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  • pj_animation 16m

    "21 Savage

    With my hand i shoot my shot, with my hand bleeds the ink and with my hand the blood flows so I paint the city RED. A crisis of the mind from a tormented heart to the flows of a bleeding pen.


  • bipolarpoet 16h

    One day

    One day,
    When ashes are swayed by the swift wind beneath my feet,
    My spirit will be set free.
    All that will stand in my good faith were the words I've written in ink.
    The weeping sorrow will be swept under the foundation of healing.
    As grief always strikes the lonely hearts,
    You will be resilient with the life you have come here for.
    They cycle seems to be to destroy, decompose, and to rebuild once again.
    But all that matters in between is the presence of your breath.
    I know that the thoughts can trickle down your spine in such a destructive manner.
    To the all of us, calm will find it's way into the shaken hands and crevices of our brokenness.
    One day.

  • shivanigandhi 3d

    Mental Health- Something We Need To Talk About 


    So this is all about mental health, that is more often ignored by the very people around. I know it’s quite disturbing for you to understand about Mental Health, but the worst part is it’s even more rebellious to the one going through it, and the easy yet difficult part of it is you can’t talk about it until you face it. Mental Health has become such a superstitious issue that people often ignore it even while knowing that there are people around them going through some serious mental conditions. Mental issues can be any of it like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder and other psychoses, dementia, and developmental disorders including autism but most people suffer from anxiety, trauma, and depression. Around 13% of the world population sufferers with some sort of mental illness and it’s increasing day by day. It is no hidden that we can talk about sex, race, community, mandir, masjid, Desh ki economy but we fail to talk about our mental health and we fail to ask about mental health. In this world we can Instagram our travel stories, can tweet about nepotism,  trend whether Lata Mangeshkar Ji is overrated or not, but again not a single trend I found on Mental Health. Is it so unproblematic? Or are we so less bothered about the wellbeing of the people around us?


  • beaubearic 1w


    1. Distant stays crookedly straight it's all the same when
    2. Wicked ways cuz wicked pays just enough to make the wicked stay
    3. the addicts are stayin slaves cuz that's  addictions way
    4. Im Addicted in the addic gettin manic when i cant have it lettin in frantic so i panic causn havick
    5.livin tragic due to manic tendencies causin static instantly between me and the plastic fake fanatics
    6. And I'm back at it night and day At night they come out to play but the good should run away
    7. Cuz I must say
    8. danger goes higher
    9. And it never gets tired
    10. it wont ever retire
    11.  the only light out tonight in sight
    12. is gonna be fire
    13.  from bic lighters
    14. In the hands of abusers and liars
    15. Beasts and freaks, thieves and tweeks, monsters prey on the weak
    16. As they sleep counting sheep they should be safe
    17. But locked doors dont keep the evil away
    18. Even when it's late with all that lurks around this place.
            Good ones become lost without a trace
    1. Making so many lose faith
    2. In the human race
    3. Myself included cuz I've stood black hooded at night
    4.  with the outcasted in sight
    5. Watched nd learned I watched them burn
    6. I Witnessed them turn on one another with no concern
    7. The innocents get ditches the snitches gain riches
    8. The thugs just run while the real ones end up in prison
    No it's not the only way it goes it's just more often than most know
    1. Sell outs get  sold out like the damned sell their soul

