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  • gazingstars 4w


    Since childhood, like other kids I also used to have hopes for my birthday. The day, when you are treated like a celebrity in every school and colonies. I have seen my friends' birthdays, how the children in school used to gather around them in coridoors and sing carols of 'Happy Birthday'. How they distribute toffees and going to principal's office has always been the sheer memory. But, for a June born kid, all of this is a mere dream and a wish to come true. For, here in India we have our school and college closed in the scorching heat of June. So, the school has been passed and the college has been completed, but this has always remain an unfulfilled dream. Yes, for a June born kid, there are no memories of their birthdays.

    -From the pen of a June born kid


  • theyellowwallflower 9w

    Unmended Fences

    And what do say
    When the love you've known has gone away
    And there's nothing you can do
    But to replay that 12th of June.
    In frustration you hold your head
    Wondering what else you could have said
    So that everything would have stayed the same
    Or would you two still have found a way
    To be burned by your own flame?

    And so you get another drink
    As you settle in to think
    About all the things left unsaid
    And your lungs fill with smoke and dread.
    You drive away in your car
    Just to get away from your heart
    That refuses to sing another tune
    Than the one you both danced to in June.

    And now you look up at the moon
    But the tears come too soon
    And you don't really know where to go
    Because their arms were always your home
    You wish you could have somehow known before
    So you could have mended fences before they went ahead and slammed the door.
    You think back to that night
    Missed calls and the big fight
    As the flowers you had grown together, died.

  • shriti_ 15w

    #june ..#areeyaar ... comment n let me know....how it is....
    I love June �� do u?��

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    कुछ बातें बस बातें होती हैं
    दोपहर ने भी हलाल किए मासूम कई
    पर बदनाम बस रातें होती है
    औ' ये जून तो बस तापमान बढ़ता है
    पर मशहूर दिल जलाने वाली बरसातें होती है!!

  • artistano1 18w

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    At the end,
    You'll wake up one morning.
    Wrinkled hands, old.
    And June will be all around you,
    in the mirror,
    in the eyes,
    in gray hair,
    on the window,
    below which
    the world more and more
    flee for nothing.
    A world that more
    it is not what it is
    once was.
    When I loved you
    in all languages in
    the world.
    With eyes that
    they shine with desire
    and hopes for a better tomorrow,
    for a world in which
    are serenades
    sang under the windows,
    and kissed the hands of the ladies.
    And so as you stand,
    in the room,
    in front of the window,
    in June,
    you will want to fly out
    down a long artisan street,
    to one dilapidated house
    in the ghetto,
    and change everything,
    with all the strength of your heart,
    which you don't even hear anymore
    to knock.
    To bring back all the hours,
    and a face that becomes a silhouette.
    But in vain,
    you don't even know what you want anymore,
    nor what you once wanted.
    Well, it's not even that June,
    and those dilapidated ghetto house,
    no more ...
    And only in the old one
    jewelry box,
    there is a picture,
    smiling character,
    etched in memory
    etched in June
    while the world was
    nicer place.
    And as your heart slowly stops,
    it could last an eternity
    live in memories,
    and you don't hear anymore
    last beats,
    and you don't know
    that you dream awake ...

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    „Etched in June"


  • meetgupta 30w


    She pulled back her hair and he fell in love for the nth time !


  • lifeinanutshell 30w


    I still remember the time, you walked into the room filled with kids just like us. We were small and scared, It was the first day of our school. You took a quick scan of the room and your eyes landed on a small lonely child, sitting all by herself at the very back of the class. You went to her and asked if you could sit there. I couldn't say anything but nod my head in approval. It was one fine Monday. There was a rainbow outside, and you were my very first friend.

    With every passing year we grew closer. You were capable of making me smile even on a busy Monday. We had all those years to ourselves… but not once could I come up with the courage to tell you that how much I loved you. To tell you that you were the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my entire life. All through these years we shared all of our secrets, except; If only I had told you, then may be, just may be…

    You wouldn't have been standing in front of me, holding hands with him. It was another Monday.

