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  • the_procrastinating_poet 2d

    B efore the day ends
    L ife begins to start again
    A rouse your heart to speak
    C reating resonance of justice
    K eeping faith in yourselves

    L ife isn't too important nowadays
    I t's being sold and cut into shapes like meat in slaughterhouses
    V ictory seems afar, everything leaves a deep scar
    E nmity, hatred, and apathy are the norm
    S uppressed voices scream oppressed thoughts

    M inds are confused, enraged, and helpless
    A tonement for sins are awaited
    T ruth is hidden behind veils of maniacal porky pie
    T ables have to turn someday, soon
    E mpathy, fraternity and love can't be left to croon
    R elease your inner selves forward to save us from eternal doom


    ***Porky pie is a Synonym for falsehood, lies.
    Apathy = indifference, insensitive
    Empathy = feeling and understanding the situation of the person, with sensitivity.


    Dedicated to George Floyd, an American citizen, who was killed in police custody, a few days ago. He died of suffocation, due to a police officer who had pinned him onto the ground with his knees on his neck for exactly 8 minutes 46 seconds.


    #Mirakee #writersnetwork

    4th June 2020, 02.18 am. Kolkata, India

    Pardon for the delay in writing about this issue.

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    Let's all hope and work
    for a better future together.
    Hopes do not work
    if we DONT.


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    What she thought was a pineapple
    became the death for her and the
    cherub in her womb
    Humanity, you failed.


    What do you get by doing this
    what's the use of high literacy rate in India
    when you resort to such cruelty on innocent animals

    And when a foreign virus invades,
    you cry
    of redemption and forgiveness
    Well, nature never hath shall forget the fury
    you put upon on its children
    She shall return it with proper justice soon

    Forgive us, mother nature. we don't deserve to

    #PregnantElephantkilledinKerala #OriginalByRuchi


    3rd June 2020. Kolkata, India

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    I had stopped writing about
    stars and moon
    They're too overrated
    like Love and Trust
    and Often undermined by black holes
    Like armies of betrayal
    Trillions of millions of billions
    of constellations hold
    infinite stars enough to light
    up the infinite sky
    You meet several along the way, who flicker
    but do not stick up
    you know there's only one
    like the Pole Star
    that lights up your life,
    shows you the path,
    and disappears in the wake of the
    early morn yet remains in your memories
    maybe beside you, as you take on
    journey of L-I-F-E

    Sometimes we love only once
    rest we expect M U C H

    Walk in love, do not fall
    Embrace love, do not Suffoc-
    ate at all

    We wait too long for someone to become
    O n E

    But, it's worth the wait when The One meant for you
    becomes your E V E R Y O N E


    The phrases 'Walk in Love, do not fall' and 'We wait too long for someone to become one' credited to Soumya of @hymnofthewind

    Inspired by her amazing poems which I got to read recently. I don't know how I missed them.. ��

    @lily_love Inspiration for mentioning moons, stars and constellations in this naive piece of mine... Ven, you're a starlet of Mirakee who has to stay here until several moons. :) ❤️

    #OriginalByRuchi #pod @writersnetwork

    Background courtesy : Pixabay.com

    Hashtag to support my state to cope up with Cyclone Amphan destruction : #prayforBengal

    24th May 2020. 3 AM.

    Serampore, Hooghly, WB. (India)

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    Waiting for the Pole Star
    to arrive, and show me the way
    That Love is true, and not any
    lie to which we fall prey

    (read the caption....)


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    What if I could kill you
    and hide your breathless
    rancid body under an already
    filled graveyard with ruined gravestones
    Would your soul feel more tormented
    or would it feel more free
    But I woke up

    I could've hanged you, stabbed you,
    suffocated you with a pillow
    Then laughed maniacally
    like The Joker
    But I woke up

    I wish I could pour you in an wok
    full of 570 degrees celsius hot oil
    and instantly you could've been reduced
    to nothing, and vanished with burnt ashes
    that flew through the smoky Air.
    But I woke up.

    I could've slit your throat from right to left
    like the Tinder Swipe which I never attempted
    But I woke up.

    I thought I saw your half burnt face
    from the fire which I had ignited while
    you slept in your treehouse, silently.
    But I woke up.

    I wanted to kill you but I woke up
    from my sweet nightmare...



