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  • sanjay_vwarrior 7w

    Zindagi ki sacchai

    "Insaan Ko is duniya me zindagi jeene ke liye bheja hai god ne lekin Kuch log zindagi bita ke hi is duniya se chale jaate hai "
    Agar is duniya me aaye ho to kucch bada karke jaao nahi to zindagi to dusre jeev jantu bhi bita rahe hai !!!!

  • the_horror_box 9w

    Life goes

    Our life is like a fluctuating power supply.

    In order to get the best of it and get it stabilised, we need to be like a capacitor grabbing the biggest or best opportunity and keeping it going in a stable manner.

    Capacitors in Electronics are very versatile and enduring and have many uses.

    In the Electricity of life, we should be like capacitors and make the best of life.


  • the_horror_box 10w

    Meter Bridge

    In Physics, a Wheatstone Bridge is constructed and is said to be in balance if all four resistances are in a uniform ratio to each other.

    Similarly, life is also said to be balanced if everything is in equilibrium.

    However, unlike a Wheatstone Bridge, life is like a Meter Bridge, where we should slide a jockey on the scale wire to get the balance point.

    Once we get to the balance point, we can also find out all the problems that affect us and thus rectify it.

    Just like how a Meter Bridge is used for determining unknown resistances, life can be used for finding out unknown problems and information and thus sharing the solution/ discovery.


  • the_horror_box 11w

    Keeping Quiet

    We have all heard the famous poem "Keeping Quiet" by Mr. Pablo Neruda.

    The poem emphasizes on silence and all the other good things that can come as a result of keeping silent for a certain amount of time.

    Similarly, we all are so engrossed in learning new things, studying hard to get ahead in academics and also so committed to our hobbies, that even though we feel really happy and feel no pain, we are still putting ourselves thorough a lot of stress.

    So, when we get into depression, it is our bodies' natural response to the stress. Depression forces us to maintain silence and "Keep Quiet" for certain amount of time.Thus we should not worry about depression at all.

    The only thing we should worry and work on is the suicidal thoughts and self harm thoughts which are the unwanted, undesirable yet unavoidable by-products of depression (depression is slightly advantageous)

    Even though the stage of depression does good for us, those negative thoughts can be harmful and thus we should fight the negative thoughts with utmost courage and determination without thinking about depression itself.


  • the_horror_box 11w

    Depression Reason

    There is one stage in our life that will be filled with extreme sorrow, sadness, uncertainty and also depression.

    But the passage of this stage will let us into a happy adulthood.

    Because of this bad time, the person becomes very strong and thus is ready to face all the pressure and problems that adulthood has to offer.

    Thus, never think of self harm or suicide because adolescence is just like an obstacle course, preparing us for life.


  • the_horror_box 12w

    Silver Platter

    Sometimes, we come across a very confusing situation where we think that some people have to work very hard to get things while some get it served on a silver platter.

    Well the fact is that absolutely nobody has had anything served on a silver platter as a silver platter is way too expensive.

    just another way of saying that nobody has it easy, even if they have it good.

    So even if you see someone having something served on a silver platter, do not think that their life is easy, because they might simply be using an iron or aluminium or zinc platter, making it look like a silver platter.

    Life is meant to be lived freely and happily, but with meaningful contents and ethics.

    So please do not be illusioned by a silver coloured platter, which may either be iron or zinc or aluminium.


  • the_horror_box 13w


    Well, 2019 has been a very fruitful year and hope it brought happiness and relief and joy to all. Even if 2019 was rough, stay positive and give time as 2020 will be great.

    Well 2019 was a very happy year for me because my write-ups gained popularity. Also I got some information that my write-ups on depression got good reviews from a few fellow Mirakeeans.

    I would like to say Thank You, and I owe my deepest gratitude to Mirakee for giving me a nice platform and also for the endless support to brink out the writer in me.

    It is thanks to the nurturing by Mirakee, that my seed of writing was nurtured into a sapling. I also wish to write more and maybe grow it into a tree.

