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    Helzik Frinkle

    Helzik Frinkle's arm and ankle ached. He swung slowly, back, forth and side to side, sometimes in circles, as the dark city streets rapidly scrolled by below him. His arm ached because moments earlier, the part of the plan which had him resting in a comfortable leather sling for the late night journey, failed. It was only his quick reactions, born from a lifetime of thievery, that allowed said lifetime to continue at all. Although, it has to be said, probably with one fewer limbs or maybe, if he was lucky, he would lose only a hand. Halving his total number of hands, he thought ponderously, could have certain benefits. But, although schemes swam to the front of Helzik's head of fake-hand related cons, his cheery outlook momentarily failed him as the itchy hemp rope tightened around his forearm.

    The plan was several months in the making, the whole thing entirely his own thanks to Helzik's crippling trust issues. It began with a balloon built from scratch, Helzik's sewing skills now quite impressive after months of practice. The balloon was stitched from jet black, non-reflective fabric stolen, piece by piece, from Ol' Jerry's Tailorin' Supplies. The resulting mound of material was coated in a rubber glue from Shoe's & Socks, again stolen. Once the glue had set, a leather sling was added to the short length of hemp rope from which he now hung. The leather sling he'd had from Run 'n' Hide, the tanning specialists, and no, the sling was not stolen; Helzik Frinkle broke with tradition, just this once, to ensure a little luxury. After all, he would be in the air for some time, he might as well be as comfortable as possible. Run 'n' Hide would be getting one of Helzik's famous, harshly worded letters when all this was over, that was for sure.

    Finally completed, the balloon was filled with hot air generated by the large blue flame coming from the gas bottle on Helzik's lap. This was mildly dangerous, yes, with no valve to control the flow of the flammable gas, his only option was to hold on for dear life until the balloon lifted, then chuck the bottle. Fortunately, he suffered only minor burns to his left ankle as the flame plummeted away.

    It was not long after, that a joint in the sling came undone, swiftly followed by several others. Helzik wrapped his arm around the rope and grabbed hold until his strength failed him and left him dangling for a minute or so before the rather beautiful, ornate weather vane atop the church's highest peak caught hold of his burnt ankle. The balloon, taking instruction from nobody but the god of wind, continued onwards, probably snapping Helzik's arm and causing his shoe to be ripped from his foot along with a fair amount of skin.

    Luck had always been on his side, Helzik thought with an enormous grin on his sweating face. I mean, the chances of getting a foot unstuck without even twisting your ankle, never mind breaking it, were slimmer than Helzik could calculate, though he spent the next couple of minutes trying.

    It wasn't until the wide pale roof of Pete's Bank came into view, that Helzik sprang into action. He pulled a short knife from its sheath at his side and carefully reached up to the hemp rope, cutting into it slightly in preparation. With perfect timing, he cut through the rope, fell ten feet to the roof, landed awkwardly on his left ankle and heard the all too familiar crack of breaking bone.

    Thanking The Lady of Chance for the fortuitous non-breaking of his right ankle, Helzik crawled to the iron drainpipe which he knew to lead past Pete Rittannia, the owner of the bank's, office. Thin L-shaped iron brackets held the gutter to the edge of the roof. These made perfect splints, one for each side of his left foot, bound together with strands from the rope.

    Joy bubbled from Helzik's body, turning into laughter somewhere along the way; he could not believe this was going so well. His plans always worked, of course, but frequently with more terrible consequences. Once, he had broken his jaw, dislocated his shoulder, lost the fingernails from his right hand, lost a bet and stubbed his toe, all on a single job.

    He beamed at the city as he swung his legs over the edge and descended down the iron pipe one-handed to Pete's office window. Here he stopped to withdraw a tiny beetle from his waistcoat pocket and placed it on the glass. At once, the insect lowered its mandibles and began to walk in a large circle, scoring the surface as it went until the tiny scratching noise changed pitch slightly. Then, apparently knowing exactly what it was doing, the beetle walked into the centre of the circle, clamped down with all six legs and its jaws, then unfurled its wings and flapped frantically. There was a small "shink" sound and the circle of glass flew off into the night with the beetle.

