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    Court asked " how it could be a rape,when you're married"?

    She said , I said no.


  • dipsisri 3w


    I just want to put up this question to everyone that
    "Is marriage a license for doing rape"?
    I don't understand that how people say
    "Raped by husband or bf" what he is your Husband, you are his property this is legal he can do it without permission.
    I mean raped by someone is punishable and raped by own husband is acceptable "HOW"?
    If a woman or girl is saying "NO" that means a "NO"
    Under 375 section of the IPC, considers rape only if the spouse is below age 15, after 15 are girls become a toy,puppet or an object?
    "Every night she thinks of killing her rapists,
    See the irony,
    Every next morning she has to serve tea to him".
    This 3 line quote is saying deeply so many things,
    showing the truth and harsh reality of many women's".
    I watched a video where a you tuber was randomly asking people that what do you think about "Marital Rape".
    Then some people reaction was like ��������
    Some of them were saying,"Are biwi hai shaadi kar ke kisliye laye hai agar itni pareshani hai to shaadi q ki"?
    I was like look still Aunty's ask "beta shaadi q nhi krti"
    DEMONS are not only outside of the house, they are in your homes too.(don't take it in wrong way)
    Is sandoor and a mangalsutra gives you a stamp on women body that "now i am an object do anything!"
    Guys there are so many serious issues to talk'bout,
    Please spread awareness and first start a change with yourself.And if you call a person putting up this issues a "feminist" So yes I am!!

    #rapes #rapists #maritalrape #crime #shame #society #demons #sadreality #rape #stoprape #taunts #creepy #painful #etch
    @writersnetwork #sexworkers @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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  • musingsofriya 4w

    Does this makes you, a real man?

    She, is just sex.
    She is lust.
    She is an object.
    She is a doll.
    She is just a puppet, I'm her puppeter.
    She has no heart.
    She shouldn't have feelings either.
    She have no rights of choice.
    She should never raise her voice.
    She has no identity nor dreams.
    My wish is her command.
    She should dance to my every whims and demand.
    Failed to do so or dare she crosses,
    I'll make her pay for it double the time.
    I'm a real man and this is how it's supposed to be...
    She is a woman, so she should be nothing but an epitome of sacrifice,
    After all she can be never equal to me.

  • _aradhana 7w


    She believed,
    marriage is a beautiful bond,
    but it suddenly came to an end,
    when she learned,
    it's all about having sex, sharing bodies and bed.

    That sindoor, that mangalsutra gave him authority,
    that is why for so-called husband,
    she was just like his personal property.

    When she entered the room,
    she got the door locked,
    he was staring at her like a greedy,
    and she was completely shocked.

    He threw her on a bed,
    making her feel like a dead.
    She said NO,
    but no one was there to listen,
    he said, he has full right on her body,
    and for her that beautiful room was just like a prison.

    He forcefully touched her and kissed her,
    and she bounded by the husbandry band, can't even stop him.

    That day she realized,
    her husband do not love her but her body,
    That is what makes him so greedy,

    "This is what known as marital and a legal rape,
    still so many women are there who are not safe,
    without the consent of your wife,
    you cannot be the owner of her body, her life. "

    By-aradhana agrahari


    Marriage does not gives u license to rape...
    Jzt think once... ✌

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    Marital rape is also a rape...

    (Read the caption)

  • sanjanasanju13 18w


    Dear husband,
    I'm not comfortable to share my body with you just because we are married.
    I'm not ready for sex I told you during our first night. But you never accepted.
    You raped me during our wedding night itself you can justify it's just sex with my wife.
    But it's my body, I have control over my body.
    You're still a stranger to me but every night you get naked me and as if I am a doll.
    Have you're tired of asking me am I fine during this process?
    You fuck me so hard my Vagina is bleeding.
    Every wife must love her husband but
    I'm scared of you.
    The husband must be supporting his wife but you never even ask me am I ready to have sex.

    Sex Without Consent Is Rape Just Because You're My Husband It Can Be Called Marital Rape But You Call This As Sex.


  • aasthabajpai65 23w

    Marital Rape

    She came to your home leaving all behind
    She loved you thinking you are kind
    She worshipped you assuming God's authority
    You used her thinking your property
    She served you throughout her life
    You raped her thinking your wife
    Without her consent
    You destroyed her sentiments
    She was your responsibility
    You showed her brutality
    She is not a toy
    To be twisted anywhere to enjoy
    Respect a woman you dirt
    She is the cause of your birth....

