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  • love001 1d

    It started with a look
    Followed with a stare
    Your beauty locked my attention
    Big white attractive eyes
    Dimples when she smiles
    Honestly I couldn't deny
    She was a true definition of beauty
    And I am the soldier reporting for duty
    Her voice is the perfect one..
    I would listen to it all DAY coz its so soothing

  • ntombekhaya_oz 1w

    Distance Lover

    We haven't met physically, but my mind and my heart have met you a thousand times..so until I see you face to face, I'll keep thinking about you.

  • ntombekhaya_oz 2w


    You understand? But wait, You’re not the one who was a 16 year old out there fending for herself in a world full of vultures. You’re not the one who slept on an empty stomach because you didn’t want to feel like a burden to someone. You are not the one who has received hatred from the person who gave birth to you and also half of the world. You're not the one who was disowned by your parents because you are gay .. You are not the one who got raped because they claimed they could "fix you" ... So don’t fucken tell me to understand since shit is not easy for you too. Because you have no clue what I am going through.

  • ntombekhaya_oz 2w

    My Heart

    My heart was slowly failing me, not because it has been broken one too many times, but because it was carrying the biggest burden it could.. It was carrying emptiness and numbness

  • ntombekhaya_oz 2w

    It's not really about how they look, it's about how they look at you

  • ntombekhaya_oz 3w

    Lost Soul

    She wishes so bad to stay in your life, but she realizes that she’s too much and not enough at the same time...

  • lemongrass 3w

    Decidí atender a mis pensamientos,
    y en consecuencia
    me encuentro conmovida
    por los frutos que han traído.

    Pienso que tu ser
    es un regalo muy grande
    para ser desenvuelto
    por las manos del impuro.

    Y que eres, incluso,
    prueba de que la esperanza existe
    para el más catastrófico.

    Me percaté de que tus colores pasteles
    no manchan,
    y tu cabello atesora de todo
    menos ciencia.

    Tus huesos resplandecen en la oscuridad
    y tus manos son terapia.

    Tu corazón es muy voluminoso
    para caber en un poema,

    Y caí en cuenta de que fui necia
    al alguna vez
    desear aquella carencia sensorial,
    que me privaría de la merced más dichosa.


  • agjproverbs 5w

    Gender is a modern construct.


  • jenaroaragon 6w

    The hypocrisy of it all

    If you wait till 9/11, saying "remember where you were?"
    I'll just look at you confused, cause I was just a little girl.
    But these days I watch the news and get exhausted by onslaught of gun violence, racist riots, feel good stories 'bout the desperate.
    You can't stand that I can't stand your pointless prayers while I am mourning.
    All you really care to do is keep repeating old ass stories that don't matter enough anymore to give you any queries.
    Bitch, if I wanted a sermon I'd go high up on the mountain and pretend to speak to god like Moses. Like his brother Aaron Id come down to free my people from the hate which you bestow.
    I'd throw my staff down at your feet, then I would watch the poison flow.
    I guess my tongue is like a serpents cause I trained to be a preacher. And I've always loved to teach. How 'bout we dig a little deeper?
    Cause I've got a lot to say, while you lay spinning in that grave, which you keep diggin' daily,
    but the old selfs never slain.
    Maybe we ain't read the same book, don't you know that prides a sin?
    And so are anger, spite, and hatred. That's just murder kept within. And that's exactly where it lives, you know, my love of suckin' dick.
    So what's the difference? Your existence makes you guilty. Makes me sick.
    It's hard to try to teach without learning some kind of lesson.
    Don't act like every Sunday you don't give one more last confession.
    Forgiveness must come within, it's just not something you can purchase.
    Tell your God he can eat my ass, now it's His turn to worship.

  • jenaroaragon 6w

    Homoerotic memories of studying scripture alone

    The subject grips me tight as would a lover. Chapter after chapter. Revelation after revelation. Succumbing to the pleasure, I surrender unto Him my will. My head pulled back, I gaze upward in contemplation of His glory. The thrill of His force overtakes me. Gently guiding me across the page, He folds His arm around from behind and presses His hand against my throat. I am held steady. He is my foundation. My rock. I can feel the first embers of His spirit within me, and in desperate longing I beg to be filled.

