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  • zarish 34m

    Feel free to share the love you have with in yourself and make the other feel secure and happy to have you in their life because there is people suffering with different anxiety, challenges, and heartbreak every day walking and surviving with heavy heart so you can make a change with just a small deed of love and careūüėä‚ô•ÔłŹ
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    People always love those kind humans that stay with them no matter how long they have to but stay a little more longer until they see them safe, happy , alive and soulful. Because of the situation they are going through is worsen than anything else the wound of their heart is just so fresh to heal so fast and that is why they need someone to fill that empty space they are having in their daily routine and not feel alone anymore.
    ~ Zarish~

  • krishnaraj 1h


    Respected justitia,
    Please loose your blindfold
    And let in the lights to your eyes

    The balance you hold
    Had always had that side down
    Which had power of various kinds
    Placed inside.
    They no more respect none
    Making a mockery of us-
    The common-
    Always there at the other end of balance,
    Floating higher in the air.
    Taking your blindfold of fairness
    A granted opportunity
    They played with lives of poor.

    Open your eyes and take a look,
    For the world have changed
    From the time you closed your eyes,
    And start serving real Justice.


  • tinyresto 2h

    Badge of Honor

    I've begged you to stop. Why you turning against me? I dont understand all the hate or the envy
    My hands are up, you know you shouldnt shoot but you let your feelings get the best of you. Did the color of my skin make you feel so thin that you had to take my life to feel like you got a win?

    Why am I trained by my moms and my pops about how I should act when I'm stopped by the cops?
    Hands on the wheel, don't speak unless asked. Hide your fear like you wearing COVID masks.
    "Can you please step out?"
    Officer, may I ask, am I being detained?
    "You fit the description of the gang banger on Main"

    "Shoot to kill" must be your new motto, you choose your next victim like it's spin the bottle?

    You wearing a badge of honor but you hold none. How many lives will you take before you realize it's time to put away the gun?


  • popo_smile 4h

    2020 really opened my mind. I have seen what humans are really capable of. They speak great deal of things that is happening outside their country, but ignore the problem their own country is facing? It's time to think and see things clearly. What we are doing right now? Is it right or wrong? #savehumanity #hope #love #peace

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    I'm tired of people.
    Who fight against racism but are self narcissist?
    Who are against rape but never speak of domestic violence?
    Who talk about saving children who are being bullied but are destroying their own children?
    Who believe in God but act like they serve the Devil?
    I'm tired of people who plan to change the world but cannot even change their own city.
    Is this simply blindness of human mind or the true reality we live?

  • de_ife_7 22h


    There has always been a fundamental philosophy
    the lording of chiefs on proles
    drums of war are no longer uncommon
    a battle where victory is an abomination

    There is a selfish trend of assimilation
    poisoned are out thoughts by top hats
    A mere desire for otherwise
    and the thought police shall vaporize

    Fear big brother and be wise
    dare doublethink and cease to exist
    we are passengers of a vicious cycle
    the proles are only worthy to kiss their feet

    Keep an eye on the rebellious middle class
    the truth they acquire will their souls liberate
    tame them with war is peace
    they are the hope of the freedom they seek

    ©de_ife_7 @_de_ife{Twitter}@_deife_xp{IG}

  • rajshekhar_7 1d

    You said I was playing games.

    I said I wasn’t.

    I was lying and you knew it.

    You smiled

    As if to say - another game?

    I smiled

    As if to say - want to play?

    But I am tired of this game.

    I’d like to try something new.

    Because I never win this game

    And I think

    You think

    You do.

    #mirakee @diana733 #game #nature # lying
    #writerstoli @oh_senorita #smiles
    #nohate @myrasingh @anonymous_storyteller
    #peace @plk134

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  • imariba 1d

    Nightlights of rooftop

    My happy place in my house
    Not my room but the rooftop
    Where I am not alone and never lonely
    With all those shiny sparkles in the welkin
    Dancing with me, in my eyes
    How bright they burn, how dazzling
    Only to put in my mind the accent of
    Never to lose your fire, let it burn
    The more, the bright your glare
    Your future vast galore


  • tranquilizingwind 1d

    Sniffing the fragrance of the soul, disclosing a way to enter the dynasty of sheer joy without a bit of power desiring hunger, leading a mundane yet satisfactory approach towards the end game. Loving the pious journey and being blissed about the terrific ensues- Shimmering through the darkness always!
    #mirakee #peace #emotions #soulfulthoughts

    I was hijacked by my emotions,
    Getting numb over the same old cautions!
    Engulfed within were the good old spirits,
    But with a baggage of enshrouding discreets.

    Sniffing the restlessness of my entity,
    I cocooned myself up- away from all the scrutiny.
    Never with the courageous talks,
    I had entitled myself with all the dejectional locks.

    All the wistful memories were getting back at me,
    Though moment of pious events was all I wished to see.
    I was exhausted of this vicious circle,
    Till the point were hope was nowhere near to flicker.

    With nothing to do and lots of thoughts,
    I had no ideal mind but- which still was a devil's workshop!
    The constant whipping of these notions,
    Lead me towards a thickeningly terrific commotion.

    The turmoil of sentiments is what drives me crazy,
    But takes me closer towards the delusionally clear ecstasy.
    Maybe this was my twisted logic of madness,
    But my faith got me better into searching my inner solace.


