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  • akshara0712 2d

    First love

    Every time I look at you I feel like I wasn't enough
    To be the one to make you smile, and kiss you wild and rough

    I know a girl like would never notice me
    So I'll jus suffer in silence and let you be

    Maybe this is for the best..
    Cuz I know you don't have a clue
    About me being head over heels for you

    And at the end I'll jus be a closeted girl
    Who's first love will forever be you..

  • the_village_poet 4d


    A storm rages
    Pelting rain, howling wind
    Forces unimaginable 
    Emerge like life
    Flooding eyes, uprooting hearts
    Exposing us, amazing us
    By it’s sudden fury
    Awe-inspiring natural strength
    Creating new landscapes
    Forging paths of diversity.

    A storm subsides
    Like the ebb and flow of the tide
    That washes in and upon the sand
    Cleansing the footsteps
    Leaving a blank slate
    To paint upon
    With red, orange, yellow, green,
    Blue, indigo and violet
    Colors forming a rainbow
    That becomes a gallery in the sky.

    So simple to see it’s beauty
    As it adorns the heavens above
    Yet so hard for some
    To accept other’s choices, voices
    Faces, races
    Languages, genders
    Cultures, religions
    Loves, friendships
    That with temperance can coexist
    Through every struggle; any storm.

    Stacey Welsh

  • twinklinglights 4d


    Was it a mistake?
    One day, I saw her,
    I fell for her,
    My heart swell and burst ,
    Fascinated by that beauty...
    Was it unfortunate?
    The other day, I met her,
    We talked and I fell again,
    Head over heels,
    More than sister,
    Less Than a mother...
    Was it a regret?
    The next night, I called her,
    Her laughs and smiled made me fly,
    On the eleventh cloud,
    I was her friend,
    But, she wasn't mine...
    Was it a dream?
    The week after I invited her,
    Her dress dancing on her curves,
    Gulping, butterflies in my stomach,
    A kiss in the dark twilight,
    I loved her,
    But, she only "liked" me,
    Was it my fault?
    A month later, I passed by her,
    Her hands held by a larger one,
    A ring sparkling on her finger,
    Gleaming like my tears,
    She "loves" him,
    Just like I still loved her......

  • venus_grindelwald 4d


    Not all people are accepted

    One must know how that feels

    People are judged upon their brow

    and art foresworn

    Woman were discriminated

    and still are.

    Men are stereotyped too.

    Men and boys must not cry

    Mother says "Tut, tut, you are wearing pink."

    "I like that colour that's all." says the son

    "No you shouldn't wear pink." roars the father.

    I don't understand what is there in a boy or man wearing pink

    If he wears that, does he define as gay or bi?

    Woman or girl wearing shirt and pant is a tomboy

    Is it right to discriminate?

    Is it right to tell one what to do?


  • theunforgottenone 4d


    I thought about you
    Didn't want to make you uncomfortable
    But there is something I gotta talk to you about
    I can't help myself when it comes to you
    You make me smile
    I can't deny that
    You make me feel things inside that make me get giddy
    I just love the way you look at me
    Make me believe in a chance where I can be able to be free
    I feel so alive when you reach out to talk to me
    I adore everything about you
    From your smile
    Your laugh
    Your genuineness
    Your personality
    You are so damn rare
    Like a diamond
    I couldn't ever replace
    I want to show you off to the world
    Let them know that you're my girl
    Because I feel that confident about you
    So honestly if you'd ask me
    I'd tell everyone you're my Valentine
    You give me butterflies
    And I can't get enough of you.
    I just want you to know that I can't help my feelings
    And I want to let the world know
    How much I adore you
    My sweet Valentine
    Would you be my Valentine?
    I hope you say yes...


  • loveneetm 5d

    थामकर हाथ भरी दुनिया में वो चलना चाहें,
    मगर लोगो ने दो जिस्म की समानता देखी।

  • agaram 1w

    #மகிழ்வன் #LGBTQ+ ��

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    ஆயிரம் காத தூரம் சென்றாலும் மனம் தேடும் அவன் விரல் நுனி.
    மோகம் விண்ணிருந்து தரை முட்ட,
    காதல் கடல் கொள்ள,
    அவன் பேனா மை படிந்த விரலில் கிருகள்கள் தேடி சென்ற மனம்.

