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  • thecriticismdumpling 6h

    Discrimination is the same everywhere


  • _rakhi 3d

    Mere Kuch Female Friends Hai,
    Feminism Ka Jhanda Gadte Firti Hain
    Aur Khud Ladki Ho Ke Dusari Ladkiyon Ko Galat Bolti Hai, Agar Koi Female Sochti Hai Unko Sirf Ladke Aur Society Ke Uncle Aunty He Galt Samjhte Hai To Please Apni Ass Pass Ki Famales Ko Dekh Lena Ki Wo Apne He Gender Ko Le Ke Kya Sochti Hain.

  • anugraha_99 3d

    Written from my fellow being's view point, unraveling their voices, my fellow LGBTQ humans.

    #anaphora #pride #pod #colour
    #ceesreposts #lgbtq #human

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mann_se_ @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld

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    I am first a human.

    Though I appear queer and unnatural
    To your judgmental eyes,
    You expect me to conceal myself
    And live a life in disguise,
    Just because I'm different
    With me, none empathize.

    I am first a human.

    Though I am not straight,
    But I've the right to live and reside,
    I love and am loved,
    You cannot force me to step aside.
    Yes I'm different, yes I'm gay,
    I'm glad to adorn the colour of pride.

    I am first a human.


  • thenovicepoet 1w


    He took off his clothes and found a girl in the mirror.


  • lgbtq_writer 1w

    You from my dreams:

    I dreamt of you last night.

    Dreamt you walked away in my dreams,
    Dreamt you hugged me as I sobbed,
    Because even in my dreams you left me,
    But you held me while I cried and that helped,
    It helped me realize that it's okay to move on,
    Forced me to realise that you wanted me to move on,

    I love you, but I need to listen to the you from my dreams.


  • loveherless 1w

    Your lips were a sweet intoxication
    Something I could never quite get enough of
    It was a mix of pop, with a slight tang of your cherry lipgloss
    And I want more of it, I crave it
    I want to taste it again, and again, and again
    Until I get drunk off of this sensation

    Let me

    #Nsfw #Love #Spicy #Lgbtq #Girlxgirl

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    Your lips were a sweet intoxication
    Something I could never quite get enough of
    It was a mix of pop, with a slight tang of your cherry lipgloss
    And I want more of it, I crave it
    I want to taste it again, and again, and again
    Until I get drunk off of this sensation

    Let me

  • johnnyweststreet 1w

    Brian Bello

    His name was Brian Bello,
    A dashingly handsome fellow,
    A man out, proud, and gay.
    He line danced his nights away.
    That all changed when I said, "Hello"

  • _renegade 1w


    A boy is a better friend
    A girl is a better boyfriend
    - ♀

  • lgbtq_writer 1w

    Your touch

    Hold my hand and I'll hold yours

    There's nothing I want more

    Than to feel your touch

    That makes the world less tough.


  • zoobait360 1w

    I felt awful about who I was this morning and realized that it's ok to be me. I'm still haven't come out to my father, but I shouldn't have to hide myself. I will be ok nomatter what happens. Much love ❤️ #gay #lgbtq+ #strong #love #me

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    As I take off the nail polish,
    And cry in the shower,
    I fear for my health,
    But I still feel empowered.

    Though I may not feel safe,
    And I may not be me,
    I know who I am,
    And who I should be.

    Just because I'm scared of my feelings,
    And the people who attack them,
    This is the last time,
    I'm not me again.

    Maybe I'll lose family,
    And the people I hold dear,
    But I'm going to be me,
    Though I may still feel fear.

    So I'll put on the polish,
    And clean up my face,
    Knowing that i, myself,
    Will never be a disgrace.

  • thatchristiangirlhymsing 2w

    Pride Everyday

    I write today with a black pen... 

    But my thoughts are like those of a rainbow. 

     I wish people gave me the freedom to paint my own world

    To choose my own colors.. 

    I had a sculpture made  of a human   . 

    I wished to paint it myself 

    To dip my fingers 

    One by one

    In different colors.. 

    Even different shades of the same color..

    But my hands were cut off ... 

    They called me queer... 

    They called me weird.. 

    They mocked me and laughed as I held on to my bleeding hands..... 

    Trying hard to breath life into them.. 

    I wish I had an ally .. 

    To hold me tight.. 

    To tell me that it's alright... 

    To let me flow freely... 

    And not restrict  me to a standard form..

    Am not a machine..... 

    Am a beautiful soul... 

    I deserve to seek my own world... 

    I deserve to find my own soul mate.. 

    It could be a girl

    It could be a boy

    It could be both 

    You would see my masterpiece

    Only if you let me be.... 

  • ashusharmaa 3w


    तुम्हारी हर खुशी में शामिल होते है वो
    कोई दुःखी हो तो उसे अपनी खुशियां भी देते है वो,
    ये समाज ठुकरा देता है हिजड़ा बोल कर, फिर भी
    तुम्हारे हर खुशी के मौके पर दिल से दुआ देते है वो,
    सिग्लन पर मिल जाये
    तो लोग उन्हें दुत्कार कर भगा देते है,
    तुमसे सम्मान क्या माँग ले वो
    तुम उसे हिजड़ा कह कर बुलाते हो,
    वो भी तो इंसान है तो फिर क्यों
    उसे इस समाज से अलग बताते हो।।


  • arzanpawar 3w

    Commenting on looks, distributing nudes, and giving ratings to the body happens to all genders, all the time. Understand that even the LGBTQ+ members also face such issues.

    This issue we talk about is not about a gender, but about HUMANITY. Not only does performing the heinois act called rape, but even talking about it is completely unethical and immoral.

