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  • yashvibansal 13h

    I echo slowly
    I repeat things when I can't remember them.
    Like History.
    There's power, there's prestige
    But I have forgotten that there's pride, and tyranny, and an ultimate downfall.
    And since I have forgotten these crucial parts,
    I take the class again,
    This time with me being the central character
    Rather than Robespierre or Hitler.
    They were only one
    I am many
    They were glib speakers
    And I a silent screamer.
    They ruled humans
    I ride them.
    But there's a similarity too
    We believe ourselves to be unlikely heroes
    Despite appearing as villains through and through.
    27 January 2021

    This is the perspective of the new villain,
    Covid 19.

    #covid #covid19 #coronavirus #corona #terror #villain #history #pandemic #lockdown #power #prestige #pride #tyranny #downfall #center #character #control #fear #human #scream #speaker #hero #unlikely

    Image credit to rightful owner. I picked it up from Google.

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    The New Villain

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  • devanshumittal 1w


    Never seen anything like this before
    Fighting the invisible enemy to the core
    Lockdown struck and no one around
    Economy collapsed with a mayhem sound
    Vaccine arrives and people cheer
    Nobody has anything to fear
    A vaccine drive that serves us all
    To boost the economy that crawled


  • tumaku 2w

    just a #lockdown quote

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    made me fall in love

  • victoriastokoe 2w


    The only place I could feasibly be alone,
    would be the moon.
    Listening to Rae..
    In my swirling head, that's where I'm sat,
    on a blanket of grey dust, that's where I'm at.
    Looking to Earth my feelings take flight,
    there's one I leap and grab...
    The cosmos is not taking that...Not tonight.
    I imagine the people that make the world go round, yet in their silence I sit, with one perfect sound.
    A treadmill of white and green and blue,
    soon to be darkness, scattered lights,
    a mind-blowing view.
    Yet it's nice to stand back and be alone for a while, I'll take everything in, breathe slow, switch my frown.
    I watch lights glow and dim and wonder if it's the reason for new lives and long rests,
    a circle never ending.
    Shooting stars pepper the night sky as people's dreams leave a sorrowful goodbye.
    Is this why I'm here observing?
    Traversing this space between what is and what could have been..
    What is now, is a chance to really see,
    that we need to be kind, as kind as we can be.
    Dreams whizz past without a chance at all to be.
    Off to somewhere, only they know where,
    where they were never meant to be.
    The thought I held onto, was why am I here?
    Everything has its reason and this life we should never fear.
    We can make our days fruitful or we can walk, oblivious to it all.
    I now know why I'm here
    and if I feel I should forget.
    I'll go back to the moon
    to sit on the grey dust to recall.
    People are lights,
    notice if their presence starts to dim,
    as their shadows fall lightly,
    seemingly invisible to all.

    13th January 2021
    Victoria Stokoe

  • samarsayed72 3w


    Kahaan dhoondhna hai abbu aapko.......dhoondhti aapko hu'n ki apne sukoon ko mai pareshan hu kahaa'n jaau.....mujhe vo kaifiyat phir chahiye ro ro k duaaein apki sehat ki mangna hai mujhe .....sath khairiyat aapke ghar aana hai mujhe ......aaj aapka bp low hai ya dhadkan tez hai....bukhar hai ya ulti hui hai.......mujhe doctor se rabta khatam nhi karna........mujhe vo kaifiyat phir chahiye abbu ......mujhe apki khairiyat phir chahiye abbu......... ventilator par sans lene me dikkat toh koi nahi ......raat ko neend aapko abbu aayi ya nahi......so aise gaye jaise ab kabhi uthenge nahi........dunya mein maut aise aati hai abbu....leke apno ko kitni door le jati hai abbu..........hath badhau bhi toh choo na paau........kaano me awaz ab koi aati nhi "beta kahaan ho bohot din hue khairiyat koi di nahi".........na koi baat kar paye na mil paye abbu .......kaise gaye ki aaye nhi abbu

  • samarsayed72 3w

    Band saansein

    Lockdown mein flights band ho gayi trainein band ho gayi ......shops band ho gayi ......bas saansein na band ho jaaien isliye sab band kar diya gaya.........phir bhi ho gyi saansein band kuch apno ki......kuch dino baad sab chalu hogaya flight......trains.....shops......par sansein jo band hui toh phir chalu hi nhi hui

  • prat_writes 4w

    The Grim Reality

    But outside home is the reality,
    And we fail to understand it's gravity.
    Doctors, police and administration put their lives on line,
    Had to face the frustration of common man.
    The migrants having their own troubles,
    Lockdown adding more fuel.
    Businesses have suffered heavily,
    Poor and middle class left with scarcity.
    We all faced problems, some trivial some essential,
    But people with trivial problems mostly would prevail.
    World has lost many,
    Farewell could't be given properly.
    Hopefully, vaccines show it's effects soon,
    And the unsung heroes welcomed back home.
    But it's not over yet,
    Vaccines have only been made.
    End of this year doesn't mean we won,
    This new year could be a new game to begin.