  • jenaroaragon 6w

    Inaccurate depiction

    Are you offended by the feathers? It’s merely an educated guess. A recreation of further truths, still imperfect.

        The ancestral pride of maniraptoran theropods,ordained by your gods to be force fed, fattened, and devoured. You refuse them even their history, but they’ve been around much longer than you.

        Despite what you think, their forebears wore it proudly.

  • jenaroaragon 6w


    Put no stock in diplomatic compassion. Well mannered tenderness disguising malicious, old fashion, factions, politely performing infractions on our civil liberties.

        They wear their propaganda like a Coronet, and their 16 millimeter short films echo still to this day. Their words, it turns out, speak louder than their actions. 

    So be honest with the dying, lest the kakistocracy fill their heads with thoughts of immortality. Because here at the end of days they grasp for the delusions of a mythic past, desperate to blind themselves to the suffering they’ve caused us. 

    One myth sits atop the other, however, and the blind can be made to see. What is more, they must. For what can forgiveness mean to one who refuses to accept it’s necessity? And aught we let them rob us even of the ability to forgive?


    And they call our pride a sin.

  • phorict 7w

    Hiding in the shell

    Do you know how it feels like to be hidden, to not live your truth.

    You smile, you laugh, the good person everyone thinks you are. They turn to you for everything anytime and any where.

    But deep down you know once they discover that truth on who you are and who you love, they will all turn their backs on you and no one will be there to save you even after saving all of them.

    That's how I feel, I am not the person you think I am, beneath my skin are secrets I wish no one could uncover not even you.

    Tell not a soul of my sins, for I know where they will lead me.

  • madmuireann 8w


    I bite my lips,
    Or perhaps,
    My fingers,
    When I need you.

    My hands readily
    Fly to my face,
    To hide the embers
    Of my embarrassment.

    When you delight me,
    My teeth catch my tongue.
    A flustered smirk,
    Or euphoric grin.

    Yet all you have of me,
    Is sound and light.
    The language of my form:
    A secret unbidden.

    -Muireann Nic an Gheatóra

  • avigraceproverbs 10w

    If caves are for cowards and closets are for brooms then I've been a coward holding a broom before.

  • alexrae 11w


    My gender changes. So what? I'm still a human, aren't I?

  • alexrae 11w


    Just because I can love everyone, doesn't mean I love you.

  • avigraceproverbs 11w

    Forgive me for not being perfect

    The illusion you seek is the idea of me, but some days I'm wearing downtrod begging, bartering, and battling with GOD. Someday it's hard to force the smell it's hard to make the cheer and even when I'm smiling I can't stop the tears.
    Please forgive the non-innocence of my angels. They've seen more than just the battle or two. They've walked down the steep Hill past the steeple past the steeple where our prayers stilled.
    Please look past my wounded mother and my absentee father too. They were kind of mates for my being here but now they're gone too soon. And please look past my guardians for they do the best they can it's hard to raise a woman when the world still sees a man.
    And please forgive myself for lacking the faith to carry on for in GOD's grace though I am weak I am yet made to be strong. So let this be a lesson to all that may ever hear, forgive yourself and get through the night for there yet comes a new year.

  • phorict 12w

    To just being friends

    After time, after being broken again and again by my own expectations of you, after realising you don't wont and probably will never want me the way I want you.
    I figured it was best to keep us just friends, nothing more or less just that cause if having you in my life means just being friends its so much more then not having you around at all.. I wish I had realised it sooner, just cause you said you loved me, didn't mean you wanted me that way.

    And I've come to terms with it, to always being friends

  • phorict 12w

    The truth

    She looked up gazing into his eyes, her eyes contained a flame, the kind to burn your body to dust. “No, I don't know. It's not what I do but what's in my heart and how I value others and my God that matter, being gay had nothing to do with where I'll end up.”

    His face fell pale, nothing came to mind.