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    You have witnessed 'em all,
    O, walls.
    You have dried my tears,
    O, my bed sheets.
    O, joyful, smiling angels in the painting,
    I know you always saw my silent crying.
    If only...
    If only this heart of mine could break the 'walls,'
    And these feet could run up to you... to
    If only you were my
    House's walls,
    Bed sheets,
    Then my burdened heart, in spite the 'walls,'
    May as well sprint to a compassionate
    Like in a reunion between
    A loving father
    And a prodigal son.


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    @_a dream_book
    #if you like it or hate it please comment on it..improvements and suggestions are welcome��☺☺☺☺☺

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    When the Jacaranda Blooms

    Chapter 2

    I dreaded the answer I would get from my mother because I already knew it ,I just didn't want it to be true.As Alice wheeled me into the living room ,I could feel the temp in the room rise as my temper was rising , I simply couldn't afford the impending drama .A few months ago if would have been a happy occasion (the kind I had been excitedly planning and waiting for ) but life had taken its course in those following months and changed my mind ,marriage was just out of question .

    The car accident had been a horrible one ,I had been at robots tapping my fingers to the beat of ' Easy by Dani Leigh' and I recall the smell of burning rubber more than the screech of tires ;the impact of the crash had pushed me forward right onto oncoming traffic,as if instinctively I reached behind for my baby ;but the seat belt was stuck and maybe it was her scared cry or the alarming screams from onlookers that dawned the realisation that I was in deep trouble , after that all I remembered was screams ,petrol and then dead silence .I had woken up after three months in a hospital bed with no baby and no control of my lower body ,according to the doctor I had injured my spine ,not life threatening but it did cause just enough damage to paralyse me.

    'Its time you stop mopping around Shar, if you won't do physiotherapy then at least get back to normal life',my mom says
    'Mother ,I am in a wheelchair ,I lost Cher and you want what?,' I said .
    I didn't believe her audacity.She had called them here as of my opinion on the matter didn't matter at all.

    Just as I was about to say my mind the chime of the doorbell rang and they were here .Mind you these weren't strangers, they were indeed my future (had been future ) in-laws .I had been engaged or still was just until a few weeks ago when I awoke from a coma and decided I didn't want to burden anyone especially not Keith Wiler .He was the love of my life and had been visibly heartbroken by my decision but the doctor had told them to expect some drastic changes in character as a result of the trauma of being a new paralytic .As they came in from the corridor ,my mother's breezy voice blending in with the visitors in welcoming notes.

    Alice grabbed my shoulders in a supportive stance I suppose as I took several deep breaths to calm my erratic heartbeat; I hadn't set eyes on Keith ever since the day I had told him i needed space and he needed to move on with his life , as he walked into the living room his scent ( that lovely smell of him ) filled my nostrils and when his eyes met mine ; I felt relief surge through my body I hadn't even realised I was uncalm the whole time and just his eyes on my eyes looking right through my soul ,picking up the emotions I had went through in the past weeks, scanning my face for that old smile he liked ,I couldn't help smiling at him just as he smiled at me.
    ' Shar', he said and that's all he had to say as he stooped to my height and embraced me in a warm hug .I let the room go on ,Ute and it was just us ,my heart ,his heart ,my breath ,his breath I had unknowingly missed him and that was scary .

    A discreet cough separated us and brought me back to planet earth.Alice ,our parents and the rest of horde all left the room with sudden expressions of 'I haven't shown the new kitchen,let's go see it , we have homework to do and from Alice 'I have a phone call to make' .
    And with that the room emptied and it was just us two .Keith on the couch across from me and I by the window ,fiddling my hands to keep them from tapping on the chair in nervousness.
    ' we need to talk Shar,'Keith pointing out the obvious .
    'I'm not ready to walk away Shar ,not yet I will not do it ,' he continued his eyes transfixed on my poker face .
    'We can't just drop it after 5 years and walk away because we have a hurdle in front of us ,we can work through this ,you can get physhiotherapy,counselling whatever you want, but we can't just give up now Shar ', he pressed .
    I stared at him ,inwardly asking myself what I had done to deserve this man .
    'Say something please ,' his voice bringing me back to planet real life.