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    Searching my inner solace


  • _scribbler_vani 1d


    the ball of fire is jiggling inside my body,
    the heat tryin to burst my veins, making my soul shiver and i am burning from my heart to toe .
    Breathing is hard when you are wrapped by the smoke and all i am lookin for is water to immerse my whole body in it till my soul and my heart get cold , very cold..


  • mrspectacular 1d


    You are my wealth,
    The number one reason I do not want to lose my breath.
    Without you, I'll prefer death.
    With you, give me a thousand days on earth.
    By you, I find absolute frith.
    Your love brings me sweet health.
    Before you, I would have wished to be in the ground, neath
    Making of it my life's sheath.
    But thank goodness I found you, the idea is in the ground underneath
    And seated on it is a wreath.

    With you, I feel incredible.
    I can say There is nothing for me, impossible, loud and audible.
    Of course, I am not trying to overshadow the Lord of the Bible
    Nor drag titles with his son that hung on the crucible.
    Certainly by that, I would be giving myself a dangerous dribble
    Preparing a dish that is not at all edible.
    For such, I am, to say the least, very feeble,
    Please I remain humble.
    I am not oblivious of the fact that the life I currently live, he did to me, jirble.

    What I mean is you bring out of me, the best,
    Always spurring me to aim for nothing but the crest.
    In the gladness of your heart, I find maximum fest.
    Please come own my heart, I don't want you as just a guest
    And all my time I will, for you, invest
    Making sure peace is your only pest.


  • anugraha_99 1d

    Path to peace
    Is nature's


  • tootruedrew 1d

    The Hearts of Man

    The rest of me is a necessity to the recipe of whats left of us.
    There's a test in you, seeking all that is true of whats best to do.
    Now, what is to become of that?

  • emikaease 1d


    That fine breeze
    When brushes through
    You inhale the breath
    Deep in you
    And with your eyes closed
    You could feel that Peace
    Emerging and grew.


  • yoyowrites_ 1d

    All lives matter

    I see a person, not colours.


  • devchathu 1d

    Conversations, so soothing
    Missing, is vile distance
    Oh life, Will you stop this?
    I want solace, not words.
    Find me, Silence
    Find me please, Peace
    Till doom, till my death
    You be my only crime
    You be my only rhyme
    Irony it is, voids filling
    The voids that reside within.
    I want you and you want me,
    But, I am you and you are me.
    Understand, will you?
    You will never.
    Stop writing, can I?
    I can never.


  • dr_scolly 2d

    Accept... acknowledge your feelings!

    Don't run away from something that is your own!

    Maybe then your heart will have some peace!

    ©Dr Scolly

  • shalu_bhati 2d

    Let go ....

    It's easy to read and advice about the art of letting go!
    Than strucks the reality, you who longed for something or someone for all this while, putting your whole soul for the sole purpose to acquire what you thought truly belongs to you is what you were never meant for!!
    The reality may be right in front but you wouldn't want to believe it, those hope that you keep from the wrong one's is the passage for your pain!
    After all it's all about the choices we make, and when you choose to let go of something you had put your blood and heart to just for the intent of peace or maybe the forethought to embrace your true goal and happiness, only than you realize how strong you have been to even embrace the notion of letting go!


  • backstorypoetry 2d

    Be proud if you make a mistake because it will change your life and the view towards it
    #trust #correct #mistakes #humble #misery #war #peace #ego #life #strength

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    Trusting yourself is primary and correcting your mistakes is mandatory....
    Egoistical sets is your own destruction of boundaries....
    Aging every second is urge for correction..
    Demanding for not yourself is your misery...
    Manifestation in you is your weapon of strength....
    Being humble determines your heart..
    War is not always a solution until it becomes worthy to be brought death into peace...


  • dark_sunshine 2d

    For that one moment, it all felt right
    The thought of killing myself felt right
    For I was ready to give up
    The thought of liberating myself felt right
    For nothing felt worth not doing it
    The thought of leaving the chaotic and barbaric world felt right
    For I was tired fighting everything
    The thought of leaving people alone felt right
    For I was tired being a burden on them
    The thought of hanging myself to death felt right
    For I wanted the agony to end
    The thought of getting hit by a truck felt right
    For I wanted to stop existing
    The thought of lying peacefully in a coffin felt right
    For I was tired of holding my tears back
    The thought of running away and never returning felt right
    For I wanted all of it to end
    Unfortunately, I had to snap out of the thoughts
    For I am not even allowed to think of all those things
    But for that one moment, it all felt right and peaceful...

  • splendour 2d

    Forgotten Little Bitch

    I don't know how people can just forget me
    I get that I'm not all that but at least I'm nice
    I know I'm a prude but I'm good
    Was all the time we spent together unimportant?
    Am I just a thing to throw away?
    I have always been there when you need me
    Even with the distance, I try not to dwell on that
    I'm the one always trying to make it work
    Why can't you
    Oh, I know the answer to that question
    I was just never needed in your life.
    You just used me for jokes
    Well continue to move on with your life
    I'll try to move on with my life
    One of the worst things to happen to anyone is to mourn the death of someone that's still alive
    With that being said, fuck friends