    Moments later, Helzik crouched on the office floor in front of a safe, having only sliced one rusty wound into his thigh on an unnoticed nail protruding from the outer window ledge. The safe was a Durbang & Finn 1507 Kronnensuche, a model which Helzik had become intimately accustomed to over the years. Well known as the hardest safe to crack in the world, it was heavily favoured by those who wanted something protecting from thieves. Equally, being so hard to crack, almost every thief worth his pepper learned to crack safes on a Durbang & Finn 1507 Kronnensuche; if they could crack that, they could crack anything.

    Helzik had the safe open in a matter of three hours and twenty two minutes. This time was a personal best and required acknowledgement through the medium of dance. Singing would usually also be required by the formal laws of thievery but the mitigating circumstances in this case were quite clear, allowing Helzik to forgo that part of the ritual, though he would be sure to complete it later.

    Dancing done, Helzik withdrew the three things which the safe contained: a strange golden spoon, a photograph of what appeared to be an octopus and a filing cabinet insert containing a single piece of A4. This probably had writing on, but Helzik had absolutely no need of knowing whether or not it did, and if it did, what was written on it. He knew everything about the piece of paper that he needed to. He knew who would pay over two thousand erlings for it and that was a lot. It was more than the thief had ever had, or even seen in one place. It was enough to replace the gully beetle he used to cut the glass. It was enough to pay his medical bills once he had his ankle and arm fixed. It might have even been enough to make the final payment on the leather sling to Run 'n' Hide if he decided to pay them, but probably not. Helzik Frinkle was not into thievery for the profits. He was in it for the excitement, that hot electric sensation he felt when a plan worked and sometimes, even when it didn't. As long as he stayed free from the city jails, he would continue to wear a grin of contentment.

    "Good evening, Mr Frinkle," said a sudden, slow, deliberate voice from the corner of the room, "I think I would quite like you to return that to the safe if you wouldn't mind?"

    Helzik heard only the "good" before his reactions threw him head first through the hole in the window and before his mind even had chance to fully understand the danger. He had always reacted this way to sudden peril. There was no "fight or flight" response, as he had already flown before any alternatives could be thought up.

    Two nights later, in a flat above the Gaggle of Cats Inn, the sleeping form of Helzik Frinkle lay smiling. A vet stood over him, checking various instruments scattered about the filthy room, sometimes poking Helzik with one of them and analysing the reading.

    Helzik was completely covered in bandages. Luckily, there had been a pile of sharp iron filings which had been dumped in the street below the window of the office of Pete Rittannia. This cushioned Helzik's two storey fall beautifully. However, he was left with very little skin on the front of his torso, legs, arms and face. The vet spent day and night soaking and redressing the wounds, but still thought it unlikely that the bloody body would recover without several infections along the way. He told the now awake Helzik this, to which the response was a huge grin, and a gurgling rendition of the song: "To Whom Do I Owe An Erling?"

    Halfway through the chorus, which by this point was more bubbling throat noises than words, Helzik passed out from the pain, still beaming unconsciously at the ceiling.


  • faizankhan_9 3d

    Wo Magroor To Chali Gayi
    Main Usey Kho Bhi Nahi Sakta
    Jab Yaad Aati Hai Khamosh Ho Jata Hun
    Ladka Hun Na Ro Bhi Nahi Sakta

  • juhishyam 4d

    तेरे मुताबिक

    तेरे मुताबिक़...ही तो ये दुनिया चल रही है ऊपर वाले ।
    हम सब तो बस कठपुतली हैं तेरी दुनिया के ...
    जिसकी डोर तेरे हाथों में है।
    हमारी मर्जी हो या ना हो तेरे निर्णय पर अमल करना ही है..
    चाहे भाग्य मानकर या अपना कर्म मानकर।

  • mohit_kumar_kashyap7mk 4d


    मैं रब से शिकायत करूंगा जरूर...
    जब वो मेरी
    किस्मत ✍ में नहीं थी,

    तो मेरे दिल ❤ में उसके
    लिए प्यार क्यूँ दिया ।

  • blackstranger 1w


    Without even knowing..
    I created a trauma to a person..
    Now that i look at it..I realised it..
    I just wish you luck..
    And I know I am terrible person..
    And I am sorry.. That I broke your trust..
    But I had no choice sweetie..
    Cuz u know.. I am a terrible person..

