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  • bey5151 9m

    Be a beggar in the world but don't want him
    Don't be a beggar at heart because that's a place of praise


  • badhandwritingguy 12m


    Without you my love ....

    There exists no fear :)


  • fatema_tavkir 17m

    Sometimes we are Brave enough to deal with situations,
    Except the fear that's in the core of our hearts.

  • fatema_tavkir 24m


    Let your Faith in Almighty
    Be larger than your fears.

  • maolros 29m

    It starts deep within the roots
    The soil consoles and understands
    She is not the poison

    It just takes one to start the rot
    You cannot tell from healthy bark
    The festered wound that bleeds inside

    But you can see it
    In gnarling branches
    That try their best
    To nurture leaves

    Black and shrivelled
    Devoid of life
    They fall before
    They have a chance

    All they wanted was a chance
    To feel the wind
    To dance the dance


  • smartsam 30m

    No woman No wine!

    No woman no wine
    I think my life is fine!
    No tension no whines
    maybe this is what
    my gift divine!

    No waiting for any
    no buying gifts.
    Neither flowers nor open
    for her door of lift.

    Wine I deny I drink not
    beer or alcohol.
    Pals my age say really
    this is boring protocol.

    No movies i watch
    unless asked by the actors.
    At some times I suggest
    scence to the directors.

    No woman no wine
    this is a beautous life.
    No pains nor hurt
    no routine bores of wife!

    Yes Im single
    maybe it's god's wish.
    Whatever be the matter
    every now & then
    spirit holy divine amours
    & gives me a kiss!


  • emptying_ma_mind 30m

    The dark nights have passed.
    And I have been shown the light.
    Yet I still find myself shuddering
    By even the faintest memories
    of the past.
    But I refuse to give in,
    Refuse to succumb to fear,
    For fear is just an emotion
    in my head,
    And I am now the master
    of my fate..


  • natasha_a 31m

    'How are you doing?' you asked.
    Perfectly fine since you left
    because now the wind does not caresses
    me for it is afraid to sway my happy face.
    At day sky pities and cries with me and at
    night stars shine a bit more brighter.
    Now my shadow leads the path when
    theirs leave them in the dark.
    Even the ocean swallow the sun for
    it is afraid to see my scars and the
    only rainbow that shows in my sky is black.

    Even the light fades itself in the crowd so
    no one notices how hard I am surviving and the
    rain refarins to feel me for it can extinguish
    the little fire that's left in me.
    I know, our relationship is like shattered glass
    now but still my heart of thousand pieces
    tries to assemble it but fails and bleed in end.
    Now the time stops when I remember how
    empty I am without you and the smile you
    once loved, kills me everytime I fake it.
    I am doing perfectly fine for people's demons
    haunt them but mine consoles me.

    P.s.- I never thought you would be the one to break me.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #thedeadwriter
    #writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Someone said,
    you can bear everything
    if you have a support but,
    how can you bear it if support
    is the thing you endure.

  • ersheeen 36m

    B- Beautiful and loves you very much but never shows.

    E- Egoetist and Empress just for you but always shows but only in front you.

    S- Sweet and kind-hearted and always care for you.

    T- Talkative and Temper wali always for you.

    F- Fall on knees and can beg for you.

    R- Ready to fight with everyone for you.

    I- Intelligent and emphatic for you always.

    E- Energetic and can emerge for you anywhere.

    N- Notorious and novelist just for you.

    D- Dare to face any problem just for you.

    @ersheeen @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #Bestfriend #ascrotic #poem #pod

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    Best friend


  • pj_animation 37m

    I yearn for freedom from the scripted act
    All my burdens pulled on thy heavy cart
    I've had a full share of my part
    And now its a falling chart
    The cries of my bleeding heart

    I see the light yet running so blind
    The beating from an aching mind
    Endangered by my own kind
    The sorrows I put at hind
    To hide my trembling hand

    Feeding on my fears like a piece of cake
    My heart to pieces they try to break
    My joys away they want to take
    For their own selfish sake
    The fear of my mis-take

    Creeping fears that made my heart bleed
    Whispers running wild in my head
    For a minute thinking I am dead
    And I can't rest on my bed
    For the fears ahead

    I feel my life is already scripted
    But the future heavily encripted
    My act being heavenly cultured
    The past is alreadt altered
    And the present ruptured

    Seeking freedom from the scripted act
    Crafting the ship of my future tract
    Healing from evils of hidden past
    Gifting the joys of me-self cast
    I play my own santa part

    I just pray to keep it sane
    Before my mind takes a plane
    And my heart turns out pure pale
    For my own soul I never can't sell
    To keep calm in the stormy sea with an ale

    #mentalhealth #fear #mentalawareness #readthisJ #mirakee #pod #genuine_readers @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    I'm not sure if I'm winning, coz I feel like drowning and my arms are pale I ain't swimming. My emotions are just swinging, I just hope this soon I ain't going

  • dhanak_meena 42m

    We always get fascinated about hearing others success stories . Instead of understanding the facts we simply sit grumbling and start blaming our destiny.
    Person who achieves success undergoes many hardships . Whereas others are scared to step out of their comfort zone. Learn to work hard for your desired goal . First mantra for achieving goal is that person has to be a good learner , he should have ability of improvisation.
    I may not be a very successful person but definitely not a loser. Because I keep working on my weaknesses and try to overcome my fear factor.
    Don't bother much about success and failure. Start taking steps ...sitting and fearing about failure will lead you nowhere .

    Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space.
    If you want strong future build a better base.


