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  • ayushelusive 2h

    The true meaning of love

    The true meaning of love is to 'care' and give 'respect'.
    Love may be a result of biological attraction but it also imposes a lifelong duty on you.
    Nourish and enchant the person you love,make love appear more beautiful.
    Understand them by heart and connect to their soul by a bond of care and respect.
    Make them feel the warmth of love and its true meaning.
    Hold their hands in bad times and radiate hope for them.
    Trust them,believe them because you have taken the duty to redeem the love by healing the wounds of misery and despair...


  • littlewritter 7h

    #Respect your profession...❤️

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    Lifetime feed,

    Your profession feed you life time.

  • shilpa_modi 21h

    प्यारी बेटियाँ

    बड़ी  प्यारी प्यारी होती है बेटियांँ
         मांँ की परछाई होती है बेटियांँ
            पिता के गुरूर होती हैं बेटियांँ
                 भाई के सिर के ताज होती है बेटियांँ

            बड़ी प्यारी प्यारी होती है बेटियाँ

    नन्हे  नन्हे कदमों से चलती घर की रौनक होती है                                बेटियांँ

    मीठी मीठी बातों से मन मोह लेती है प्यारी प्यारी बेटियांँ

        सारा दिन घर में हुड़दंग मचाती है प्यारी प्यारी बेटियांँ

    बिन बोले मांँ का दर्द पहचानती हैं प्यारी प्यारी बेटियांँ

    दो कुलों की लाज होती है प्यारी प्यारी बेटियांँ

    बाबुल के आंगन की फुलवारी होती है प्यारी प्यारी बेटियांँ

    रोते रोते घर से विदा होती हैं प्यारी प्यारी बेटियांँ

    हंसते-हंसते दुआएं देने आती है प्यारी प्यारी बेटियांँ

    बड़े सौभाग्यशाली होते हैं वो माँ बाप जिनके घर में पैदा होती है  प्यारी प्यारी बेटियांँ


  • ayushelusive 1d

    #Respect women
    Let everyone be free with freedom

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    Happy National Girl Child Day

    Nothing is more worse than a bad mentality and nothing is more good than a ethical mentality for the society.
    Respect everyone and let every spirit be equal.
    Superiority is a personal demand but the world demands equality.
    Respect women and let them free...they are also humans.Let's respect their qualities.
    Nature has made them bearable with full patience for pain and sufferings...

  • jillannefaye 1d

    Insecure adventure

    Watching you sleep or listen to you snore. Truth be told the recent fights have left my heart sore. You were supposed to show me something different this time.? You make loving you feel like a crime. And all I want is it to be different this time around. Not for my heart stomped into the ground. I say I can't take it again. What is it with these men


  • rekindle_hopes 1d

    बड़ा इंसान वो होता है, जो किसको छोटा मेहसूस ना होने दे |

  • divine_love 2d


    You can respect other person's thought process without accepting it but when acceptance comes, it is complete in itself.

  • enadas 2d

    #respect yourself # love yourself

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    ......a short note.....

    Do not belittle your self conscious as well as your surroundings,
    Praise it......❤️

  • jmlbluishyellow 2d


    Him: Why won't you just tell me so I could understand you?

    Her: Shut up. You will never understand me.


    Her: You will never understand me because if you really want to YOU WOULD STOP ASKING ABOUT THINGS I HAVE HARD TIME FORGETTING.

  • charfire_m 3d

    #Genies #wish is a #Jinndemon #vJinndemone wish, be careful what you wish for; if you don’t practice now when you get to go getting ready for it won’t make it do you want to get seven and then you’re trapped forever, as their food as their power, dear soul(IAM what IAM, Phonixe of ember as life) you are the power and have always had the power so you need not wish just To Be Being #comment #vcommente