    Pardon. Dark feelings are on. Revengeful feelings are coming on and off.
    This is definitely temporary. I'm crazy I told you. ��

    23.5.2020 5.20 pm. Kolkata.

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    But I Woke up


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    PS : Long poem. Dark ending. Ignore if you want.

    When it's NOT Love

    You know it's not Love
    when you're far apart
    from me in the same place
    and not miles away

    You know it's not Love
    when I hold your hands
    yet I feel empty
    as if a ghostly apparition
    escaped me

    You know it's not Love
    when in your smiles
    I don't see either
    32 whites or the 43 facial muscles
    it's only a favour maybe that
    you do to me

    You know it's not Love
    when in your eyes,
    I find myself dissipating
    into a source of pity

    You know it's not Love,
    when the hands of the clock
    run too fast for you
    when you meet me after 4 weeks,
    5 days, and 45 hours

    (5 minutes into our muted conversation
    you're buzzed into an ' Official Meeting'
    by constant notifications)

    You know it's not Love
    when your forced presence
    feels more like a wishful absence.

    You know it's not Love
    when you murmur someone
    else's name
    as you doze off to sleep
    while I'm listening on the other end
    of the phone, waiting for you to
    say that you miss me...

    You know it's not Love
    when I get to know from outsiders
    that you kissed someone else at the altar
    when we had promised 'I do' long ago....

    You know it's not Love
    when I visit the Church
    stab you right in your abdomen,
    your intestines bleeding
    your eyes blurring
    Yet you don't say my N A M E

    You know it's not Love
    when I put the machine on my
    temple, pull the trigger
    I drop on the ground, D E A D.


    22nd May 2020, 9.30 pm, Kolkata, India �� ���� �� ���� ❤️

    #OriginalByRuchi #pod

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    It's NOT

    L O V E

    (full poem in caption...)


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    Back after 3 weeks. decided it's best to be a part of this place, if I don't want to contribute to it... I have temporarily lost the wish to write...

    Thank you @hanami and @lovenotes_from_carolyn for staying by my side until now, irrespective of how I am. ♥ ��

    Yes, I'm hurt. I know why. It's not normal reason. maybe I'm crazy. maybe I'm weird. I will be fine soon...apologies for the inconvenience.

    I will eventually write, someday....

    Will stay here silently reading, reposting... might not comment always.
    Please don't think I'm a stalker. I'm a silent Patron of amazing talented writers...

    21st May 2020. 10 pm. #OriginalByRuchi #ruchitasays

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    I am mostly crazy
    I am somewhat weird,
    i know
    but you know what
    that's how I am
    and how I grow

    My life's not easy
    I don't have many
    but I make sure I do not
    miss out on anything else

    People who stay, stay without
    people who just bluff things
    they're no worth than petty fantasies...


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    all the advertisers on Mirakee,
    please leave us alone
    why don't you understand
    we don't need your unkahi batein,
    or feel your pen vibe,
    We know you copy paste well, you're sexier than Siri
    or maybe Bold than Google Assistant but I wish there was a way to turn you off permanently

    Just go away, bots, people behind those bots, and make Mirakee a cleaner place
    and If you don't go, may Sars Cov-2 hit you right now and may you be despised by your neighbours and lovers all along

    an amateur writer
    who only loves to write
    and wants genuine people to read


    #OriginalByRuchi @writersnetwork

    27.4.2020, 2 pm, Kolkata, India.

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    I'm afraid to fall in love
    or feel happy
    A sense of fear hovers
    and grips me tightly

    Once upon a time,
    I had felt heartbeats rapidly,
    the blush in my cheeks had begun to form slowly
    then suddenly all came crashing down
    left with none but hopeless shards all along

    Somedays, when I think of it, it feels like Déjà Vu
    arriving gradually
    I feel my heart's rhythm, without any pain,
    the dying blush in my cheeks forming again
    The difference is just that, then it was an absolute nightmare in the form of a human
    Now, it is all about self-love, family and fur kids
    Always, if not forever.


    #cees_dv_chall @carolyns_challenges

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to think of and sense the Déjà Vu. :) ❤️ �� It was my pleasure to participate in this exciting challenge. Tried my best to keep it as short and simple as possible. :) Hope I've done justice to the challenge rules.

