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  • sanchari_karmakar 9h

    Dear love

    You've left me..
    And I'm much happy to let go of you..
    And the toxic relationship we've created over the time..
    I don't blame you nor am I to be blamed..
    Cuz whatever we did..we were into this together..
    I does give me a bit of sadness at the back of my head and perhaps to you too..
    But, I'm sure we shall soon get out of it..
    Cast all the bad things and events to your past and in the books of your experiences...
    Let's embrace new love again, take chances and learn from our mistakes...

  • priyanka_raghu 18h

    A letter from my blade, to my lover

    I think it's time you let her go. You see she has been mine long before she has been yours. It's going to hurt you more when I steal her away from you. It's not going to be that hard. You think that those stolen sights are just between the both of you! Don't make me laugh, stolen glances, lingering touches, longing hours are not limited to you. See, I have spent hours with her getting to know each part of her in deatail. I know what gives her the feeling she needs. You care, I won't deny it, but are you willing to give her what she needs? You think that you are the first person she has felt safe with, you think that you have saved her from me, more so herself, you think you can keep her safe? Don't fool yourself. I think it's time you give her back to me. I know how to take care of her, no don't need to fix her, she looks better broken anyway.

  • jiviify 20h


    हमे पता तो चला
    ये धुंआ कहा से हुआ
    और सोचते रहे
    आग है यहां तभी तो धुंआ यहां से हुआ

    मैं खफा नहीं तेरे जाने से
    तेरे आगे बढ़ जाने से
    कुछ वक़्त ही सही तेरा वक़्त तो मेरा हुआ


  • priyanka_raghu 1d

    A letter from my blade

    It's been long,
    Almost 2 years now,
    Pick me up,
    You know you want to,
    Just like you want to spread your legs for him ,
    You want to spread that skin for me,
    You want a bleeding heart but you need a bleeding hand.
    How long are you going to resist my touch?
    My cold body is dying to float across your soft skin,
    So pale, I don't have the patience anymore,
    My cold body need your cold soul,
    We love each other, don't deny it.
    It's easy for you to pretend,
    But it's impossible for you to hide.
    This game of hide and seek doesn't suit lovers, it's a child's game, let's leave it to them.
    You know where I am, my lust... No love for you will never change.
    So, pick me up lover, for I need to be skin deep inside of you, you need me, I need you.

  • sweet_heart 1d

    സമരങ്ങൾ ഒക്കെ നടത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ടല്ലോ..അപ്പോ ചുംബനവും ഒരു വിപ്ലവമാണോ?

    നീയും ഞാനുമെന്ന രണ്ടു വരികളെ കൂട്ടിച്ചേർത്തു ഒറ്റ കവിതയാക്കുന്ന വിപ്ലവം

  • pritha_and_words 1d

    Dear March,

    You have been anything but a mainspring,
    Letting me dive in myself and help me pop out colors and wonders and lost desires; and finish my vestige works that were abandoned in the rush of life.

    You have been anything but a preceptor,
    Teaching how beautiful can life be away from the grey screams of fatuous monotony. A time, being so peaceful in books and music and in the sound of nature; making me fall in love with the calmness inside.

    You have been anything but a constrictor knot,
    Putting my scattered family together, those mislead in the topsy-turvy world; and then help all members get blend in each other's lives, collecting happy faces in a single frame of the album of memory.


  • hashtagg_rajat 2d

    dear you,

    If you ever allow me to say a few things without keeping the burden of it, I hope you to be a good listener that day.
    See a flower's life is limited to being the appeaser and then as we know, it wilts away. I have never tried to be that flower. I have always been the cactus. Because as soon as I got into this self-created castle of fondness for you, I knew I'll have to be as strong as it to survive.

    You've asked me to trust your instincts that I'll get over everything one day and that you hope we'll be still friends after that, and not because I'm blindly infatuated or whatever. I didn't say a word then, because I couldn't. But I was shattered that very moment in realization of the fact that you never actually understood what I felt for you, and this hurts more than the fact that my love's to remain unrequited.