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  • ashoeuvre 38w

    It's legal

    Ruining furore allover,
    Veins wriggled in pain,
    She crawled past the floor,
    Seeked survival, in vain...
    Bones broken,
    Beats blunted,
    Bled badly...
    Certainly alive haa!!
    But just the pumping machine...
    And a walking corpse!
    Cold hearted ,with
    blurred focus!
    Never uttered out
    Coz, law found it legal!!

  • sunnyambarsariya 42w

    Note:- ����
    IPC Section 375
    धारा 375 के हिसाब से यदि कोई पुरुष
    अपनी पत्नी से जबरदस्ती यौन संबंध बनाना
    चाहे या किसी अन्य पुरुष के साथ अपनी ब्याहता
    पत्नी को यौन संबंध बनाने के लिए मजबूर करे
    या फ़िर निम्नलिखित 7 पंक्तियों में से कोई एक भी
    अपराध करे तो वो बलात्कार कहलाया जाएगा।


    1. स्त्री के इच्छा के विरुद्ध
    2. उस स्त्री के सहमति के बिना
    3. उस स्त्री की सहमति से पर स्त्री को जिससे ज़्यादा लगाव हो, उसके अपने परिवार के किसी सदस्य को हानि पहुंचाने के डर से सहमति प्राप्त की गई हो
    4.उस स्त्री की सहमति से, जबकि वह पुरुष यह जानता है कि वह उस स्त्री का पति नहीं है और उस स्त्री ने सहमति इसलिए दी है कि वह विश्वास करती है कि वह ऐसा पुरुष है। जिससे वह विधिपूर्वक विवाहित है या विवाहित होने का विश्वास करती है।
    5. उस स्त्री की सहमति के साथ, जब वह ऐसी सहमति देने के समय, किसी कारणवश मन से अस्वस्थ या नशे में हो या उस व्यक्ति द्वारा व्यक्तिगत रूप से प्रबन्धित या किसी और के माध्यम से या किसी भी बदतर या हानिकारक पदार्थ के माध्यम से, जिसकी प्रकृति और परिणामों को समझने में वह स्त्री असमर्थ है।
    6. उस स्त्री की सहमति या बिना सहमति के जबकि वह 18 वर्ष से कम आयु की है।
    7. उस स्त्री की सहमति जब वह सहमति व्यक्त करने में असमर्थ है।

    धारा 375 अपवाद 2��

    धारा 375 के अपवाद 2 में कहा गया है कि
    कोई पुरूष अपनी पत्नी से यौन संबंध बनाए
    और पत्नी की उम्र 15 वर्ष से कम न हो
    तो ऐसे यौन संबमध को बलात्कार नहीं माना जायेगा

    मेरा आप लोगों से यही कहना है कि
    बाल विवाह अपराध है, कृपया इसे बढ़ावा न दें,
    और 18 वर्ष से कम उम्र की स्त्री का विवाह भी न होने दें।

    और आप सभी लोगों से हाथ जोड़ विनती करता हूं कि plz लड़की चाहे बालिग़ हो या नाबालिग़
    उसके साथ जबरन कुछ न करें, औरत जाती का सम्मान करें, उसका भी अपना आत्मसम्मान है। उसे कुछ भी करने पे मजबूर न करें��

    आपका उठाया गया एक ग़लत कदम किसी की ज़िंदगी बर्बाद कर सकता है।

    thats all

    #ambarsariya #maritalrape

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    Marital Rape

    --------------मैरिटल रेप--------------
    (वैवाहिक बलात्कार)

    सब कुछ कर गुज़रा उस रात वो शैतान
    कर हदें सारी पार, खड़ा था सीना तान

    मैं रोई गिड़गिड़ाई
    ऐसा पति पा कर आंसू भी बहाई

    थू है ऐसे समाज
    और ऐसी दुनियादारी पे
    साले मरदानगी भी दिखाते हैं तो
    एक अबला नारी पे

    किस्मत की मारी-
    है वो बेचारी,
    जिसका खुद का पति
    ही निकले बलात्कारी

    था सोचा मैंने होता है
    ईश्वर का रूप पति,
    पर वो तो निकला
    हवस का पुजारी

    थी कच्ची उम्र में मैं
    बचपना भी न था गया
    माँ बाप ने अपना बोझ
    समझ मुझे था ब्याह दिया

    अभी तक सुना था
    आज देख भी लिया,
    बेटियाँ होती बोझ माँ बाप
    पे समझ भी आ गया

    गई जो ससुसाल...
    सोचा सास का प्यार मिलेगा,
    मुझे कहां पता था यहाँ
    सिर्फ़ धिक्कार मिलेगा