    We don't have to correct a particular gender, but the MENTALITY of these kind of people who doesn't understand the difference between force and consent.

  • butterfulie 5w

    Buried In Silence

    When you realize you love her so bad,
    And you wish that you can be with her
    But youre a sinner and have believed,
    If you tell her it will ruined everything

    So the sentence "i love her" will buried.


  • _patadiya 5w


    She was leaving
    She said 'Take Care'


  • kaias 7w

    For all LGBTQ+ people, especially those questioning their gender identity. You are amazing and valid, and know you are not alone.
    #strong #together #pride #rainbow #lgbtq

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    I'm forced into this world
    Not wanting to be here
    Not happy with myself
    I am put in the wrong body
    In a world that hate us
    "Tranny, Freak!"
    They call me
    But I do my best
    Not to let it get to me
    "Sorry ma'am."
    "My fault, sir."
    As I trip over a foot
    Or cut someone off by accident
    What have I done to this world?
    Why have I received all this punishment?
    On the other hand
    Maybe speaking up
    Talking about my troubles
    Has helped someone else feel less alone.

  • lifeistooochota 7w

    People understand Love,
    but not love failure ?

    People understand Marriage,
    but not Divorce ?

    People understand pregnancy,
    but not Miscarriage ?

    People understand Education,
    but not Sex Education ?

    People understand Sexuality,
    but not LGBTQ ?

    People understand what they do,
    but not others what they do ?

    People understand others,
    but not themselves ?


  • altairviolet 7w

    Blue, Pink, White, Pink, Blue.

    Waking up confused thinking life's a dream.
    Your eyes no longer have that dazzling gleam.

    Discarding all that you're taught, all you've ever known.
    You're coming to terms with being on your own.

    Looking online for an answer to this question.
    At this point, you'll take anybody's suggestion.

    Vulnerable, deciding to confide your newfound truth to a friend.
    Only after, for them to never talk to you again.

    No more calls appearing on your phone.
    Realizing life's being traded in for the unknown.

    Filled with rage at everyone calling this a choice.
    They'll regret the day when they can no longer hear your voice.

    Spending days and nights in a dysphoric filled rage.
    Uncertain if you'll ever be freed from your bodily cage.

    Attempting to clip your own wings more than twice.
    Now is the time to roll your own dice.

    I've spent years in mental isolation.
    Trying not to subcome to my own desolation.

    But the best is yet to come.
    Because your work on this Earth is never done.

    You make the appointment, the best one of your life.
    You're filled with glee, no longer having fright

    A life filled with injections of a wonderous drug.
    It'll provide a life of happiness like a long awaited hug.

    As time wanders on, you're no longer alone.
    Your best friends are amazed by the joyfulness you've grown.

    Similar to a Snapdragon in the wild.
    Your love for life is now free and far from mild.

    Even the few annoying side effects leave you satisfied.
    All of the tears that you've cried have now dried.

    Taking voice recordings of the changes you hear.
    Listening to them back to back after months, holding them near and dear.

    It's been 3 years since that marvelous day.
    Looking extremely different now and happy you chose to stay.

    Entertaining the thought of pursuing more than this, but being fine if I won't.
    You're valid if you do, and you're valid if you don't.

    Stilling containing rage but not as much as before.
    You're living life, it's no longer a snore.

    Throwing away the nasty dysphoria.
    Trading it in for this handsome euphoria.

    Waving my flag and feeling proud.
    Living life this way will never get you down.

  • nanmma 8w


    Its was not posters of actors that adorned the wall of my room but words that i fell in love with. I used to carry them around too some in the pages of my books and some in the corner of my mind. But i used to rarely let them slip out of my mouth for i was scared if their sharp edges will hurt someone. There was this boy in my class who had the best moves of all. He used to dance like a peacock untill that day when he heard someone saying he was too girlish and he decided to settle for a last move. That day i took out the pictures of my parents from the wall of my room scared if the words will hurt them too. That night i asked my mom if its bad to be a girl "No dea, girls are delicate and unique like flowers. And who doesn't like flowers? " She replied. Then why did he die i thought. Then there was another girl who had beautiful hair falling upto shoulder which used dance to rhythm of wind but nomore The wind don't get to play with her hair anymore because somebody said she looks too manly with short hair. That day i asked my dad if being a man was a bad thing"No dea, men are strong and brave like rock. Who doesn't like that? " There were many more who got hurt by my companion, the girl who starve herself because somebody threw the word 'fat' on her and another who cover her beautiful dark skin with cream and powder because someday called her dark. But there was this one time when i saw the sharp edges of words getting borken. There used to be a Popsicle seller aunty who used come to our lane every evening.one day i saw somebody calling her an"incomplete man". I could see the same pain in her eyes i saw in all other eyes and i thought il never get to see her again but to my surprise she came back next day with the same smile on her face. That day i asked my mother why they called her 'an incomplete man'."Because she is both a man and a woman."my mother replyed "how can being both a man and woman make her incomplete ,adding on only doubles the beauty rgt? " I asked her."yes dea. Now go back to sleep"said my mom as she kissed my forehead. Today i have a pic on the wall of my room someone who is delicate like a flower and strong like rock someone who words on my wall won't dare to hurt.

  • soulful_mess 8w

    The Rainbow Minds

    The ones who take all the offences and yet remain silenced by their inability to voice out ,
    The ones wanting to come out or already have come out..
    The ones for whom the thought of marriage scares the shit out of them..
    The ones who are.optimistic
    Yes .There are guys like them..The HUMANS !
    Some flamboyant, some macho,
    Some like crossdressing ..some don't !
    Some likes sex..some don't.!
    Most are achievers albeit the negativity..
    They live with utmost pride and dignity..
    Yes ! People like them deserve Respect !