    High on you, Holyspirit.



  • frederico 10w

    Words of Conscious Enlightment

    It is much easier to write
    about frustations and bitterness,
    to give in
    to the worldly desires,
    to write about what the world admires,
    to share stories of sadness
    or almost evil defined madness
    or broken hearts
    filled with pain, hate or bitterness.

    I consciously choose
    to write about happiness,
    trying to be a light in this world
    of so much shared darkness.
    Though I have to admit
    it is a big challenge
    to float words
    of salt and compassion.

    But it is not me who writes,
    but the power of the Spirit
    Whom guides,
    as He lays the words in my heart
    and I just let my fingers do the start
    and unconsciously tap into His source,
    allowing Him
    to use me as an instrument,
    which is pleasing to the Father and the Son,
    as I glorify and lift up the name of the Lord,
    sharing the love as He has commanded
    and just trying to make a difference
    to be a light in this world
    high up in the hill
    open and unhidden.

    God bless you all.

    18 Jan 2020


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  • dotsey 11w

    J U S T B E L I E V E

    Whoever Believes in Him.

    This is precious to me!

    John 3:16

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

    I love this Scripture so much because of the revelations I see in it.

    The Scripture says; whoever believes in Him.

    Why should we believe in Jesus?
    What is in Jesus?

    This is it...
    John 1:4
    In Him was life and the life was the light of men.

    John 6:63
    It's the Spirit who gives life, the flesh profits nothing, the words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life.

    The Scripture did not say we should believe about Him or outside Him but in Him.

    Meaning, what you need is on the inside of Him not around or about Him.

    In Him was life.
    And it's the Spirit who gives life.

    Meaning, the Spirit is life.
    Therefore, In Him was the Spirit.

    The Scripture in Hebrews 9:14 says the Holy Spirit is eternal. It's amazing!

    The Holy Spirit is life and He is Eternal.

    Therefore, the Holy Spirit is eternal life!

    We believe in Jesus to receive the Holy Spirit. John 7:37-39

    Again...we believe in Jesus to receive the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 1:13-14

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have the Holy Spirit!

    It's all about the Holy Spirit!


    God bless you!


    @lionspeak #life #love

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    Believe the name

    He is eternal God

  • frederico 17w

    No Limit for the Holy Spirit

    He has no time.
    He has no limit.
    He was with Moses,
    but also with David and Jesus,
    even with Paul and Agabus.

    He still exists within.
    So is His power,
    but unfortunately
    sometimes diminished, restricted,
    even rejected.

    Then it makes me think:
    "What is holding us back?
    Is it misunderstanding?
    Has belief fainted?
    Or is it just natural fear?"

    He gave signs through prophets.
    He prophecied through kings.
    He was sent by our Lord as a gift
    and materialized
    many signs and wonders
    through Peter
    and his fellow apostles.

    Are instant miracles
    only meant for that time,
    for the Bible?
    Is the supernatural manifestation
    not also meant
    for the age we live in?
    Is the prophecy from Joel
    not meant for our time?

    My heart is crying and screaming;
    "Don't restrict
    the power of the Spirit.
    Don't reject the thought
    of instant signs and wonders.
    Don't fear
    the supernatural
    for the fruit
    will discern
    one's real lyrics."

    Open your ears
    to hear His voice.
    Open your mind
    to "see" in the mind.
    Open your spirit
    to experience
    beyond the natural.

    For there is no limit
    for God's Spirit ...

    8 dec 2018


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    No Limit for the Holy Spirit


  • frederico 19w


    I feel the urge
    to let words flow out of my mouth
    from thoughts flowing so undescribable,
    still unstructured,
    waiting to get properly aligned
    with the will of the Spirit,
    once again
    - but never too often -
    to inspire a brother, a sister,
    even a non-believer,
    to get filled, fueled,
    refilled or refueled,
    for all of us have those needs,
    as did the Son of Man
    before He got glorified
    by our Heavenly Father.


    22 Nov 2019

    Inspired by the event "Time to Refresh" @ Stichting Jeugdcentrum by "His Healing Voice".


    Image credit to the rightful owner

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  • heavenly_broadcast 19w


    You may seem like a tree without it's leaves
    Like a farm without her yields
    Feeling like a hen without her chicks
    Like a candle without its wick
    Or like a mountain without its peak

    The road may be long and tough
    Like a wilderness stretching nonstop
    And all of your hope seems forlorn
    But it is better to be slow and sure
    Than to be swift unto a fall

  • frederico 20w

    Even in The Desert

    You might feel terrible at times.
    You might feel lost,
    like you're alone in the desert.
    You might stay awake at night,
    because you feel
    something's not right.

    In the midst of it all,
    He is still there
    along with you
    dragging you through all the challenges
    for His Word says;
    He will never leave
    nor forsake thee.