    I've lived with wicked surrounding  myself  in my own hell as I battled addiction
    Within and gettin internally twisted
    Watching people cooking dope in their kitchen
    We never heard about this struggle in schools lessons I must of missed that section
    Never did we think this was the future we wished for  cuz that went missin for shore and we were wishin for riches and picket fences and all we got were dreams that eventually managed to vanished
    And feelings of being useless, helpless, and damaged
    I cant stand it
    We never planned for it yet they're lookin at me like ya we told you so
    Hell no not one single person helped me be ready for this shit and so fast it got too heavy
    What happened to the classics and being professional
    1. If these nightcrawlers were catholic the priest would never leave the confessional
    2. Its becoming pathetic on how they've become so predictable
    3. Let me vent in my lyrics on this instrumental
    4. Or I might go psycho lose control and bo might go have a psychotic break on my mental
    5. I dont know but why question the inevitable
    6. A verbal fight with beau is damaging like a fist fight with kimbo
    7. Its keepin me from becoming a tragic story like so many others known as abnormal
    8. I gotta get this out before my brain has a blow out
    9. I'm feelin crazy baby why cant I keep my feet to the ground in front of me
    10. I think it's just me maybe but it feels like it surrounds my brain like rabies
    11. The beat vibrates the ground I'm feeling more calm now but I'm being looked at like I'm lazy
    12. I just hope this isnt calm before the storm as I fly in like a kamikaze
    13. Why is my mental so torn bring me back to my human form but lately I cant stand me I might even hate me

    Words with purpose/ can be of service/ when some wanna hurt us/ its torturous on how they tortured us behind closed doors with curtains down the blinds up  to hide the bruises and cuts/ and scrapes/ some beat some burn some rape/ and I know all three so I'm known to hate/ they took from me a chunk of humanity/ and gave back some insanity/ but I wont let it be the end of me/I know my enemy/ because I know those who take /are bound to their fate/ where mine is the path I make

    1. What do I got to do to get it
    2. through to you that I'm through with who I used to be and who used to use me so its kudos if you know you got away with it before but no more as I move on wit my life I slam that door
    3. And nail it shut with boards across it so it never opens back up
    4. I just wanna make this day right
    5. wanna get this stage time
    Wanna make this stage mine
    1.  wanna take a stage dive
    2. I just wanna make this beat fly
    And get paid on time for writing lines to say some rhymes
    1. I hope you know I'm Writing lines for the working minds
    I wake up
    to an instrumental just to beat it up/let's shake things up cuz I'm lyrically in combat/got ahold of your brain by its testacles so now im fuckin shit up with a verbal massacre/ im a word murderer alphabet cereal killer deadly as you can be from A to Z hit you lyrically but its gonna be felt physically a wide spread attack like I had twin uzis I handle my shit like a Porsche or a Ferrari fuck around and get burnt my words bringing heat like a torch you must be feelin chilly?
    Why else challenge an O.G.

  • bipolarpoet 1w

    Rise, as you do.

    Have you ever felt a hand turn ice cold when our bodies should be radiating warmth?

    When you've weeped alone have you felt the sensation in your heart that someone has tossed it into the middle of the deepest sea?

    When you're hanging onto the pants leg of the last bit of love you can find, were stretching yourself so thin someone broke you into?

    Have you looked into the eyes of a leader and see the shimmering light in their eyes fade their perspective of you?

    Has someone washed away your fountain of youth in the name of something other than glorious, pure and innocent?

    What you do not see though, is something much more special than all of these things. The light inside of you, your energy, your courageous moments you've moved in darkness when you know you should've had someone there, the way you've swam into the depths to collect your heart from what has faded into the sand below. You will rise, as you do.

    ©Caitlin Davies

  • undefined_visionary69 1w

    Life. Karma. You.

    That’s a threesome that does not provide a climax


  • richa_bharti 3w

    Have you ever felt happy and Sad at the same time
    Have you ever cried with no reason
    Felt like you are paralysed
    Being alone become so comforting and discomforting for you at the same time
    You are happy at the moment and the very next moment you become sad...
    Speak out to your Parents
    Speak out to your loved ones what you feel
    Crying alone is not the solution
    Feeling sad for no reason kills you from inside
    Share your feelings
    Ask for help ...