    Pardon for any inadvertent mistakes. ��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #writersnetwork #Mirakee #pod

    27th April 2020, 02.43 am, Kolkata, India �� ���� �� ���� ❤️ ��

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    Love is a kind of Déjà Vu
    You feel it again and again
    even if the context is never
    the same....
    (read also in caption)


  • the_procrastinating_poet 6w


    I came across the term 'Déjà Vu' today as part of Carolyn Ma'am 's Sunday short piece challenge, so decided to pen a piece on it.

    But along the way, I felt the poem I scribbled randomly doesn't go with the theme of Déjà Vu, so decided to drop it for the challenge and just write it for I love the flow and rhyme of this ��❤️

    Hope you wouldn't mind me using this term ����.

    ****For the challenge, I have penned another separate short piece that goes with Déjà Vu. and used the mandatory hashtag as well. (in a separate post)

    POEM �� ��������

    Cherry blossoms bloom high
    I sit under the blue sky
    dreams haunt like poltergeist
    bringing back memories from the dead

    Isn't it always a paradox
    that our life is full of subtle metaphors
    whether it's the thoughts we think, or the
    words we speak, each are woven around
    us like a spin yarn of silken thread
    sometimes smooth, sometimes rough
    sometimes elation, perhaps a bit of

    Darkness is outside, dotted by stars
    wouldn't it be beautiful if human hearts
    could empathize with, instead of seeking blood

    I could have said, 'I love you' but what to do
    I'm struck by the wand of Déjà Vu


    asphyxiation - a feeling of suffocation
    elation - a feeling of contentment, happy
    Déjà Vu - a feeling of something that happened before, happening again somehow.

    #OriginalByRuchi @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Written : 26th April 2020, 10.30 pm, Kolkata, India

    posted on 27th April 2020, 01.48 am.

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    yes, true, they're
    the thoughts of
    Déjà Vu


  • the_procrastinating_poet 6w

    This is a twist to the Disney princess movie, Tangled, which released in the year 2010. One of my favourites after Beauty and the Beast.

    I have done my best to give it a suitable twist, participating as part of @carolyns_challenges Flashback Challenge, choosing the love birds challenge for my flashback piece. :) ❤️

    Mandatory hashtags �� : #cees_love_birds

    Thank you @lovenotes_from_carolyn Carolyn Ma'am for giving this amazing opportunity to pour out our creative juices amidst this morose situation ��

    Poem �� �� ��

    On a tower, tall
    amidst the high mountains
    shadowing black like gall,
    surrounded by a resonating waterfall
    the sound and feel of which was like dollops of poison
    lived a young maiden named Rapunzel
    whose long and beautiful hair was the pride of her world, small.

    Captured by a wicked witch, who envied her golden tress, and on it swooned
    when the maiden was just a few days old, out from her mother's womb
    spending days in wait, days which turned to eighteen long years, for someone who would rescue her from this forever punishment.

    Her wish came true, once
    A rustic and handsome bandit, Flynn Rider
    came to rescue her

    Alas the wicked witch got to know of the escapade, pulling off a malign magic
    turned the two beings into granite statues, tragic!

    But, The Heavens had some twist up their sleeves
    into the thin air, the wicked witch with a poof! vanished,
    Finally the story came to an end, Flynn Rider went onto become a Royal Army soldier
    About our Rapunzel, she married a hardworking farmer, who dearly loved her.

    Epilogue :

    Sometimes Flynn and Rapunzel do ponder,
    what if they could've met as lovers?
    Well, dear friends, that's a story to be told later.


    #pod #OriginalByRuchi @writersnetwork #writersnetwork

    @mirakee #Mirakee

    25th April, 10 pm, Kolkata, India �� ���� �� ���� ❤️ ��

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    The Rescue of Rapunzel, the tower


  • the_procrastinating_poet 6w

    Things to watch out for (if you want to be a good living being at least, if not human (some humans do suck, I tell ya)


    1. Saying Thank you and Sorry doesn't lower your self-esteem. It increases your self-worth to the brim

    2. If you seek help from someone, and they have assured you of helping you, and they do that very diligently, make sure to show your gratitude and respect to them, irrespective of their age or gender or position.

    3. There are people who think that if someone is in a responsible or authorized position they are OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT AND HAVE DIVINE POWER TO DO ANYTHING AND ARE bound to listen to the demands of those people immediately, and they kind of keep on saying the same thing, making someone drive insane to the point of irritation.
    If you have sought help, request politely and if someone helps, extend your gratitude. Just don't think before extending a word of kindness.

