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    And there another day passes with me still struggling to undo my past


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    Vo bhi kya din the jab ham, ham hua karthe the aur talaash kisi aur ka karthe the.....Ab tho na ham, ham hai aur talaash khudh ki karthe hai....

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    #story #love #past #choices @mirakee @writersnetwork @poetrydelivery @writersbay

    My first attempt. Thank you for reading, and even if you don't, its fine. But do share a feedback. Thank you again.

    Janet is not an emotional person but even her detached sense got stirred when she unlocked her grandma's secret wooden jewelry box. Since childhood, she wanted to get a peek into it but nothing could move her sweet old Mum-mum. And now as she lie buried six feet under, the cherished key is her heirloom.

    The magnificent wooden handcrafted box is an ode to craftsmanship of yore, as we the livings are more synchronised with everything digital.
    As she unlocked and opened the lid, she was amazed to find letters, nothing but handwritten letters.

    The letters that were memories of a time which will never come back. Letters that were slices of Judith's heart, wrapped in her tears, regret and life long anguish.

    Janet had promised the cancer-ravaged Judith few days ago only that she will go through those letters before saying yes to Ronald's wedding proposal.

    One after another, she unfolded the letters and the emotions in it unraveled a hidden aspect of her Grandma that she never knew. Perhaps no one knew. That under that ever-smiling, dedicated wife, loving mother, cute grandmother, an unhappy woman was hiding. Who dreamt of love, passion, adventure, and career but was too eager to please others that she forgot to please herself.

    Judith in those love lorn letters had poured her heart out to someone called Patsy, Janet had never heard of anyone in their neighborhood or even from Judith. "Who is Patsy, who could it be?"

    She woke up with a shiver and realised she had fallen asleep on the floor. Hurriedly she packed everything back.

    They would be going back in two days, so she thought of exploring the neighborhood on her own with a half hearted hope of finding something about Patsy.

    The town of Merricks is so laid back that even the most active person will feel lazy. Perhaps something about the scenic beauty that urges the heart to just sit back and enjoy the nature.

    Janet visited the library. The librarian was a very friendly old man and they started chatting as there were hardly any one to read. " Judith was a beauty and so full of life. Marriage tamed her. She deserved better...I mean she got a nice life."
    But Janet's ears had picked up the words.

    Being a smart girl, she did not prod the old man for more information but excused herself and went away. Next she visited Granny Amy, Judith's best friend. As Amy regaled her with old funny anecdotes, all of a sudden Janet sighed, "I wish Grandma had got a better life."
    Amy got startled and questioned back, "And what makes you say so?" "Because she never got to live her dreams, she never got to follow her passion for photography, because she didn't get Patsy as her partner."

    Amy looked as if she has seen a ghost. "Who told you all this? Who..." She could barely whisper. The shock was tremendous but the very next moment she fell back on her chair and started laughing hysterically. "Do you see that picture, that one. Its me on my wedding day. You know why I look so happy, do you know that....would you like to know that?"
    It was the hiss of a serpant. Amy was no longer the Amy Janet had known since childhood.

    "Judith was everything that I was not. Beautiful, charming, vivacious, talented. She was the golden Sun to my moon. She dazzled everyone, even my fiance. Oh my Patrick, how could you?"

    It was Jane's turn to look shocked. And her shock grew as Amy recounted how Judith and Patrick eloped leaving Amy waiting at the altar. But it was not a happy ending for the lovers either. Patsy drowned while swimming and Judith came back home heartbroken.

    Today Janet was returning to the city. She went to her Grandma's room and collected all the letters. She went to the wooden cabin behind the house where gardening supplies are kept. In the drum used for burning logs, she placed all the letters and lighted up and let the proof of a lost life lose itself in the elements. She had decided not to lose herself.

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    Don't lose yourself

    A short story in the caption

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    काश गुजरे वक्त से यादें मिटा सकते,
    याद न रहता वो अपनो का तोड़ जाना,
    वो जिंदगी भर का दर्द दे जाना,
    वो सिसकना और फुट कर रोना,

    सिर्फ याद रहते हमें खुशनुमा लम्हें,
    वो अपनो का साथ रह संभालना,
    वो ठहाके वो हंसी भरे हुए पल,
    वो खुशी से आंसुओं का बह जाना,

    जिंदगी तो सप्तरंगी दास्तां है,
    कभी खोने की कभी पाने की,
    कभी सपनो और अरमानों की,
    हार और जीत के कुछ किस्से,

    हमारे गुजरे पल की यादें,
    वो ही तो हमें सिखाती हैं,
    कभी बेवकूफी कभी नादानी से,
    ये यादें ही हमें बचाती हैं।