  • kehta_hai_joker 50m

    "NIRBHAU NIRVAIR" acrostic.
    Without fear,Without Hate.

    Neither a defeat nor a victory defines me
    I live in the battlefield ,the battle resides in me
    Ravaged by my courage,the enemy shall be slayed
    Belief is my strength, I will never be dismayed
    Honed will be my skills,by facing what life throws
    Akaal Moorat blesses me,I go where he shows
    Under no circumstance has he ever let me down

    Never has my faith been even slightly in doubt
    I belong to him, who belongs to everyone
    Restrictions under his nishan ,remain unknown
    Vast is his love for me,he is forever by my side
    Afraid if I get, then within him I can hide
    Indomitable courage ,in there I shall find
    Remembering I am his slave and so are bad times


    Akaal Moorat: Being Beyond Time
    Nishan : Flag
    Image of the Sri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar.

    #fear #pod #sikhism #acrostic

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  • dennzz 1h

    A girl who sings,
    Who lived in her own world of fantasy,
    She never thought her dreams would collide,
    In the race with slippery time her words were the only one to live till the eternity.

  • bey5151 1h

    #fear #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #scare #quote

    The bravest person was not his ability to resist fear


    All his courage gave up until there was nothing left!
    Even fear is proof of doubt in Love
    And fear doesn't get in the way of destiny!

    Because fear makes obedient to what is feared
    And only love can make that fear a gift
    Blessed are the people who have nothing!
    Because in his breath there is only the Love song!

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    I'm just a beggar in my own body
    I don't have this breath
    I just dance while praising Love!
    What for fear ?


  • bushra_tasneem 1h

    "What is fear?" They ask. And my mind starts pondering, and soon after a minute, not having a perfectly cooked answer to present, I fear losing my self respect and my confidence too. May be I fear being denied acceptance. May be I fear being judged by those strangers for what I am or for what I can never be.
    I believe if you have got something, you will always have a fear to lose that, in the back of your mind. And that fear of losing is horrendous. Imagine buying your dream car one day. That day your elation will see no boundaries but then you will always be fearful if something happens to it, if it ever meets an accident, and then suddenly the reason of your elation becomes a cause of your hypertension. Hence, with fear, comes over thinking. You over think and get scared, you get sacred and you over think. It's a cycle which goes on and on.
    You are not fearful only when you are bad at something, rather being extremely good, also makes you fearful. Unable to do a certain thing surely makes you unhappy but deterioration in your performance in a certain task, which you have been appreciated for, is not less than a nightmare.
    Fear brings insecurities too. You become insecure about every small mishaps in your life, when you fear death. As a result you stop living your life the way you should. Fear is what takes your sleep away at night coz you are unsure if you will wake up the next morning or not. You become insecure about your relationships when you fear losing them. Eventually, you end up becoming an overly possessive maniac and then you lose.
    Fear for me is another dark side of my being, where I am not what I am supposed to be, where I am an over thinker, an extremely insecure and an under confident person. Fear is a shroud enveloping my life, turning it into a graveyard.


    - a fearful soul


    #fear #mirakee #pod

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • ishita_dhir 1h

    It's not the fear of love.... But the fear of a heartbreak for heading on'to the subtle art of loving....!!

  • shriana 1h


    The only fear which I am afraid of the most is that I might never make my parents cry because of me.

  • thoughtsprocess 21m

    It is said that don't
    trouble yourself
    before the real trouble
    troubles you
    But feeling of fear
    does the same
    And whenever
    I start feeling it,
    my mind
    runs faster than
    the rays of light
    It imagines the situation
    in a more than thousand ways
    It starts portraying pictures of
    the circumstances in many
    And when my mind is
    in the state of fear
    my heart is always ready
    to join it
    And then my heart begins
    to fill those pictures with
    colours of all the possible
    negative emotions
    My mind and heart
    compel me to believe
    what they have created
    And I begin to feel their
    creations with more intensity
    I begin to feel it in the air
    I can't concentrate
    on anything
    The feeling of fear
    constantly chasing me
    just like my shadow
    It doesn't leave me
    even in the darkness
    It becomes more
    dangerous rather
    They make me realize
    those things perhaps,
    which will never happen
    Though I try hard
    but this feeling doesn't
    leave me soon
    It takes me so many efforts
    to make myself free
    from the tight grip of
    this feeling
    When I start denying
    all the negative possibilities
    and begin to think and imagine
    only and only positive things
    then I succeed to release
    myself from the painful
    rope of fear.

  • shaikhibad 1h

    Ab Samajhme Aayi Mere

    Udaasi chl ke ghar ko aayi mere,
    Miya ye ab samajhme aayi mere,

    Vo mere saath thi itne baras tk,
    Zra si bhi samajh na aayi mere,

    Mohabbat kuch nhi dhoka dhari h,
    Haqiqat ab samajh me aayi mere...


  • anugraha_99 1h

    (The 21st Century Human)

    Presenting a recipe, simple not complex,
    To ace the same, follow these easy steps.

    A cup of smartness,
    A glass of narcissism,
    A spoonful of sugar coated lies,
    A handful of parochialism,
    Chopped and diced,
    Mix till your core's deeply fries.

    Slice some judgment,
    Mince some patriarchy,
    Roast some snobbish bullying,
    Broil a helping of intolerance,
    Only for the just and right,
    Serve with a pinch of violent seasoning.

    Behold, rejoice, my fellow earthy crewmen,
    You've now made the 21st century human.


    #mcop_cwc #listpoem #pod #readthisJ
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @my_cup_of_poetry

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