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  • chemyy_ 15w


    To all the people who call me funny,
    I hate you.
    Why are you so blind???
    Am I truly see through?
    I'm in so much pain,
    Laughs aren't enough.
    I'm so tired of life,
    Of this pain, unjust.
    Growing up was unfair,
    Because I had to so young.
    And now I'm 18 and from my past I run.
    I fell in love with the perfect soul,
    And he holds my heart, but I'm an icey cold.
    I fear this pain is too much,
    I'm losing my grip.
    And in this bottle is relief, In just one sip.
    I'm sorry to my mom and I'm sorry to my lover.
    You called me Joy, but I couldn't be further.
    I blame the sun for the light it refused to share,
    And I apologize for my weakness, I just cant bear.
    My mind is full of darkness and I need a little time,
    And i promise to be funnier in my second life.
    As you read my words that spilt from my eye,
    I hope you know it eases my mind.
    Thank you for reading the rambling of my heart,
    It makes picking up my pieces a little less hard.


  • prachirastogi 50w

    The night is silent
    Thoughts are violent,
    You are nowhere to be seen
    You were a lier it's now pretty clean.

  • asnapp 83w

    when you come back home, dear
    If the big city lights have driven you mad
    And the taste of alcohol stains your lips
    Rest on me
    If you’ve forgotten the smell of rain
    And the wind is just a memory
    Look up to the sky
    And rest on me
    If the ocean and rivers start to sing
    And you’ve forgotten how to dance
    I’ll take your hands in mine
    But please, rest on me
    When darkness seems your only friend
    And the stars no longer light your way
    I’ll be your shadow when the sun shines
    Just rest
    Rest on me


  • ajmalkovitch 84w

    Two Roads

    But a lonesome rope
    Remains uncut
    Although past hope
    Of the other
    Is he
    Is she
    Aware of mistakes
    Two roads
    Diverge far below
    Only one
    Can be taken solo.


  • jaysensay 92w

    Keep you in Mind

    For those who share my pigment but never got to live past 25

    The Pacs, Trayvons & my friends no longer alive

    I only wish you got to experience the joys of growth before you met your demise

    From a lack of consequential thoughts to the calculated routes to decide

    For those who couldn't escape the systematic & generational curses

    I keep them in mind & I wake up with a purpose


  • peculiarher 97w

    Laying by her side
    Not letting go
    Whispering in her ear
    No one will ever know
    As she lies there waiting
    Trying to lay low
    As life passes by
    Dropping every blow
    Enternal crying
    Is all that she knows
    As depression sings a lullaby
    An ever graying rainbow
    Looses all its hope
    And all that’s left is a shadow
    One that cannot cope

  • writeranonymous22 116w


    Actions speak louder than words?
    Words speak louder than actions.
    Actions are how you follow through with hearing those words. How deep do they seep into your veins?
    What extremes are you pushed to?
    Can you take back the venim within your words? Do you notice the daggers stabbing at your victim?
    Do you know their story?
    Do you care about the hardships in their life?
    Maybe you're being selfish based off your own struggles to feel your pain ceased?
    So tell me is it just words?
    Words....what do they mean to you?

  • hollingway 128w

    Minds alike

    Don't get me wrong and try not to take this as charity

    Be open to my mind and fall in step with my clarity

    To clarify i've been missing your company terribly

    But you didn't hear that from me no you'll never hear that from me

    Falling out of love meant falling into habits

    I Apologize to everyone I Will ever come in contact with

    My quips and fists always come too quick and swift

    No one ever thought I could react like this

    No matter the amount of trust I have in us

    It could never bring us back to the same kind of love

    Over nights of sentimental lust

    You've been counting the days till we self destruct

    Never thought it could be so abrupt

    Neither one of us paid attention to what was building up

    I'm an addict because I can't run away fast enough

    And you've found yourself in my blood

    I challenge you to remember all the things that felt right

    How I held you from the start of the darkest night

    And didn't let you go to the first sign of early light

    I know that in your broken moments you needed someone but try as I might your biggest battles weren't mine to fight

    But I came I didn't stay and I could never conquer the monster that became your watcher I'm so sorry that I left you I'm guilty of the same crime as your father I faltered when I was meant to protect your honor and all that came from me were the words would someone please help her

    And what do we have to show for it now

    A chance that I might regain what I lost in you somehow

    Or that i'll see your face someday, somewhere other than the clouds or that I'll stop picking apart your different sounds in all the voices i've found

    I'm tired of carrying around the story of a liar

    Because try as I might we were made from the same fire and walking away creates a need that becomes too hard to not desire to resist it means to reject every note sung by the choir and every moment of ours that has broken the surface has proven to me of the trust i've always had in us that we are more than unimportant nights of sentimental lust

    And that the only thing that had been building up was that you found a way to love yourself enough it's tragic that it had to be so abrupt but it was all out of love

    because in the absence of your company I did things that I regret terribly but you'll never hear that from me no you'll never hear it from me

  • hi_manchu 132w

    Dear mind,
    Please stop thinking so much at night.
    I need to sleep.
    #mirakee #readwritecommunity #mirakeelive #latethoughts #writersnetwork

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    This is the time when the world sleep and words awakens.