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  • jeetspeaks 52m

    Change is not change

    Change in the nature is not a real change, but cyclical. You can observe that it keeps changing in the same manner but with a regular frequency. e.g. seasons

  • devilfish 1d

    Darkness Swallowing Light

    Splashes of the night
    Lick seductively at the moonbeams
    And firelight
    Sands of solemnity eating spontaneity
    And in it's place
    It leaves monotony
    Nightmarish oddities poking out
    From the fingers of triggers
    That rip out the wires of your fears
    Year after year you tire of sin
    Bathing in tears just to feel like you aren't

  • nonns_poetry 3d

    Seed of light

    I gaze into my eyes from once forsaken wastelands
    But now I see, something that I recognize
    I see tropical forests, blooming seeds, strong roots
    I see the stream of stars that glow with heat

    the heat that belongs to the fever of life
    that I finally recognize and I realize
    that the hanging ropes now support the trees
    that spread more seeds on the starry breeze

    The breeze that goes beyond my inward soul
    that fills my lungs and all my bones
    And then leaves my world and goes beyond


  • hramunro 3d

    Inner demons

    Her eyes were lifeless and still.
    Her gaze stared back with aim to kill.
    Mirroring every move I take,
    Cracks of hatred form to make,
    Bloodshot eyes as if to show a sign,
    As they stare right into mine,
    piercing daggers deep into my soul.
    Her whispers are loud with one clear goal.
    Yet my mind refused to listen at all,
    Her figure laced in blood to begin the fall.

    As if a battle had taken place
    and her imperfect body was the face,
    And I gazing on a hidden sin,
    That she no longer wanted to hide in,
    Her body swayed with mine,
    Holding on to her skin like a life line,
    Showing what she wanted to rid herself of,
    Or perhaps what I wanted to rid myself of.

  • devilfish 5d


    V for Vexed
    D for distress
    I feel I am less you touch you took from me
    I struggle with sex
    With my voice
    Is it my choice?
    I struggled with my voice
    Is it never enough
    I'm left with no choice
    I'm never enough

  • mercury_ 1w

    Blistering indifference billows upwards from a soul pacified
    Through hell I’ve strode, walked, and crawled
    Through strife, I’ve pulled at walls of concrete and flame
    And through stress and passion, I’ve reached indifference evermore comforting
    Though tomorrow will bring what is yet to be known
    Though yesterday has brought wounds and a symphonic whaling of coarseness
    I shed not a bead of sweat in wasted anxiety, nor fret at what’s been lost
    For the mark left upon me by each blow to my shell both inside and out no longer looms around me as if artillery strikes well placed
    Rather now, embers settle at my feet, as fire burns from within
    Whereas I used to seek warmth in the smoldering wounds placed upon me, it is now that my warmth is found from within the deepest pit of my chest, and the strongest kiln in my gut


  • karunyakv 1w


    I've walked by the haven of temples, beach waves, food places, train sounds , mass movement of vehicles and never ending people hustling their way through life ... is it the atmosphere or just the variety of vibrations this place had to offer... gifting me moments of joy, peace, shatter, energy and lifetime reflections...by becoming a part of me...!


  • 2truedrew 2w

    Sometimes Im not the same person I'm used to being.
    Somehow, on occasion, I divert the steady wave of highs and lows I attend upon in the spiraling cork-screws of life's rollercoaster.
    Then!All of a sudden, I falll off the tracks, at an all too perfect point, rocketing me into an elevated euphoria of heightened understandings. Not of my own self and day to day illusions. But of ones that could even jump track some of the most opinionated free-thinkers out there;only those who dare to dream!
    So? No.
    Sometimes I'm not the same person...
    Sometimes, "lonely" isn't the same numb perspective I'm used to stemming from...
    Sometimes, being alone offers peace in knowing everything is going to be alright.
    And no matter what the circumstances, Im going to be ok.
    Even if I die right now, it was all worth it.
    Because, while searching for what sets me apart from the the universe and everything in it...I have stumbled across the mysterious and she is beautiful.
    Her name is Eternal, her power, Infinite.
    And her reasonings.... are Possibility.
    And anything is possible.
    But all I know for sure, is that I am possible. - 2truedrew

    #possiblity #inspiration #reflection

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  • blackshadezs 2w

    Message for my baby..

