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  • _the_introvert_boy__ 2d

    इश्क़ में मज़हब याद नहीं रहा
    ज़नाब वो व्रत रख बैठी सोलह सोमवार का

  • in_fragments 4d

    "Faith in God
    is a gradually shaken thing-
    it is not something shattered
    all at once, but slowly penetrated-
    a billion tiny cracks in glass
    and whiplashes in perspective,
    until it collapses
    underneath the uneven weight
    and fragile foundations
    of itself.

    It happened to me
    after a series of wicked events-
    a litany of strange, proscribed questions
    nobody knew how to answer-
    numerous attempts to fit in
    to the congregation I grew up with,
    despite feeling as though
    I needed to force an image
    of somebody I was not
    to be accepted;
    I was always
    a fussy child, stubborn. I
    could never so eagerly follow
    what I did not feel in my heart,
    I contested too much
    to be told what to think-
    saw the badness of the world,
    all its faintest splinters, already
    not easily swayed by their stories;
    a wrathful child wondering why God
    would never answer back,
    an alienated little girl
    who would cry and scream,
    besieged by such hellish emotions,
    too young too understand such fire-
    and sleep amongst the ash
    longing to articulate her confusion
    to someone, anyone who would listen-
    but no one listened, no one seemed
    to notice-
    as any child who
    feels too much has experienced,
    eventually, nobody knew
    what to do with me-
    nothing they could say satisfied me,
    still leaving me
    feeling empty and unseen.
    Something must have been wrong
    with me,
    for the Holy Spirit seemed
    to care for me least of all.

    Why did God create me this way,
    if this is not the way
    I was supposed to be?

    Too many queries
    left lingering after masses,
    too much doubt
    after the eucharist was consumed,
    too much shame
    at being unable to change for them
    and chant with them
    like they wanted me to;
    so, one day, I decided to stop.

    I left the church
    when I turned thirteen-
    that was the age
    when they made you decide
    in a ritual called Confirmation;
    it required an oath of commitment
    to beliefs I did not hold,
    a willingness to come-of-age
    in a place I did not feel I should be;
    it was never anybody's fault,
    just happened to be
    who I became was incompatible
    and they couldn't manage
    to ensnare me fully-
    but Part of Me
    still wishes we could be there now,
    with the loving community
    that wanted to grow us-
    the one we felt alienated from,
    the one we never realized didn't really
    love anyone,
    unless you behaved
    and thought like them.

    To this day, my heart
    is made of the dazzling stained glass
    from my childhood church;
    the color, life and vibrancy
    from every breed of holy space
    holds a special kind of meaning for me;
    my spirituality is less organized now,
    I worship God in different ways
    and that is okay, it's all a part
    of the game-
    For this God, this omnipotent force
    we have been mythologizing
    for millennia-
    it is in actuality, unlike anything
    we as humans have the capacity
    to imagine-
    but we try our best
    with a thousand different descriptions
    of little men, just like us;
    we are our only scope of reference,
    hardwired somehow
    for faith in things we cannot see,
    beings that will never visit us-
    I hold a different God close to my heart,
    my own philosophy for faith,
    equal parts excited and unnerved
    at the idea that I could be wrong.

    My God
    is not the same as yours,
    and neither of us can ever be correct.
    These are just the games
    He likes to play with us;
    do you not think He still loves
    all those with alternative ways
    of worship?

    Do you not think
    He is elated at the beauty
    of His children reaching out for him
    from every new angle they can find?"

    I don't care much for religion, but I believe everyone is entitled to their own spiritual journey. Just because my relationship with it is different from yours, that doesn't mean I will end up in Hell for not doing it "perfectly" enough, aka, within an organized ideology. My own father expects me not to be with him in Heaven when he dies, and I just have to be like... Alright man... I guess we'll see...
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    Is A Gradually Shaken Thing

    Faith in God
    is a gradually shaken thing-
    it is not something shattered
    all at once, but slowly penetrated-
    a billion tiny cracks in glass
    and whiplashes in perspective,
    until it collapses
    underneath the uneven weight
    and fragile foundations
    of itself.