    4. Being sarcastic is good, but not to the point of being Rude or hurtful.

    5. Using emojis and sweet, sugary sentences to literally hurt someone or emotionally manipulate them is something definitely inappropriate.

    6. VERY IMPORTANT : Stalking people, advertising yourself and your business everywhere, and playing the game of follow, unfollow. (social media platforms specially)
    I know you're an efficient self-made entrepreneur who has the potential to do wonders in life but what's the use if you write 'Hey will you check out my posts, and give me a follow, I like your posts too, you write amazing' on a post which has nothing but a meme or an image of orangutans.

    7. Harassing women via text, post or verbally. If you get kick out of it, then I may tell YA THAT YOU WOULD GET A VERY SEVERE KICK, AND THAT TOO WITH A FLAMED ROD IN THAT DUSTY DERRIERE(guess?) OF YOURS.






    I DON'T CARE ❤️


    @writersnetwork, @mirakee
    25th April 2020, 2 am, Kolkata.

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  • the_procrastinating_poet 6w

    Hark, hark
    O, everyone
    Tis' the story
    about a little prince
    who lived on an island
    betwixt the ocean and the highlands
    He was a prince who was happy
    and always had a smile on his face ready
    Searching for his love,
    he went far and wide,
    somewither he travelled unknown by

    One day, a ship ravaged by the storm came afloat
    on it was a young maiden, nigh no being was across
    The prince saw her, and fell for her blue eyne
    but Fate had other plans it seemed
    Erelong the Twain could live happily,
    I woke up from my eventide sweven
    with a lick from my four-legged friend


    words used ::

    hark - call for attention, listen
    eventide- evening
    nigh- no one, no other
    eyne- eyes,
    erelong- before long
    Twain- Two
    sweven- vision of a dream, in sleep
    betwixt- between
    somewither - somewhere

    @carolyns_challenges, Thank you for organising this challenge, Ma'am. �� ❤️ I'm glad I could participate in your challenge after a long while.

    Could think of only this dream sequence poem as nary was coming to my mind. I know it's not so good. but I loved learning the archaic (old) words :)
    Would do my best on the next challenge, surely. :) ❤️

    #OriginalByRuchi #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

    #cees_av_chall : Mandatory hashtag ��

    23rd April 2020, 1 am, Kolkata, India �� ���� �� ���� ❤️ ��

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    Hark, hark
    everyone, the prince is
    searching for his true love...

  • the_procrastinating_poet 6w

    You're the sun
    you're the moon
    you're the stars
    you're the glowing
    paint in my ceiling roof

    You're the galaxy,
    you're the constellations
    you're the astronomical secret
    I want to research

    You're the supernova
    you're the comet
    you're the meteor
    and the crater lake

    You're the universe
    I want to explore
    You're known yet much

    You're the space,
    wide and beyond
    with infinite possibilities
    yet impossible to fully unravel

    You're the answer to my
    never ending questions
    You're the smooth knot of
    my tangles
    You're the one where
    my heart's quest ends,
    and treasures of life start to

    22.4.2020 (adds upto 4, unique date, isn't it?)
    02.04 am (coincidence ��)

    Kolkata, India. ♥️��

    #randombyruchi @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Random Comeback fictional poem. :))

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  • the_procrastinating_poet 6w

    तू जो चेहरे को देख
    दिल दे बैठा
    सोचकर उसे चांदनी जैसा
    क्या तूने उस दिल को देखा
    जो एक चेहरे के नूर
    को चमका देता है
    सौ सूर्य जैसा

    चेहरे तो हजार है
    कोई मुखौटे मे लिपटा हुआ
    कोई चेहरे पर गहराई छुपाया हुआ
    सच्चाई तो बस दिल में है

    आंखों से देखो तो ज़रा


    #OriginalByRuchi #Randomtry #Randomthoughts #Mirakee #writersnetwork
    22nd Apr 2020, (22.4.2020)
    01.45 am Kolkata

    Lockdown is good, but please don't lose your humanity and goodwill. Stay safe. don't be afraid

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  • the_procrastinating_poet 8w

    I do

    sometimes, feel lonely
    like the stagnant and algae covered
    gravestones in a decrepit cemetery
    My mind is six feet under
    but my thoughts stay afloat
    traversing everywhere.
    No one visits me, with a bouquet
    of daisies or lily,
    Yellow leaves from worn out trees fall
    on me,
    the wavy wind scatters them freely.
    I hear birds chirp, but not a bird chatters
    with me
    I wait until the day dies as dusk, and reincarnates
    as the dawn
    So that my imagination and thoughts
    could fly again
    onto unexplored lands
    and I do not feel lonely at all


    A bit lame. Just like that. ��

    #OriginalByRuchi #pod @writersnetwork

    7th April 2020, 01.45 pm, Kolkata, India �� ���� �� ���� ❤️ ��

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    I....... sometimes, feel lonely
    like the stagnant and algae covered
    gravestones in a decrepit cemetery......