    And when the drought has ceased,
    so will the desert disappear
    and in its place
    fertile soil will appear,
    making your sight
    so bright and clear,
    that rivers from living water,
    as mentioned in John 7:38,
    will flow from within.

    So keep your eyes on Him,
    'cause for sure,
    throughout time,
    His Word has proven
    to always be sacred
    and pure ...

    16 Nov 2019



    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    Even in The Desert


  • frederico 22w


    through actions
    aligned with the Spirit
    breaks resistance
    and leads to acceptance,
    and finally

    26 Oct 2019


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  • frederico 25w

    A Love Letter Declaration

    Dear Honey B,
    Today it is exactly 5 years,
    that we decided to promise each other
    in front of the world
    that you and I
    are united together,
    till death do us part.

    You have shown me then
    and still are demonstrating now,
    that indeed you are the rock
    keeping me standing
    and despite my imperfections,
    I am still your pride.

    You waited for me
    even though your world of hope
    became less
    and less.
    In my darkest hour,
    you stood by me
    and during this journey
    you created your own "War Room",
    though almost invisible,
    yet effective,
    thereby contributing to my return
    to the path of purpose
    of our Heavenly Father.

    During this new journey
    He has revealed to us
    through His Son
    that He wants to be
    at the center of our lives
    and thereby
    confirming again and again
    that you are indeed
    His gift to me,
    which makes me feel more grateful
    and let my love for you grow stronger
    each and everyday.

    May God continue to bless our marriage.
    May Jesus stay at the center of our lives.
    May He keep using us,
    led by the Holy Spirit,
    as an inspiration to others, especially our kids and family
    and may we be
    the salt in the world
    in the Name of our Lord Jesus.

    Much ♡,
    Your DP 4 Life


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    A Love Letter Declaration


  • ney_itsbeen_awhile 26w

    That night

    I remembered I was drowned to my sheet that I couldn't sleep
    Then opened mirakee family
    Here I go, reading those letters of people expressing beauty,affection & trauma
    Some could spark out light outta self
    Some thunderclouds still relaying on rainbows
    I could feel the captivating universe around
    The scream of errays dispersion to lit
    Part of lines, the spirit of God never fails to empower me
    That could always feed my soul to sensational foresee
    ~grateful ~ \(^o^)/
    Then the dried eyes started to blink the breathe └(^O^)┐

    Everything we see to observe ourselves are the must to be appreciated
    You could be broke,teared apart & still glimpse Yo that's the best feeling.
    This is just a part of that night how I overcome ◕‿◕ but this are

    1. Faith
    3.enchanting holy spirit


  • cobyswoop 26w

    Holy Spirit

    Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit
    In everyday of my life
    In our very hearts that clean it
    That witheld us from strife

    It guides us through everyday
    Never thinking of another way
    Holy Spirit you have guided me
    And gave me Awesome glee

    Through thick and thin you gave wisdom
    And wisdom that shines like no other
    That is heard of in every kingdom
    That soothes me like a tender brother

  • frederico 29w

    We Are FBMI

    We are called
    to walk by faith
    and not by sight,
    believing in the Trinity,
    staying connected to our Lord Jesus Christ
    to give meaning to His greatest gift,
    which is to love one another
    as ourselves
    and to express along
    the fruit of the Spirit.

    We serve His Kingdom,
    sharing His LOVE through the Gospel,
    building up faith for the individual
    and each other,
    taking our responsibility
    for the pastoral
    and evangelical,
    and also believing
    that the prophetic
    and the apostolic
    are still present,
    led by the Holy Spirit,
    with the Holy Bible as our foundation,
    all for the glorification
    of His Name.

    We are Faith Builders Ministries International,
    servants of the most High!


    9 Sep 2019


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    We Are FBMI


  • onyx_writes 33w

    They keep telling me what to do. How to dress. How to act. Who to love. Yet they claim that I should be proud of myself. Yet am constantly intimidated by their words. They said I should own my body. Yet deep down I don't actually own it. With tears rolling. With my heart filled with the pains I have tried to bear down. I found hope in myself. I have found my inner strength. I found someone special. With my faith growing strong day in day out. I have found you Lord.

    HS 'Holy Spirit'

  • onyx_writes 33w



    Fears that shown so bright.
    Pain that overtook my heart.
    The darkness felt overwhelming
    The tears never stopped
    Your presence were slowing fading away
    Yet the words I held on
    'I will always be there, Just Trust'
    I closed my heart from believing the Truth
    The faded truth
    I turned my heart away from you
    Yet you never left my side
    Even when I never deserved it
    You were still there.
    You kept holding up
    My hope redeemed
    My strength grew strong
    I never imagined I had get past it
    Get past my problems
    Yet I did