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  • chemyy_ 15w


    To all the people who call me funny,
    I hate you.
    Why are you so blind???
    Am I truly see through?
    I'm in so much pain,
    Laughs aren't enough.
    I'm so tired of life,
    Of this pain, unjust.
    Growing up was unfair,
    Because I had to so young.
    And now I'm 18 and from my past I run.
    I fell in love with the perfect soul,
    And he holds my heart, but I'm an icey cold.
    I fear this pain is too much,
    I'm losing my grip.
    And in this bottle is relief, In just one sip.
    I'm sorry to my mom and I'm sorry to my lover.
    You called me Joy, but I couldn't be further.
    I blame the sun for the light it refused to share,
    And I apologize for my weakness, I just cant bear.
    My mind is full of darkness and I need a little time,
    And i promise to be funnier in my second life.
    As you read my words that spilt from my eye,
    I hope you know it eases my mind.
    Thank you for reading the rambling of my heart,
    It makes picking up my pieces a little less hard.


  • rainsaulwrites 43w


    Love, I look at the moon while holding my phone.

    I see nothing but trouble here and trouble there.

    I'm worried for us and for them, Love.

    But I thought of we were strong and they were.

    We can go through this from here to there.

    The night was dark, lonely and quiet,
    But this love is ours, so we will fight and grow no matter what.

    #quietnight #lonelynight #troubles #enduringlove #love #letterforyourlove

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    Mahal, tumingin ako sa buwan habang hawak ang aking telepono.

    Wala akong nakita kundi problema dito at problema doon.

    Nag-aalala ako para sa atin at para sakanila Mahal.

    Pero inisip ko nalang malakas tayo at sila.

    Tayo'y makakalagpas sa paroo't at parito.

    Madilim, malungkot, at tahimik ang gabi,
    Ngunit ang pag-ibig na ito ay atin, kaya tayo ay lalaban at lalago ano man ang mangyari.

  • daphandmomo 137w

    The cool breeze against her bare arms,
    In this night, with sky sprinkled with the glittering light of the stars.
    A quiet walk in this neighborhood,
    All alone, pacing down this cobbled steps.
    Funny how the mystery and quietness of the night,
    Brings joy and comfort in her solitude.


  • silentwave 163w

    Quiet night

    4 in the AM, hurt in the mind
    The reason that you're trying to find
    Is that reality is an Illusion and every colour a lie
    Don't ponder over your worries, they'll vanish as you sleep
    Think about the times momma held you, The memories you no more keep
    Shedding tears till the river runs dry; Lay your head in momma's lap, she'll sing you a lullaby