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  • poetrynz 3d

    If only she knew how incomplete she makes him feel when she talks about other men.

  • poetrynz 4d

    She wants commitment. He wants a life partner.

  • yashvardhanchauhan 4d


    Shining brightly in the sky,
    Those are dreams of a guy,
    Seeming beautiful in the eye,
    Yet they are so far high.

    Yes, they might be complex as a mere strand,
    Not much they require but a helping hand,
    Trust is least they get in this forgotten land,
    For the struggles and hardships they withstand.

    Shining brightly in the sky,
    Those are dreams of a guy,
    Seeming beautiful in the eye,
    Yet thery are so far high.

  • poetrynz 4d

    She says talk to me, little does she know my heartbeat is always talking to her.


  • poetrynz 4d

    He felt mesmerized with her physical touch, yet his mouth could not say
    "I love you".


  • poetrynz 4d

    All he ever wanted was appreciation, but her soul never understood.


  • poetrynz 4d

    He wanted so much, yet so little time.


  • shubhamjoshi 1w

    ठगे जाते हैं

    ठगे जाते है पुरुष भी,
    वास्तव में...
    वो संसार के सबसे सरल पुरुष थे
    जिनको ठगा गया..
    विश्वास करने के हर प्रयास पर
    तुम्हें वो मिलेंगे मयखाने में..
    अकेले...दुबके हुए..किसी कोने में...
    या फ़िर अकेले दूर कहीं निर्जन से कमरे में !!

    ठगे जाते हैं पुरुष भी
    वास्तव में...
    वो एक उहापोह में फंसे खोजी थे
    जिन्है ठगना ज्यादा बुरा है या ठगे जाना
    इसका उत्तर नहीं मिल पाया..
    तुम्हें वो मिलेंगे किसी सुनसान रास्ते में
    अकेले.. चलते हुए..किसी पेड़ के नीचे..
    या फिर व्यस्त किसी ईश्वर के लिए प्रश्नावलियाँ बनाने में !!

    ठगे जाते हैं पुरुष भी,
    वास्तव में...
    वो एक मूल्यवान उपहार थे
    जिन्हें दिया गया..
    हर बुद्धिमान स्त्री को
    तुम्हें वो छुपे मिलेंगे किसी के मतलब में
    अकेले..लड़ते हुए..किसी की समस्याओं को सुलझाते हुए
    या फिर किसी पर्वत की शिखा पर किंकर्तव्यविमूढ़ से बैठे हुए !!

  • writeweird 2w

    I hope I don't offend you because honestly I don't give a

    #Love #People #Men #Women #World
    #Freedom #Free #Lust

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    Slave me

    fuck your loser friends
    give them a day off

    fuck with a stranger
    let them see who you're not

    it's only right to let
    them treat you like a slut

    you're so claustrophobic
    behind the doors they keep shut

    let them do anything to you
    for the special price

    it's a new century you don't
    have to dress up and play nice

    you know they'll do anything for
    you if you blink twice

    you know they'll do anything for
    you to taste fire and ice

    give them the apocalypse --
    from your lips, the kiss of denial,
    they don't own you anymore.


  • mequreshi 4w

    Is it easy for me to watch you from so far?
    When you are singing for her, holding a guitar
    I would turn your hate to love everyday repeat,
    Thinking someday you can hear my pounding heartbeat
    Well I guess I'm wrong,you are too deaf for a right voice
    I thought love like you, was only a rejoice
    Yeah now I get it ,you change girls like your phone
    I hear you saying this in a very boasting tone
    I know what this is,
    The showy cool casinover rules
    If we know how a real man would love us,
    Who would fall for these bloody fools...

  • are_you_mature 5w


  • marianotsaint 6w

    It's amazing how some men don't need to think twice before jumping into bed with us but the very next moment if we ask for a little commitment they suddenly become these spineless , wrectched cowards with hundreds of pathetic excuse.

  • lovesmessenger 7w

    Just another writing

    To me you're a king who have forgotten he was one. Life attacks and tears your crown from your head. Unfair things lead you to make choices you find yourself not proud of. Yet you carry on. Battling for your kingdom that you don't even realize exist. Giving and taking from yourself to mend others. You try your best to provide for the ones that matter most. Yet no kindness is present to yourself. You question your worth. You hate your image. You suppress your feelings. For you was taught a king doesnt show emotion. You find yourself mixed in pleasures of the flesh just to get by. One day the time will come when you see a shiny crown upon your head. Then you will realize your kingdom of self.