    #v2021e #vforvalue ##11 #v11e #11eleven #eleven 💯🦇🐝🐜 #to shear the love of someone1 else, the greatness that they are and what they are able to because great for today, in their many means of greatness that may never really be known; thank you for doing what you do thank you very much for being who you are thank you very much, you’re the greatest you’re ever gonna be until you become greater in every passing monent of the now
    you can be as what is life and what is living a life that can be seen by you and then a blindness comes from others, by then 1one has the able to then shear what is life style of their own, dose that of the other then dance and sing with you or dose it run in circles to then another moment come to means of pointing through the mazes of daily; life is a means of living and you are a means of being able to life, lifing, be the power of a god.. ..God, Thank you. The is this able that can be everywhere and everything it is life of be then life be what is life having this flow to it that you can dance to walk the line and be doing something that has the life of what is becoming of what is living life today, be 1one day that you have a life that becomes all a means of what is living today and what is going all the way; how dose 1one go all the way and be as all that they are? Life and you are already all that you are and then in that growing then you become more of who you are and life then can tell more of the story of itself; how dose the voice of life sound when it is living of the Stillness and breathless moments that house walls of focus. The gift to focus is a true birth right to those that have free will, free will takes focused and a will that has the able to then be able to do; in then you can live a life that is already able because you can become more and then you can do nothing as free will leaves everything to you.. ..be wisdom of discernment
    #takingthenextstep #followyourself #wordsdoinspire #wordporn #qikquotes #empowermentquotes #quotestothinkabout #quotesforlife #quotesdaily ●##itsokay#selfbuild #beyou #steppingforward #livingmylife #yesican #lawofattraction #thankyou #theUniverse inspiratingquestions #selflove #lawofattractionlove #lightworker #ascendedmaster #happydays #respect

    #6 #v6e #6six #six 🔴
    #follower #vfollowere

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  • _truesayings_ 4d

    हकीकत में जीने का अब हमने शौक पाल लिया।
    अपने सपनों को आँखों के भीतर खुद मार लिया।


  • ms_shayara 5d

    Zikr mei uske kayi daffa auron ka zikr aya tha,
    badle mei humne apna hi chain gawaya tha.
    Kehta tha jo woh ki krni thi is is se shaadi,
    Na jaane uska kitno pr dil aya tha.
    Main na aati agr zindagi mei uske
    toh hoti uski koi aur hi kahani
    Na jaane ye raag usne kitni daffa sunaya tha.

    - Nancy Uppal


  • poetviviyanniki 5d

    **its called
    shut down plastic
    productions. Learn how
    they preserved,
    the plastics. -v. Much gratitude for info and keep up the gift that thrives.

  • bhanuprtap 1w

    ताज नहीं तमीज़ जरुरी है I

  • s_m_i_l_y 1w

    #mirakee #Dosti#friendship #trust#respect
    #Thank you....☺️

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    दुनियादारी के मामले में थोड़े कच्चे है
    पर आपकी दोस्ती के मामले में सच्चे है
    हमारी सच्चाई इस बात पर कायम है....
    हमारे दोस्त हमसे भी ज्यादा सच्चे है।
    **Sivu Sharma**

  • shrutilumb05 1w

    #respect has no gender

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    Respect doesn't have gender .
    No gender is superior ,
    So respect both men and women .

  • riya_04 1w

    Description of the foreigners'...

    Search before a week, there was a World Book Fair organised in our town. I had gone there along with my father. 'World Book Fair' as the name itself suggests, it was the book fair containing various famous books from all over the world. People from different origins had gathered to visit the fair.

    There I saw a group of foreign students who had came to visit the fair along with their teachers. They were all standing very properly in a queue. How fluently speak English! I was awestruck by their speech. And what to say about their manners; How politely the talk with their elders! Not even a single student was making any noise. One thing is crystal clear, that love to keep peace.

    I saw how soberly they were dressed. Most of them, including both girls and boys, were in their casual clothes. Due to the season being summer, they were in their t-shirts and shorts. Their looks very different from those of Indians. These people were all fair skinned with either black or blonde hair. I saw 3 students even had blue eyeballs. Due to sun's fierce rays, their skin had turned pinkish-red for sometime. One thing is for sure, they cannot tolerate much heat.

    I was at all taken aback by their manners! They weren't even talking or making any sound while standing in the queue.

    I observed something good about those students. They were very respective and cooperative towards their teachers. In spite of having crowd in the fair, they didn't push even a single person. Instead, they used polite mannerly words like "sorry" and "excuse me" wherever required. I got a very nice lesson to learn from them.

    Apart from these, the most important thing I got to see in them is that they were very much interested in our Indian culture and manners. They all greeted "namaste" to the Indian booksellers and at the time of leaving they took blessings from the elderly sellers and cheerfully thanked them.

    These are very good manners which every child should learn. I am very happy that I got an opportunity to be able to have gained some good inspiration from them.

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  • manisha_bhatia 1w

    Everyone has a story,
    Some don't read out loud and
    thats completely okay.
    Don't force them.

  • mahtobpensdown 2d


    Never be to others,
    what you do not want for yourself!