    I've seen gloomier days and darker nights. I've deprived myself of things I never should have, and never had any regrets. But my love is termed as mere infatuation still makes my heart shed tears of sorrow. And you know what the strange part is, I cannot blame you for it. I never could and I never will be.
    Because though I live with a void in my heart, that void belongs to you.

  • cjmarshalkay 5d

    If a rose is able to chose the man who would gather it, it would chose the man that doesn't.


  • mistaker 5d


    Aaj kal
    Din bhar ka gussa
    Tumhare ek message se उतर jata hai
    Or raat mere खवाबों mein tumhare aane ka संदेश miljata hai

  • sharna 5d

    Anne Frank, a famous young diary writer who always wanted to become a writer says, "A paper has more patience than people".Her diary "Kitty"was her best pal in her loneliness where she expressed her all kinds of thoughts which she had in her mind. Anne would feel lonely and distressed so she wished to keep a diary to get off all the burden and pain. Even her words those of life's memories would be safe in every page of that diary. She believes that people are not interested in other's life as they are struck with own problems so it is really hard to get someone who can give importance to her diary. People feel bored and become impatient when we talk about our problems.
    On the other hand, when we write our feelings and thoughts on paper, we can write as long as we want without thinking of anyone's intention as it doesn't react. We can share our feelings, both sad and happy. It never gets bored or stops us to write. It behaves like a true friend who keeps our secrets and listens to us patiently. So, paper listens to us silently.We even record all the moments of our hard work so. We freely express our gratitude to it. So paper thankyou for being such a croony of our life without any conditions for words. And you make us to feel queen/king amid literature to expore our intention and opinions.Because of your eternal bond and being for longtime our words can reach to the people's heart so they can eludicate again a new information by drifting a pen with a sense of their opinion to others.
    So paper I always respect for your gratitude.
    #paper'smybestiee #letter
    #life #life #inspiration #life #inspiration

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    Paper Has More Patience Than People


  • shubhii_meera 2w

    To ,
    Where her love resides

    Date -21 March, 2020

    Subject- Untold feelings(not just to be read but to be felt)

    Dear Naina's soulmate ,
    On behalf of Naina:
    Long time ,no see. Hope you haven't forgot your Naina. Actually, Your Naina's naina are yearning to see you. Yes, Her eyes are little teary now which used to sparkle like diamond for you.

    You know, She writes everyday for you. Here is a piece of her heart(from her diary), I am sending to you .Hope you don't find difficulty in reading this(little ink has smeared with her tears):-

    Hey love, 18/01/20XX
    You have been with me all those moments .Yes, our body was sometimes close and sometimes far. Whatever sorrows you have , tell my address to them. Don't fight alone. Come and unite your eye lashes with mine so that all your tears are set on my eye lashes. I don't like this sadness on your face. I know you have been through a tough phase too but i was also never flying in the sky. Listen to my request , replace all the sadness from your face with happines of our love.
    Come and unite together not only eyelashes but our soul.
    Love you.

    See,Your Naina still thinks it's her mistake only and you are alone without her.
    You don't live with her but she lives in you.

    I hope you felt it .
    Thank You!!

    Your Naina's Heart.
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @willow923 @twt_official @bejubaanshayar @libertine13 @theboywiththespecs @thetorturedstories #pod #untoldfeelings #love #letter

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  • scribblingsofateen 2w

    A letter to John Ambrose from To all the boys I've loved before-P.S I still Love You.

    Dear John Ambrose,
    I am not sure about how many letters you got apart from Lara Jean, but this one is from me -A girl you will probably never know.The young man from Portsmith really got my eye.You have this amazing smile McClaren. I know how much LJ meant to you ..I really saw it in your eyes. I know how excited you felt when you saw Lara Jean after so many years in Belleview. Lara Jean was excited much to the point that she knocked out the bowl of m&m's and tripped over them.

    I felt your sincerity the moment you said to L J that you didn't really cared about everyone liking you in middle school, except for her. I went "awwww". That letter must have been so special to you and I am sure that you both would have been dating if you got it back then. You know how I am so sure about this? because it's the little thing that girls notice like the time you dressed up as the deviled egg to match match Lara Jean's weird but cute halloween costume at Matt Kaplan's party. LJ loved you since then.