    माना इसमें दर्द के भी हिस्से हैं,
    पर खुशनुमा भी कई हिस्से हैं,
    किसने कब हमें संभाला था,
    हालात से हमें लड़ना सिखाया था।

    जैसी भी हैं ये यादें बहुत अच्छी हैं,
    तस्वीर दिखाती ये हमेशा सच्ची हैं,
    यह तो सच्चा आईना हमारा हैं,
    हमें सिखाती हैं हमें यह बचाती हैं।

  • sans__thoughts 3d


    When i look back at the days where i cried......
    I realized only one thing
    It neither made me strong nor weak
    But the person who survived it
    And the person who i am today......

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    It’s heartbreaking to look back on a relationship and realize how much someone loved you. And to know at the time you either couldn’t or wouldn’t see it.


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    The deepest desires,
    The foulest thoughts,
    She caged them all among those darkest walls.
    The rusted chains rattled all day long,
    as they try flee those cellars they'd been buried for long.
    Helpless and screaming deep within,
    she moved on ,
    clutching on to this new identity totally unknown.
    Knowing those chains wouldnt hold long,
    she faked a smile to fool all those around.

  • safi___ 4d

    Look into this time spread so vast
    Is it all good or all bad time so fast

    A cry here a laugh there all along
    How can one decide where life will belong

    With sadness at one point down the road
    Equally do we get joy that life can afford

    Even when there is hatred all around
    We do find love in the sweet little ground

    So what do we say how this time has gone??
    A song here a prayer there for the heart's lawn....!!!


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    Neither Can You Change
    What Happened In The Past
    Nor Can You Enjoy Things
    Which You Think Will
    Happen In The Future

    Life Is Defined As Present
    So Live like
    Yesterday And Tomorrow
    Does Not Exist.

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    Ek baar ki baat hai,
    Sab sahi chal raha tha


  • shivangij 5d

    "I just wanna rewind every second, make my present self replaced by the past one. So that, I could rectify those blunders in my life which was like kicking yourself unknowingly.", I said to my heart but it was too late......

    Now, I say to my heart at least you realized, learnt and would never do that again.

  • mohanwrites 5d

    The Girl I Remember Loving

    The weight in my chest is unmistakable
    But in contrast I catch myself smiling
    Then I realise, I'm thinking about you
    Something of a habit made out of time
    But it's not about how you're not here anymore
    Silly me, smiling at the girl I remember loving

    I remember remembering you far too much
    That it has become my very own disease
    But oh, I was in love, and remember, I did
    About far too many things, both little and large
    That I can never be sure if I cannot forget you
    Or just that I remember you too much.

    We were growing apart, and sadly I couldn't do much
    Who knew, that love would become my ultimate lesion
    The heart burns brighter when it's fuelled by love
    Mine still burns, not knowing about what made you cast me away
    And to this day it hasn't stopped burning
    It burns, but the warmth vaguely resembles that of yours.

    I still think about you, the one who could actually walk away
    I try to picture you being happy without me
    In my head, I can love you and still end up not losing you
    In reality though, I wanted to love your very existence
    I can be sure that you wouldn't even want me as your memory now
    But pardon me, I'm still thinking about the girl I remember loving.


  • brokengypsysoul 1w


    Don't be confused by false happiness from memories, your mind has a way of tricking you.

    If you find yourself missing them, remind yourself why they're in your past.

    Don't let the memories from the past contuine to haunt you today, you conquered them already.

    If a dark memory arises from the past, think of a positive from the same time.

    Don't dwell on past recollections, you are ruining today's happiness.

    Acknowledge the feelings associated with these memories, but don't let them stay, feel them, then turn away.

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    माज़ी को माज़ी में छोड़ दीजिए,
    मुस्तकबिल पर ध्यान दीजिए,
    जो नहीं कर पाए उसके लिए माज़रत कीजिए,
    जो करना हो हासिल उस पर तदबीर कीजिए ।


  • zephyr_of_fire 1w

    Endless Exhaustion

    I'm so afraid of what I might think
    I'm scared of my mind
    terrified of what I imagine
    so I don't sleep
    I stay up and I wait
    blind myself with entertainment and ignore
    disregarding everything so that I feel nothing
    I'm killing myself slowly
    yet so thoroughly
    sometimes it feels like I'm in a dream
    because I can't believe it
    how far I've fallen down
    that life could really hurt this much
    but things aren't what they seem
    because my hopes are so close to touch
    but It always feels like they're too far away.