    I worry and stress day and night
    And pray to God my baby alright
    When he is in trouble I try stay sane
    And when he is sad wish I could end the pain
    When my baby hurt I to doo
    Beacuse that's Just mamas do

    Yes I made the mistake along the way
    But it made us who we are today
    I try to pick up everytime you call
    And do my best to help you my son.
    If you ever question my love for you
    I always will regardless of what we go through
    No matter what anyone say about us
    Know this is true
    I'm your mama and loving you unconditionally..


    #singlemom #reflection #mirror am I right??

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    Message for my baby

  • zabasin 2w

    Reflection of clarity
    Guided to destiny
    Hiding from fate

  • charlieka 2w

    Caught in Reflection

    I think about how to measure the worth of one's self at the weirdest times
    Hunkered down
    studying the lines of my feet
    Painting the faded pink nails
    Almost always
    these clean spare moments
    Dash to pieces the crystal sphere of truth
    I've held in esteem
    Becoming shards that wickedly
    In snuggle toothed grinning
    Catch my face in reflection
    As they lie in final throes
    Twitching on the ground

  • aatreyi_chakraborty 2w


    I asked, "Do you still miss me?!"

    The reflection, when I looked into the water, replied-

    "When did you cease to be you?!!"

    And I knew my answer.....


  • noahmarie 2w

    Yo solo quiero a alguien

    Que me abrace, cuando estoy triste.
    Que se quede, cuando soy un desastre.
    Que me detenga, cuando quiera irme.
    Que su orgullo no me aleje, cuando quiera acercarme.
    Y que me ame, cuando ni yo misma me puedo amar.


  • perspektive 3w

    The Journey to Self Love...

    Why do I doubt my ability to be a " some one " to somebody else? Like I put up road blocks on myself that stop me from taking chances with woman. Like, I criticize myself a lot. I really love where I am, who I am and what God is molding to be, but I overthink my way out of taking risks. Fears crop up, fear of inadequacy, fear of rejection, fear of losing something I never had. I wish I had more confidence in myself like I do in everything else I do in my life. I just know that, insecurities developed at a young age followed by drug use/alcohol kept me from ever getting in a relationship. 27 with no relationship experience is scary. My main goal In life is to get married, have kids and know the feeling of someone who wants to wake up every morning next to me as I do them, come home to someone and a little me or two little me's that I can take camping, Disney Land and give all my love to. It's scary and I know it is all in my head, it's thinking that has been with me ever since when I was a kid. Wish God would put a woman in my life that would have patience, love me for me. My Mom said I have a great personality, heart, beautiful eyes and a good kid. I sometimes hold myself back from showing that because of my crowded head space and feelings of inadequacy, it hides me down inside and is not revealed when it needs to be the most. I freeze up. I need to just suck it up and just try.. faith without works is dead. How do I untrain my mind to think a way that's kept me like this for years? I probably could of had some experience in relationships if I put more faith into it and love myself more. I have so much inside along with love to give and I am afraid to take a chance? Thank you for letting me rant about this. I am not depressed or anything just venting. It's a battle I have been fighting for years. Thank you for taking the time to read and let me be vulnerable for a minute.

    I am grateful to be accepting of who I am and have acquired self love and faith today. Today I am everything I knew I already was and get to be in peace without these thoughts crowding my mind.

    I understand time is the best teacher and every piece to my life's puzzle has been properly set where needed by God and is coming together day by day.