    You felt you were always not up to Peter.You weren't the popular school boy like him like him.. You were a boy who couldn't even imagine a girls having a crush on you back then.You were not an athlete like Peter nor you had a string of girl swarming around you.You also had that stutter- which I don't find a problem at all- just so you know. But you truly are the sweetest person John Ambrose.

    The heartbreak you experienced when you came to know PK and LJ was dating ..that you read the cute letter all wrong ...that a girl you used to hang out at the tree house is far from your reach.. I understand. I understand it all.And when you sat beside LJ playing your piano, I know your heart was still broken and behind all that cute smile was nothing but pain.

    But John Ambrose, I want you to know this-LJ stared at you admiringly when you were immersed in reading at the tree house. She dreamt about you.She tried to impress you back then in school.But life isn't always fair. We don't always get to have the people we fall in love with. But I'm glad you got to dance with her- something you wanted to do in the 6th grade. Not everybody gets lucky like that McClaren. Your kiss made me so happy .I felt like you really deserved to hold her a little more under that snow. But you and me both know it is Peter. It was always Peter and the possibility of the second lead getting the girl is less than the probability of seeing a double rainbow.So John Ambrose,please be happy with the fact that amidst all this, once upon a time Lara Jean's heart was yours.And I am sure you are gonna find someone amazing and you both will be totally lame and lovely in a cool way too.

    With Love,
    A girl you will never know.
    #mirakee #viral #netflix
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli @writers_paradise @writersofmirakee #love #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary #life #viral #letter #crush #mirakeeans #jordanfisher

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    Dear John Ambrose,
    (Read caption)

    The possibility of the second lead getting the girl is less than the probability of seeing a double rainbow.

  • mahtobpensdown 2w


    Due to the long unexpected public holiday, there was a sudden cleanliness drive at my home as well. My grandmother was cleaning an old drawer … it had many old files. Diya, that’s me was helping her as well. The whole family was involved in one or the other work. As I was rummaging over old files and its papers, I came across a very old postcard … probably more than 50 years old. When I cleaned the dust on it, it turned out to be a love letter!!! Yes, a love letter that was written by grandpa to my grandmom.

    Diya was smiling widely, couldn’t believe that her grandparents were together because of a love marriage …. It was completely unbelievable situation 50 years ago, but yes, they had made it. AS much time had passed since then, the ink appeared to be washed away quite a bit … due to shifting of apartments and renovation over the years. Diya’s grandmother appeared to be blushing on holding it. Though the words couldn’t be read now, obviously it was something close to her heart and she was enjoying cherishing those memories.

    Diya – Why are you laughing so wide? Tell me also naa

    Grandma – What should I tell?

    Diya (teasingly) – Your love story … perhaps your first night … hahaha

    G – (shocked) hits her granddaughter jokingly (and starts smiling)

    D – Tell naaa …. How did you keep this letter so well? it's soooo old

    G – Old is gold beta … you must have heard na

    D – True

    G – Now listen to me

    D – yes?

    G – What is loss?

    D – Huh? (surprised)

    G – (haha) Yes, it has a vast definition dear … perhaps different for different people

    D – Okay … I am still not understanding what you mean

    G – This is a love letter (showing the postcard in her hand) and yes it's old … I am thankful to the postman who delivered to it despite grave situations

    D - ??? (confused)

    G – Let me tell you something … In our days, we never had phones or all that you have now

    D – No WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram??? (Diya is just 8 years old)

    G – (laughing) hahaha no dear

    D – How did you communicate?

    G – That’s what I said … it was either through letters by the postman or a trunk call

    D – What?

    G – Listen to me, dear … you keep asking and we are going off track

    D – Okay sorry … tell me

    G – Yes, please be quiet and listen now

    D – Hmm

    G – So this postman came in to give me my precious letter despite heavy rains … it was pouring bad those days … fully flooded like the situation here but the postman did not give up his spirit

    This was the last letter of the day to be delivered … and while coming it actually fell in the mud … but the guy quickly showed the presence of mind and picked It up … tucked it beneath his shirt and came fighting all odds to deliver me the letter

    D – (fascinated) WOWW

    G – The postman is very duty-conscious person Diyuu …

    He is brave hearted and always has a smile on his face. He doesn’t even know that what the letter contains …

    D (breaks her in between) – Meaning?