  • motivation_100 4w

    Mental immunity

    loving yourself is that immunity which never ever let's you feel hurt or negetive about anything or anyone whom you are emotionally attached with
    it will fight with all the negativity
    © Anmol

  • medusas_child 6w

    Barefoot in the Rain

    Can you see the stigma in my face.
    The warts and blisters on my feet.
    Do you know how I got in this place?
    I've lived and done it all and I'm only thirteen.
    I am a news headline,
    I am one third in a growing epidemic.
    Now you know why the walls cry.
    Branded with imprints of my battered fists.
    Now you know why my loved ones hide.
    I am a child in crisis,
    I reject the help that's given to me.
    I hurt myself because you see something ugly.
    If I don't tell, you won't have to listen.
    Verbal threats, I just can't stop it.
    Medication is only a temporary fix.
    I'll run away cause a scene and get into some criminal mischief.
    I am a challenge by default.
    Just because my name is in the system.
    Doesn't mean it's my fault.
    I walk as if I'm lost.
    I'm stuck, my life on pause.
    Society judging my damaged outlook.
    I am not just misunderstood,
    I go where the rain takes me.
    I laugh because deep down it's all a fantasy.
    Barefoot I am,
    I lost my shoes in a world called reality.

  • veerakanellore_bhavana 6w

    Only when one is physically and mentally strong. Only when one follows good habits in life like drinking water regularly, doing exercises for physical strength and meditation for mental strength, having proper food in time, being good with people and many more. And all these factors helps you to be happy every single day.

    Everyone will have their own curriculum. For me, before lockdown having proper food, drinking water and going for walk was some kind of exercise. All these helped me and even now it's helping me to be physically strong. But what about being mentally strong? Might be we managed somehow before lockdown but during this pandemic mostly everyone were left mentally disturbed for a while. And the only solution I knew for mental strength was doing meditation and I added it to my curriculum. Daily morning a few minutes walk in our garden. And during work if any stress then for few minutes meditation. If no stress during a day then at time of sunset a few minutes of meditation, so that I never miss the flow. And this made me mentally strong. And all these helped me to be healthy.

    Healthy life is the greatest blessing. Never take it for grant. Only good health can make you do any work and let's you earn money, and brings you happiness.


    #health #wealth #blessing #physical #mental #strong #water #exercise #meditation #pandemic #disturbance #love #life #thoughts #diary

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    "Health is wealth". But when is it possible?


  • skiraxxx 7w

    Wasn't she happy..?

    She wished she could just let go
    Death wasn't scary anymore
    Maybe it was bad
    But the symbol meant peace
    And a calm silence to all the noise around her

    It's left to her
    But she doesn't know what to do
    She barely opens her mouth
    And she hates speaking to you
    It's been to confusing
    The stress of it all
    So she built up this wall
    About 10 feet tall
    To ignore the hate
    That made her feel small

    Everyone was smiling
    But why was she crying?
    Everyone was fine
    But why was she fading inside?
    How is it fair?
    How is it really right?
    For one that suffered
    Left lacking so long

    She covered her eyes at night
    Not wanting to wake up
    "Another day" was all it was called
    Another hour of desperation
    And another without the right feelings
    And emotions.

    No one understood why it went down
    The day she passed away
    But they cried out of lost
    Her tears of lost on
    Every pillow she's laid
    Why is it so twisted?
    You want her back
    But never made it comfortable for her stay

    But when she passed she had the softest bed
    No tears
    And a look of empty bliss

    Thus....wasn't she happy?

  • sandy_nk 7w

    Pay attention to your friends and families sudden change in behavior. #mental.health.awareness

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    Then Suddenly, the whole world cared
    But it was too late

  • lionheart415 7w

    Hi I'm depression

    Hi I'm depression I don't have a face

    I'll quickly ruin you life of disgrace

    I'll make you think things that'll make you wanna wish you were erased

    So again I'm depression and I've taken residency in your sacred place

  • purpleheart21 8w

    They see that I see the pain they are hiding.