  • the_parttime_poet 5d

    Practicing #Religion is like hitting the #Gym everyday. Being #orthodox is like #worshipping the dumbbells. #nature #love #travel #life #inspiration #friendship #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Practicing Religion is like hitting the Gym everyday. Being orthodox is like worshipping the dumbbells.

    - Zafar Khan

  • sandye 1w

    #religion, #love, #true
    Decoding God, is only True Love
    And true love is my Religion.
    Will I'm going to.........?

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    True Religion

    Decoding God, is only True Love.
    And true love is my Religion.
    Will I'm going to.........?

  • parttime_er 1w

    Nothing is binary until it's programmed to be binary and it doesn't develop it's own consciousness.

    #thoughts #ideology #religion #God #binary #gender #sex #identity #trans #myths #homo #pride #creation #liberty #freethought

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    Nothing is binary until it's programmed to be binary and it doesn't develop it's own consciousness.


  • tabeeb 1w


    सबकी बेटी प्यारी हो
    हमारी हो यां तुम्हारी हो
    बलात्कारी को सजा जरूर मिलनी चाहिए
    मौलवी हो यां पुजारी हो।

    जब बलात्कार हो रहा होता है
    ना अल्लाह आते हैं
    ना कान्हा आते हैं
    समझ नहीं आता,हम
    मंदिर मस्जिद क्यूं जाते हैं।

  • afamiliarvoice 1w

    Show us the way.

    With writings left for me to sulk, that form glowing embers of fire in my eyes.
    A false deities touch leaves me scorned to remember a devoted love that kills.
    Like a thorn embedded on my side.
    A man who died for a loss, while others threw stones while nailed and tossed on the cross.
    Stabbed with a holy lance by chance?
    You say there is hope in scriptures even at a glance?
    One might say there is more faith in novel's of love and romantic.
    Yet, I still believe you.
    As if this is a test for me to meet you.
    To greet you.
    To see you.
    To reside in a holy kingdom, only one can comprehend to dream too.
    Yet I can't enjoy this life, when I cant conprehend you.
    Problem's and commandments for me to endure and follow.
    For when my hole seems a little more hollow.
    To the churches, RUN.
    The heard awaits for me to follow?
    Once in, the church's officer waves his basket wand in search of woman and men's hard money like some sort of lotto.
    This is a place of worship?
    "Serve and obey" should be the new motto.
    After all this I still find myself to believe you.
    For you forgive me father, for I know not of my sins.
    When I chose to unfollow.
    So if you deny my entry to gates's.
    I will understand.
    For I was born to die, to be denied to come in.
    So to hell I go in the land of hate, I'll fit right in.
    Where you gather, all the restless souls that have gracefully sinned.
    From the start I had a hunch it was already too late.
    Not just me, but by the bunch we invariably ate at the devils buffet.
    And now were here.
    Reaping what we've sowed, gluttony has now turned into insatiable hate.
    Now we know there is a price we have to pay.
    Not pray, and no tips.
    I owe it to you this, I'll respect your decision on this final day.
    So now please.
    Just show us the way.

  • devilfish 2w

    Fallen Angels Don't Cry

    The most ripe of fruit are bound to rot if they drop like a nuclear bomb to the unforgiving Earth
    Children grow up and out of tattered loins as they feel angst and they birth
    Reality consumes the hearts of the most radiant of minds
    Their beacon of brilliance bombarded brutality after bloody brutality
    In their all of their bleakness
    At the blackest shade of their body black and blue from the bereavement
    Baby is withered by a clock ticking in all of its eerie inevitability
    Washing away aptitudes and waning leaving a sky void of it's lunar mother
    Decaying as they lay fallen at their detriment
    An institute is no substitute for an antidote
    Humanity flicks it's wall of wrath
    At anything of substance
    Leaving nothing but the continuation of Hell
    With no arms these angels carry the weight of their harrowing hate on their back
    Until they wait for the lightening of their name on a gravestone
    An angel reduced to a singular word on a pitiful plaque

  • rjkamal 3w

    चाकू की नोंक पे बन गया मज़हब
    कहते है बड़ी पाक है क़िताब एक

  • ink_stained_feelings 3w

    Wrote this a while back...don't know why it was not posted..�� though I strongly believe everyone should respect their religion and follow their culture...I always wonder how many people especially the young ones take the time to understand what the words in those "scared books" are really meant to say! ..to read and to understand and if you don't understand it then find a source that is unbiased to learn the meaning is how it should be!!