  • iampraveena 1w

    Fact about luck in love

    Nowadays dogs are more lucky in love than most of us are.


  • the_alluring_soul 1w


    We can make our own luck by great preparation, planning and strategies with equal amount work ethics..


  • abhi07av 2w


    They say, "See him, he's so lucky to have that life style he has."

    They don't ever realize what sacrifices someone has made to get that so called "LUCK". The hard work, the pain, heartbreaks, staying away from parents for months and months, visiting home for a day or two because of their busy schedules, spending sleepless nights, having their meals only one time a day, no one see these things.

    Yes luck plays a role in everyones life, like doing the right thing at the right time, and so on.

    Believe in Luck, but don't depend on it.
    Work hard, stay focused, lady luck will follow you all the way.


  • dee_cod3 2w

    I am not lucky, don't even need luck... I AM LUCK


  • mr_ayaan_13 3w

    इंसान बड़ा ही बेवकूफ है
    दिल टूटता है तो दारू और सिगरेट का सहारा लेता है
    अरे यार दिल तो जला ही है और तू फेफड़े जलाने पर तुला है
    अब बात करते है इस दृश्य की एक पेड़ की जड़ में प्यारा सा
    चमकता हुआ छोटा सा पौधा है
    हमने तो बचपन से ही यही पता था की ये कुकुरमुत्ता है
    पर क्या पता था लोग ऐसे मशरूम भी कहते है
    पर यहां हालात बहुत ही ख़राब है यहाँ प्यारी सी रोशनी नहीं पूरी आग जला के गई है वो बेवफा������
    #writernetwork #mirakee #soulwriter #ishq #luck #bad #heartburning #mushroom #bkfrncu @purewine_75 @nadiyasayed @neha_netra @sillypoet @vibhavati_

    Read More

    बहुत ही खूबसूरत दृश्य है ज़नाब
    अँधेरे में एक प्यारी सी रोशनी
    पर यहाँ तो क़िस्मत ही ख़राब है
    दिल तो जला ही था अब फेफड़े जल रहे है

  • kritu_22 3w

    Absorbing good happenings,
    while better are to follow.

    So mine are these hours,
    None's luck I wish to borrow.


  • kritu_22 3w

    Cry of happiness!

    Let them flow.
    They won't drain you, darling.

    Those tears of joy,
    are happy end to a longing.

    And I see shivers,
    while flashbacks roll in mind.

    You've known, you've experienced.
    God has been kind.


  • rkirank 3w


    Kismat b kya khel khelti h
    Bhulne chalete jise saalo baad
    Wahi nazro k samne rukh gyi!!!

  • priyathemystry 4w

    Yes I know that

    I'm not attractive
    But I have a pure heart and my almighty know that I love you truly
    But you never understand my feelings

  • shehriyar833 4w


    "Focus on what which you have in your life rather than that which you don't have in your life."

  • priyathemystry 4w


    The true is,
    Everytime I burn inside

  • gurusrinayak 4w


    Sum total of diligence, good luck, timing and providence...


  • muskaangandhi 4w


    In a world of four leaved clover
    Be someone's primrose
    lucky and a healer
    Heal their broken hearts with love
    And they will be lucky to find you
    And who knows...one they they will be your lily

  • kaushik_ksk 5w

    रुको... जरा सोचो...
    जो पाया... उसको पाने के जुनून में खोया क्या ??
    सोचो जरा फिर से...
    सौदा फायदे का था या घाटे का...


  • anchalbarnwal 5w

    रात के अंधेरों में... कहीं गुमसुम-सी बैठी हैं मेरी ख्वाहिशें...
    ना ही मेरी क़िस्मत का चिराग़ जलता है... और ना ही ये नज़र आती हैं...