  • charvi_mehra 4w

    Last day of 2020,
    And Here I am,
    Sitting in front of a screen,
    Writing, doodling and mostly ending work before time!
    When will we go back to normal?
    Hug, greet and be able to live realities!
    Not on laptops or tablets but face to face like prior times.

    I am bad at putting labels,
    But this one has it, "Work from home"

    #2020 #pod #days #life #lockdown #pandemic #glimpses #poem #hurt #love #you #ink #pen #diary #heart

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Work from home

    2 weeks to 9 months and still counting,
    On Spotify, Prime, Netflix and Sony LIV,
    I searched for me and what's mine!
    My genre or my music taste?
    Will you match with me on the same grounds?

    Well, matches never come handy,
    Which Tinder declared along with my existence out loud!
    It's 2020, who is not looking for someone to share not only food but sufferings this time?

    The weekends were weekdays or the weekdays felt like weekends?
    Months, days and movies, series!
    Strange seasons of dramatic endings,
    Lifeless thriller to murdering realities of love.

    How empty my core stands?
    I lived all this while in the front of a screen,
    Video calls, meetings and also farewells were online!
    Even, my non-existent love life,
    Swiping left and no more right!
    Virtual hugs 'cause corona messed up our lives!


  • writers_inspiration_bureau 4w

    Those were the days...

    Some days I wish, I could go back in life.
    Not to change anything ,but to feel a few things twice.

  • travel_motivation_love 4w

    Kaam Ki Talaash Ne Ghar Ka Kabhi Hone Nahi Diya,
    Majbur The Sab Chain Ki Nind Koi Sone Nhi Diya.

    Waqt Ne Karwat Aisi Badli Koi Idher Udher Naa Ho Paya,
    Gairo Se Dur Hua Tabhi Apno Ke Kareeb Ho Paya.

  • veerakanellore_bhavana 4w


    Dear 2021 Me,

    2020 made me realise that I have been taking many things for granted. When 2020 started I have been travelling a lot that almost I forgot about saving money. I had been busy spending time with friends and almost forgot meeting parents. I had been busy with office world and forgot about self care. But this lockdown made me realise what all mistakes I made. Thanks to lockdown for making me get time to care about myself, about parents, about nature. You made me realise life is meant to enjoy but there are certain limitations for everything. I feel sad about virus but thanks to pandemic for making me understand that everything in this world matters and if any small thing goes missing then world says hello to danger.

    2020 was tough to manage. But learnt to take responsibilities in a proper manner. And I promise to myself that I will never forget how I should be.

    With love,
    The 2020 You!


  • mmbftd 4w


    It was Christmas
    As I saw my parents
    Through their front porch window
    Waving and blowing kisses
    Through my mask
    I had rarely missed a Christmas
    With them in all my 51 years
    I saw my father begin to cry
    As this pain of being so close
    Yet unable to hug each other
    Set into us both.
    My mother, always the strength
    Bore a smile of resilience
    As we spoke through our cell phones so we could hear each other.
    We left humble gifts to be saturated by lysol and washed and rewashed
    So no particle of sickness
    Could get to them.
    We all lived in fear. They are both in their late 70's.
    I hadn't hugged my parents in a year. A whole year.
    And last Christmas we all took togetherness for granted.
    We had laughed and hugged and held hands and kissed and sat close on the warm couch in front of a red hot fire. We had made plans and spoke of dreams and goals and life...
    But that was the last normal interaction we had.
    Now Covid-19 ravaged our country and the world.
    I had only left my home about 7times in this year of Covid-19.
    I was agoraphobic before all this!
    And I thought of my best friend, who's dear father had died a few months ago. How his Christmas is so different from any of his others. How the hole in his and his mom's heart would never be filled again.
    And I looked at my dad through this window and wept because I was so grateful for having him still.
    I'm so much more fortunate than most this year.
    And I got to see my little brother too, as he was able to be with them. I hadn't seen him since last Christmas on that couch in there. They showed yummy food behind them on the table, homemade Cuban food from my mom's loving hands.
    And I realized how important all these traditions are. How recipes handed down can never be learned too soon. How jokes made by siblings heal hearts. How singing with my father in a harmony only genetics can grant, is so valuable. To watch him play that ancient acoustic guitar and be happy singing all the songs he wrote in his Du-Wop days.
    And mom giving the tour of the house and projects or improvements she had made recently. Or getting the gallery show of her watercolor paintings in all their detailed beauty.
    These are memories now. I won't forget. I won't let them fade and I won't make the mistake of taking these moments through this window for granted. Not when I know how our world's can change so swiftly.
    I live safely. I live in fear. It's not political. It's not because I'm a sheep. It's because I'm not sure enough of anything to bet their precious lives on a careless decision I make.
    I can't be that selfish, when a hug I crave more than anything just might become the last one.
    It was Christmas and I saw my parents through their front porch window...and I'm so damn grateful I could burst.

