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  • tathagatkaushik 24w

    Aise padhai hota to human physiology kavi vi nhi bhul pate ���� aur top to roj karte ����
    Pic, credit - Instagram
    Content, credit - kavi chauhan
    .#erotic #kabirsingh #erotica #eroticaquotes

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  • vswrites97 27w

    फिल्मी बाते

    मैं कोई कबीर सिंह नहीं हूं जो जिस्म की प्यास बुझाने के लिए कहीं भी मुंह मार लू बल्कि में रांझना का वो कुंदन हूं जो अपनी मोहब्बत के खातिर अपने जिस्म को भी दाव पर लगा दे...

  • cadet_59 35w

    खुसरो दरिया प्रेम का सो उल्टी वाकी धार
    जो उबरा सो डूब गया ; जो डूबा वो पार ||


  • zinkaltales 37w

    Nazron ke aage har ek manzar,
    Ret ki tarah bikhar raha hai,
    Dard tumhara badan me mere,
    Zeher ki tarah utar raha hai,

  • a_man_who_writes_ 38w

    इस होली,कभी मेरे इस गाल
    कभी उस गाल लगाना तुम मेरे अबीर
    क्या तुम बनोगी मेरी प्रीती(PREETI)
    क्योंकि मैं बन चुका हूं तुम्हारा कबीर(KABIR)

  • souravbose24061990 39w

    बेपनाह इश्क और कबीर सिंह

    बेपनाह प्यार है
    आज भी तेरा इंतजार है
    तुझे कल भी करता था प्यार
    तुझे अब भी करता हूं प्यार
    आज भी कर रहा हूं तेरा इंतजार
    आजा ओ मेरी प्रीति
    तेरा कबीर सिंह
    आज भी कर रहा है तेरा इंतजार


  • the_myk 41w

    Dear kabir singh,
    The world might be praising you. Calling you the true lover that you had always been chasing one girl and don't wanted anyone else in your life. But have you ever realised it was your own arrogance and anger that led you lose preeti. Injecting morphine on her wedding & remained unconscious etc.The story doesn't end here. Being devdas of today, you started deploying yourself taking alcohol, meeting prostitutes etc. Which would never help you getting her back.
    On the other hand there was preeti.
    As a doctor you might know how challenging it for a pregnant women to survive alone. But she hadn't come to beg anyone.
    Well, happy to see happy ending.
    #kabirsingh #valentinesday #14feb #kabirsinghfan #nooffence

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    Dear kabir singh,

    The world might be praising you. Calling you the true lover that you had always been chasing one girl and don't wanted anyone else in your life.



  • laatsaabthewriter 43w


    कैसे मैं जिऊँ
    तेरे बिन अब
    तू ही दिखे हरसू है
    मेरा सब कुछ
    तू ही बस अब
    तू ही मेरी आरज़ू है

    जो, तू मुझको न मिली
    किसी और की हुई
    मर जाऊंगा तभी

    तू, जो कह दे गर कभी
    तेरे नाम ज़िन्दगी
    कर जाऊंगा तभी
    -लाट साब

  • laatsaabthewriter 45w

    धड़कनें मेरी, तुझको पूछे हर घड़ी
    तेरी कमी, दिल को बड़ी है बड़ी, करूँ क्या ये बता मुझे
    मंज़िलें मेरी, तुझ तक जाती है सभी
    तुझमे ही है ये मेरी ज़िन्दगी

    तू है तभी जीने में मुझको बहुत है आए मज़ा
    तेरे बिना है ज़िन्दगी सज़ा

    मेरी हर, दुआ में है, नाम तेरा
    तू ही मेरा है खुदा
    तुझको ही, चाहना है, काम मेरा
    और न कोई परवाह

    तू पहला-पहला प्यार है मेरा
    तू पहला-पहला प्यार है मेरा
    तू पहला-पहला प्यार है मेरा
    तू पहला-पहला प्यार है मेरा
    -लाट साब

  • sunnysinghrathore 54w

    सच्चा प्यार

    दिल टूटा आशिक़ को देख के लोग बोलते है यार क्या हो गया इस का क्या था और क्या हो गया ।