  • shayne366 8w

    A Mental Health Statement

    My brain is not functioning
    I'm suffering from mental illnesses
    My life is a living nightmare
    Which makes it hard to focus
    Some people made false stories
    Saying I'm some kind of suspect
    But in reality I'm just lost helplessly
    Looking for someone to show respect

  • seleno_phile 9w

    If you ever fall in love
    With someone
    Just remember
    You should
    Get a vibe
    Of self love
    In them.
    You won't
    Have anymore doubts
    Or anxieties.
    It will be a smooth
    Flow of emotions.
    Which will make you
    Feel perfect about
    Yourself and the
    You will no
    Longer be ignored
    Or hated for being
    It will all be
    Butterfly in the stomach'ish
    kind of love
    Love is in the air kinda.
    Your heart will feel the best
    And your smile will spread
    The brightest.
    And most importantly
    You will be YOURSELF AGAIN.

    #love #newlove #life #selflove #mental #depression @writersnetwork

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  • purpleheart21 9w

    Poverty is a company that takes over human companies.

  • _purple_ 10w

    They stole my childhood,
    And say when will you grow up.


  • warriorofthenight 11w

    Dear Jane

    Yes, I know you went to the party
    I don't need to see your gorgeous face
    To know my confidence could shatter like a vase
    Dear Jane, I'm not doing so well.
    Can you tell?
    I've been crying and sleeping
    Not really eating
    I tried to get up, I tried to get out of this murk,
    But I fall to pieces like clockwork.
    I'm like a beautiful example of a rut,
    I'm moving but really I'm stuck.
    Dear Jane, I want to see the mountains before I die
    I want to count the stars and fall into the sky
    I want to touch the ocean floor,
    I want to feel for once the love and not the war.
    But you're too beautiful to know these prayers
    Your heart isn't buried beneath a hundred thousand layers
    Like the butterfly effect,
    Was one little action that lead to this defect?
    I don't really want to leave,
    I'm begging you, please
    Dear Jane.
    The melodies flow and drown the pain
    How much hate can I retain
    The scars show through a sweater now,
    How much longer before I must bow?
    Sometimes at night I forget to fall asleep,
    My worries and thoughts take so much upkeep
    I'm so anxious about what others judge,
    I smile and laugh, don't keep a grudge
    Dear Jane, I make it beautiful!
    I see you being social, like usual
    I want what you have, I won't give it back
    Does it seem I'm just fine?
    Because lately I've been struggling at where to draw the line.
    I could go all the way,
    I could be here and gone today.
    But that's a commitment, and I'm scared of those
    So I'll line up my cares in millions of rows
    And forget them, I'll leave it
    Who has time for this shit?
    Dear Jane, I drank water today
    It's not better but I'll stay.
    Life better have a twist in the road because I need a change
    How do people not think these thoughts?
    That's so strange.
    So Dear Jane, don't worry.
    Because yes, the red line is blurry,
    Yes, I reached out only in my darkest moment
    And yes, I could take this as an omen
    But I am broken into a kaleidoscope
    And now I seal these letters in an envelope.
    Dear Jane, I hope you're okay.
    I hope the tears don't come silent,
    I hope your soul's still defiant
    I hope the best for us, my Jane.
    Because in our faultless hearts, we're the same.


  • coldstar 12w


    I tap my fingers
    I tap my toes
    I bite my lips
    I pull on my clothes
    I hum a disorganised
    I punch the wall
    Just to feel free
    I've popped some pills
    I've smoked some bush
    I've drank some shit
    And went right back to kush
    I bite my hands
    And stomp my feet
    I do a small dance
    That I never complete
    I spin and sway
    And make little beats
    That blow me away
    But I struggle to repeat
    I thrust my hips
    I reach for the sky
    But I'm not fucking around
    And I don't wanna fly
    I stomp, stomp, stomp
    I think about my life
    I kick, kick, kick
    And I like to play with knives
    I try to find myself
    By copying you
    But I hate the way you are
    I hate the things you do
    So I tap my fingers and
    I tap my toes
    And run around staring at
    This great big world
    And I hum, hum, hum
    Some songs to myself
    And walk around acting
    Like I don't need anyone else