    ஆயிரம் காத தூரம் சென்றாலும் மனம் தேடும் அவன் இதழ் சுவை.
    மேகம் வானிருந்து தரை தொட்டு,
    இப்புவி சுவை கொள்ள,
    அவன் புகை விட்ட இதழில் முறுவல் தேடி சென்ற மனம்.

    ஆயிரம் காத தூரம் சென்றாலும் மனம் தேடும்
    அவன் மகிழ் மனம்.
    சோகம் உயிர்நிறைத்து உடல் முட்ட,
    மகிழ்வனென ஊர் கொள்ள,
    இவன் காதல் அவன் கண்களின் அசைவில் தேடி சென்ற மனம்.


  • ophrlia 1w

    I hated that word.

    It seemed to scrape against the back of my throat when I uttered it, a thrum of pain and regret seething through my innards as her voice floated, flickered, never left.

    I remembered the touch of her fingers, callous, rough, against the pads of my own, smooth, soft. I remembered the depths of her eyes, a barell of honey and chocolate circled with rainforests, emerald.

    I remembered the first time we met, her lips twisted into a smile so casual, so free, I wondered what it was like to be a woman with dreams.

    I remembered the smirk, the smile, the stares, the warmth, the tears, the love, the hate, the lust.

    I remembered that shirt, light pastel pink, when she slipped from my fingers and into the train, not looking back.

    I remembered those words, those cursed words, she muttered against my lips that still stay there.

    "Carpe diem, gulaab."

    #mirakee #carpediem #writersnetwork #lgbtq #poetry

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    carpe diem

  • maybeyourtale 1w

    # Maybeyourstory

    Such a stalwart supporter of her,
    a great listener and a subtle being.
    She fell for all these and a million other things
    that cannot be expressed.
    Together she felt complete
    and her imperfect life seemed wondrous.

    He was always amazed by how love only refined him,
    how it never confined or influenced him.
    It only liberated him and made him so much better.
    He is wild and very independent
    but together as a couple he felt way too strong.

    It would have been very simple if he and she had chosen each other.
    But love is full of interruptions and complications.
    She fell for a pragmatic young woman
    and he fell for a quirky lad.
    When the emotions involved are the same,
    why are the struggles they face so intense !!
    Love cannot be biased...if it's biased it's not love.
    Let's question ours before we question theirs.
    Love is love, no matter what.

  • wifey_suicide 1w

    Girls and Boys

    I never thought I would be
    Feeling this sort of way
    But the way you look at me
    You got me
    And I’m not afraid

    Girls love girls
    And boys love boys

    I know there are secrets
    To millions of others
    But the way you hold me
    I can figure out yours
    And I can tell you feel the same way
    The way you look at me
    The smile of adrenaline
    You know you’re right for me
    And the way I smile back
    Is the whole reason why we got in this mess
    Laying next to each other
    Lips on neck

    Girls love girls
    And boys love boys

    But sometimes there’s a flaw
    In genetics
    Where you know that this isn’t you
    Deep down you know what’s real
    But biology class doesn’t have a clue
    You hate the smell of perfume
    And those gym shorts just won’t do

    Girls are boys
    And boys are girls

    And I’m not afraid


  • suicidal_raven 2w

    Im not straight
    Im not gay
    Im not a cheater
    Im not indecisive
    Im not going to hide anymore

    Im bi

  • the_girl_next_door_ 2w

    The LGBTQ movement is an iconic but controversial movement revolving around the concept of not being 'Straight' by sexuality. The thousands of people who are fighting for their rights get discriminated for their sexual identities.

    To all those queer but beautiful people out there.

    ��️‍����️‍��#LGBTQ @libertine13 @athena21 @zsa_zsa_celestial_ ��️‍����️‍�� #friendship #inspiration #love #thoughts

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    Good times
    But it is very
    Tricky to feel accepted even though we can all be
    Queer sometimes.