    But there was no Rainbow this Monday.

  • po3ticfreedom 31w

    :_Old School_:

    Look no matter of fact listen
    I'm old-school when it comes to things
    I like conversations on the phone
    Let me hear your voice
    Engage with me
    Let's go on a date together
    It doesn't have to be fancy
    Let's go to the park
    Catch a breeze
    Bring a blanket
    Let's lay under a nice shaded tree
    As conversations ignite and etertwine
    Getting to know one another
    Or perhaps you prefer the indoors
    Over coffee, tea, or a good plate to eat
    I'm up and open to different things
    What I won't accept
    Is lack of effort
    The random times to be remembered
    When it's of convenience that I'm text
    See I said it from the beginning I'm old school
    I need you to see
    Match my effort and energy
    Don't give me empty excuses and sorries
    It won't do anything
    See I told you I'm old school
    What's not common anymore

  • ankitsingla 31w


    यह जून भी क्या जून है ,
    तेरे बिन बिल्कुल फ़्जुल है,
    यह जून भी क्या जून है,
    रोशन रातो में भी ब्लैक मेरा मून है,
    इस जून के विश्रें जाने किस जून मिले गे,
    यह जून भी क्या जून है ,
    तेरे बिना मेरी क्या जून है ,
    वो मुलाकाते भी तो जून की थी,
    यह आंखो की बरसात भी तो अब जून की है,
    ना जाने काहे की मेरी जून,
    कैसी यह मेरी जून है।
    कैसी मेरी जून है।।


  • ankitsingla 31w

    जो दिलो दिमाग से नहीं जाता वह आज भी ख्याल तेरा है,
    ये काफिर सा आशिक़ कल भी तेरा था आज भी तेरा है ।।


  • animeshjaiswal 31w


    Zaroori Nahin Ki Har Behta Hua Aansoon

    Dukh Ka Hi Ho

    Kuch Boondein Sukh Ki Bhi Barasti Hain

    Animesh Jaiswal

  • afna_ameer 31w

    ഇന്ന് വിധവ ദിനം
    #june 23

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    ഒറ്റപ്പെടലിന്റെ പര്യായം

  • newcomerspoetry_official 31w

    #newcomerapoetry_official #Happyfather'sday some #lines #written by me(@asr) on father. I start to write in #Hindi but it was bit #emotional... Then I start writing in English & here it is tell me guys do you #like #notlike fewer #thoughts large & great #Content #21st of #june
    #loveyoudad thanks for #makemeadiamond & always #behind me.

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    You are my father, your position is first to me.
    Thanks father to hold my hand so tight.
    Lift me as so high.
    Like a diamond in the sky.

    I remember all the memories.
    How I used to walk to hold your finger.
    Your shoulder ride!
    That feels me honour and pride.

    Always I afraid sleeping alone.
    But forget all worries when you are with me for long.
    You are the superhero of my life.
    Put me & sat me as so high.
    Like a diamond in the sky.

    I have no fear.
    When you are being my near.
    I play with great soul.
    When you are with me like a shadow.

    Literally, I never forgot your intrinsic sacrifice.
    Never forgot your unconditional work till life.
    Thank you! For being a superhero of my life.
    Lift me as so high.
    Like a diamond in the sky.

    I want to learn from all of your experience.
    Dad, I want to play an innings with you as long as we can.
    & tells you my silent words.
    I love you for to be with me always.


    Ankit Singh Rana

  • coffee_beanz 32w

    When The Devil Smiles

    On a cold winter day, I left a rose on his door
    I left no letter with it, just a small note the colour of gold.

    I felt my heart prick with thorns
    And my eyes prick with tears
    When that same night
    He fell down the pit of his fears.

    He never came out of those doors
    Neither will I ever know if he read my note
    But whatever drove him over the edge
    Only the Devil will be able to tell.

    I try to meet him in my dreams
    Meet him in my nightmares
    For any clue
    As to why he left so early.

    Leaving behind just that gold note
    Fallen dreams, untold promises
    And my heart shattered cold on the floor.