    #life #philosophy #writersnetwork #mirakee #blackandwhite #religion


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    Religion, caste and creed
    Man made philosophy,
    Words of sacred books repeated by many,
    Understood by none,
    Screaming at the top of thier voices creating a conundrum.
    Scared books created with an intention so great,
    Make men and women human again.
    A rule book of sorts so that one doesn't go astray

    Impatient beings read yet don't understand
    Makeup thier own stories and spread hatred and havoc.
    A beautiful society created with diverse cultures and creed
    Divided by men under the name of religion for their own greed.
    Religion doesn't need saving , it was created to save you!!!
    To be a beacon to guide you In the journey called life.


  • rjkamal 3w

    झूठे Secular

    अर्नब केस में मज़हबी बड़े ख़ुश है
    बल्लभगढ़ केस में इक लफ्ज़ ना निकला
    फ्रांस के खिलाफ़ सड़को पे उतरे
    मासूम के क़त्ल पे इक लफ्ज़ ना फूटा

  • l3v1athan 4w


    Words don't suffice to put in words what you've done for me. Maybe you were time. Maybe you were the world. Maybe you were the unseen force that pervades everything.

  • shiddatquotes 4w


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    मजहब और धर्म न पूछो ,,,,ग़ालिब ,.....
    बस गले मिलने दो ,,,
    सुना है सबके लहू का रंग ,,,
    एक जैसा है ..!!!!!!!


  • ilexater 4w

    Honest Sins

    I would rather live my life honestly
    and be condemned to hell
    for loving you,
    blue eyes sparkling in the dying sun,
    than dedicate myself to living a lie
    for a chance that a God I no longer know
    will overlook my lifetime of deception
    and find a place for me in the heavens above.

    Because no eternity would be more torturous,
    no reward more brutal,
    than living as an immortal forevermore
    in a false garden of perfection
    without the one I have chosen
    sitting at my side.

    If I am to be condemned for my choices,
    damn me for my honest sins
    over my faith-driven lies.


  • suhani05 4w

    God: ना खुदा ने कहा कि जाकर हिंदुओं को मारो..
    ना भगवान ने कहा कि जाकर मुस्लिमों को मारो..।
    मैंने यह नहीं कहा कि मेरा घर बनाओ या जाकर अपने भाइयों
    का खून बहाओ..।

    Me: पर यह दुनिया तो तेरे भरोसे चल रही न..!!
    फिर से वही पूछ रही हूं..
    तू देख तो रहा ना सब..
    तो फिर रोकेगा कब..?
    तू कहता है ना कि तू हर जगह है..
    तो फिर तू तब कहां गया था..
    जब हैवान उस नादान को नोच रहे थे..?

    God: क्या मैंने तुम्हें सिखाया यह..!
    कौन सा मंदिर.. कौन सा मस्जिद.. यह कौन सा धर्म..
    तुम्हें रेप करना सिखाता है..!!

    Me: देख तू सब रहा किस अच्छा बुरा कौन है..
    पर फिर भी बैठा तू मौन है..।
    हां कोई भी धर्म यह नहीं सिखाता..
    फ्रेंड है गानों का फैसला तो तू कर सकता है..।

    God: मैंने सिर्फ एक इंसान बनाया..
    मैं सिर्फ तुम्हारा निर्माता हूं..
    यह अच्छा बुरा.. हैवान भगवान..
    तुमने शुरू किया...।
    जब गलतियां खुद कर रहे हैं..
    तो फैसले भी खुद करो..।

    और मैं किसी का धर्म नहीं छीन सकता हूं...
    और ना तुम..
    वरना तुम खुद एक धर्म बन जाओगे..।।

    Me: मुझे मिल गया मेरा जवाब..
    जो मेरी सोच को मजबूत ना.. मजबूर करें..
    नहीं चाहिए ऐसा भगवान..!!