  • neeraja 4w

    A Christmas Day

    Walking on stony roads painted in white,
    With jackets , boots and mask on a freezing night,
    Crossing the woods, bushes and frozen lake,
    A day filled with Christmas lights and cake,
    A day with downy flake and howling winds,
    I smiled and signed as I passed by
    To watch the brightest night in its own queerness,
     A walk to remember,
    A walk to forgive,
    To let go the darkest year for humankind

  • ruminatingbliss 5w

    (Wrote this piece a while ago, didn't know if I wanted to share, but here it is....)

    The word 'lockdown' which is Collins dictionary's "word of the year", sums up the pain that the world underwent in 2020.
    My deepest condolences to all those who lost somebody to this pandemic. May God give you strength and you feel surrounded by much love.��

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #covid #lockdown
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    The Pandemic

    Today, Frank tested positive,
    It's a disease called Covid-19
    People call the virus, Corona
    Everybody's worried because he got diabetes and asthma.
    He's in home quarantine
    Oh! I forgot to mention,
    Frank's the milkman, of our building.
    We can't meet him,
    But I hope we'll soon see him.

    The situation here is more than dire,
    Piles of bodies are incarcerated by the fire.
    Last week, my neighbour demised
    after a long deadly fight.
    "Why isn't dady coming home??"
    Suzzy and Anna cried
    "He reached the next level,
    like in the video games you play everytime
    Look, he's the star watching you
    Up from the sky".

    Again, the news addressed
    "1000 more dead "
    Shaking the very fabric of the countries from east to west.
    But It's just a figure in the government's library,
    Yet It's a loss, for those who held somebody dearly,
    Even though they were already sick or a bit elderly.
    Who's taking the responsibility?
    The accountability for the livelihoods
    and the loss of earnings?
    Why is the curse of suffering everytime,
    only and only for the ordinary??

    Yes, the story is now old,
    Even the media is bored,
    We all got a new dress code
    "Wash your hands",
    "Mask your face"
    "Stay home"
    We are told.
    The hospitals are working on overload.
    The schools are running online,
    Now, is the time for digital e-boards,
    With no desks, benches or blackboard.

    It's a time when we stand together in solidarity,
    Greet everyone with compassion and empathy,
    Follow the guidelines properly,
    Take care of our safety,
    Even though the bank balance is a bit thrifty,
    Hoping the vaccines are available readily,
    And we reach herd immunity,
    Pray for a miracle to happen suddenly,
    As this too shall pass,
    Steadily and swiftly.
    As ends the year 2020.


  • seaweed 5w

    A PORTRAIT OF 2020

    A brand new decade with,
    New dreams and hopes.
    Foretold to be a milestone,
    Reach to grab your success.
    All that futile talk about plans,
    Glad I forgot to write down goals.

    Catastrophe unfurls
    So did sapiens anger
    Riots turn cruel
    This month was a challenger.
    Some said covid some said virus
    Came unexpected and undesirous.

    The warm summer breeze,
    Brought with it fear and death.
    To touch was to kill,
    No room for free will.
    Borders shut down,
    Tearing us apart.

    Gyms got closed so did salons
    Time slowed down from morning to moon
    The one who wrote this had his bday
    Celebrated at home in a different way
    Work from home came a new thing
    Goggle meet and zoom became the new king.

    Displaced people, nowhere to go.
    Plagued by hunger and doubt.
    Bleeding feet on railway tracks.
    An exodus to save their lives.
    No livelihood, deserted belongings,
    A lifetimes's work thrown away.

    This month came a shock
    SSR was the only talk
    The legend was buried
    Many candles were carried.
    Virus made a boom
    Demises got resumed.

    Traveling from Instagram to Facebook,
    Life was dalgona and pies.
    A thousand ways to cut confetti,
    Memes and trolls and idleness.
    Wondering if life had meaning.
    Are we play things to dispel God's boredom?

    Month of independence came
    All we wanted was liberty from virus
    Irritation stared china to blame
    They kept dodging it was not us.
    Our borders disputed so did our people
    To beat them we turned evil.

    Onam came again,
    Mahabali was probably quarantined.
    I guess he worked from home as well,
    Like us, devoid of our lifelines,
    Devoid of people, devoid of life,
    Yet a symbol of resilience.

