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    26-jan-2018 (01:30 pm)
    Self Made~
    मेरी कलम से~

    आज़ाद देश के वीरों का न ऐसे तुम अपमान करो,
    खुद लड़ो गद्दारो से या जा कर तुम कहीं डूब मरो....


  • chickygupta 1d

    One conversation could fix so many things . Just by listening and being honest . But people always think you tryna argue instead of trying to communicate.

  • upon_a__star 1d

    Happy Republic day to all ......
    #Mirakii #republic #mirakeeworld #proud to be #indian #happy #freedom #wod

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    sbse pyari teri surat.....
    pyar h bs tera pyar hi

    ma tujhe salam


  • harsh77 1d

    Love you INDIAN Army
    I feel proud as Indian����
    #love #indian #india #happy #republicday #republic #72th #army #nation #we #stay #in #peace

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    Republic day

    Happy republic day guys
    This is for those who stays at border
    For our good sake,
    The temperature of Siachen is -30°c Normal human being can't resist the temperature of -30 and in rajasthan +40 i always wondered how they can survive in very lowest temperature a nd very highest temperature, they are incredible human being I've ever seen.
    They take bullets on their chest and sacrifice their lives for us so we can celebrate all festivals peacefully ❤️
    salute to Indian Army

  • kim_89 1d

    Proud to be an Indian

    Proud to be an Indian
    as we were set free from the British,
    Proud to be an Indian
    as our leaders fought for nation,
    Proud to be an Indian
    as our soldiers sacrifice their lives.

  • brokenheart001 1d

    मेरे सीने में धडकता,
    मेरा हिंदुस्तान है।
    नीचे गिरा झंडे से,
    गीरती हमारी भी शान है।
    सम्हालो ज़रा उस तिरंगे को,
    जिससे हमारी पहचान है।
    मेरे सीने में धडकता,
    मेरा हिंदुस्तान है।
    Happy republic day..


  • kritikakiran 1d

    मैं करती हूँ दुआ हर रोज़ ख़ुदा से
    कि वो बख़्शे मुझे इनायत
    मोहब्बत की
    ताकि मैं चाह सकूँ तुझे
    तमाम दुनिया से,
    ख़ुद से ज़्यादा...
    ताकि मेरे जिस्म से बहते
    ख़ून के आख़िरी क़तरे से भी
    ख़ुशबू आए तेरी
    और सिर्फ़ तेरी...

    ऐ मेरे मालिक,
    मेरे मुल्क़, मेरे हिंदुस्ताँ..
    मैं आऊँगी इक रोज़ तेरी बाहों में
    अपना सर रखने,
    उस रोज़... एक.... आख़िरी बार...
    करना तू मेरी रूह, मेरी चाहत को आबाद
    मेरे माथे पर लिखा अपना नाम चूम कर...


  • akshiwrites 1d

    Diversity is India's strength. Happy 72nd Republic day, India.

    #Indian #pod

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    In a world
    full of religious
    save the fabric
    of humanity from
    being torn.

  • upps0717 1d

    Vande Mataram ����❤️
    #indian #mirakee

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    Proud to be indian


  • kalam_ 2d

    आवाज़ उठाई नक्सलवादी बन गए
    कदम बढ़ाई माओवादी बन गए
    जनवरी में थे पाकिस्तानी
    दिसंबर आते आते खलिस्तानी बन गए
    दिल्ली से पैदल चले आए तो गम नहीं
    दिल्ली को चल पढ़े तो आतंकवादी बन गए
    ज़हर पी कर लगाया फंदा तो शान थे हम
    खा लिया पिज़्ज़ा तो बेईमानी बन गए
    पढ़ लिया जमाती बन गए
    इश्क़ किया जिहादी बन गए
    जो बीती हमपर कहना चाहा तो
    इनकी गलियों की मनोहर कहानी बन गए
    इंकलाब की रवानी बन गए
    बेज़ुबानों की ज़ुबानी बन गए
    तानासाही के सामने खड़े हैं नंगे पाँव
    देखो, हम सच में हिन्दुस्तानी बन गए


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  • chickygupta 2d


    "Why do we close our eyes when we pray , when we cry , when we kiss , when we dream ; because the most beautiful things in our life are not seen but felt only by the heart "

  • leowords08 2d

    Some like Sunday,
    Some like Monday,
    But I like One Day
    And that is Republic Day
    Wishing you all a very
    Happy Republic Day 2021!

  • kkk786 2d

    उन सभी लोगों को गणतंत्र दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामना, जिन्हें भारतीय होने पर गर्व है।������������
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    ऐसा न हो, आज गणतंत्र दिवस के परेड में भारत सभी भारतीयों को ब्रह्मोस मिसाईल का प्रयोग पाकिस्तान पर कर के दिखा दे।

  • logicsick 3d

    #Independence day special #Indian fighters #Martyrs

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    The Martyrs

    It's 2021, but still we can't forget those every single torturous day
    Once our country face
    The days where people had only one aim
    Just to set our country free

    The days when our mother were bound in shackles ,
    Millions of her children were tortured viciously .
    When there were no hope of light
    When her children saw her mother ,
    Crying in pain , trembling and growning in pain

    It seemed impossible to everyone ,
    People questioned themselves that ,
    What are there next step ?
    Still they tried and died .
    Millions died just because they tried to save our mother .