  • jeetspeaks 1w

    Past is not dead

    People might have been heard saying many times that past is gone, past is dead, past is buried, and past is undone. I admit that all these statements have some characteristic value but these statements are fully true. According to my knowledge, past is a foundation on which our present and future is based. If there's no past, no present and no future are possible. Do we understand that? I think that at least makes some sense. If it makes some sense, then where do all those previously made statements stand? Are they not false? Think about it.
    On the other hand, I consider past is equally important as the other two times are considered. Just imagine, if I didn't have my parents in the past, how would I take birth?☺️It would be absolutely impossible, right? Nevertheless, why do we give so less importance to past? I'm going to tell you why in the following paragraph.
    Past is considered to be buried because it is already gone and if something wrong is done in the past, we feel like we have nothing in our control so, better not to talk about it, but to forget it. People have this tendency that since we couldn't do anything about it or it is undone now, let us forget it as a nightmare. But, past is also a fact. It never stops following us. We may pretend to have forgotten it, but it never forgets. The dark alleyways follow our bright streets. We may have seen movies describing past following people like witch haunts. This may be true. Everything is cooked in this fertile brain of ours. It keeps retaining those stuff on which we focus more.
    In a nutshell, all I want to say is, without any reservations, that like other two entities : present and future, past is equally important which we cannot escape from. If we remember our mistakes, possibly, we won't commit any further mistakes. If we forget, we may commit some new ones. Now you choose, which one is wise?

  • _broken_mirror_ 1w

    After losing the most valuable thing of my life,
    Finally today i do not fear in losing anything,
    May be I'm used to it, may be i don't care.

  • safi___ 1w

    LOOK BACK!!!

    As I stand today here at this point
    Do I dare to gaze back in life at past
    Or do I just move along the future so vast
    Its as easy as complicated it is a point....

    Things back then happened at random
    Or was it the rhythm that was missing all along
    Now that I look back at things like a distant song
    I see a pattern of life that was so full of wisdom....

    Can I be content with the past I ask??
    Or do keep on questioning the way all along
    No more the grudges and faults seem any wrong
    Or jolly should I go to do all my future's task???


  • miastyx 1w


    There was a boy I loved too much,
    He filled my void, he had my heart.

    I was as happy as I could be,
    No one could take him away from me.

    We made mistakes to say the least,
    We overcame it as it was meant to be.

    We planned our lives as how it should be,
    We knew the thorns were around but we planned to work our way around.

    All the plans we made on what a life we'd share one day went up in flames.
    The flames were too high I couldn't see the other side, I panicked inside.
    With no where to run and no one to tell,
    I let the only thing I felt burn in hell.

    I thought it was right, I walked out with pride,
    Afraid to look back on something that felt right.
    It took me a while, till I realized the flames were a test on something I shouldn't have messed.

    I panicked and ran back to the place I shouldn't have left.
    But the boy who I left burning in flames had fully recovered and restarted again.
    I couldn't tell him what I had done, though he gave me some chances I threw them away.
    I wish I told him that very day.

    He moved on too fast so I tried to compete with my past. I explored new places to find what I had nothing came close to the boy I once had.

    Once in awhile I keep going back to the place where it all burnt to the ground I keep wishing I never left but I kept wishing he'd call out .....

  • mane_auraa 14w

    I Want...

    I want a world where
    my Voice is Heard.

    Where the drops of Rain
    Aren't louder than me.

    Where the rays of the waning Sun
    Aren't brighter than me.

    Where the questions I ask
    Aren't dismissed like the buzzing of a Bee.

    Where the answers I give
    Aren't lost in the Sea.

    I want a world where
    my Face can be Seen.

    Where the shade from my Shadow
    Isn't belittled by the Tree.

    Where the touch of my Fingers
    Isn't whisping past like the Breeze.

    Where the oyster in the Ocean
    Isn't crying for the pearl it can't seek.

    Where the bird in the Cage
    Isn't begging to be free.

    I want a world where
    my Voice can be Heard.

    Where the pictures in the Caves
    Aren't waiting for humans in Envy.

    Where the people on the Streets
    Aren't running, soo Busy.

    Where the children in the Garden
    Aren't feeling ordinary.

    Where the promises that are Made
    Aren't making me Weary.

    I want a world where
    my Face can be Seen.

    Where the Sloth on the tree
    Isn't moving soo slowly.

    Where the Butterfly on the flowers
    Isn't wandering aimlessly.

    Where the Respect for a human
    Isn't made into a Plea.

    Where the time that is Past
    Isn't making me Empty.

    But alas,
    The world isn't what I want.
    I can not be free.
    As invisible as a spec,
    That flies between you and me.