    But only the Devil knows
    Because he's the one who took my beloved
    He's the one that drove him over the edge of life.


  • jeslin___george 32w


    Ah yes, it is the month of Pride,
    celebrate it, putting the differences aside.
    Aren't we human, you and I?
    So why not learn to accept every gender alike.

    No matter, if you are a gay or a straight,
    and neither does it matter, if it's a guy or a girl you date.
    It took a long time to win the rights,
    let the moto "to live and to let live" be the guiding light.

    Ridiculing someone for being gay,lesbian or bisexual just isn't right,
    being a braveheart and revealing sexuality takes self fight.
    And if you think poking a transgender or a queer makes you look great,
    you are one of the reason for in world exists all this hate.

    To terminate the generalization of rape on men and make-up on women,
    All it'd take are the conventional gender thoughts to end.
    So much bitterness to the LGBT all over internet,
    is this the example to the next generation that we set?

    Stop signaliazing a person for the way they talk, walk or dress,
    if it's the way they like it why do you stress?
    Cease the homophobia, burn the stereotypes,
    try to respect as well to admire all lives.

    A shoutout to the day when equality won't be far,
    when every person will be proud for the person they are.
    And something that'd always keep you above,
    is preaching and practicing unbiased love , after all Love is love.

    ©Jeslin George

  • oromianeyre 32w


    It’s the month of June, another child with another name, another daylight with another face, another flower blossoming, wide awake, entitled month shine the breeze of confusion, the last breath of papers and ink, my final shot to victory and a clear path,
    Final test, the decider to my place, it’s the month of June, remarkable what it would do to you? Oh how foolish my yute mind thought of you
    Oh dear month of June

  • meetgupta 32w


    ये मौसम सुहाना ,
    बेगाना ये दिल ।
    अब और मत तड़पा ,
    कभी तो मिल !


  • benjamins_poetry_ 33w

    A day in June

    A green, lush variety of trees
    Wind whispering it’s mysterious voice
    The humid heat of early June
    has taken a slight break
    Now a comforting healing in shade
    On this June day I’ll meet
    with the sky of baby blue
    with clouds shaped of life
    Underneath this mighty oak tree
    with grass of an olive green
    and clovers of an abundant team
    I’m escaping a world of death
    escaping a world of tragedy
    and a world of sickness
    to an endless hope of peace
    that I must gently hold
    Back I go to my world of madness
    I pray I can soon make a return


  • sweet_reminiscence 33w

    I am a nephophile girl
    I wonder if you'll ever think of me as you looked at the sky; will you even recall my name as you saw the clouds?
    I hear a voice inside my head saying, "I might never be your cup of tea."
    I see a sweet expectation, beyond this dark imagination.
    I want that Pisces man!
    I am a nephopile girl.

    I pretend to be as high as cirrus, when you tell me you love me. Then I could be a big, black, cumulonimbus when you forsake me.
    I feel fine for whoever I am, good for whatever that comes to me, but I can't pretend that I've lost you.
    I touch the daydream just to see your face.
    I worry if the stranger gets your silhouette.
    I cry for this delusional depression all the time,
    I am a nephophile girl.

    I understand that these words may mean nothing now, as I watched the rain on the ground.
    I say that time will heal the broken heart, but when will I get mine?
    I dream of you with the ache that keeps breaking my faith.
    I try to let it all go, just like the clouds: they'll always move.
    I hope you'll be a ray of sunshine for me, but you choose to be a winter storm.
    I am a nephophile girl.

    #Mirakee #June #Clouds #2020 #IAmPoem #PoetryofToday #Nephophile

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    I Am a Nephophile Girl


  • sweet_reminiscence 33w

    I Am a Nephophile Girl

    I understand that these words may mean nothing now, as I watched the rain on the ground.
    I say that time will heal the broken heart, but when will I get mine?
    I dream of you with the ache that keeps breaking my faith.
    I try to let it all go, just like the clouds: they'll always move.
    I hope you'll be a ray of sunshine for me, but you choose to be a winter storm.
    I am a nephophile girl.