    कोई न मिला ऐसा, जिसे कह सकूँ अपना
    यहां तो सारे रिश्तेदार निकले व्यापारी

    काश! मुझे भी पढ़ने
    दिया होता मेरे घरवालों ने,
    कम से कम जवाब तो देती
    अपने human rights के
    अधिकार तो लेती

    नासमझ बनाया मुझे
    सरकस का जोकर बनाया मुझे
    मैं हूं बस ग़ुलामी के लिये
    सब ने यही सिखाया मुझे

    दिन रात सास ससुर की सेवा की
    हर रिश्ते को सम्मान दिया
    अपने पति की खिशियों के ख़ातिर
    ख़ुद की ख्वाहिशों का बलिदान दिया

    पर जब बात आई ज़बरदस्ती पे
    मैंने भी ये ठान लिया
    नहीं रहूंगी मैं चुप
    करवाउंगी शिक़ायत दर्ज़ ठान लिया

    पर न्याय कहाँ मिले अन्यायी समाज में
    यहाँ तो अपराधी का है पलड़ा भारी
    धारा 375, अपवाद 2 के तहत
    छूटा है देखो आज फ़िर एक बलात्कारी

    बेशक वो इसकी पत्नी थी
    मगर.... थी वो नाबालिग़
    न जाने क्यों 16 वर्ष की बच्ची को
    दर्शाया कानूनी तौर पे बालिग़

    कानून ने आज भी साथ दिया है
    देखो एक बलात्कारी का
    आज फ़िर आत्मसम्मान ज़लील हुआ
    देखो एक नारी का

    बेचते अपना पुत्र हैं..दहेज के लालच में
    और बहू को बना दिया जाता है नौकरानी

    न जाने ज़माना कब सुधरेगा
    कब यहाँ लोगों को अकल आएगी

    जाने कब अपने हिंदुस्तान में
    बहु बेटियां सुरक्षित रह पाएंगी

    plz respect the girls

  • thatmoonygirl 45w


    He makes me feel stuck!
    His colds hands
    When I let him touch me helplessly
    Like someone is trying to strangle me and I can't stop it.
    His emotionless stares
    like he has sensed the hate
    that I so carefully stowed in my heart.
    His lips
    when he kisses me and I am ordered to follow his movements.
    It's like someone is sucking the life out of me.
    Ma tells me that this is how it works.
    It has always been like this and I'm supposed to accept it.
    Stuck or free?
    I'm not supposed to feel.
    Is it too late?
    I'm not supposed to ask.

  • forgotten_cobwebs 47w

    The ring she never wore
    Was her smile that faded
    On the wedding night
    When her dreams got raped
    In the ring of marital surrender.

  • darkened_fantasies 59w


    It was easier for her to believe that the marks he left on her body were actually hickeys .

    No, marital rape does not exist.


  • redemonkink 61w

    A wife's dilemma.

    I don't tell him to stop when I want ,
    I wonder if he would listen and respect,
    What-if he listens and tucks me in
    The bed, a kiss on the cheek, goodnight
    Forgive me, I'm fearful, can't tell him to stop
    What if he doesn't? A forced embrace I feel
    Should I resist or should I comply?
    Don't want to be the victim, if I resist but can't
    I do love him, but I'm afraid he won't listen
    The words, they stay on lips, never spoken
    Gulped back like my fear, don't I love him?


  • ujjayini 61w

    আজকের টুকরো কথা 'ধর্ষিতা'। সমাজের এক অন্যতম অপরাধ বৈবাহিক ধর্ষণ। তারই প্রতিবাদে আজকের কবিতা।
    আপনারা আপনাদের মতামত অবশ্যই জানাবেন। প্রতিটি মতামত গুরুত্বপূর্ণ।
    শুভ রাত্রি।।
    #টুকরোকথা #bengali #bengalipoem #bongwriters #poem #poet #night #nightpoem #maritalrape #faminism #kolkata #mirakee @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    এরপরেও থাকতে হবে,

    রোজ রাতে তোর নামে সাঁজতে হবে,

    পশুর মতো যখন খুঁবলে খাবি তুই আমাকে,

    তখন সেটাকে তোর আদর বলে মানতে হবে!

    অসহ্য যন্ত্রণার আর্তনাদে,

    যখন ঘরের প্রতিটি দেওয়ালও ওঠে কেঁদে,

    সেই আর্তনাদেই আরো তীব্র হয় তোর শরীর খিদে!