    Hope all of us fellow Mirakeeans grow into great writers.

    Happy New Year once again


  • the_horror_box 13w

    What Matters?

    The above title refers to a question everyone asks in multiple ways.

    But there is no straightforward answer to the question, but here is a long but simple answer.

    In our life, things such as marks and grades , level of wealth, and our relations to great people does not matter.

    Whether we have the biggest or finest things is of no importance.

    The only thing that matters is our skills and what we share with the world.

    We can have many hobbies because one day one of our hobbies will become our profession.

    In fact, even the fact that you write on Mirakee has some great influence.

    There will always be something to reap after sowing the seed of a hobby, something to reap after having written something on Mirakee.

    Wishing all Mirakeeans a Happy New Year in advance and may the year 2020 bring the highest level of happiness to you.

    Also do make a 2020 New Year Resolution to be a happier and a more proactive person.

    Utilize all your idle time to do some hobby, which will make life more meaningful.

    Happy New Year once again


  • the_horror_box 13w

    Mining Positivity

    Just like how valuable metals like Aluminium, Iron and Mercury are found in relatively dirty ores, mainly comprising oxides and sulphides.

    But just like how those dirty ores yield such precious metals, which are the building blocks of our economy and heavy industry,

    our bad moments in life are also the same. Just that we should know the art of metallurgy (i.e. the art to live a happy life) to extract the good things(metals) from the bad moments (dirty ores).

    Thus, always make sure that you mine out positivity and let go of negativity. Do not worry if the negative impurities of life come to you, just use some an anti-negative factor (flux) to ease the stress. The formation of slag, will help separate the impurities and thus help extract the great metal components.


  • the_horror_box 14w


    When teenagers become depressed, there is nothing much to worry about. Just that they become like overdischarged lead acid batteries, because lead acid batteries get overdischarged as a result of extreme pressure and lack of recharging.

    Just like that, modern day teenagers also get depressed given a lack of relaxation and intense pressure.

    Just like how a overdischarged lead acid battery is connected to a desulphator to recharge and revive, we should use specific methods to treat depressed teen-agers and thus they can be revived easily.

    Just like how an overdischarged lead acid battery will revive using a desulphator, similarly a depressed teen-ager will be revived by the use of special counseling.

    Please do not let a depressed teen-ager go unattended and destruct themselves with self harm and suicide.

    Please help depressed teen-agers and prevent suicides.


  • the_horror_box 15w


    When Alternating Current is supplied to a capacitor, the negative component of the Alternating Current is cut off and only the positive component is obtained.

    Thus, we can get a pure DC supply.

    Similar to that, life is also like Alternating Current which gives us both positive and negative things. We should be like capacitors and thus only spread the positive things and eliminate the negative things.

    Just another way of saying, spread the good things, but let the bad things end with us. Let us not spread negativity.

    It is our duty to make sure that only positivity is spread.


  • the_horror_box 15w


    Traveling and making friends is not necessarily about making friends with important people, or about visiting tourist destinations and attractions.

    It is also about meeting people from different walks of life and getting to know their life stories. When we come to know about different people's life stories, our knowledge increases.

    This knowledge can later help fix the kinks in our own armors (i.e. change our lives).

    Also, we can practically view the diversity that the world has to offer and show that the world is a large place with virtually no limits.

    The real world is small. But a person's world can be infinitely large.


  • the_horror_box 15w

    Success in life

    In order to be successful in life, it is not necessary that we should have a degree from a prestigious university or a job that plays in millions.

    As long as you are able to have a self sustained lifestyle without hurting anyone else, you are already successful.

    Also, feel free to derive the maximum utility from all the resources and do not waste them. Also engage in small work like basic photography, writing and making song covers.

    Because keeping oneself occupied with an activity automatically gives motivation to start another activity. Thus a person can become an all-rounder.

    Also, invest on experiences such as traveling, making memories with friends and family and make every moment of your life count.