    © lovesmessenger
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #selfworth #royalty #men #King

    ��To any guy that might read this. Pick up thy crown and brandish it with strength. No matter what you been told. You are worth it. You are not defined by the degrees or job title you occupy nor by the family status. You are you. Stand for your principles and dreams. You are allowed to feel. You are allowed to care. Dont let anyone diminish your worth upon this land. Your physical stature dont defy you nor your materialistic possessions. Your heart,mind,and soul are the treasures. Lift your head and don the title of king��

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    Underground King

    Born with a crown from birth. The world stops at nothing to try to take it.

  • thebhavnasaxena 7w

    Coercion is not seduction.
    "Not yet" means no.
    "I'm not sure" means no.
    Consent is an important dialogue.
    Do not try to take what is not expressly offered.
    Ask first.

    #consent #badgirls #goodgirls #relationships #life #feminism #letstalk #girls #guys #women #men #stories #shewrites #followme #poet #creative #readwriteunite #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #poetsofmirakee #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #freeverse #pod #wds #writinglife #quotes #poem #mood #fairytale

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    What a wonderful world you have made,
    You like girls when they dress up pretty,
    And sleep like a corpse in their own story,
    Waiting for the perfect prince to kiss them
    Awake, but it is a fairytale and princes
    Never ask consent.
    What a scary world you have made,
    You shame a woman who would dare
    To know what she wants, especially
    If that be the pretty prince hunting in
    A forest, she must be taught a lesson,
    Cut off her nose, even though all she did
    Was ask the prince to marry her.
    What a shame, shame, shame,
    Even the "bad girls" know they
    Should ask first, but who will
    Teach "good boys" just that?

  • shinyandiknowit 8w


    Men, in general, learn more from appearance than Character... All men have eyes, very few have the power of depth, thoroughness...

  • atheist_by_mind 9w

    Noone have dare to talk about this.
    Sad reality of India.
    #fact #truth #dare #men #feminazi #reality #suicide #girl #RIPequality #thoughts #life

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 9w

    Simplest being the word, 'Attitude',
    has cloistered varoius aspects in multitude,
    lets pull a strand to discuss and probe,
    Re-inforcing a novice viewpoint around the globe.

    Rapes, molestation, murders and acid attacks,
    newspapers clogged with such news in multiple dialects,
    we curse the accused & sympathise with the victim,
    fades our memory even before the sunlight falls dim.

    We need to re-think & alter our outlook,
    we are reading about genders from an outdated book,
    any loss caused can't be mended after the damage,
    be it a girl's dignity or a boy's illegitimate courage.

    The families breeding with patriarchal attitude,
    exerting irrelevant pressure on manhood,
    disallowed to feel weak, cry or weep,
    vulnerability is not a man's trait, too cheap.

    The built up tower of his frustration and feelings,
    turns him into a voracious animal from a human being,
    our upbringing is the root cause for the surfacing crimes,
    we need to shift our parenting styles from the olden times.

    His soul suffocates beneath the debris of hidden emotions,
    the human within him dies, strangulated with exasperations,
    lets not harm their tenderness by curbing their liberty,
    rather mould their innocence into an idol of humanity.

    Lets not, their childhood unreasonably be tampered,
    they too need to be respected, prioritized & pampered.
    Thus, Gender equality, can be practiced in a true sense,
    the concept of 'Gender Roles' to be deciphered through new lens.


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  • vakilankita 10w

    Jeena bhi kya jeena ...agar tumne duniya nahi safar kiya. Ped nhi insaan ho tum, ek jagah nahi; zindagi hai jeena.

  • ritikkgupta 10w


    Once a wise woman says
    "If my undertaking silence dont comfort a man's ego, then sorry. A man can't say himself mature"

    And that hit me

  • graearea 11w

    What I Really Think of Men

    Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Cousins
    Friends, boyfriends, lovers, husbands
    I want to see the good in you
    I really really do
    The more you speak the harder it is
    There's no way you all think like this
    Pretty to look at
    Unpleasant to my ears
    I can barely stand to have you as peers
    Maybe I just don't like anyone.
    My patience is running thin
    When I get a good one, why is it considered a win?