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    "A conversation with god"

  • suhani05 4w

    Me: ना देखा तुझे ना सुना कभी..
    फिर भी विश्वास रखते हैं तुझ पर सभी..।
    देते हैं तुझको इतना मान..
    तेरे नाम पर कर देते हैं इतना दान..।
    मंदिरों में करोड़ों रुपए चढ़ाते हैं..
    एक पत्थर पर इतनी आस्था रखते हैं..।
    गरीब को सुबह से एक रोटी ना हो रही नसीब..
    और तेरी पत्थर (शिवलिंग) पर दूध पर दूध चढ़ाए जा रहे..
    जो जा रहा एक नाली के करीब..।

    God: मैंने इन मंदिरों को नहीं बनाया..
    मैंने सिर्फ इंसानों को बनाया..।
    इन मंदिरों का निर्माण तुमसब ने खुद किया..
    इन पत्थरों को मेरा नाम तुम सब ने खुद दिया..।

    Me: तो जब गलती कर रहें हम..
    तो कम से कम.. रोको तो तुम..।
    कुछ मंदिर में जाकर दूध चढ़ा रहे हैं..
    कुछ मस्जिद में जाकर चादर चढ़ा रहे हैं..
    कुछ गिरजाघर में जाकर मोमबत्तियां जला रहे हैं..
    तो कुछ गुरुद्वारे में जाकर पाठ कर रहे हैं..।

    यह दूध किसी भूखे को देते..
    यह चादर किसी नंगे को ओडाते..
    ‌ यह मोमबत्तियां किसी अंधेरे घर में जलाते..
    यह पाठ के बजाए.. किसी गरीब का दुख सुनते..
    तो बेहतर होता..।

    God: तो तुम्हें क्या लग रहा..
    यह मंदिर ,मस्जिद ,गिरजाघर और गुरुद्वारे मैंने बनाया..
    हर जगह जा जाकर तुमने इन सब को खुद सजाया..।
    यह दूध ,चादर ,मोमबत्तियां ,पाठ.. सारी प्रथा तुमने खुद बनाई
    अमीर-गरीब के बीच में रेखा तुमने खुद बनाई।

    Me: अरे तूने हम सबको धर्मों में क्यों बांटा..
    इस धर्म के वजह से..
    ना जाने कितने भाई ने अपने भाइयों का गला काटा..!

    God: आंख नाक मुंह दो हाथ दो पैर पेट.. सबको मैंने यही दिया..
    पर इन सबको मजहबों में तुमने खुद सिल दिया..।
    मैंने एक जान डाली थी सबमें..
    तुमने इसको बांट दिया..
    तुमने अपने मन से मेरे उसूलों को बदल दिया..।

    Me: पर तू देख तो रहा ना..
    देश के तिरंगे में भी यहां भगवा - हरा हो रहा..
    राम मंदिर और बाबरी मस्जिद के सिलसिले में..
    हजारों का गला कट रहा..
    सब तो तेरे लिए हो रहा..
    फिर बताना..तुझे क्या मिल रहा..?

    Must read part 2.

    - Suhani
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    "A conversation with God"
    .(This is not agnst any caste religion or god..)
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  • alexi_silver 4w

    Build your golden church,
    Paint it in hues of the richest colours,
    Build it so fine,
    That God stays far away from it,
    That all it will ever be is a golden mockery.


  • amimmy 4w

    सुना है

    सुना है इस ज़मीन का मजहब है।
    सुना है इस आग का भी मजहब है।
    अरे मेंने तो यहां तक सुना है कि हवा का भी मजहब है।
    बस पानी का नही सुना, तो बस अब त्ये रहा कि जब इस नास्तिक का जाने का वक्त आए, तो बस पानी में अलविदा कहे देना और लिख देना मेरे दिल पर-"उस रब्ब को अपना सब कुछ मानेने वाली, इन मजबहो से ना बटने वाली, अपने रब्ब से मिलने जा रही है।।"

  • hollex 4w


    Gods do not exist before we ask
    they exist because we ask.
    We have long known this:
    When we kill people,
    we kill gods.

    - hollex

  • mohammadyasirlone 5w

    ‏خاکے بنانے والے خاک میں مل جائیں گے لیکن میرے نبی ﷺ کا ذکر ہمیشہ بلند رہے گا:

    وَرَفَعْنَا لَكَ ذِكْرَكَ