    तो यार एक बार बाबू सोना वाला प्यार छोड़ ।

    सच्चा प्यार एक बात करो और फिर वो तुम्हे नहीं मिली फिर मालूम चले गा दर्द क्या होता है ।

    कबीर सिंह देखी है न ।

  • _thetemporarygirl_ 58w

    #frndshpgoals #mirakee #KabirSingh
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    Also go through my other posts ����

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    From sanju to Kabir singh..........
    Role of kamli and shiva remains constant

  • nitishkr_ 58w

    मेरी राहें तेरे तक है, तुझपे ही तो मेरा हक है..।
    song #kabirsingh #mirakee

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    Meri Raahein Tere tak hai,
    Tujh Pe Hi Toh Mera Haq Hai..!


  • _rahul___ 59w

    मेरी राहें तेरे तक हैं
    तुझपे ही तो मेरा हक है
    इश्क़ मेरा तू बेशक है
    तुझपे ही तो मेरा हक है.

  • miss_dignity 60w

    All those, who wanna be like "Kabir Singh"..

    First try to become
    A Doctor,

    Not an alcoholic...


  • immortal_ink 62w


    It's not the goodbye that hurts, but
    the flashback that follows.

  • pravinxpress 62w

    LIFE FAILURE बनकर ,
    इस CAREER का SUCCESSFUL KABIR SINGH मैं बनना नहीं चाहता.......


  • sadiapatel 62w

    Kaise hua

    The day I started replying you at 3a.m I realised the true meaning of the song...
    Kaise hua...kaise hua...tu itna zaruri kaise hua

  • spu_writes 63w

    Arjun Reddy & Kabir Singh

    ENGINEERING students hote naa
    Class tests

    K chakkar m shayad PREETI se nahi mil patein!

    Jaa ho medical students niklee.. warna hame itni acchi movies nd songs kaha se mil paati!


  • bongish 64w

    #moviereview #kabirsingh

    I finally watched Kabir Singh yesterday.And i am completely �� by the fact that people are claiming it to be one of the best film of this year.I clearly think that it's nothing more than a typical fictional over rated bollywood film.There are some dialogues that are good like the one I mentioned in this post.But overall it's an unrealistic movie that doesn't deserve the fame it received.Morever i read a novel by an Indian author quite long back in my school days which had the same basic plot as in the movie with some minute differences.I am clearly unsure how it received so much attention even by the critics.

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    "Suffering is a very
    personal thing."

  • harshadazargar 64w

    Kabir singh

    Kabir singh , a man who slaps his girl!
    Because she does not stand up for him
    When her father indulges in character assasination,
    Because he kissed his girlfriend.
    Discriminates him on the basis of caste,
    Threatens to harm him physically,
    Even does so by involving his future son in law,
    Throws him out of the house.
    Yet the love of his life does not utter a word.
    And in an attempt to humilliate her,
    He slaps her.
    But i wonder , if there would be simillar outrage,
    If it was Kabirs terrace instead of Preeti's place !
    If Kabir's mom saw them kiss and
    Called Preeti names?
    A gold digger , a whore
    A woman Kabir should see no more?
    And Kabir stayed as numb as Preeti?

    And if Preeti just smacked him across his face,
    Would the slap then be justified?
    Would it even be identified as violence?
    The lines seems a little blurred at this one,
    Dont they?
    Women have been oppressed for ages,
    They would say.
    To which i agree, they are not wrong.
    Yet there is a voice in me which has begun to say,
    That we are building a world where we are teaching our Preetis to break norms if needed,
    Speak loud and clear,
    Be strong and on being hurt by anyone defend themselves.
    Physically and morally
    And teaching our Kabir's to be gentle,
    To be sensitive towards women and not hurt them,
    Under any circumstance.
    So much so that if we see anyone act otherwise,
    We declare them anti- the other gender,
    As easily as being anti bjp,
    Nowadays, translates to being anti national.

    There is a voice inside of me which says,
    Its time we propogated human values irrespective of gender.
    And the moral debt to be paid by not abiding by them also,
    Irrespective of gender.
    This voice inside of me says no.
    Kabir, dont hit preeti.
    Preeti, dont hit Kabir either.