  • mercury_ 3w

    Moonlight vigil

    In dusk’s hallow face
    I found you embraced
    By the hands of another not torn
    As you shudder and hide from the moons pale light
    It is I who sees as you burn my eyes

    For not of one but was to you
    But a wretched crutch once adorned
    With the love and compassion
    of circumstantial passions
    Never did I think of wanting more

    Now as you bask in the nights romance with another wrapped around your claws
    Do I see no standard, not pain, nor pandered
    To the man who once writhed on all fours

    Not again to be bound
    by a scarlet crown
    Decorated in pain not seen
    For its now that I bask
    In the moons romance
    That I see that you only lead me askew
    You were there but were never once true


  • mercury_ 4w

    Mr nothing

    Slam me down and drag me through mud
    Liver’s shot, I’m coughing up blood
    Got nothing to lose and nothing to gain
    So I may as well just play this game

    Mr nothing comes through to be played by you
    I’ll be your crutch, you can never have few
    I’ll right all wrongs and hobble you along
    But when you move on fast I’ll have to be strong

    Drag me on down, cause I claim this crown
    Like a one way street in a deadbeat town
    I know I seem like shit but you’ve gotta admit
    That when you’re in a pinch I’ll pull you from it

    Mr nothing comes through to be played by you
    I’ll be your crutch, you can never have few
    I’ll right all wrongs and hobble you along
    But when you leave me hanging I’ll know who’s to blame

    I know my place in this damn rat race
    Never just me and you, no never just two
    I see myself as a mat to be scuffed
    I’d rather be used than be one less than two

    So Mr nothing is here all just for you
    Lie, cheat, beat my heart to the dirt till it’s black and blue
    Can’t lie to myself, there’s always somebody else
    But I’d rather be used than be one less than two

    Mr nothing comes through to be played by you
    I’ll be your crutch, you can never have few
    I’ll right all wrongs and hobble you to
    A better place safe and far away from me and you
    Because I’d rather be used than be one less than two


  • mercury_ 4w

    The daily breakdown of my body is as if a breakdown of my spirit. How I feel today, how I felt yesterday, how ill feel tomorrow, and every downtrodden episode of my life has to be penance for something beyond my line of sight, that’s repercussions i cannot comprehend

    When I view this chapter of my life relative to such a perspective, I feel as though I’m getting off leniently for whatever transgressions I’ve absentmindedly made to warrant such a hammer to my head

    This hammer, these strikes; they’ll refine me to be more than what I was. This discomfort is a process that’ll allow me to blossom beyond the comfort I once seeked shelter from the rain beneath, and when the sun breaks from the grips of this oblique horizon, I’ll be shining as if a mannequin encased in silver


  • mercury_ 5w

    The journey to heaven is a long walk

    It makes no sense to save for a rainy day when every day, it pours


  • mercury_ 5w

    It’s hard not to be seen as the standard when there’s no comparison to be held to; when you’re all that’s there, and all that’s to be seen, you become the epitome of what you are when seen by another, but as their circle of comparison grows your mediocrity shines through

    Don’t allow yourself to feel worthy of anything, be it praise, love, respect, or another persons presence in your life, if you know that you’re only put on a pedestal for display because the rest of the museum is empty


  • mercury_ 5w

    Mercury’s web

    I told the stars and sun about you
    I told loved ones long passed about you
    I told friends and family about you
    I pulled strings beyond your sight to benefit you
    I encouraged
    I nurtured
    I spoke to god about you, I prayed for him to bless and heal you

    You told another we were broken up
    You told me after our convenient was broken that you lost your capacity for us and needed to focus on yourself
    You lied, and you cheated
    You left when I was at my lowest because you could no longer drain me for your own sustainability, and now you’re with him for he can do the same

    I would’ve died for you
    In the end, you would’ve killed me to spare yourself any inconvenience
    I feel like a fool for speaking to god about you

    I can’t help but to laugh when I mull it over; my life’s biggest embarrassment is found in prayers for someone who slipped a blade dipped in Novocain between my ribs