    There was a spark of hope , trust lied in their soul
    All it needed was a fuel ,
    Which would help it turn into a dengerous burning fire
    Which could destroy everything .

    Like every single day ,
    they lived inside a cave of darkness
    Searching for a way out
    They knew outside the cave there is a light
    They kept searching for it even
    When few rocks fell on them , one got sick ,
    Snake biten their feet , sharp pointy rocks pearcing them ,
    They were injured , there feet were disabled ,
    There energy was about to get exhausted
    There were no food ,not even a drop of water
    Still they crawled to find out the way out

    Still people can not forget
    Those days
    When old people were not allowed to take rest ,
    When children were not allowed to grow
    When people were not allowed to speak .
    People wanted to scream
    there mouth were forcefully covered with hands , they were strangled
    Still they didn't lose that little flame burning in them

    Now we can forgive those torturers but we can never forget their deeds .
    The list of trillions of people they killed
    can never be repaired nor can be forgiven by anyone of us

    Now those trillions of people we call are Martyrs
    But beside it we can call them heroes too
    Because they may not be the leading once
    But they sacrificed to set our mother free
    They came forward holding their life on their hands

    They lost everything and yet nothing to lose
    But what they created are still serving billions of people
    Even after so many years

    It's miserable to think that we actually lost those people
    If we still had them
    God knows what else we could create

    I beg to the God to give them enough peace where ever they are
    When they were here they did a lot to save us

    Now we are standing in our own house
    We are sleeping peacefully
    We are not going to bed in fear
    Of what going to happen tomorrow

    Just because them ,
    Their blood , sacrifice , effort and lives
    We still have many such people
    Who are now in armies
    Protecting our country and us .

    I am greatfull to those people
    Who have already did for us and people who are now doing for us .
    I am proud to be an indian .
    I feel proud to talk about our warriors , Martyrs , armies
    I feel proud to talk about their deeds .

    A great salute to our Martyrs , freedom fighters and armies
    God may listen to our pray

  • shayarhoon 4d

    " I don't like to say goodbye "

    " I just disappear quietly...!


  • rodney 4d

    24th January, 2021.
    12:20 a.m.

    Netaji's fight was our freedom, not against ourselves!
    Always remember that when today's politicians try to divide us to ascend themselves to their seats!

    I love my country and I'll always stand for its people!

    Remembering Netaji��

    #netaji #indian #india

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    Our duty.

    It is our duty to love our land with our heart and mind.

    You see, sometimes heart may blind the intellect to elect someone who's not right.

    India is unlike the rest of the world.

    We all follow different religions and cultures.
    Yet, our strength is in our heritage that holds us to its flag.

    Tricolour flag never divided the green from the white.
    Saffron never treads on the faith of sight.

    Charaka runs on progress of our minds;

    Not on the ultimate display of division in the young minds.

    Always remember when you vote the next time;
    That patriotism never divides its own people by their personal creed.

    A seed that planted us in this land will continue to grow if you see your next door as yourself.

    That's why our soldiers die in spite of the decisions democracy makes in their stead.

    Believe not the media following the thread of lies.

    Trust in the actions that changed - not yours - but all of our lives.


  • riya_04 1w

    Description of the foreigners'...

    Search before a week, there was a World Book Fair organised in our town. I had gone there along with my father. 'World Book Fair' as the name itself suggests, it was the book fair containing various famous books from all over the world. People from different origins had gathered to visit the fair.

    There I saw a group of foreign students who had came to visit the fair along with their teachers. They were all standing very properly in a queue. How fluently speak English! I was awestruck by their speech. And what to say about their manners; How politely the talk with their elders! Not even a single student was making any noise. One thing is crystal clear, that love to keep peace.

    I saw how soberly they were dressed. Most of them, including both girls and boys, were in their casual clothes. Due to the season being summer, they were in their t-shirts and shorts. Their looks very different from those of Indians. These people were all fair skinned with either black or blonde hair. I saw 3 students even had blue eyeballs. Due to sun's fierce rays, their skin had turned pinkish-red for sometime. One thing is for sure, they cannot tolerate much heat.

    I was at all taken aback by their manners! They weren't even talking or making any sound while standing in the queue.

    I observed something good about those students. They were very respective and cooperative towards their teachers. In spite of having crowd in the fair, they didn't push even a single person. Instead, they used polite mannerly words like "sorry" and "excuse me" wherever required. I got a very nice lesson to learn from them.

    Apart from these, the most important thing I got to see in them is that they were very much interested in our Indian culture and manners. They all greeted "namaste" to the Indian booksellers and at the time of leaving they took blessings from the elderly sellers and cheerfully thanked them.

    These are very good manners which every child should learn. I am very happy that I got an opportunity to be able to have gained some good inspiration from them.

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    My self-respect is more important than

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    Indian army day

    Today is 15 january indian army day we always think about ourself but we forget that there is someone who always fight with enemies on border who always secure our country and ofcourse protect the human being.
    Salute the real heroes , freedom fighters of our life.