    G – Beta, the letter can contain both good or bad news … sometimes its happiness about certain things like the birth of a child, wedding invitation, someone has got a job … or incidents such as someone from the family is hospitalized or maybe a relative’s death… it can be anything, you never know

    D – (listens eagerly) Yes … possible G

    G – Dear, he never thinks for himself … even in rains … his health can be affected na? like cold, fever but no complaints ever. Just thinks to spread happiness on everyone’s face

    D – Such a noble thought

    G – Yes, so when the postman delivered me this letter … I handed him a glass of water … enquired if he is okay … made him sit near the door and gave him good ginger-garlic tea

    D – To a stranger G?

    G – But he has a life na dear? Life is precious

    D – Thankyou G … I will keep this in my mind

    (she folded her hands to pay respect and both started cleaning job again)

    G – What did you learn beta?

    D – Communication is necessary and life is precious

    G – (happily) God bless you beta


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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @harshad09 @mikeanthony @sumana_chakraborty @shegram @ovais43 @notyourtype @yamini_expresses @philosophic_firefly


    Ps - please be patient with responses ...
    Stay happy stay healthy ...
    Spread love spread awareness

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    D – No WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram??? (Diya is just 8 years old)

    G – (laughing) hahaha no dear

    D – How did you communicate?


    (I know this might look like a bit long but Please Read Caption)

  • tanbina 2w

    A Letter to my love 💔

    Dear stranger,
    I was happy to have you in my life. It seemed u filled it up with everything nice. But soon it turned from valentine red to blood red.
    All your memories are open wounds to me that can never be healed.
    All your lies are my tears.
    And all my efforts are my biggest mistakes.
    I want to get over all this and move on but I just can’t. Its a heartache breath-taking feeling.
    Still I want u to be happy cause I can’t bear my love to be upset ever.

  • aparajitaalok_ 2w

    A letter

    To my lover,

    I am sincerely thankful to you that we met. Maybe it was by luck or it might be destiny wanted something. To me, you are one of the best thing which my life ever gifted me. I still remember the day we first met, but i didn't knew that this meeting would be for a lifetime. You seemed just like integration of mathematics but you are just as easy to understand as chapter of probability. You are the reason behind my simling face and my blushing cheeks. You are the reason behind those tearful eyes and rolling tears down my face, though you don't do anything to make me cry but the fear of losing you does! I really feel blessed and lucky to have you in my life. By each and every passing day, my heart wants you more , loves you more and you are gaining a huge respect by your sweet actions, gentle nature and everything, my best one!!

    I won't promise a forever, but i promise to remain by your side even after death, for seven births and even more than that, my soulmate!!

    Yours lover.


  • atlantes 2w

    “One day you will wake up to find all the weight of the past few weeks/months or even years suddenly disappear; I guess if that day is not today; all you need to believe is that it’s coming and stay positive till then”

  • _mukul_ 2w


    "Duniya choti lagti h unhe jinke khyal bade hote h"

  • sweet_heart 2w

    നീയില്ലായ്മയിൽ എന്റെ ഹൃദയം വരണ്ടുണങ്ങി നിർജീവമായെന്നോ..!!

    നീയില്ലെങ്കിലും ഓരോ നിമിഷവും നിന്റെ ഓർമകൾ പെയ്തൊഴിയുന്നുണ്ടല്ലോ...

  • indecisive_emu_711 2w

    Dear heating pad

    I know you have that timer for safety purposes, but I really just need you to cook my insides for a really long time

  • mamrita98 2w


    To the irreplaceable person of my life,

    I don't know how to express,
    It's just that everything in life is hollow without you,
    It's just that the smile on my face lacks it's charm and happiness without you,
    It's just that the day seems little bit incomplete without you and your conversations,
    It's just that my eyes don't shine that much brighter without your face,
    It's just that i m missing you a lot❤