    What could I have said ,I wanted to stay with him ,he was the love of my life .

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    #tailrhyme #If I were a Flower

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    If I were a flower

    If I were a flower,
    then I would shower,
    every minute,every hour,
    On the path,where O pain you tread!!!

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    If I were a...

    If I were aware
    I would hold the ability to look beyond my tempst cup of coffee
    and see-
    -really see,
    the person in front of me.

    I would be able to sketch accurate notes of observation that goes beyond the foundational walls we are so quick to build.

    With seemingly wild precision, I would form together the right words and ponder the true questions needed to advance through to the inner sanctum of the mind.

    I would pick up on the micro details and expression that every person so freely drops; and like arrows in a quiver, I would have all the tools I needed to gently pierce the heart and stake my position.

    If I were aware,
    I would shine like a beacon for those who still unknowingly hide beneath the shadows of tempst cups of coffee.

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    Kash koi ase duniya hoti jahan,
    Mein mere dil baate kehe sakti
    Kash koi ase duniya hoti jahan,
    Tujhse itni duriya na hoti,
    Kash koi ase duniya hoti jahan,
    Dil aur mohabbat , khushiyan aur sath
    Tera hota....
    Kash koi ase duniya hoti jahan,
    Tu aur main hum ho jate,
    Kash tu mere dil ko samjhata,
    Kash tujhe bhi mujhse pyar hota...

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    If (edit)

    Just push it away
    Don't need
    To feel that way
    Just kick it down
    No room
    For that around
    Erase it gone
    What for
    It's just wrong
    Root of fear
    Blow it to bits
    Nice thought
    Just make it quit
    What a place
    If it was true
    Everyone kind
    To me and you

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    She loved the ocean a lot,
    Because every time the waves
    left the shore,
    They came back.


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    In the Infinite words,
    I write for you,
    if one word is read by you,
    The sky will,
    grow flowers of happiness.
    -P. A. C

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    Optimistic 'if'

    If there is a possibility of "if"
    There would've been immense love stories,
    There would've been healthy decisions,
    There would've been much gratitude,
    There would've been more happiness,
    People would live life as if there was no "if"

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    #Have you ever had your shoes shined by a "shiner"?

    #If so what was the experience like?

    #If not, why not?

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    The shoeshiner

    You might pass them on the sidewalk, at the mall at the airport or at the railway station.

    They help create and maintain social bridges, a way for people of different social classes to interconnect.


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    If i can travel to the past
    I want to meet the younger me
    Just wanna say "i'm sorry"


  • rubarooh 9w

    Dear Genie,

    Fix this world and everything in it, permanently. Thank you.


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    If if could be,
    would if then
    cease to be?



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    If I had wings, would soar high to the world of thoughts and follow the trails of Happiness !


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    If I was a boy I will get chance to choose a life partner of my choice
    If I was a boy no one can force me to marry earlier
    If I was a boy I will not be forced by parents to marry a person of their choice not mine

    I wish to be a boy and not a girl

    I am proud be a girl but I want a life partner of my choice .


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    As If

    Wake up every dawn,
    with no fear in your arm,
    being a happy pawn,
    which bring no harm.
    As if life is going that simple.

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    #hate selfish people #i always wish #if i honest with u i want u also stay same as me������

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    As u..

    Tum doo kdam door jyoge hum char kdam chle jyenge.. Zara sambhal kr rhena hmare sath jo hum bikhr gye... Bda pachtooge #as u behave #same i behave

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    Darling all these questions are a nick of time��❤️

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    If your were to run away, where would you go?
    A carnival, a bustling city, a place where no one knows?

    On a sunny afternoon, or during a midnight escapade,
    When would you dare to escape?

    If people are all people, who would stop you at any stake?

    Yelling in your sleep, tossing and turning or
    Ending the sad story, and beginning a new chapter?

    Which would you choose?

    If you were run away, and never return,
    where would you go and why?
    If people are all people, would they forgive you
    If you were to run and never come back?

    What would you do if you could run away?

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    अगर भागना मुमकिन होता इस जहां से
    तो कब के भाग चुके होते जीने के लिए...