    (Read caption)


  • the_procrastinating_poet 9w

    Aren't we all seasoned fools
    fooled by life,
    fooled by love
    fooled by our mountain of expectations
    and hills of hopes?

    Just like that, a day dedicated to fools
    is nothing special.
    We are all fools getting fooled by fools
    who keep fooling around.


    Makes sense.? It won't.
    cause it's April Fools. ����

    Happy All Fool's Day, everyone.

    1st of April 2020. 5.33 am. Kolkata.

    Share your memories of getting fooled or fooling someone (obviously the fun ones)

    @mirakee #OriginalByRuchi #pod

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    You're a fool if you don't
    know you're a fool being fooled


  • the_procrastinating_poet 10w

    #OriginalByRuchi #Randomtry #Randomthoughts #Mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee

    31st March, 4 am, Kolkata, India �� ���� �� ���� ❤️ �� #thoughts

    280th post. Yayy :)) ❤️ Thank you everyone here for all your support and appreciation.

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    lies and truth
    shine in mirror
    whether you are a
    a common man
    or brave warrior
    Be truthful to yourself
    and your conscience
    that can bail you out
    from being stuck
    in troubles any where


  • the_procrastinating_poet 10w

    I'm bound by the quarantine
    of your malignant touch
    a virus of betrayal and mistrust
    a bacteria of your stale presence
    that seeps onto my positivity
    Gloominess drapes me into
    its embrace

    I don't find any path
    to trace my steps forward
    Well, 'You' are not a single person
    but a multitude of people who
    play with hearts and emotions
    and render chirpy beings, like "I"
    heartless and numb

    Are you from China or do you
    go away after "I", washes their hands
    like Lady Macbeth?
    Well, no Shakespeare is enough
    to describe the sickness you spread
    through your charms and capricious

    Yet there's no vaccine
    to nip you in the bud
    So this is the endless quarantine of
    being heartless, emotionless, and feeling
    lost and loveless
    Won't I see the sunshine, someday?

    They say, people get healed in love but then
    it sometimes invisibly enters the being and
    imprisons the heart, converting it into a
    dark dungeon of hopelessness, sometime


    #OriginalByRuchi #pod #writersnetwork #Mirakee #randombyruchi #Randomtry

    30th March 2020, 10.36 pm, Kolkata, India �� ���� �� ���� ❤️ ��

    don't know if this makes any sense. just felt too gloomy so wrote this spontaneously....
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Take care, Stay safe everyone. :)) #thoughts #poetry #diary

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    Of Quarantine. and Love.

  • the_procrastinating_poet 11w

    I'm crazy, I'm weird,
    I don't know what I say.
    I don't have any motive for
    anything I do.
    If you doubt me that's your issue

    Although I mean no harm
    but I dislike the people
    who carry harm with an added C.
    That's temporary you see.

    For me, a person's behaviour matters
    cause external looks are
    like a broken window that can anytime
    t t

    So, choose wisely and be alert.
    Not all that glitters is gold
    and not all that sparkles is diamond....


    23rd March 2020, 6.13 pm, Kolkata.
    #OriginalByRuchi #pod #writersnetwork #Mirakee

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    Random Rant. Part 1


  • the_procrastinating_poet 11w

    सच बोल सके तो कहे
    नहीं तो चुप्पी साध ले
    झूठ का चढ़ावा चढ़ाकर
    किसी भी संपर्क रूपी नीव
    को ना सींचे

    चाहे वो मित्रता हो या
    झूठ के चादर को ओढ़ाकर
    बाद में सच्चाई के नकाब को
    उतारने की कोशिश
    ऐसे है जैसे टूटे हुए कांच को

    चुभना तो है ही ना
    चाहे दिल से
    खून ना निकले पर
    दर्द तो होता ही है....