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  • sehrish_rafeeq 27w

    Caption kya likhoon aakhir ab iska ?

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    کھو گیا تھا میں اِس دنیا میں
    دٗور کہیں گُم سا گیا تھا دنیا میں

    میں چل رہا تھا آگے بے فکر ہوکر
    " اُسکو" یاد کیٔے بغیر کھو گیا تھا دنیا میں

    میں خوش تھا کِھلونوں سے کھیل رہا تھا
    مہلت نہ ملتی تھی مجھے اِس دنیا میں

    نہ میں خود سے ملتا تھا
    اور نہ " اُس" سے مل پا رہا تھا میں ۔

    پر آخر پہ تھپکی ایسی لگ گئی سحرؔش
    کہ پھر " اُسکے"سِوا کچھ نظر نہ آیا !

    © سحرش رفیق

  • akanshanegi 107w

    Come back

    I don't know what's going in your head, why do make me perplex.
    When everytime I made deliberate attempts to show you my love, you didn't bother anyhow.
    But now, when I see something coming, is nothing but losing you.
    All this while I waited for one name to pop up on my screen, that one phone call that made me alive.
    I was patient and thought you would return one day but I only see you going now.
    I saw your status last night and I could make you got something in your head.
    Why don't you talk and clear things out, I don't want to be your past but present and future throughout.
    I won't do anything that would hurt but love you the way you did me all this while.
    After all this, I still have a hope, please don't let it die.
    Yes, I was dreaming about you last night and we were happy again, please give me a chance to bring back the things to right.
    I know you are angry but consider me as your baby and kiss me infinite times.

  • manishapathania 136w

    One hope..

    I was going to school,yesterday
    I saw poor childrens for whom everyday is a worst day,
    First time I realized something,
    May be which was nothing,
    But for those childrens that was everything.
    I saw a ray of hope,
    In their small small eyes,
    They are still waiting for the Scope,
    But the work they were doing,
    They can't stop,
    They are working for that food,
    Which we are wasting everyday,
    And this leads to,
    The worst day.
    I saw people were helping those childrens,
    By giving them food, clothes and books.
    I became very happy,
    And those childrens were too,
    but when I saw these people were doing these things just for 2 minutes vedio clip,
    Then that thing hurt me most.
    I forgot that in today's world humanity is on cost.
    If you are in favour,
    Then I hope you will like this post❤