    বন্যপশু তুই, নরপিশাচ,

    রক্তাক্ত করিস আমার প্রতিটা রাত,

    শরীরের অসহ্য যন্ত্রণা নিয়ে

    সকালে আবার তোর জন্যেই রাঁধতে হবে!

    স্বামী যে তুই, রোজ রাতে ধর্ষিতা হলেও

    তোর সাথেই থাকতে হবে!

    © উজ্জয়িনী

  • hritrishna_19 64w

    You force yourself on her,
    Even took her damn first kiss.
    You licked her,
    You sucked.
    She doesn't like you,
    Neither likes your stinky body.
    But your dominance,
    Made her silent.
    You belted her,
    Thinking she liked it.
    She screamed,
    And you took it as a moan.
    You licked her tears,
    Along with her cunt.
    But she can't complain about you,
    Because you are her fucking husband,
    And you have every damn right to RAPE her.


  • theinsaneink 69w

    A Corrupt Truth.

    Crosswords and crossroads,
    These two are my abodes.
    One use to solve mental mysteries,
    The later was for physical chemistry.

    On crossroads of serendipity,
    I met my heart's cupidity.
    To solve whether or not he loves me,
    I solved another crossword mystery.
    Oblivious that it would soon be a history.

    New crosswords and new crossroads,
    The world seemed like lily and rose.
    That first night, that first touch.
    He knew exactly where was my emotional crutch.
    Everyday, when the ritual got robotic,
    Alongwith my respect which turned to psychotic.

    Every night was met with another bite,
    Regardless of any willingness,
    Or despite.
    He used to say, "to tell you the truth, I found you more pious than the truth",
    And my silence he misunderstood,
    Kept undressing me,
    Turning me into a naked truth,
    Which had love bites of lie,
    Unaffected his ego,
    Always stood high.

    Protest was always mis-spelled in my crossword.
    Tried taking crossroads to step backwards.
    But I was a living truth,
    He may be a corrupt one,
    Made me a grieving truth.
    Half of the crossroads were blocked,
    With mudpool of mental mock.
    That is what I started to fill in my crosswords,
    Words were many, but solutions on dearth.
    So for the first time I tore,
    A crossword which could not heal my mental sore,
    Crossroads of cupidity turned me into his whore,
    Everynight he closed the door,
    And solved my silence with his ego on roar.
    But I was a truth,
    Even if naked one,
    Being quiet was my anthem.
    He was the truth,
    But a corrupt one,
    Wish here any other lie could won.
    #dominion #maritalrape #domesticissue #twt #writerstolli @writerstolli

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  • theanonymousaura 71w

    Marital rape

    बदनामी के डर से औरत
    ज़ुल्म क्यों सहे
    क्यों इज़्ज़त, अश्कों में बहे

  • stifledrantings 74w

    Day after day, now it was a routine. He'd come home drunk, have sex with her & sleep.
    Unlike everyday, the door was open before he was there that day. No one in the house but a note on the dining table which said
    "Not Today"
    ...and then she never came back.


  • scribbling_reality 75w

    Marital Rape

    Her family spent their fortune to tie her knot,
    With tears they sent their heart to some unknown lot,
    Believing that he'll love her, maybe at par,
    But reality is some miles apart.

    She was slammed and locked in a cage,
    Yes ! Cage was beautiful but disgraced.
    Love was imbued as a force on her,
    Silent acceptance even when it hurts.
    He was supposed to love when he felt like,
    She doesn't have a say, she has to abide,
    He bought her from a market for which she paid,
    Despite that he wonders with less he was graced.

    Slapped hard, abused in the dark,
    Disobeying him was a sin.
    Her voice muffled in those closed doors,
    He torn her wings while killing her pride,
    She was resisting but does that suffice?
    Those minutes were repeated every day,
    In name of love, lust was enforced,
    She called it her fate while shutting the door.
    Consent was presupposed at the time she was married,
    Yes, he can take it for granted,
    This country is living on values and merit.

    Those unheard voices dying everyday,
    Why should not, the law inclined their way,
    Justice is when power is given to the weaker hand,
    Till it grow stronger like clark kent.


  • whitewings 78w

    I bleed alone.
    Not once a month.
    But every night.
    After you drift off to sleep.
    And I can barely walk
    after your love wrecks,
    not just my femininity
    but also,
    my battered self esteem.
    The sun rises
    and I get up to serve you
    the best possible meal.
    For I am your sanctioned slave.
    And as a token of socially twisted virtues
    I choose to stay.


    Picture credit : Shannon Dermody via Pinterest


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    I am your sanctioned slave.
    And as a token of socially twisted virtues
    I choose to stay.