  • theunforgottenone 3w

    In Still Of The Night

    Increasing feelings run through my mind
    Like a mad man
    Cannot help how you opened my eyes to something different
    So unexpected especially at how far we've come
    Little did you know something I want to tell you
    Over the years I've grown and yes it hasn't been easy
    But I can rest assure your mind
    Putting those thoughts away
    In Still Of The Night
    I see you telling me things
    Your life is special to me
    Who honestly deserves to be appreciated and cared for
    Who am I to judge you?
    You're just as beautiful
    Don't let your own eyes deceive you
    Because I see you as a person
    Who I came to know
    And you definitely deserve every bit of attention
    That I can give you
    I hope that you can see what I do
    No one is perfect that I know baby
    But you are what makes me smile
    And that makes everything better
    In Still Of The Night
    I wait for you
    I crave your lips on mine
    And when we finally share our first kiss
    I know it to become magical between us
    I can't wait until I have you in my arms
    Now that I got your attention
    I want to captivate your mind
    Let me show you that I am serious
    I desire your knowledge
    Your definition of what it is to be loved
    Needs to be shown off
    And I want to give you it in return.

  • maybeyourtale 5w

    Random snippets : Criss-cross pieces

    Some glide through days ,
    With happiness dancing in their words
    and crystal clear purpose in their eyes ,
    They fit in pretty well with other pieces,
    Each assuming a role to play ,
    Never forgetting what they are meant to say.

    And then there are people like us ,
    Cutting out our edges , trying to fit in ,
    Hoping that we would live in those pieces a bit ,
    But we forget our lines , act out of character and reverse our roles ,
    We are those crooked pieces that doesn't fit .

    We can't be masculine or feminine enough,
    We love the "wrong " genders ,
    We can't ever do it the "right way" can we ?
    So they make us into a group alone ,
    Call us LGBTQ

    But it's okay for we are being who we are not what we are meant to be in our own Criss-cross beautiful way.

  • pawan27 5w


    Every weekend i have a date
    new promise again at stake
    A new story is at the door
    But is it really what i meant for?
    The keys are clinging
    My heart is freaking
    My hands are sore
    Can't hold a random soul
    Its again a dead end
    My date was just a grievance.

  • pawan27 5w

    Broken but beautiful

    Dreams got broken
    Broken like a glass
    With each piece telling different stories
    As thick as brass
    Stories unheard and unseen
    My garden is no longer green
    The garden i walked into
    Holding hands in hands
    Now something washed it away
    Like the castle in the sand
    Now the only thing remain is me
    Which is broken but beautiful
    like a chandelier chimney.

  • theunforgottenone 6w

    Love Is...

    Love Is...
    You gotta remember to love yourself in order to receive the love that's going to sweep you off the floor.
    Not everyone is built for it or deserves it but when are able to share it with someone who deserves it,
    Your heart and soul will connect on a deeper level than expected and it feels natural such as the vibes but never forced.
    Hold it
    Cherish it
    You get to meet three people in your lifetime
    And there's one who truly loves you as you are
    With no hesitation or judgment
    Love is kind
    Love is beautiful
    Love nourishes the soul
    Love is what we all desire
    Love is accepting the flaws in someone
    Love is seeing the past hurt
    Love is what makes you feel whole
    Love is how my heart grows more fonder for you.
    Love is something that makes everything better
    Love is a feeling we all want to give
    And honestly
    I know this is true
    On how I feel about you
    I Love You.

  • arzanpawar 6w

    The half wiped lipstick

    Found the stick that i hide
    Quickly I did apply it
    Suddenly the wind blew strong
    Screams and whispers came from where it had been hiding
    Taking away that weapon of mine, they tried wiping it off
    But little did they know that the half-wiped lipstick they left
    Was nothing but my pride laugat their cowards self
    Sitting there wounded with my half wiped lipstick
    ©arzanpawar and kavyalidarshan

  • athena21 7w

    Basic temptation

    Deadly temptation,
    Emotional excitation,
    Sudden adoration,
    Longing affiliation.

    Risky desires,
    Hasty decisions,
    Undeniable seduction.

    Unwitting emotional rollercoaster,
    Abrupt sexual arousal,
    Sensational lucid dreams.

    Girl I put you on a pedestal,
    You got me going against my principles,
    Attempting to quench this basic temptation.

  • maybeyourtale 7w

    Random snippets:Get a girl

    1. With whom What you share is like a comet skimming through the sky. It's surreal.

    2. With whom you can dance around at night in the TV light and it's beautiful yet silly .

    3. Who makes you question everything about love. She makes you unsteady, reckless and put of control. Yet you are inexplicably drawn to her.

    4. With whom it's a honour to be in love with. Like winter slowly ebbing away to summer. She will love you for as long as she can.