  • the_horror_box 15w

    Are people good or bad

    We ask this question as to whether people are good or bad,

    Another way of asking whether it is a beautiful world or cruel world?

    Well the truth is that 99% of the people are good people who are warm, friendly and welcoming.

    and the other 1% of the people are termed as bad because they did not have a happy or peaceful life thus resorting to a world of crime to release their frustrations.

    But the bitter truth is that the 1% of the above bad people are always shown in the news or in TV shows.

    Also, we mostly tend to have traumatic experiences with the bad people which gets stored in the amygdala,( the part of the brain which stores information for a long time and also only bad information such as traumatic experiences)

    So please do not let the amygdala control your brain. Despite the bad things, just get over it and deeply throw yourself into the good things in life, where you can be happy.

    Remember, just because one bad person came into your life, do not feel bad, because for one bad person, 10 good people will come into your life.


  • theunconsciouspen 15w

    Tip no. 3

    Be careful
    what you tolerate .

    Becauae you are teaching people
    how to treat you !

  • theunconsciouspen 17w

    Tip no. 1

    For your mental peace
    Learn to differentiate between
    who deserves an explanation of your actions and who does not.

  • the_horror_box 17w

    Life as Electric Current

    Life is good or bad?

    A: Well the above question has no straight forward answer as life is like alternating current. Just like how alternating current has both positive and negative waveforms, life also has ups and downs.

    Well in order to convert alternating current to direct current, we need to use a rectifier. Either a full bridge rectifier or a simple single diode rectifier.

    The single diode rectifier is easy to construct but is not suitable for large loads. But the full bridge rectifier that is hard to construct and also complicated to use is very reliable and also very durable.

    Similarly in order to do well in our life, we need to obtain good habits and good qualities that will help us fix ourselves a full bridge rectifier. Our full bridge rectifier will involve (good habits, kindness, compassion, empathy and simple living)

    Whereas a single diode rectifier involves (wasting resources, not valuing resources, unnecessarily complaining and abusing substances)

    Whether you want to use the single diode rectifier or the full bridge rectifier is totally your choice.
    But be very very responsible while making the choice because there is no escape from the consequence of the above choice.


  • the_horror_box 17w


    When we look at or hear about teen-agers, we consider them to be unsatisfied, lazy,. rebellious and troublesome people who are always wasteful or hurtful.

    But that is not the case. Just that modern day teen-agers are like lithium ion batteries, they are a very sensitive to criticism and problems, unlike previous generations which were like lead batteries or nickel batteries.

    However, just like how the lithium ion batteries are the most useful in their compatible environments, let us give our present day teen-agers a compatible environment where they can be just as useful as the lithium ion batteries we use in our Electronics.

    Just like how wrong treatment leads to explosion and fire in lithium ion batteries, the wrong treatment such as unnecessary pressures and criticism will have harmful effects such as suicidal thoughts on the teen-agers.

    So please be careful about what you say to and say around teen-agers and make sure it is not hurtful. Also help them out with their problems versus just ignoring them.

    Make the environment more compatible for the teen-agers and watch them shine like stars.


  • the_horror_box 17w


    Learning is a lifelong process that happens from birth to demise.

    70% of the learning is informal learning that happens outside the academic books and schools.

    When asked as to what is the best way to learn?

    À: the best way for a person to learn is to learn what he or she truly likes,

    and to learn at their own pace.

    Do not make learning a competition and let everyone learn at their own pace and also learn what they like.

    Grades and marks have got nothing to do with learning so do not discourage actual learning processes when students score low marks or grades.

    Confiscating gadgets and cutting of access to internet and the outside world will only aggravate problems and not help.


  • the_horror_box 37w

    Life is a System of charges

    Our life is a system of both, positive and negative charges. The negative charges represent problems and sorrow, while the positive charges represent good gifts and happiness. But the equilibrium is maintained only by the presence of an equal amount of both type of charges..

    In simpler terms:-

    " Life has an equal amount of good and bad. But that is what maintains the balance in life. We should enjoy the good things, but also accept the bad things."