    Cinemas got over OTT made a debut
    Prime, Hotstar, Netflix made a profit and grew
    Controversies of Bollywood also took a rise
    Be it kangana, she was playing ice pies.
    Audience were enjoying the drama this month created
    They didn't go out but their hearts got elated.

    Winter crept in, colder perhaps,
    And brought with it hope,
    This too shall pass.
    Still awaiting a cure,
    More hopeful perhaps.
    Let time speak if our woes end.

    Hoping this year just end
    Will not miss 2020, it really did offend
    The winter the Christmas the new year
    Wishing to pass the last month without fear.
    What a different time it was, changed everything
    But sapiens are strong, they can bear anything.


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #collab #2020 #events #lockdown #corona #covid19 #pandemic @anirockz7 #byebye2020 @writersbay @karupp @nuba_b @unapologeticssoul @colourfulgreys @odysseus @love_whispererr @jerry_21

    In conclusion, life went by in the blink of an eye, with us as mere spectators to drama. But there is hope left. We have proved our resilience yet again, keeping strong. ❣️

    "Tho' much is taken, much abides."
    -Lord Alfred Tennyson, Ulysses


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  • nidhisharma09 6w


    A time in an era came , when
    People got caged,Animals got free
    Nature started healing, only we could see.
    Each one of us has been challenged by this pandemic. Things that we used to take forgranted, were the only blessings.
    Who knew that life could be like this too.
    Less seems to look more and more to you
    For some life got harsh & tough and for some life got slow & easy.
    Few of us realised what life is to be ,
    All i can say, it is Simplicity .

    Nidhi N Sharma

  • my_balu 6w


  • sreyamahi 7w

    Confined !

    Life now relies on unexpectedness
    Especially amid this pandemic time.
    I wonder, sometimes we could go out or else
    Just sit inside our house immobile!

    We feel worried about not going
    Outside for a long time & now
    Understood the logic behind solitary
    Confinements and their effects on culprits!

    We are not imprisoned but still a kind of!
    The happiest thing is that our family
    Is getting time to be as it is.
    Constant chatters, status updates, dining together etc!

    Yes, this is our normality now.
    We forget to put on our masks in between,
    But rush back home after feeling like
    Everyone looks a bit different from you!

    We can just remember these experiences
    And our thoughts during the lengthy confined
    Period as we were restrained for months!
    Let this pandemic say bye-bye soon!

  • faulty_puppet 7w

    Do-Hazaar Bees

    Main Baakiyon Se Khaas Hoon
    Baaki Saalon Se Alag
    Main Shuruat Se Anth Tak Ek Raaz Hoon

    Har Koi Har Saal Soochi Banaye
    Koi Kuch Naya Rachaye, Koi Purane Ko Haraye
    Sankalp Har Saal Banaye Magar Aadhe Mein Hi Bhool Jaye

    Kasrat Kar Do Mahine Mein Thak Jaate
    Khud Se Kiye Waadein Bhool Jaate
    Idhar Udhar Ki Bahano Mein Fir Se Bandh Kar Reh Jaate

    Har Saal Thoda Sada Thoda Sunhera Guzre
    Naukri, Shaadi, Pyaar, Parivaar Hai Bas Zindagi Ke Tukde
    Thali Bhar Gham Aur Katore Mein Khushiyaan Padose

    Mera Koi Irada Na Tha Aise Chalne Ka
    Taur-Tarika Soch Raaton-Raat Badalne Ka
    Aur Irada Bilkul Na Tha Aisi Jaanlewa Bimari Laane Ka

    Aandhi Sa Aya, Sardi Khaasi Se Chaya Woh
    Na Kiya Bhed Bhav Na Koi Tulana
    Achanak Dedh Karod Logon Ko Kahi Door Le Gaya Woh

    Bura To Hua Bohot, Shayad Achcha Bhi Thoda
    Laparwah Insaanon Ko Kaabu Mein Laya Thoda
    Ajeeb Hai Yeh Rog, Insaanon Ko Maar Jaanwaron Ko Choda

    Yeh Saal Tha Insaano Ka Pinjde Mein Jeena
    Ek Duje Se Kaha, Ghar Ke Bhitar Hi Rehna
    Raho Sabse Door, Surakshit, Warna Ho Jayega Corona

    Ummeed Hai Insaano Ne Samjha Hain
    Rachnakar Ki Kalpana Ka Woh Mamuli Hissa Hain
    Is Registaan Mein Tu Bas Dhool Ka Tinka Hain

    Shayad Teri Dimaag Ne Ilaaj Dhund Nikala Hain
    Shayad Tu Is Waqt Ko Badalne Ki Koshish Kar Raha Hain
    Ghumle Sara Brahmaand, Aakhir Kudrat Ka Hi To Chamcha Hai


  • akash_aj 7w


    तू मंज़िल है, और तू ही
    उस मंज़िल से आगे का रास्ता ।